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“Adora, you’re drooling again.” Glimmer smirks. Even with her head tilted back, she makes the comment after she sees who just entered the coffee shop.

“Glimmer, seriously she’ll hear you.” Adora swallows as her eyes roam over to the girl who entered the coffee shop. An oversized orange coat disguising the figure she had spent the month before sketching in class.

“What would be so bad about that?” Glimmer raises her eyebrows, “You’ve been sketching her for almost two months and you don’t mask your emotions very well.”

“Well, I really need a model for my final project and she kindly agreed so I don’t want to make it more awkward for her.” Adora glances down to hide the blush that has begun to rise in her cheeks. Even from a distance the girl was beautiful and in a little bit she would be sketching all of her, again, which she wasn’t going to complain about.

“Order for Adora!” The Barista calls out, startled she stands up and walks over to Lonnie who is behind the counter today.

“Lonnie, I didn’t order anything…” Adora starts

“I know, but she did” Lonnie points to the girl with the sly smile that’s walking up to her. Winking, Lonnie turns back around after shoving the two cups into Adora’s hands.

“Hey! Um you didn’t need to get me anything… I was gonna actually get you something to say thanks for all your help since I know I’m taking up a lot of your time lately.” Adora rushes as the girl’s smile grows

“Hahaha, it’s no problem, I also couldn’t see where you were sitting so this was my way of finding you.” Teeth flash this time through the smile that lights up the girl’s face.

“Oh yeah sorry about that, I’m sitting in the corner with my friend Glimmer…”

“Wait! Glimmer? The girl who works with and is dating the rapper/producer Mermista?!” The girl bursts causing Glimmer to look up and smile before quickly shooting Adora a look that was telling her to hurry and get the girl over to them before she started a scene.

“Well yeah, I hope it’s okay with you if we wait with her for a little before we head to the studio...” Adora trails off again but the smile on the girl’s face assures her that it will be okay. “Well let’s head over before anyone else notices you staring, I’ll introduce you. She’s really nice so don’t be nervous.”

“Omg! Adora I wasn’t till you said that! Omg… Does she know how we met?” Catra grasps her hand, making Adora startle.

“Yeah, she’s my best friend I tell her everything.” Causing Catra to squeak. “She wasn’t judging or anything, she thought that you must be a very nice and confident person so she wanted to meet you.”

“Did you show her any of the sketches?” Catra says, starting to shake the arm of the hand she’s still holding.

“Um yes but only the ones from the waist up!” Adora turns pale only to glance down at Catra who has started to laugh.

“Adora, I’m totally okay with it! If I wasn’t I wouldn’t be a nude model for art classes.” She turns towards her, her eyes showing how much she trusted her, causing Adora to flush red.

“Okay, well let’s go over then and I’ll introduce you” Adora leads the other girl by the hand they’re still holding “Glimmer!” Adora squeaks as Catra grasps her arm now. “This is Catra, the model from my art class.”

“Hi Glimmer! I didn’t know you also knew Adora! Now I’m wishing I had skipped my class to hang out more! I thought you’d have already left with Mermista by the time I was done.” Catra smiles at the other. “Glimmer, how come you didn’t say you knew her? She said she showed you the drawings so you would have known.”

“Catra, she mostly showed me images of your back and also I thought it would be fun to surprise her with this,” Glimmer beams at the other before shooting Adora a look letting her know that she hadn’t said anything to her friend about her obsession. At that moment Glimmer’s phone goes off causing the attention to shift downwards.

“Oh, Mista is waiting for me outside! She thinks she was spotted so asked me if I brought a mask… I haven’t, do either of you have one I could borrow?” Glimmer asks searching through her bag.

“Yeah I do Glim!” Catra responds handing over the mask. “Say hi to Mista for me! Also are we going to that movie this weekend? I think it’s the last one but if you guys are too busy we can always rent it once it comes out or wait till we can stream it.”

“Yeah I will let you know Catra! Have fun later! I can’t wait to go to Adora’s gallery opening now!” Winking before she leaves the two alone, Glimmer walks up to the counter to grab her and Mermista’s coffee from Lonnie and with one final wave before heading towards the car she flashes Adora a smile before placing the mask over her mouth.

“So” Catra starts “Should we head to the studio now? Or did you wanna finish your drink before we headed over?”

“I guess we can head over now, Glimmer just asked me to wait so I’m good to go whenever.” Adora blabs not really knowing what to do next.

“Perfect! See you later Lonnie!” Catra smiles at the barista before breezing out the door, which Lonnie takes the opportunity to shoot Adora a thumbs up before she swiftly follows the other girl out the door. Lonnie laughs as she notices that Adora’s ears are red.

“So, when did you meet Glimmer?” Adora attempts to act calm to figure out how much Glimmer might have told her about her obsession of her.

“Hmm last year of middle school. I transferred in the second semester and then we found out we’d be going to the same high school so we were really close after that! When did you meet Glimmer?” Catra glances at Adora who startles when she makes eye contact turning a little bit redder than he already was.

“Oh, uh, I actually meet her through Mermista. See we went to the same high school although she was older, she was my senior in music club so we got close through that. Once she started university she talked about this blonde girl in her classes so I told her she should sit beside her and talk to her about music. Then they started writing music together so I met Glimmer when Mermista was recording her album and found out she was in the dance club so we bonded over that.” Adora smiles remembering the time she met the blonde haired girl, whose hair had been dyed pink and purple at the time, that had stolen his grouchy friends heart and being thankful for it. Holding the door open for Catra, Adora received a boxy smile that she never grew tired of and often found herself sketching even after their sessions were over.

* * *

“Thanks so much for coming in today Catra. Would you be okay with coming in one more time next week? I think that’s all I’ll need to finish the series for the show.” Adora asks as she starts to put away her sketching materials.

“Of course Adora just let me know when and I’ll see what my schedule looks like!” accompanied by another boxy smile that makes Adora fumble with her pencil case. “Also Adora, did you want to go grab a drink with me tonight? My friend is performing at a club tonight. He’s friends with Mermista, you might know him, he goes by Rogelio.”

“What!” Adora turns to the older who has just finished putting on her pants leaving her still shirtless, making Adora’s eyes widen even more so she is thankful that she already responded in a surprised tone. “I didn’t know he was going to be doing any shows around here soon. I don’t know though…”

“Oh why? Got a date tonight? Or someone who wouldn’t want you to be out without them?” Catra’s smile falters for a minute causing Adora to respond quickly.

“Ah no! Not at all, I just didn’t want you to be uncomfortable since well…” Adora’s eyes drift over Catra “Well maybe that was just an excuse.”

“Adora” Catra laughs, her full smile returning. “If I was embarrassed I wouldn’t have agreed to be a nude model even with my friend calling in a favor, and certainly wouldn’t have kept coming back if you hadn’t asked.”

“But, the others… aren’t you doing this for others?” Adora’s mind races, she can’t remember if Catra had agreed to be her classmates’ model as well.

“No Adora I don’t. I only wanted to for you, I hope that’s okay.” Catra walks over to Adora and takes her hand. Swallowing Adora averts her eyes from the other girl.

“Yes... of course… I mean I’m really glad you agreed to do this for me,” Adora says still unable to look at the other.

“Oh, okay yeah I see” Catra says as she lets go of her hand.

“Wait!” Adora grabs Catra’s hand back. “I meant that… I want it to be a date… but not if you’ll be uncomfortable since…”

“You draw me naked…” Catra smiles broadly at Adora. “Adora, I’m not into art that much so yeah, I wanted it to be a date.”

“Oh. Okay well, now that we’ve agreed that it’s a date how about you finish getting dressed and we can head to the concert?” Adora smiles back before blushing when she realizes the other still has her shirt off. Catra laughs pushing a kiss to Adora’s cheek.

“Sure Adora!” Catra slips her shirt on placing, her coat over one arm, she reaches with her empty arm to grab Adora’s hand. Which she gladly accepts.

“Ready?” Catra smiles at her.

“Of course,” Adora smiles back and holds the door open for the other to pass through.