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Griff's Measurements

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The last thing Griff wanted to do was go to Juvie, but going shopping for clothes with Ravi of all people was a close second. The only store in Moose Rump that sold "nice" clothes was run by a single family. He walked into the store with Ravi who somehow was equally disinterested in all this. But there was this beautiful fourteen year old girl right in front of Griff. Sure, Ravi wasn't interested in her, but Griff most certainly was. It didn't help that she was wearing a black sports bra with the clear Nike logo on the strap.

For some reason, Griff felt completely stiff. He looked down at his shorts. 'Phew,' he thought, 'no bulge.'

The silence was broken by Ravi's phone buzzing. "Sorry, have to run errands for Emma and Zuri. Stay out of trouble, Griff." Ravi left before he could respond.

"Why don't we start taking measurements?"

"Is that what normal people do?"

"Only if you want clothes that fit well." She led him to a bunch of mirrors with a stage. She went through the usual motions: wingspan, height, chest excetera. Then his shorts fell down.

With his face red from humiliation, he said, "wh-what are you doing?!"

"Taking measurements." She wrapped the tape around his thighs and ankles. The boy was too scared at what might happen next that he barely noticed that his shirt was ripped off him. The only thing left on his body was his boxers and sneakers.

"I'll need you to step out of your Converses. You know, to measure your feet," the girl said. Griff bent over to comply and


The back of his boxers busted open to reveal his big bubble butt. When he tried to pull it together in his back, the only thing he succeeded in doing was causing his fly to open up, revealing his dick to the girl!

She then took the tape and measured his dick.


'Inches? Not bad,' Griff thought.

"Centimeters," the girl thought out loud, "by conversion, it would be 1.75 inches. I think?"

She looked back at Griff. "I can fix those for free."

"No, I'm not letting you see me naked!"

"Then go into the changing room and throw them over the stall." There was one behind the mirrors which Griff dashed to, stripped, and threw the blue gingham boxers over the stall. He just sat in the bench in the changing room and simply admired himself. Sure, he wasn't the biggest boy at camp, but he clearly had some more development. His chest was more defined than the other boys and he had no tan lines.

Still, he could not but help but feel … inadequate at the space between his legs. Specifically, how much space was between his legs and how bald it was.

When the girl returned, she slid his boxers under the door along with the rest of his clothes.

"So, what do I owe ya," Griff said to her as he pulled up his shorts.

"Nothing. I figured you paid enough after you let me see your, um, baby woodpecker."