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To be honest, Wei Wuxian did not see this coming. But to be fair, he didn’t see everything that has happened in his life coming; moving out of his adopted family’s home, dropping out of college, and getting by with nothing to depend on but himself. It’s nice, though. Eventually he learned a lot, found new friends, reconnected to his adopted siblings, got himself a small apartment in Yiling and found a new source of income.


Said source of income is, of course, something that Wei Wuxian never thought he’d do. But hey, being a camboy is rather thrilling. All Wei Wuxian should do is doll himself up, make himself desirable and touch himself in front of a camera where strangers would watch him tease and please his own body. He would buy himself cute toys that would put him to the edge, make him scream. Then, with the decent amount of money he gets from his followers, he would pay his bills and buy himself even more toys and pretty things that would do nothing but make himself feel confident, happy, and sexy. Oh, and the most exciting part? Wei Wuxian attends parties and gatherings with other camboys like himself and who knows, when Wei Wuxian is ready, maybe he can get himself a handsome dom there to be his boyfriend.


Wei Wuxian’s work is a surprise both to him and his closest friends. As for him, well, he can only say that life is full of surprises.


Months later, with a little more than 13k followers, Wei Wuxian decides to level up his game. He has a decent amount of followers to get him through his bills now, but somehow, given that he is a single guy in his early 20’s, ranking up is the only thing he could target to make progress. There is nothing more to it, really, but Wei Wuxian has tried looking into the other factors of his life where he could focus on. He has friends he is confident that love him as much as he does—Wen Ning, Wen Qing, even Mo Xuanyu and Nie Huaisang and a few more. He is active in that group chat he’s in with all those other camboys he knew, he has a very impressive collection of pretty toys as well as clothes and shoes and a couple other designer items. Lastly, Wei Wuxian doesn’t see himself getting back to school soon (he plans to, but he’s not sure what he wants to do and what degree to take. It’s not like he’ll do sex work for the rest of his life), and he figured… there is nothing else he could do.


Ranking up in Untamedcams , however, is a nice place to start. And so he does—he creates elaborate plans on his future streams, buys new things he needs for new setups, and does his research. Everything. He prepares for it for a few weeks, and that is until he realizes he hasn’t done the most crucial step. Lan Wangji, known as Hanguang-jun, is at rank 1. Given that, Wei Wuxian is naturally curious about him; who he is, what he does, why he is such a magnet to all of the loyal viewers. How he makes them all crave for more. He tells himself that if he wants to up his game, then Lan Wangji is the most crucial factor.


Wei Wuxian purposely arranges his schedule so he can watch Lan Wangji's stream, choosing to prepare his set and watch the stream first before going live on his own on a peaceful Friday night. Eyes wide in wonder, Wei Wuxian opens Lan Wangji’s stream, only to get a glimpse of the most beautiful man on earth. 


lwj__hgj is streaming...


Lan Wangji is wearing a business suit; dark blue and tight that it hugs his broad shoulders and toned body. He starts the show doing nothing but sitting on a dark leather couch looking at the camera with his golden eyes. His breathing is gentle, but it’s also intense that Wei Wuxian has to hold his breath, scared that any movement would take Lan Wangji’s eyes off him.


“Stupid Wei Ying,” he mutters to himself. “He’s looking at the camera, not you.”


Not long after, Lan Wangji leans forward. He rests his elbows on both his thighs, not breaking eye contact. “I see that you’re waiting. So patient,” he says with a glint in his eyes. Wei Wuxian feels a chill through his spine. “Or, are you?”


Holy shit. He is good.


Lan Wangji leans on the backrest again. It allows Wei Wuxian to study his handsome face. Lan Wangji has light skin, intense, golden eyes, a tall nose and a full pair of lips. His arms look muscled under his clothes. His legs are long and he is sitting with those spread wide that Wei Wuxian can see the bulge of his cock. Inside his head, he wonders whether Lan Wangji is wearing underwear underneath it. And if he is not, Wei Wuxian badly wants to see for himself.


“Shameless,” Lan Wangji cuts the silence. Wei Wuxian flinches in surprise, as if caught in the act. Lan Wangji doesn’t give him a chance to be embarrassed about it. He proceeds by unclutching his belt and taking out his half-hard cock with his huge hand.


“Fuck,” Wei Wuxian mutters. His cheeks feel warm. He doesn’t even realize he’s starting to trace his own skin. Lan Wangji’s hands are huge and veiny! “How the fuck are you not in any of the parties I’ve been to? We could’ve been fucking all this time!” he says, annoyed.


Lan Wangji begins stroking himself. His cock is big, rightfully so. The cockhead is already shiny and slick, and Lan Wangji is playing with it through his thumb. His eyes never leaving the camera is doing things to Wei Wuxian. Laughing to himself, Wei Wuxian feels himself turn hard. Of course he would. He never really watches the other streams in this camsite, he’s too busy for it. But he knows some others that he really liked and he knows their common denominator.


All of them are camboys playing the strong top image. Sometimes they wear suits like the one Lan Wangji is wearing, sometimes they wear soft, comfy clothes that make the viewers think they’re casually having fun with a stay-at-home boyfriend, who fuck their toys hard. Most of the time they collaborate with twink subs, something that Wei Wuxian likes himself. But according to his research, Lan Wangji has never accepted any collaborations. He’s just there, alone with himself and being so hot and desirable that everybody, boys and girls, drool for him. People do not know much about him, except for the fact that he’s so handsome and clean-looking and he likes classical music. Teasing is his nature; he rarely streams more than thirty minutes. Oh, and he’s gay, too. Something that made Wei Wuxian feel a whole lot better, despite not knowing why. It’s not like Lan Wangji would be somewhere where he is and fuck him.



Lan Wangji continues on touching himself, finally cutting the intense staring and throwing his head back as he grows even harder. He’s pumping his cock—now swelled up and red—a little faster now and Wei Wuxian can see the way he gets slicker with the movement. Lan Wangji looks at the camera again with dark eyes, smirking. His left hand fetches something on the small table beside the couch, revealing a lube sachet. Without warning, bites into the edge and opens the sachet with his teeth. He pours the content in his cock messily, his other hand moving faster and faster. The sound it creates is so dirty that Wei Wuxian feels his own cock jump.


Lan Wangji doesn’t remove any of his clothes. He does push his pants down a little, though, and then he takes out a fleshlight, pours the rest of the lube inside it, and fucks it hard and fast, thrusting up to meet the movement of his hand. Wei Wuxian almost feels too stupid when he registers what’s happening. He’s been missing the fact that Lan Wangji was talking all along, whispering in his low raspy voice words that are so dirty you wouldn’t expect it from someone as decent-looking as him. Wei Wuxian gulps, and then everything blurs as Lan Wangji proceeds on fucking his toy like a madman, thrusting in and out with no end. There is an expertise on the movement of Lan Wangji’s hips. Wei Wuxian wonders how many he has fucked. He wonders if Lan Wangji likes hooking up. Wei Wuxian totally wants to hook up with him.


Dazed, Wei Wuxian leaves the stream just as Lan Wangji finishes, coming with a groan from his throat. Wei Wuxian shakes his head and ignores the crazy amount of comments that popped in Lan Wangji’s stream. With that face and looking hot as hell, Lan Wangji must be filthy rich right now. He is not much of a talker—sometimes talking too much and uttering nonsense doesn’t sit well with other streamers—and Lan Wangji is more of a mysterious hot figure. It’s understandable how much people wanted him. Damn, he deserves that number one spot.


By the time Wei Wuxian finally catches his breath, he’s already so turned on and flushed. He has never been this hard and aroused his whole life. Usually he tends to stream once or twice a week, to build up some tension. Yet there is no number of days of abstinence and restraint that made Wei Wuxian this desperate.


Wei Wuxian loves what he does; loves touching himself and getting others turned on by his body. He likes it that people both want him and can't reach him. He likes being sought for, he likes being wanted. He likes challenges and he likes getting ideas how to fuck his hole through the suggestions his fans give him. He may not be doing this that long unlike others, but Wei Wuxian loves the ambiance of everything. He has enough fans to protect and defend him against any haters or malicious audience. Doing sex work for months now and Wei Wuxian has been sure of almost everything. Until tonight.


Wei Wuxian liked Lan Wangji's stream so much that he had to turn on his stream two hours earlier than usual.


yiling_lz is streaming: 'What u do?'


“Sweethearts, I’m sorry,” is what he greets his fans as he starts streaming. He's breathing a little harsher now and he knows he's blushing so hard. He can feel the warmth in his cheeks and neck. He already has his setup ready; the pink fluffy rug on the floor, his red nightie exposing his chest beautifully, the soft pillows and cushions around him, both pink and red and the confetti and bunny plushies surrounding him. The pink dildo he's always wanted. Wei Wuxian is so, so ready. The only thing he's not ready for is Lan Wangji's absolute beauty. His perfect hips, his handsome smirk, his rough voice, his big hands. his delicious-looking cock.


Wei Wuxian's cock jumps inside his clothes. It's so thin that he knows the camera recorded it. “I…” he starts, not knowing what to say. His fans are starting to get both worried and horny about this. He sees the comments on the lower right portion of his screen.


'Is there anything wrong, sweetheart?'

'I think our a-ying is sad. and horny. maybe he needs a companion. i can be a companion." 

‘pls dont tell me hes quitting, why is he saying sorry’

'wow, just wow, yllz is so pretty flushed like this!'

'hgj's stream just finished and it was so good. yllz hasnt started yet, but i think tonight's show will be great also!’


A show.


Wei Wuxian's breath hitches. Yes, this can be a show. His desperation for a man he just saw tonight can be a show. After all, he's good at this, isn’t he? And if his fans had been nothing but good to him, well, who is Wei Wuxian to deny them of such a genuine and good show?


Wei Wuxian bites his lower lip as he slowly lets out his cock, now red and rock hard, from his nightie. The comments flood in. “Ah, haha,” he laughs, pretending to be nervous and shy. He starts tracing his cock from the base to the tip with a lone finger. “Please don’t worry. I’m fine, I just—you see. I just watched someone's stream for the first time.” He peeps at the screen. The comments are still flooding. “I think, my dear sweethearts, I already told you about it. I don’t really watch the streams here. I don’t know everybody. Most of the time I’m too busy preparing my own show for you, you know that, right?” He swallows. He’s actually so hard still, the image of Lan Wangji still fresh in his mind. 


“But someone caught my attention and I… watched,” Wei Wuxian smirks, eyeing the screen. He gathers the precum on the tip of his cock, circling a finger on it until it sticks to his skin even as he pulls away his hand. “I watched his stream. And then I got so turned on I had to meet you early because he made me so, so desperate. Do you know who it was? Who made me like this?” The comments are flooding even more that Wei Wuxian cannot read any of it without focusing better. “Ah, some of you guessed it right already. Very brilliant. What about the others? Come on, sweeties, do better.”


Wei Wuxian struggles at the surge of comments. He chuckles, putting a sticky finger in his mouth. He licks on it slowly before sucking on it and releasing it with a pop. He doesn't remove his eyes on the camera. “Do better,” he sings-songs. He actually does it to cover his disgust when one commenter asks if that someone he watched is Su She. Urgh. “Think about it; who’s the hottest one out of all of us? The most handsome, most beautiful, most perfect one who everybody wishes to be fucked by him. Someone who’s handsome enough for your A-ying. Come on, sweethearts, think.”


Wei Wuxian throws his head back, jerking himself off oh-so-slowly. And then he gives the answer away as he moans Lan Wangji’s name.


“Ah!” he yells, surprised at the fact that he's so sensitive. “Lan Wangji, fuck!” He lays down on his pink rug, opening his legs and moving his hand up and down. “Lan Wangji, if you watch my stream, I’ll let you fuck me.”


Wei Wuxian turns his head towards the camera. Down below is his screen that’s drowning of the comments he’s always wanted. Sometimes it still feels surreal. He's in the 33rd place now, with 13k followers. Lan Wangji, on the other hand, has 780k. Wei Wuxian continues on touching himself, telling his fans how much he loved Lan Wangji's stream, what part of his body he likes the most (of course it’s his cock, he says. and face), he tells them how turned on he is and how much it ruined his schedule. Wei Wuxian fetches his pink dildo as he turns his body and lays on his stomach. He begins teasing and licking the toy, wanting to edge his fans longer. including himself. He is still so, so hard. And sticky


“I wasn’t supposed to stream this early. Lan Wangji changed me, you know?” he pouts. “He made me so hard and needy. I’ve never been this way, ever. Now I know why Lan Wangji is number one. He—ah!” He gasps at the contact as he starts poking at his hole. "I totally understand, sweeties. Fuck the rankings. I just really, really want Lan Wangji’s cock inside me now.” Eyes hazy, Wei Wuxian looks once again on the screen. It’s hard to see what’s going on with his fans’ comments, but he eyes it harder until his stupid horny brain makes out of the words.



‘did Lan Wangji just??!?!’

‘oh fucking hell, this will be a one great show’


Confusion must be drawn on his face, because then the comments turn to something like:



‘Lan Wangji commented, we think he wants to meet you!’


Wei Wuxian’s eyes widen. He unconsciously stops trying to finger himself.  “Fuck,” he moans, breathless. “Tell me you guys are not fucking with me.”


The comments flood in once more.


‘no sweetie! he really did comment, it just got lost in the sea of all the other commenters’

‘oh god you are so damn lucky’


Wei Wuxian reads the other comments.


‘why is that man even here’

‘Fuck off hgj!’


He ignores the urge to frown and turns to the other notifications. 


‘lwj__hgj has sent $100 to your account.’


Wei Wuxian tries not to choke. “Holy shit, Lan Wangji just donated a hundred bucks.”


He doesn't understand any of the comments after that.


“Okay, okay,” he’s still breathless, but he manages. He goes on his knees, his hard cock bouncing in the process. He faces the camera. “Everybody, stop. Sweeties, sweethearts, please stop commenting for now. I need—I need to see Lan Wangji's comments. Okay? Please?”


Wei Wuxian musters his best pouty cute face. He wants it. He wants Lan Wangji. And he'll be the happiest if Lan Wangji can fuck him right here, right now. The comments eventually stop. Eventually , because there are a few assholes who don’t want Wei Wuxian to get the dick he wants. Because some of them wants Wei Wuxian to suffer without ever getting the fuck he craves for. They tell Wei Wuxian of their disappointment, of their jealousy because A-ying is theirs. Fools. 


“Oh, fuck. Okay,” Wei Wuxian inhales. He's a little out of it. He's not acting any longer, this is his normal panicking self. Finally, the comment he wanted to see pops out.


‘lwj__hgj: why did you stop touching yourself?’


Wei Wuxian hiccups.


‘lwj__hgj: i was enjoying’


“A-ah, I’m… I’m just—" Wei Wuxian feels his blush deepen. Now he's stuttering! “Lan Wangji, I just—”


‘lwj__hgj: Lan Zhan. you can call me Lan Zhan.’


Lan Zhan . Oh shit. Wei Wuxian did his research and he knows not everyone can just call Lan Wangji by that name. A few comments pop up again, his viewers both congratulating him and telling him how jealous they are.


“Lan Zhan,” he says, shivering in the coldness of his empty room. Because that's it. His room is empty, so empty without Lan Wangji towering over him. His hole feels empty too. That’s exactly what Wei Wuxian says.


“I feel empty, Lan Zhan. Won’t you come here and fuck me?” For a few seconds, Lan Wangji doesn't say anything. Wei Wuxian gets scared, dreading that Lan Wangji has left him all to himself and his audience. He doesn't want to be left like this. He'll lose himself.


Another comment comes.


‘lwj__hgj: i asked you why you stopped touching yourself’


And at that, Wei Wuxian lets a strangled moan escape his throat. He likes it! Oh, how he likes it. He likes the way Lan Wangji is being this harsh on him. Yet Wei Wuxian is also so nervous that this is just Lan Wangji toying with him. He doesn’t know Lan Wangji personally. What if he just wants to shame Wei Wuxian on his own channel?


Finally, Wei Wuxian gathers enough courage to risk himself. "I will give you back your money,” he tells him. “Just come here and fuck me, Lan Zhan.” he says, looking at his screen. He is pretty sure his viewer count has never been that high. 


‘lwj__hgj: if you touch yourself now, i'll come and get to you, sweetheart.’


‘lwj__hgj has sent you $1000.’


‘lwj__hgj: treat that as your reward for being so pretty for me’


Wei Wuxian gasps, not believing his eyes. He feels lightheaded already, but he manages to resume touching his cock. He pumps it slowly, afraid of finishing soon. He doesn't want to come without Lan Wangji inside him, without him pounding his hole.


Wei Wuxian visibly gulps, eyes still focused on the many zeroes Lan Wangji has sent him.


‘lwj__hgj: good.’


‘lwj__hgj: now if you want me to come there, you should tell me where you live.’


Wei Wuxian feels the flush crawl down his neck. It’s really happening. Lan Wangji is coming, he is, won’t he? “Oh, uh—my… my address, where I live. I, uh," Wei Wuxian looks around, not knowing what to do. How should he tell Lan Wangji his address? Fuck! He's horny and shaking! His brain cells are not working!


‘lwj__hgj: time is running, baobei’


Wei Wuxian curses. Shit.


“If you—if you send me a message first, I can maybe… send it to you?”


Wei Wuxian almost flinches. He knows he looks desperate, looks stupid. He doesn’t appear and doesn't feel sexy at all! Lan Wangji is making him lose his mind.


Oh he wants him so much.


“Please. Lan Zhan, are you still there? I’ll send my address, just. If you could—”


‘lwj__hgj: i just sent a message.’


‘lwj__hgj: are you sure you want me to come? you dont want a joint live stream for now? I can come next time’


Wei Wuxian thinks, actually thinks, about it. A joint live stream seems good. They can experiment and flirt on screen, but at the same time Wei Wuxian knows what his body craves. He wants Lan Wangji and his warm body, his huge cock, his cum inside him. He wants it. A joint live stream looks good, maybe best for his channel.


But doing that won't give Wei Wuxian what he actually wants. Fuck next time, Wei Wuxian wants him now.


“No,” he moans, remembering that he needs to touch himself. “No. Come here. I want you here.”


‘lwj__hgj: say please’


Wei Wuxian doesn’t have to be told twice. “Please,” he says, almost out of breath.


‘lwj__hgj: good.’


‘lwj__hgj: your address, baoibei’


With shaking fingers, Wei Wuxian nods, typing on his keyboard and replies to Lan Wangji's message. His heart is pounding inside his ribcage. Wei Wuxian can swear he's close to dying.


'lwj__hgj: good boy.'


'lwj__hgj: Now I want you to play with your hole. but don't use toys. just use your fingers.' 


Lan Wangji tells him of his dislike over his dildo and orders him to throw it away. Wei Wuxian throws the thing to the other side of the room. Wei Wuxian feels like passing out, but he follows every command. After all, that's what he likes, right? Getting commanded on, getting praised like a little pretty bitch, a desperate cockslut. Some others are still commenting every now and then, and the viewer count increases without fail, but somehow Wei Wuxian feels like it's just the two of them. It feels like no other can ever shatter Wei Wuxian in his own world with Lan Wangji in it, no intruders, no outsiders, no one to stop them from finally meeting each other and fucking like rabbits. Wei Wuxian feels giddy and scared. This feels like the peak of his sexual life and his career in the sex industry. He feels silly and smart. He feels like dying and he feels horny. He feels happy and scared. Maybe he really is going crazy.


The next minutes are spent with Lan Wangji ordering him what to do with his body, telling him specifically how to pleasure and tease himself, how he should jerk himself off and how many fingers he should put inside. Wei Wuxian gets told how much lube he can use, how much spit he should lather in his already slick cock. Wei Wuxian feels sticky half an hour later. 


By this time, he's already so desperate and tired. He pumps his cock slowly with a loose hand. He stares at the camera with half-lidded eyes, hair sticking to his face with all the sweat he’s sporting. The comments are flooding in again; some asking Lan Wangji for more, some other trying to convince Lan Wangji to make Wei Wuxian wait longer.


Stupid, stupid assholes.


“Lan Zhan,” he calls, “I'm already so desperate for you. I did everything you said, but you’re still not coming.” Even he is surprised at the tears gently flowing down his cheeks. “Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan. Lan Zhan, please, ahh, please let me come.”


Wei Wuxian hiccups once more. He's so tired. He's so horny. His legs are shaking. Lan Wangji told him he's not allowed to come. So he didn't. Because even when desperate, Wei Wuxian knows the wait would be worth it. Wei Wuxian pulls his body from the floor, kneeling and then going on all fours until his lubed hole is centered on the camera. He taps on it with his fingers, poking at it a little.


“Can you see it? Lan Zhan, you can, right? All of them can see it. I’m so desperate, I need your cock. Please!”


As if on cue, the doorbell rings.


It's too disgusting to think, but Wei Wuxian actually feels a little like a dog excited to see its master come home. He leaps from the floor, his nightie flowing in the air as he almost flies to the door.


Wei Wuxian’s viewer count reaches 100k. 


There is silence for the next few seconds. And then, the audience is rewarded with the image of Lan Wangji's tall body and broad shoulders manhandling Wei Wuxian towards the floor. They're kissing aggressively, almost sucking each other's faces. Lan Wangji is grunting, and Wei Wuxian is whimpering in pleasure. Wei Wuxian easily gets carried, his feet dangling in the air. Lan Wangji kisses him like a madman. There is a lot of tongue involved; Wei Wuxian's moan and whimpers being the evidence of the pleasure it brings. With one arm, Lan Wangji carries Wei Wuxian. he unbuckles his belt and takes out his cock with the other. They settle on the floor, on the soft pink rug, and for a second the audience thinks Lan Wangji would be performing the same way; he’d always fucked his own toys, touched himself, jerked off and finished all his streams all on his own.


This is the first time he's collaborated with someone else. And so for a moment they thought that Lan Wangji would casually fuck Wei Wuxian stupid, get a release and finish everything. But instead, Wei Wuxian's nightie gets ripped. Lan Wangji takes off all of his clothes, too, kisses Wei Wuxian's lips, leaves numerous lovebites all over his body despite Wei Wuxian's pleading and begging that he get fucked right away. He ignores Wei Wuxian's cries, his visible shaking. Lan Wangji sucks and licks on Wei Wuxian's skin, makes his nipples swell, bites the skin on his adams apple, fingers him like crazy without letting Wei Wuxian come.


“Ah! Ah!! Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian gasps at the way his ass is pounded, “Lan Zhan! Oh fuck.”


When Lan Wangji finally enters Wei Wuxian, he does it hard. He thrusts in one go. Wei Wuxian screams.


“L-lan Zhan! I—oh my god…”


“Stop talking. Just take it.”


It's the first time everyone has seen Lan Wangji get so undone. He's sweating on his forehead, his breaths are heavy and he's blushing on his ears. It looks sexier because Lan Wangji seems to be affected as much as Wei Wuxian. Lan Wangji grabs the back of Wei Wuxian's head and smashes their lips together. At the same time, he pulls back his cock and thrusts in.


Wei Wuxian's scream is muffled in Lan Wangji's mouth. On the second thrust, Wei Wuxian shakes as he comes. Lan Wangji pulls back, an eyebrow raised. “I see,” he says with a huff. “So weak.”


Wei Wuxian looks so insulted that it actually results in more people flooding the comment section.


“So weak,” Wei Wuxian repeats, his voice rough. He cups Lan Wangji's face. Oh fuck, Lan Wangji is really so handsome in person. Wei Wuxian wants to sit on his face. “Will you teach me, then, since you’re not weak like me? Train me hard, gege.”


Lan Wangji says nothing for a second. but then, he smirks. “Mn. Mark your words.”


Lan Wangji hasn't come yet, so he goes on to rail Wei Wuxian so hard Wei Wuxian sees stars. it takes them longer to finish, since Lan Wangji is not sated easily. Wei Wuxian manages, though.


The day after, as Wei Wuxian lays on his bed with a now familiar, warm body enveloping him, he wakes with his phone vibrating nonstop. He fetches in on the bed and looks. Then he screams in surprise. He's on the rank five now, and he has almost half of Lan Wangji's followers. 


Oh, and also, apparently when Wei Wuxian passed out (after five rounds), Lan Wangji ended the stream. Not before telling the viewers he's taking dibs on Wei Wuxian, though.


“No collaborators allowed. If you want to see Wei Ying get fucked, you’ll see him get fucked by me.”


Wei Wuxian remembers insisting last night that Lan Wangji call him by his birth name, in exchange. He feels giddy about it. and a little stupid. Beside him, Lan Wangji is already awake. Wei Wuxian shamelessly asks for an after care. Lan Wangji accepts.


Lan Wangji kisses him, his expression soft. “Anything for Wei Ying.”

Wei Wuxian smiles at him. He’s having so many new ideas for his next streams. But for now, the aftercare.