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The Honeymooners

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He never understood the expression, ‘I’m smiling so much, I can't feel my face’, until he finds himself married to the love of his life, driving along the coast the wind sweeping up their hair. At one point the sun catches their matching rings and he suddenly he finds himself grinning manically at the sight. He's pretty sure if Felicity did not have the same matching grin, she would be questioning whether or not there were sides effects of the herbs he had taken while under Ra’s control.

They have been officially together, officially married all of two days and he’s learned so much about her in less that 48 hours and he loves every minute of it. He never enjoyed learning in all four of the schools he’s been to, but he finds himself willing to spend the rest of his life learning everything he can about his wife. 

He wants to learn it all. He wants to know her inside and out.

They start their cross-country road trip honeymoon with one duffle bag filled with their stuff. It should not make him this ridiculously happy to see her pink razor tangled up in his briefs, but each time he comes across one of her belongings mixed in with his things, he finds himself grinning to himself. He just loves seeing how well their lives are now entangled, from the huge things like the way the bellboy addresses her as Mrs. Queen down to the way her brightly coloured panties mix with the dark blues of his shirts.

He loves it all. 

He notices the little things about Felicity, small things that makes him fall in love with her all over again. The way she snores softly as she sleeps, her hand tucked under her chin, no matter where she falls asleep. She has to wash her feet before she gets into bed at night, ‘I've been walking around this room all day barefoot, Oliver. I'm not bringing the dirt into our bed’ It's the weirdest thing he’s discovered about her, yet. He buys her bedroom slippers at one of the numerous hotel lobbies, but she refuses to wear them, claiming she loves the feel of the carpet against her toes. He doesn't bother to argue with Felicity Smoak….nay Queen logic, he learned that lesson long before they even got married. He actually thinks it's possible to love everything about her. He doesn't voice this particular thought, certain that she will blame the insane amount of sex has rendered him loopy. But he’s beginning to learn that anything that involves Felicity is a new adventure in its own and finally, it’s an adventure he welcomes with open arms. 

He never thought he would enjoy doing such normal things.  Waiting out a thunderstorm in their large king side bed, Felicity’s tablet sitting between them as they share a blanket, watching a movie. Window-shopping along the cobblestone pathway of a small town. Once he feels the familiar weight of her small hand in his, he is pretty sure he could enjoy just about any mundane task asked of him.

She makes fun of him the third night, while naked in their bed tangled up in numerous sheets. Her hair is standing on edge, she looks throughly sexed up – her words, he does not disagree- and she’s trying to entice him back into bed, but he wants to take her to a restaurant that's literally floating on a lake.

“Oliver, I'm currently naked in our bed, promising you copious amount of orgasms and you want to go for dinner?” She asks incredulously,

She rolls onto her back, forgoing the sheet so that her blonde hair is splayed across a pillow her chest bare. There are red marks all along her fair skin, either from his mouth or his stubble, and he has to fight the animalistic instinct in him, to just pounce. He wants to show off his new wife, it doesn't matter than no one knows who they are. He just want to take her out, wine and dine her and then bring her back to their room. When he tells her just that, she rolls her eyes dramatically, rolling onto her stomach to look up at him.

“Oliver, I'm already in your bed - naked might I add- there is no need to woo me. You got me.” She teases, biting her lip as she looks up at him with hooded eyes, three days as new lovers and already she knows all his weaknesses. Although, he’s pretty sure she is his weakness.

“Felicity.” He drawls out, knees pressing into the bed as he crawls over to her, “we’ve been married for four days and yet we haven’t been out on a date. I want to take my wife out on her very last first date.”

“Oh.” She squeaks in surprise, and he smiles knowing he’s got her attention.

His hands skate along her bare skin and with one swift movement he’s flipping her over onto her back, his own equally naked body looming over her surprised form. He kisses her soundly, his stubble ghosting across her cheek, “I want you to wear a beautiful dress and those sinful nude heels so I can take you out to a nice restaurant overlooking the lake. The stars above us as we share a meal and a bottle of wine. I want to walk you home, as I hold your hand, and then kiss you goodnight. I want to do it right this time. I want to take my wife out for our very first date.”

“How can a girl say no to that kind of proposal?” Felicity says slightly breathless, her arms wrapped around his neck as she looks up at him with clear blue eyes.

She grins mischievously, her barefoot trailing up Oliver’s bare thigh, both of them gasping when Oliver’s hip rock into hers automatically. She cards her fingers through his hair, tugging at it lightly. She reaches up to tug gently at his earlobe with her teeth, her breath hot against his skin,“You should know, that I don't kiss on the first date, Mr. Queen.”

Oliver laughs at her words, his hips rocking slowly against her, his erection growing against her wet folds and they both moan simultaneously at the sensation. He resists the urge to grab her leg and just sink into her, insisting on finishing this conversation and not letting her win yet again, “Then it's a good thing that, what I have planned doesn't involve your lips, Mrs. Queen.”

He punctuates his point by slipping his hand between they bodies, his fingers just barely grazing her wet folds, his thumb pressing forcefully at her already swollen clit. Felicity actually keens in response, her legs falling apart almost immediately as she sighs out his name, “Oliver.”

“I plan on touching every inch of you skin with my lips,” Oliver whispers against her ears, the heat pooling deep in his stomach as he watches the way her back arches as he slips a finger between her folds, pressing lightly against her walls, before he pulls out, making her whine in protest. “My fingers working you into a frenzy until you’re begging me to kiss you. To make love to your mouth.”

“Oh god.” She moans out, just as Oliver slips another finger between her folds. He can feel the way she clenches around his fingers, her body tenses as he nails dig into his skin, her hips rocking against his hand, but before she can chase that release, Oliver pulls his fingers out of her and this time she whines out his name in protest, her nails digging even deeper into his skin.

Her cheeks are flushed and she’s panting as she looks at him incredulously, Oliver only grins evilly in return, “I don't give out orgasms before the first date.”

He pressing a kiss at her upturn lips and slides out of their bed, leaving an aching Felicity in his wake. She scrambles to a sitting position, “Are you fucking kidding me, Queen?”

“Soon, Mrs. Queen. Soon I’ll make it worth your while.” Oliver promises. He leans forward to kiss her, but laughs when Felicity turns her head refusing to accept the kiss from him. He just grins as he slips off the bed making a beeline to the ensuite bathroom.

“I can just finish what you started!” Felicity calls out threateningly from their bed, her voice laden with frustration.

Oliver sticks his head out of the room and smirks at her knowingly, “we both know it would not be as good.”

He grins in triumphant when Felicity just collapses back onto the bed growling in frustrating at the truth behind his words.

Their very last first date is everything they both hoped for. She wears a flowery dress with her favourite nude heels and Oliver wears dark blue jeans with a light blue shirt rolled up to his elbows, complementing his blue eyes. They share a bottle of wine and enjoy seafood paella under the stars. They feed each other shrimp and oysters, getting lost in each other until the restaurant closes and they are forced to leave. They walk back to their hotel hand in hand, stopping every few minutes to kiss under the stars, Oliver teasing Felicity that she’s already broken her rule numerous times.

When they finally make it back to their hotel room almost 4 hours later, Oliver stops her from slipping the key into the lock. Instead, he spins her around and smiles down at her, his hand skimming the bare skin of her arm, leaving goosebumps in its wake.

“I had a great time, tonight.” He says almost cordially and Felicity immediately catches on, she smiles up at him coyly, her fingers lacing through his own.

“I did too.” She says truthfully, but playing along anyway.

Oliver smiles brightly at her words, he takes a step forward, he dips his head towards her and smiles as she rises on her toes and meets him halfway. He kisses her soundly on the lips, his hands never wandering beyond the nape of her neck. It's the most innocent kissed they have shared since that fateful day in the hospital corridor almost 9 months ago and yet it leaves both of them breathless.

Felicity hooks her fingers into the loop of his jeans and tugs him closer to her, her eyes twinkling as she speaks, “Do you wanna come inside?”

Oliver huffs out a laugh at her question continuing to play along, “I thought you weren't the kind of girl to kiss on the first date?”

“Well I already broke that rule.” Felicity smiles coyly walking backwards into their room once Oliver unlocks the door, her fingers still hooked onto the loop of his pants and tugging him in with her, “What’s a few more rules? I recalled someone promising multiple screaming orgasms and making it worth my while,”

Oliver laughs when she adds in her own stipulations to his promise as he pulls her flush agains his chest, his eyes dancing. Who is he to disappoint his wife? “It’s a good thing your husband keeps his promises.”

Whatever retort she has to his comment dies on her lips the moment Oliver lips press against her neck, all coherent thought leaving her for the rest of the night.