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Cas gritted his teeth as he opened one eye. He was standing at the end of a trail. He could see that it lead to a small clearing.
For context, Dean had gone missing. Since he couldn’t find Sam, Cas had decided to look for him himself. He’d sensed him in some alternative world or dimension, which just made things worse. God knows how he got there, or why he was there.
“Dean? Hello?” Out of the corner of his eye he saw something dash away. The angel performed his patented squint, but didn’t see anything. He started walking down the trail, quickly finding himself at the edge of the clearing. “Dean! I think that- ahH-“ Suddenly, something fastened around his ankle and he was yanked off his feet. When he opened his eyes again, he was hanging from a rope around his ankle, spinning. From the blurred scene around him, he could see six people with machine guns pointed at his hanging body. When the spinning finally came to a stop, he shakily rubbed his eyes.
“I-Er…Excuse me, I don’t know what-“ He was cut off by a voice from behind him. “Cas! Hey guys, put him down.” Cas heard a swipe above him, and he fell to the ground. “oof- Wha-…Dean?” He stumbled to his feet and stared at the man now in front of him. It was definitely Dean, but he was…different. He had a bit of scruffy stubble, and his hair was more wild than usual. He was also just the tiniest bit taller. His pristine brown leather jacket was ripped up and dirty, along with the rest of his clothes.
“Yeah? What… are you wearing your old trench coat? Did you shave? How?!” He shooed the other people away before pulling Cas in for a hug. The angel froze. Dean had never-
And then he kissed the top of his head. Cas’ stomach dropped. This couldn’t be Dean. He would never do that. He pulled out of the hug, quickly pulling his angel blade out and holding it to ‘Dean’s neck. “What are you? Demon? Djinn? Is this a dream?”
Dean quickly disarmed Cas. “What the hell, man? It’s me. I’m Dean! You’re being-“
“Oh fearless leader~” A voice sounded from behind Dean. He whirled around. “Cas? What the-“ Cas and the new man made eye contact. The man looked just like him, but just as with Dean, he was different. He wore a pinstriped blue shirt, half unbuttoned and showing off his chest. His pants were dark green, and much too big for him. He nearly had a beard, and his hair was so dirty that it looked more brown than black. Finally, he held a smoking cigarette in his left hand, and Cas could smell the scent of marijuana from where he stood.
“Who the hell are you?” He asked, before taking another drag from his cigarette. “I am Castiel, angel of the lord. Who are you?” the other man was silent for a second, then his lips twitched into a smile. Suddenly, he was laughing, loud and hard. “you- Cas- HAHAHAH-“ Soon enough, he was doubled over, holding his stomach. ‘Dean’ grabbed Castiel by the collar, dragging him across the field. When they got to the other man, ‘Dean’ tripped him. “Stop it. You’re embarrassing yourself.” He sounded serious, but a smile showed at the edge of his mouth.
He dragged Cas into the cabin across the clearing, tying him to a pole near the door. Cas surveyed the room, eventually seeing a figure in the far corner. ‘Dean’ switched on an oil lamp, lighting up the room. The figure was…also Dean? He spit out a gag, coughing slightly. “Cas? Took you fuckin’ long enough!”
That was more like it. The messier Dean punched his doppelgänger in the face. “Shut up! You two” he pointed at them “Are going to explain what the FUCK is going on!”
The Dean that was tied up sighed. “I told you. Zachariah sent me here. I’m from 2009!” Cas looked up. “What do you mean ‘from 2009’?” The ropes fell away from his arms. “It is 2009.” Future Dean pulled out a gun “It’s 2014! And how’d you do that?! Stay still!”
Cas began moving to untie Dean. Future Dean fired a round into his chest. Cas flinched for a moment, then looked over at him. “That’s not going to do anything! You know that.” He began untying Dean as the door flew open.
The other Cas walked in, making things ten times more confusing. “Hey, Dean-o. Stop it, they’re not from here.” Future Cas clapped Future Dean on the back, then grabbed his hand. Dean and Cas stood up. “What are you doing?” Dean asked, aiming the question at Future Cas. He dropped his cigarette, stomping it out.
“Holding my boyfriend’s hand…?” Dean and Castiel simultaneously blushed a dark red. “You- wha- you…I’M NOT GAY!” Future Castiel was silent again, before smiling knowingly. “Aw, you still think you’re straight!” He leaned his head on Future Dean’s shoulder. He was clearly holding back a laugh. “Oh. Oh, no. No, you aren’t. Trust me. In about a year you’re gonna find yourself at a strip club, and this guy’s gonna-“
Dean covered his ears childishly. “Nope. No.” The two doppelgängers just laughed. It was as if they’d forgotten all about the conflict.
Unfortunately, Cas didn’t feel the same way. “You- I am an angel of the lord! You attacked me, and Dean! You cannot just brush off the topic.” Future Cas just smiled. “Oh. I see. You’re jealous!” he pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, lighting one and handing it to Cas. “Here, this’ll make you feel better-“
“I am not- Why would I be jealous of a two-bit, back-alley tramp with a nicotine addiction?!” He yelled, slapping the cigarette from his hand and stomping it out. Future Dean looked just about ready to deck Cas, and Dean looked a bit scared. “Woah, let’s reel it back in, buddy.” He said quietly, elbowing Cas. Future Cas took a drag from his cigarette. “Mad ‘cause I get my dick sucked, huh?”
Cas gasped. “You- I- I get my…I will have you know that I have had sex!” Future Cas raised his eyebrows. “Dude. I’m you. No you haven’t. Unless you count fantasizing about Dean actually-“
“NO!” Cas quite literally punched his doppelgänger in that face. He was blushing so hard that he looked like he probably needed medical attention. “Wha- How dare you!” Future Cas threw a punch back, and suddenly, they were fist-fighting.
“Girls, girls! You’re both pretty” both Deans shouted simultaneously, pulling them apart. “Cas. CAS!” Dean said loudly, shaking his Castiel. “C’mon, let’s just go home.”
“Aw, are you gonna make out?” Future Cas smiled.
“No, you-you…harlot!”
With that, Cas and Dean disappeared in a flurry of feathers, leaving their doubles standing in the cabin. “…Should I have told them that this was Gabriel’s idea before they left?” Future Dean asked. “Nah, he said he’s ‘busy’ with Sammy back in their world.” Future Cas responded, kissing his cheek.
Dean sat down heavily on the scratchy motel bed, holding his head in his hands. “…What the fuck just happened.” It sounded more like a statement than a question. Cas sighed. “I-I don’t know.” he mumbled, hoping Dean wouldn’t bring up what Future Cas had said.
“Did he…was he serious when he said that you ‘fantasized about me’…” Dean said quietly. Cas sighed again. “…Yes, but It’s not what it sounds like. I-I just think that having a nice, quiet life with you would be-“ Cas was cut off by Dean’s lips on his. When Dean pulled away, he smirked. “You talk too much.”