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Robert's 36th Birthday

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Robert was lying in bed with Aaron. Aaron opened his eyes and looked at Robert. Aaron leaned over and kissed Robert. Robert smiled into the kiss, the two happily kissing.
“Happy birthday, husband,” Aaron said.
Aaron once again leaned into the kiss, and the two kissed, just enjoying themselves. They were so lost in each other, just enjoying how they were together with each other. The kiss was soft yet passionate, the two of them just enjoying each other.
“We should go downstairs. Breakfast should be ready,” Aaron said.
“Breakfast?” Robert asked.
“Yea, Liv and Vinny decided that they would make breakfast for your birthday,” Aaron said. “But before you go, I have a surprise for you.”
Robert smirked and leaned in to kiss Aaron. Aaron smiled into the kiss. It was soft yet hungry.
“That’s not what I meant, but we can continue that later,” Aaron said.
Aaron placed a card in Robert’s hand, and Robert opened it. He saw Aaron’s writing, and two tickets fell out.
“Singapore?” Robert asked.
“Yea, I thought it would be nice for you to go there,” Aaron said.
“Thank you,” Robert said and kissed Aaron.
The two got ready and went downstairs. They saw the table set. Liv and Vinny put everything on the table. Seb helped them and Annie on the floor, playing with her blocks. It was perfect for their own little family.
“This afternoon, we are going to the pub to have dinner with our families and friends,” Aaron said to everyone.
“Food is ready, so come, let’s eat. I know how much of a sweet tooth you have, ROb, so there is a lot of chocolate,” Liv said.
“CHOCOLATE,” Seb yelled excitedly.
“Come on, squirt. What did we say today was Seb? Do you remember what we made?” Liv asked Seb.
Seb nodded and ran to the living room to get something. Then, he ran back and came in front of Robert.
“Happy birthday, daddy,” Seb said.
Robert looked at it, and it was a drawing of their family. He loved it. He felt so loved and appreciated.
“I love it, Seb,” Robert said and hugged Robert.
Aaron picked up Annie from the floor, picked her up, and placed her on his lap.
“Annie, today is your Daddy’s birthday. Can you kiss your daddy?” Aaron asked.
Annie leaned over and kissed Robert on the cheek.
“Luv you, Daddy,” Annie said.
“Love you too, Annie,” Robert said and kissed her forehead.
“Here this is from me and Vinny,” Liv said.
Robert opened the present and saw the book that he wanted to get that had just come out.
“Thanks, Liv. I've wanted to read this book,” Robert said.
“Okay, everyone, let’s dig in,” Liv said.
Everyone dug into the food and enjoyed eating. Seb had chocolate all around his lips. And Annie was covered with chocolate all over her face, hair and hands.
“Looks like someone needs a bath before we meet auntie Vic and grandma Diane and Nana Chas,” Robert said.
“I’ll do it. You enjoy your birthday,” Aaron said.
“I was thinking Vinny and I will take the kids to the park and give you two a few hours alone before we need to go to the pub,” Liv said.
Robert smiled. That sounded good. He definitely wanted a birthday present from his husband, and some uninterrupted time was heavenly.

Robert and Aaron were home alone. They were in their bedroom and kissing each other it was slow and sensual. Robert enjoyed kissing Aaron Aaron kissed with his whole heart. Aaron wanted to make it suitable for Robert. He kissed Robert behind his ear on his sensitive spot. He wanted today to be special for Robert.
“What do you want?” Aaron asked.
“You just you and I forever,” Robert said.
Aaron began unrobing Robert’s robe opening it up, and taking it off. Next, he took off Robert’s shirt. He kissed Robert down his chest and took a nipple in his mouth. Robert moaned his enjoyment. Aaron continued south and kissed and licked down Robert's abdomen. Robert was enjoying what Aaron was doing.
Aaron took of RObert’s pyjama pants and his briefs. Next, he took his own clothes off. Aaron kissed along Robert’s thighs, sucking marks on them. He loved Robert's thighs. He played with Rober’s balls as he kissed Robert's thighs.
Aaron could feel how hard Robert was and saw he was ready for the main event. Aaron took out the lube and lubed up Robert’s cock. Next, he lubed up his hole until he felt he was ready. Next, he climbed over. Robert took his dick in his hand and lowered himself on Robert's dick.
“This good,” Aaron asked.
“Mhm,” Robert responded.
Aaron set a pace and worked himself on Robert’s dick, the two working on a pace together. Robert soon switched positions and flipped Aaron on his back, and thrust inside of him. Robert and Aaron were working together.
“I’m close,” Robert said.
Aaron worked his hole and Robert to completion. The two orgasmed at the same time, moaning each other’s name.
The two cooled down, just laying there in their bliss.
“Want to take a shower together?” Aaron asked.
Robert nodded. Aaron took Robert and led him to their master bathroom. The two took a shower enjoying each other’s company.

Robert and Aaron walked into the pub and were greeted by confetti. Robert smiled and looked over. Seb and Annie ran over to him, and a hug greeted him. He kissed both of their cheeks. Next, Vic came over with Harry and greeted him with a hug.
“Here, drink this,” Vic said and handed him a shot.
He saw Vic, Priya, Bernice and Vanessa take shots as well.
Robert went over and hugged Priya.
“Happy birthday,” Priya said.
Vanessa came over and hugged Robert.
“Happy Birthday Robert,” Vanessa said.
Next walked Diane with Sarah by her side. They came over and hugged Robert.
“What can I get you on the house,” Charity said.
“Isn't my wife generous?” Vanessa asked. “A round of shots for everyone.”
Charity poured the shots, and everyone drank, enjoying the party.
“Did we interrupt your afternoon of fun?” Bernice asked.
Aaron blushed, and Robert smirked. Their afternoon had definitely been fun.
“Come on, everyone, sit down. It's time for dinner,” Chas said.
Everyone sat down and ate the food that Vic had prepared.
“I made your birthday cake. It's a masterpiece,” Vic said.
Everyone was enjoying the meal and spending time with each other.
“Speech, Speech, Speech,” Everyone chanted as they held shots.
“I’d like to thank everyone who came. Thank my beautiful husband, who I love,” Robert said and kissed Aaron’s cheek.
Vic brought out the cake. It was beautiful and had the number thirty-six written on it. Robert looked at the number. He could not believe that he was thirty-six years old.
“Make a wish,” Everyone shouted.
Robert made a wish and blew out the candles. He wished for another child with Aaron. He wanted a whole football team of kids with him. Robert smiled as he looked around at all his friends and family. This was definitely one of the best birthdays he has ever had.
“Cake, daddy cake,” Seb shouted out.
“Cake,” Annie giggled.
Robert sliced up the cake and passed some to everyone. He happily ate the cake, watching as Aaron fed Annie her slice. Today has been perfect. He could not have asked for a better birthday. He was thankful for all of his family and friends for making him feel loved. He loved them all.