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Kissing Kurt Hummel

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Dave opens his eyes while Kurt is half way through talking about Dave's potential future with a husband and son. He looks calm, lips tilted at the corners and Dave feels his heart swell at this boy before him.

He'd made Kurt's life a living hell, he'd tormented him and threatened him until Kurt had moved schools to get away from Dave. This strong boy, no man, sitting beside Dave's bedside, tears in his eyes and hope in his voice. Dave wishes he were as brave as Kurt.

"-And you say-"

"I'm so happy right now." Dave doesn't even mean to say it. He's not lost in the fantasy like Kurt. He’s focussed on the here and now. Dave feels lucky to be alive, and sitting here with this beautiful boy gripping his sweaty hand. And Dave can’t do anything more than cling on.

He’s stupid. He knows he is because Kurt has already rejected him, and Dave’s traitorous heart is still aching for any scraps of attention Kurt will give him.

Kurt doesn’t stay much longer, they’re interrupted by Dave’s dad coming in. He greets Kurt, who stands smoothly and gives one last, lingering squeeze to Dave’s hand before slipping away.

Dave watches him leave, smiling once more as Kurt gives him a small quirk of the lips before he disappears down the corridor.


Staring at himself in the mirror Dave eyes the yellow and green bruises around his throat with a detached feeling. He tries to remember what Kurt had said in the hospital a few days ago because he needs something positive. Only he can't.

Dave hadn't really been listening to what Kurt had said. He'd paid attention to Kurt's face and the tone of his voice more than the actual words.

Looking away from the mirror Dave walks into the guest room that he's sort of moved to. His dad, and his therapist, don't think it's wise for him to be in his old room. Not when the closest where he...

Dave shakes his head. He shouldn't be thinking those thoughts.

The house is empty. It's the first time he's been alone since The Incident, as he's taken to calling it in his head. His mom has gone to church to pray or whatever and his dad had to go out for a meeting.

After the hospital took him off the 72 hour watch David still had people around. He had visitors and the nurses checked on him, doctors came and there were patients all the time. Even if he was alone in his room, there were always people nearby.

But now, there's just Dave. And he's afraid of that.

Dave knows he needs a distraction. He doesn't go to his computer because he just knows the messages are still rolling in. Better luck next time, try try again.

Dave cares so much what other people think of him. He knows he shouldn't but he does. He thumbs through the contacts on his phone. A new one with a new number his dad had brought him.

There's only seven numbers on it, his dad's work number and mobile, his mom's mobile, their home number, his therapist, Santana and Kurt.

Dave hovers over Kurt's name before he decides against it. Kurt hasn't texted him since Dave gave him his new number. Maybe he just came to the hospital out of pity, and he never truly wanted to be friends. Dave doesn't want to appear weak. But he needs help because these are the same kind of spiralling thoughts that had him putting on his best suit and tying a belt around his neck.

He smashes his thumb against the phone, holding it up to his ear as it rings.


The voice is like a flood of ice through him, shocking Dave awake. He feels completely stupid for getting to that low point again so quickly.

"Dave? You better answer me or I'm coming round to go all Lima Heights on your sorry ass."

He lets out a watery bark of laughter. "I think I might need you to do that anyway."

Santana sucks in a harsh breath. "I'm on my way. I'll be fifteen minutes, tops. Do you need me to stay on the phone?"

Dave lets out a shuddering sigh. "Yeah." He swallows heavily. "Santana?"


"Thank you."


The end of senior year has finally arrived. Dave doesn't walk across any stage. He never went back to school, he ended up being homeschooled. It meant he missed out on any hockey or football scholarships but Dave didn't care because he was alive.

Things got worse and better, Dave still sees his therapist once a week, but that's come down a lot. He's no longer considered suicidal which is an immense relief to his dad. Dave doesn't see his mom anymore, his parents are in the middle of a messy divorce. Ever since his mom sat him down while his dad was out and tried to get him to.sign a form to go to a conversion camp to get fixed.

Dave had never been scared of either of his parents but that day they both frightened him. His mom for even thinking she could make him do that, for suggesting that he's broken and needs fixing. But the worst was his dad. Dave had never seen his dad so angry, he was cold and calm, until the rage boiled over. And all because he wanted to protect his son.

Santana is basically his only friend now. Az told him.he never wanted to speak to him again and he hasn't. With Santana comes Brittany but she's just a ball of kindness. Dave adores her in a weird way.

Except for right now. Because if it wasn't for Brittany Dave wouldn't be standing outside Rachel Berry's house staring up at it, hearing the music from the street.

"Are you going to stand there all night?"

Dave glances at Kurt as thr other teen stands beside him, a small smirk on his still stupidly handsome face.

"I was planning on it." Dave shrugs. "That way I'm not lying to my dad or Santana when I say that I came and stayed."

Kurt tuts. "It doesn't count if you don't go in."

"Damm, Fancy, ruin my fun, why don't you?"

"It's good to see you, David." Kurt's smiling now.

"It's an improvement on last time for sure." Dave ends up ducking his head at Kurts stricken expression. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that."

"Perhaps not but it's true. I'm sorry I wasn't a good friend." Kurt moves to stand in front of Dave. They're of a similar height and Dave feels too large and chubby then their eyes meet and hold. Suddenly his chest aches with emotion when he looks at Kurt. Man, he thought he'd gotten over this. "Come on, I'll walk in with you."

"You gonna protect me?"

"Yeah, big guy, I'll protect you." Kurt laughs and it's the best thing Dave has heard. Fuck, he's going to have to talk about this with his therapist. Again.

They enter the house together, music even louder inside. Kurt gets surrounded by the gleeks and Dave sort of shuffles off to the back.

Brittany comes bounding up to him "you made it!" She's very happy to see him.

"Uh yeah. Santana threatened me."

"Damn straight." Santana says sliding up behind him. "You may not have spent your senior year with us but you're McKinley, Karofsky." She punches him in the arm. "You're gonna celebrate graduation like the rest of us."

An open beer is pushed into his hand and Dave nods his thanks. He doesn't even know who gave it to him. Pretending to take a sip Dave moves his way through the surprisingly packed house. He never would have thought Rachel Berry to be this popular. But then again a high school party is always going to attract a crowd, no matter how annoying the person throwing it.

It doesn't take Dave long to find the kitchen. It's not empty though, Kurt and his hobbit boyfriend are inside and they don't look happy.

Kurt has his arms crossed and Bland looks like he's sucking a lemon. They both glance over when Dave shuffles in. Bland rolls his eyes, and mutters something that Dave can't hear.

"Uh" Dave stupidly holds up the beer bottle.

"You want another one?" Kurt asks, and Bland huffs and stomps off.

"Everything okay?" Dave asks, watching Kurt watch his boyfriend storm away

Kurt shrugs. "I'm just tired of drama."

"Yeah." Dave doesn't know what to do so he sets the bottle on the side. "Are you okay with heights?"

"What? Why?"

"Yes or no, Kurt." Dave smiles.

"Yes." Kurt's shoulders aren't holding so much tension now.

"Come with me." Dave turns and moves through the crowd, he can feel Kurt at his back, holding on to the hem of his shirt. Dave makes his way upstairs. It's quieter up here and he makes his way to the room at the end of the hall.

"Dave..." Kurt sounds unsure as Dave cracks open the door to what is clearly Rachel's dads' bedroom.

"Come on, not much further." Dave steps into the room, shutting the door ebhund Kurt. He goes straight to the window and opens it, Dave awkwardly unfolds himself through it before sticking his head back inside. "Come on, Kurt. I won't let you fall."

Kurt's lips are tilted up in that secretive little smile he has. He holds his hand out and Dave grasps it as Kurt effortlessly climbs through the window. They shuffle along the roof, Kurt's grip is tight on Dave's hand.

They reach a suitable part and Dave sits down, drawing Kurt down next to him. Kurt still doesn't let go, and Dave finds he doesn't mind.

The music is louder than it was on the street but quieter than inside. Kurt hums along to the song. Dave wants to say something, anything, he feels awkward and too big and-

"Have you heard anything about college?"

Dave silently thanks Kurt for making him feel less awkward. "Yeah a couple. I don't know if I'll go though."

"Why not?" Kurt asks sharply.

Shrugging Dave pickles at a bit of lichen growing on a tile next to his leg. "They're further away than my dad is comfortable with."

"Oh." Kurt leans into Dave's shoulder.

"Yeah." Dave butes his lip. "Turns out getting a second chance at life doesn't involve that much living." He sounds bitter. And Dave knows it is his fault he's in this situation.

"David." Kurt drops Dave's hands but only to put one on either side of his face, forcing Dave to look at him. "What do you want?"

"I want..." Dave thinks of a million things he wants. To be normal, to have his mom back, to not need a therapist, to go to college, to be able to drink beer , to not be on antidepressants. But only one thing comes out of his mouth. "I want to kiss you, Kurt."

He feels his cheeks heat under Kurt's cool fingers. Dave closes his eyes in embarrassment. That means he doesn't see Kurt moving but he sure as hell feels Kurt's mouth pressing against his.

It's a weird reversal of their first kiss. It's gentle, chaste in a way that locker room one hadn't been. Kurt's mouth is soft and Dave sighs against his lips.

Kurt pulls away, only a little bit, but it's enough for Dave to see the calmness of his features. Dave reaches up to slide one of his big hands to cup Kurt's jaw, thumb rubbing against his cheekbone, fingers sliding into his hair.

Their eyes lock and they're kissing again. Frantic now, Kurt leans his whole body into Dave's. They press together and Dave brings his hand to wrap around Kurt's waist. Kurts hands move, one grips Dave's neck and the other slides up his shirt resting his cold fingers against the hairy swell kf Dave's stomach.

Dave pulls back and tugs Kurt's hand away.

"What's wrong?" Kurt whispers, confused.

"I'm sorry." Dave rasps. "That wasn't fair."

"I wanted it, too, Dave." Kurt's voice is sharp with anger

"I know. But I'm a fucking mess. I'm barely holding myself together. Kurt,'' Dave says imploringly. He needs Kurt to understand that it’s not about him. "You deserve so much better than-"

"Than you?" Kurt scrambles back. "Is that what you were going to say?"

"Than what I can give you right now." Dave sighs. He tries not to let Kurt’s comment sting, Dave scrubs a hand over his face. "I shouldn't have come here. It's too soon." Dave looks down at the lawn beneath and sees the hobbit looking around. He lets out a bitter laugh. "And, fuck, you have a boyfriend Kurt."

Kurt has the grace to look ashamed.

"I deserve better than this." Dave says quietly. “We both do.”

Dave watches Kurt's throat work as he swallows. Though no words seem forthcoming. Nodding to himself, Dave stands and walks around Kurt. "Goodbye Kurt. Have a wonderful time in New York, you're going to be amazing."

Kurt stares resolutely ahead, whether he's watching his boyfriend or not Dave doesn't know. After he's climbed back through the window, Dave fishes his phone out his pocket. He texts his dad to come pick him up and he flips to his contact list.

With a swipe and a press Dave's contacts have gone from eight, because Brittany added her number a few months ago, to seven as he deletes Kurt's number.

Dave has to figure out who he is, as a human being, as a gay man, as an ex-high schooler withou Kurt Hummel in his life.

It hurts more than he thought it would.


Dave looks around the frat house. It’s filled with people, not all his frat brothers and most of them people he doesn’t know but Dave finds he doesn’t mind. He’s settled into himself here at Ohio State.

It had taken a lot talking with his dad and his therapist for Dave to be allowed to come. It’s only an hour and half drive from Lima, he sees the college’s counsellor every week and has fortnightly skype sessions with his therapist.

And Dave loves it here. He’s made friends, he’s never lied about who he is, who he’s attracted to and the people around him accept that. Not everyone of course, this is still Ohio. But enough people that make Dave feel safe and liked.


Dave doesn’t turn until there’s a hand on his shoulder and “Karofsky!” is being shouted into his ear.

“Finn Hudson.” Dave grins, reaching out to pat Finn on the shoulder. “How are you doing, man?”

“Good, yeah.” Finn glances around and lowers his voice, stepping closer to Dave. Wolf-whistles sound around them but Dave pays them no attention. Finn has a serious look on his face. “Have you seen Kurt?”

“Kurt?” Dave frowns. “Why would I have seen Kurt? He’s in New York.”

“No. I mean yes but not right now.” Finn looks around frantically. “He came to visit me and we got separated. Kurt’s… ya know.” And Dave does know what he means. Kurt’s strong but he’s susceptible to negative behaviours because of how gay he looks. Dave knows this, he’s inflicted this on Kurt himself.

“I’ll help you look for him.” Dave doesn’t need Finn’s thank you. It’s the right thing to do. “I’ll check upstairs, you have a look outside.”

They split up and Dave runs up the stairs. He’s not involved in any sports anymore but he still works out and skates when he can. The result is he’s still chubby and soft but Dave feels happier when he’s exercised than when he hasn’t. Taking the stairs two at a time makes his thighs burn a little but he’s feeling a little bit apprehensive whether at seeing Kurt again or about Kurt’s safety, Dave isn’t sure.

He checks all the rooms on the first floor. They’re either empty or have people having sex. No Kurt though.

The second floor is the same.

There’s not much on the third floor other than the frat’s president’s room but Dave decides to check it out anyway.

He knocks briefly before flinging the door open. Kurt is standing at the end of the bed looking at the back of a CD case. Chad, the president, is lying on his bed reading a book. They both jump when the door opens.

“Shut the fucking door Karofsky.” Chad hisses.

Dave does as he’s told, Kurt looks up and smiles at him. “Hello David.”

“Kurt.” Dave says.

Chad looks between them. “You two know each other?”

“Uh, yeah.” Dave focuses back on Kurt. “Finn’s looking for you.”

Chad sits up. “Is Finn your boyfriend?”

Kurt shakes his head, throwing an irritated glance at Dave. “Finn’s my brother. I’ll text him. Tell him I’m fine. I just came up to escape the ‘Frat bros’.” Kurt says sarcastically, even using air quotes.

Chad is notorious for disappearing at parties, the frat brothers just assume he’s off getting laid. Apparently he reads.

They fall into silence, Kurt tapping at his phone, Dave looking but trying not to look like he’s looking at Kurt and Chad watching them with a smug little grin on his face. “I’m gonna get a drink. Kurt you want anything?”

“No thank you.”

Chad claps Dave on the back, says “don’t have sex on my bed”, and leaves the room.

“Well that was rude.”

“Oh, sorry.” Dave shuffles his feet. “I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

Kurt flaps a hand. “Not you. Brad not asking you about a drink.”

Dave chuckles. “Chad. And he knows I don’t drink and all we’ve got in the house is alcohol, beer, vodka and alcohol.”

“Ah.” Kurt eyes him seriously. “So you’re out here?”

Dave nods. “Yeah. I’m out everywhere.”

“That’s great, Dave.”

With a smile Dave nods. “How’s New York?”

Kurt drops the CD case and his whole face lights up. He starts regaling Dave with stories of his life at NYADA and living with Rachel Berry. Dave doesn’t respond much, Kurt doesn’t seem to need him to but he’s listening to every word Kurt is saying.

“It sounds like you love it there.”

“I do. It’s where I’m meant to be.” Kurt smiles widely.

“You, uh, -” Dave swallows, pretending to be interested in the playboy calendar on Chad’s wall, “- haven’t mentioned Blaine.”

Kurt snorts with amusement. “Stop pretending to be interested in breasts, David.” He waits until Dave is looking at him before saying “there is no Blaine. We broke up.”

“Oh.” Dave doesn’t know what to say. The silence feels loaded. He points at the window. “Want to go on the roof?”

“The last time I was on a roof with you, we kissed and you walked away.” Kurt seems to be teasing.

Dave rubs the back of his neck. “I won’t walk away this time.”

Kurt is suddenly standing close to Dave, “and the other thing?”

“No promises there. I think I’m always going to want to kiss you Kurt.” Dave says honestly. Kurt has always drawn Dave in, at first he’d be afraid of his attraction but now… Now Dave knows how good it feels to have a man pressed against him, to be intimate with someone and he wants that with Kurt. Even if it is just one night.

He isn’t sure who moves first but they are kissing, Dave’s got a hand in Kurt’s hair and one on his lower back. Both of Kurt’s arms are around Dave’s shoulders, hands gripping at his neck, his hair, his upper arms.

Dave pulls back with a gasp. “Come on.” He lets go of Kurt reluctantly, tugging on his hand when Kurt doesn’t move. “Chad is very serious about not having sex on his bed. That last dude who didn’t respect that had his eyebrows shaved off. I really like my eyebrows, Kurt.”

Kurt laughs delightedly. “That sounds like you want to have sex with me.”

“Yes.” Kurt seems surprised by Dave’s enthusiasm. “Whatever you want. Whatever you’re comfortable with.”

“Where are you taking me?” Kurt takes his first step forward but he keeps his grip tight on Dave’s hand.

“To my room.”

Kurt gives him a sideways glance. “No roommates?”

“Nope. Just me in there."

“Well,” Kurt smirks, “not just you tonight.”


When Dave wakes up his arm is still flung over Kurt's waist just like it was when they'd fallen asleep. Only Kurt has turned around and is facing Dave. He's still asleep, face smoothed out and relaxed. He's so beautiful. Dave can't help himself, he draws a finger gently down Kurt's nose. Kurt snuffles in his sleep but he doesn't wake.

Dave smiles to himself. Last night was like something out of a dream for Dave. He never thought he'd ever end up having sex with Kurt Hummel.

It was an experience Dave wants to have again, he knows not to get his hopes up. They live in two different cities and the distance is too far to be workable. He'll always have the memories though, and that will be enough.

It will have to be enough, Dave thinks almost desperately.

Kurt sighs and begins to move. Dave is torn between closing his eyes and pretending to sleep or watching Kurt wake up. The decision is taken out his hands when Kurt's eyes blink open and lock on Dave's face.


"Morning," Kurt smiles and stretches, pressing his body into Dave's. His skin is warm and Dave slips a hand under the covers to hold Kurt tight against him as he rolls onto his back.

Kurt settles easily on top. He slides a hand around Dave's waist, pausing at the slight twitch. "Sorry," Dave says gruffly.

This hadn't been a problem last night, Dave had showered Kurt with attention. Mapped his body, opened him slowly and slid inside with minimal touching from Kurt. Other than where his hand's had grabbed Dave's arms, shoulders, back and neck.

"It's okay, '' Kurt whispers. He presses a kiss to Dave's jaw. Then another one against his neck. "I like it. I like how you're so..." Kurt trails off to kiss the hollow of Dave's throat.

"Chubby." Dave finishes for him.

Kurt sits up. He's straddling Dave's waist and the abrupt movement sends a flood of cold air over Dave's chest. He hates how in the cold morning light Kurt can see all of it. The hairiness of his chest, the roundness of his belly, the softness of his hips. Dave feels his face heat up.

"Are you holding on to that comment I made?" Kurt asks quietly.

"Does it matter?" Dave shifts uncomfortably even though Kurt's eyes have not left his face.

Kurt purses his lips. "I'll take that as a yes. David, you're gorgeous."

"Shut up," Dave mutters, looking away.

Hands stroke down Dave's chest and rest on his belly, fingers splayed towards his hips. Dave tenses. It doesn't do anything to soften the flab.

"Manly." Kurt says. "I was going to say I like how you're so manly. Big and strong. Hairy. I like it." Kurt's gaze is heated and Dave can see, can feel, the hardness of Kurt's cock against his skin. "I like men, David. And you are a hell of a man."

"I... you're the only one who seems to think that."

Kurt smiles gently. "No I'm not. Just neither of us knew what it meant when they called you cub. Bears are a cherished part of the gay community for a reason. It wasn't just because you look like Yogi."

Dave finds himself lifting up onto an elbow, it makes his belly push out more and he finds that he doesn't mind right now. Because the look on Kurt's face is pure lust. Reaching out with his other hand Dave grips the back of Kurt's neck, tugging him in for a kiss. It's fierce and filthy.

He noticed last night that Kurt likes to be manhandled a bit. Leg moved here, body pushed over there, so Dave does that now until Kurt is kneeling between Dave's spread thighs.

Kurt seems not to have noticed.

Dave pulls back from the kiss, stealing one more at the adorably glazed look on Kurt's face. He grabs the lube and a condom from the bedside table and presses them into Kurt's hands.

Lying back down, Dave takes a deep breath as Kurt looks at him with wide eyes. "Are you going to fuck me or look at me, Kurt?"

"Oh my." Kurt breathes out. "I haven't done this in a while."

Dave grips Kurt's shaking fingers. "Just go slow, then."

Kurt nods and leans down to press kisses to Dave's chest and belly. He even bites down as he presses a finger inside. Dave hisses out a moan. Kurts fingers are thinner but longer than Dave's own and they feel so good.

The whole time he's being stretched Kurt's murmuring words of praise and adoration against the skin of Dave's chest and belly. Kurt is obviously trying to get Dave to realise just how much Kurt likes it. Dave is almost starting to believe him.

There's a brief pause between Kurt pulling his fingers out and pressing the head of his cock against Dave's entrance.

"Please, Kurt. Fuck me, please." Dave doesn't beg for long. Kurt presses in. One steady stroke until he's completely inside.

"Oh." Kurt sughs. "Dave." Kurt shifts so he can press their lips together. They kiss as Kurt starts to move. It's intimate and loaded in a way that last night hadn't been.

Dave's lost in the sensations of Kurt's mouth on his, the feel of Kurt's practically smooth chest against his own, the fullness of Kurts cick as it fills him over and over, the grip of Kurt's hand as he strokes Dave.

It takes forever and no time at all before Dave is coming all over himself and Kurt strokes him through it. Kurt thrusts in, three, four more times before he's coming, he pulls out slowly before slumping down next to Dave. Kurt gets his breath back and gives Dave a wicked grin, then he's ducking his head and lapping at Dave's cum covered hairy belly.

Dave flops his head back. "Fuck."


"I had sex with Kurt." Dave didn't mean to start with that. His therapist blinks at him, once, before sitting back in her chair.

"How did that make you feel?"

"Everything." Dave breathes out. "Kurt was visiting his brother who goes to school here, they came to our frat for a ...get together."

"A party." She smiles and waves a hand, "go on."

"It was so easy with him. To just fall into bed with him. I-"

She waits for Dave to finish but he doesn't add anything more. "Was that your first time having sex with a man?"

"Uh. Yes and no."

"Care to explain that?"

Dave blushes, he stares at the floor. "I've had sex with another man, but I haven't... uh I meam it wasn't the firdt time I, um, entered but it was the first time I was ... you know." He finishes lamely. God he hopes she knows what he means.

Dave's face is on fire and stares at a small stain on the carpet.

"That's a big step Dave." Her voice is calm, as always. "How did you feel afterwards?"

"Good. Really good." Dave says, with a smile. Then he sighs.

"What happened next?"

"He left after a little while. He didn't want to but he'd promised to see his brother for lunch." Dave remembers the way they'd walked through the house, the whistles and hollers from his frat brothers, embarrassing him. But Kurt had just kissed him sweetly in front of all of them and then he was gone.

His therapist makes a humming noise. "And then?"

"And then nothing." Dave shrugs. He tries not to feel hurt, or stupid, or rejected. "He has my number, I think. I deleted his a while ago. So I don't know now."

"We can make a plan, Dave." She smiles reassuringly at him. Dave doesn't think any plan they make is going to stop the ache in his chest.


He feels incredibly small. Dave never knew a city could make someone feel insignificant but this one does.

New York is breathtaking.

Dave didn't intend to come here, and yet he planned it out. Right up until this point where he's standing outside the theatre, ticket in hand ready to go in. Only he can't seem to make himself move forward.

A feeling of horror washes over Dave. He wishes he could have talked about this with someone other than his therapist. Who, as she often does, puts the onus on Dave to make his own decision and deal with the consequences. Then they talk about it retrospectively. Which isn't helping Dave right now at this moment.

He looks off to the side and there is it, the reason he is here. The NYADA Winter Showcase. Kurt will be here, Dave doesn't know if he's performing but if he is Dave doesn't want to miss it. Or more specifically miss the chance to see Kurt again, even if it's just from a distance.

It spurs Dave on and he jogs up the steps to get inside before he freaks out and changes his mind.

The evening drags on and Dave finds himself increasingly bored. He hasn't spotted Kurt, shrinks down in his seat when Berry gets up to belt out whatever annoying song she's chosen. Dave's heard her enough, she sounds the same as ever to him.

The lady who has spoken after each performance says Kurt's name and Dave sits up. He's here, and he's been given the opportunity to perform. At least Dave will see him.

After a short break Kurt appears on the stage. He looks older, and somehow exactly the same. Then he starts to sing and Dave feels breathless.

It's almost as Dave is the only one in the audience.

He's never heard the song before. That's no surprise, Dave and Kurt don't exactly share similar music tastes but Dave listens to every word. He's utterly captivated.

The song ends. Dave stands with everyone else to give Kurt a standing ovation. The woman speaks again, the showcase is over and people start shuffling out. Dave doesn't know what to do.

He's loitering in the aisle when the woman walks passed. "Excuse me." Dave reaches out but doesn't actually touch her. "How can I see one of the performers?"

She raises her eyebrows, and Dave has a sense that people don't just talk to this woman. "They'll come out through the lobby. You can wait there."

"Thank you, ma'am." She's already moving off. So Dave heads to the lobby to wait. The performers come out in dribs and drabs.

Feeling awkward and out of place, Dave hovers around trying not to look as awkward as he's feeling. He hears Berry, and tries to look nonchalant. She comes through the doors on the arm of a decent looking bloke. Kurt is half a step behind them.

Dave moves forward, he doesn't miss the way Berry's mouth drops. Nor does he miss the way Kurt's eyes widen. "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to see you."

Kurt purses his lips. "You didn't text me."

"Neither did you." Dave points out quietly. "Unless that means you don't want to see me and I should take a hint." A cold feeling freezes through him. Fuck, he did not think of this as an option.

Stepping forward, Kurt watches him seriously, in the background Berry is hissing at him. Dave doesn't focus on her.

"You came all the way to New York because you wanted to see me." There's disbelief in Kurt's tone but Dave nods. "You're ridiculous."

Dave nods at that too. He knows how ridiculous this is.

"You could have sent me a message on facebook." Kurt's smiling now, a hand laying on Dave's chest, fiddling with a button on his coat.

"I don't have facebook. Not after The Incident. I didn't want to make a new one only to be told to try try again."

"I'll give you my number again, if-" Kurt tios his head up. Dave knows what he wants, he doesn't even pretend to play dumb. He rests his hands on Kurt's hips and leans in to bring their mouths together.

He keeps it short and sweet. "You were magnificent tonight."

Kurt opens his eyes, and smiles widely.

"Kurt!" Berry's voice is shrill. "What are you doing?"

Rolling his eyes, Kurt doesn't look away from Dave as he answers her. "What does it look like I'm doing?" He leans in closer. "I'm kissing David Karofsky."