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Mrs. Laurence

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Amy wasn't sure what sort of wedding she would have. She'd dreamed of it many times and tried her hardest to picture the style of the gown she would wear, the color of the flowers that decorated her hair, most importantly, what her groom would look like. The picture, unlike her many paintings, never formed completely in her mind. When she had been courting Fred she'd tried to imagine him waiting for her at the end of the aisle, but his hair always seemed to change and his shoulders always seemed just too broad. 

She hadn't believed Laurie the first time he had told her he wanted to marry her, not with his, "You know why," sentiments. It wasn't until he had returned, despite his pride, to her side when Sweet Beth had passed that she had begun to believe him. There was still part of her, sitting at the dinner reception following their short, sweet wedding that was skeptical that he truly wanted her. 

It made sense to her now why she couldn't picture her wedding. She had never thought that she would be married away from her family to Theodore Laurence. She had never let herself get carried away to that, regardless of how desperately she loved him. Aunt March had been there, escorted by Mr. Laurence, both of whom were shining with approval. Aunt March's approval stemmed from the fact that Amy had done her diligence in finding a man who was wealthy enough to support her family, though she would never admit to Laurie that he had earned that approval. Mr. Laurence had always had a softness that extended to Amy. He had yet to fully forgive Jo for hurting Laurie the way that she had, but he had enjoyed watching Amy grow into the woman she had always said that she would become. 

They had gathered back at the hotel to share a small dinner that was full of smiles and soft conversation. Laurie had never strayed too far from Amy. She was grateful for his attentiveness but marveled at it's appearance, as if she would be the one that would walk away from him.

"A toast," Mr. Laurence announced, raising his glass in the air, "to the new Mrs. Laurence! She's everything I ever could've hoped for my grandson."

Everyone toasted around them while Amy gave him a soft smile. Laurie leaned over to her and gave her a chaste kiss to her head which did nothing for the redness that she was attempting to keep at bay. She had a hard time meeting his gaze tonight, it was so filled with too much for her to decipher. 

Aunt March stood from her seat, "Congratulations, but I'm afraid it's time for me to retire for the evening." Amy rose from her seat to help her, "Go sit back down, I'm fine." Aunt March whispered to her giving her a soft pat on her arm. 

Amy turned to return to her seat to find Laurie standing, waiting for her, "Shall we retire as well? It's getting quite late."

Her stomach was alive with butterflies and she fought to keep her hands from shaking. She nodded her agreement and gave a brief goodnight to those who were gathered for them. 

Laurie extended his arm to her, leading her through the bustle of the hotel lobby to the 4th floor where his private rooms were. He opened the door without flourish. It didn't look unlike the room she had been staying in with Aunt March, aside from the very large bed in the middle of the room. It was covered in a beautiful blue comforter that did wonders against the dark wood of the bed frame. There were two large double-doors that led out to a balcony that overlooked the garden at the back of the hotel. 

Her things had already been brought from Aunt March's room and they lay next to his suitcase. It appears they hadn't been unpacked as they were planning to leave in two days to return home to her family. 

She had walked to the middle of the room and was standing there not quite sure what she should do next. Laurie was leaning back against the door, amused at his usually confident wife. 

"I think," he began, holding his smile back, "that I'll have a shower. Will you be alright by yourself for a bit?" 

Amy cleared the nerves from her throat, "Yes."

He looked at her oddly before disappearing into the washroom. She exhaled loudly as the door shut with a click, wringing her hands out as she began to pace. She knew that there were certain marital acts that normally occurred the night of the wedding but she didn't know exactly what that entailed. She could feign confidence if she knew what to expect but the uncertainty of it all caused her pale skin to flush with anxiety. She was grateful to Laurie for the time alone to compose herself. 

She turned to her bags and pulled out her white sleeping gown. She jumped a bit as the water in the shower turned on and listened for the scrape of the curtain that confirmed his entrance into it. She struggled out of her dress, looking back she'd wonder how she had managed to get out of it by herself, and slipped into the sleeping gown. She also put on a large velvet robe that she assumed, based off of the cologne smell that lingered there, was Laurie's to give herself some modesty. 

Amy sat down on the bench in front of the large vanity table. Her brushes and combs had been unpacked unlike the rest of her things. She looked at herself in the mirror to calm herself and then raised her arms to begin taking the pins out of her hair. It took a while as each strand of hair she pulled free seemed to have another pin attached to it, by the time she had pulled the last one she heard the water turn off. She quickly brushed her long, blonde hair free of any tangles and listened to Laurie shuffling around. She wondered briefly, if he was nervous as she was?

The door opened softly. She heard Laurie's voice before she saw him, "Have you seen my ro-"

He cut off quickly and she turned sheepishly to see him but any words she had thought to say escaped her when she saw him. In the absence of his robe he had pulled on the same trousers he had word during their wedding, but had neglected to wear a shirt. His curly hair was still wet and the droplets fell from the ends of it down his muscled chest. She had seen him shirtless before when they had all gone swimming at the beach but this was different. They were alone and there wasn't a societal reason for her to look away. She followed one of those droplets with her eyes down his chest towards his trousers where it disappeared into the loosely undone laces. 

Amy felt her face heat for an entirely different reason. She drug her eyes back up to his face to find it a little flushed as well as he took her in. She hadn't tied his robe and it hung open on her revealing the sleeping gown beneath. Her long blonde hair fell to the middle of her back and held some of the curl it had been forced into while in her bun. 

She started to take his robe off, "I'm sorry, you can have it-"

She began but was cut off by Laurie who's voice came out deep and low, "No, please, you're more than welcome to it whenever you'd like."

"Alright," her own voice came out as a whisper. She was unable to make it be any different as her eyes finally met his for the first time that evening. They were dark and hungry the way that they took her in. She stood from the bench turning to face him, standing still and letting him have his fill and still unsure of doing anything else. She reached up to gather all of her hair and pulled it all to one side over her right shoulder. 

Her movement seemed to break him of whatever trance he had been in and he walked to stand in front of her, lifting his hand to cup her face. He tilted her head up slightly giving him a perfect view of her face, "You're so incredibly beautiful."

She grabbed his arm and tilted her face into his hand, nuzzling into the warmth that he provided, "I'm glad you think so, Laurie."

He shook his head, "Don't call me Laurie right now."

She looked at him blankly and a brief glimmer of hurt flashed in her eyes, "Why not?" She asked him sharply.

Laurie's eyes softened from their hot gaze, "There you are," he cleared his throat again, "Laurie is what you call me when everyone else is around us. I don't want to be reminded of others when I'm with you."

Her eyebrow arched, "Well what shall I call you? I'm not calling you Teddy."

He shook his head and pulled back from her catching her hand in his own, "Amy," he said softly, "You can't possibly still think me to be infatuated with your sister?"

She avoided his eyes then and looked away from him, "She was your first love and it's hard to imagine that kind of loyalty ever vanishes."

"Darling," he tried to pull her face to look at him but she moved her head away. He stepped towards her then, one arm going around her lower waist and the other hand reaching to caress her neck, "The love I had for Jo was a childhood crush that I tried to make into something more. Believe me when I tell you that I did not know true love until I saw you again that day when you jumped from your carriage. You taught me what true, real love is and what it is like to experience it."

She met his gaze now and her heart jumped at the honesty in them.

"When you turned me down, I went to London, not to try to heal my ego as I did when Jo damaged it but to become the man I knew you deserved. If I couldn't have you, I wanted to become someone that you would be proud to associate yourself with, whether as a friend or someone that you used to know. I wanted you to be happy, regardless of myself."

"When Beth died," he paused a moment now, the grief making itself real in the tears that sprung from his eyes, "I knew that she would be furious with me if I didn't go to check on you. I never allowed myself to hope that you might have feelings for me. But then you did and I- I have never felt so bittersweet in my life. To lose what seemed a sister and to be gifted such a magnificent love."

Amy reached up to wipe the tears from his cheeks. He held them there taking the hand off of her neck and pressing a kiss to the inside of her palm. 

"I love you Amy Laurence. It's only ever been you. I wish there was some way that I could go back and erase the pain that I put you through, that I know still hurts you. But, I can't. Instead I promise you this: I will spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you and trying to be a man that is worthy of the love from you."

She was the one crying now and he pulled her close to him, wrapping his arms around her in a tight hug. She laid her head on his shoulder for a moment, trying to regain her breathing. 

She pulled away putting her hands on his cheeks and looked at him square in his eyes, "Listen to me Theo-Theodore Laurence," her breathing was still shaking from the tears that ran down her face and his hands gripped tightly at her waist when he saw them, "You already are the man that is worthy of love, whether it be mine or your grandfather's or Jo's. I wish you could see yourself the way i do. I love you. I love you so much it feels like my heart could sink from the weight of it. I know I may not be so eloquent as Jo, as good as Beth, or as sensitive as Meg but I promise that I will love you every day, regardless of my frustration for you."

He laughed at that and bent to put his forehead against hers, sharing her air. She reached up and pushed her lips against his in the third kiss of her life. He kissed her back sweetly and entangled his hands in her hair. 

Amy slid her hands from his face down to his bare chest and let them rest there, feeling the beat of his heart directly beneath her fingertips. She pulled away from him, ignoring his affronted look, "You still haven't told me what to call you."

He shook his head at her laughing softly and looked away, feigning intense concentration, "Laurie for when we are in public, Mr. Laurence for when you are frustrated, and well," He grew quiet and a blush took over his cheeks.

"Yes?" She prompted.

He forced his eyes back to hers, "Well, I liked it when you called me Theo, no one has ever called me that. Even my grandfather calls me Theodore."

She smirked at him, "Theo? Not, My Lord or something fitting for your station?"

His eyes darkened at her words and before she had time to understand what that meant his lips were back on hers. He swept his tongue over her mouth and pinched at her bum softly causing her lips to open in a gasp. He took the opportunity and swept into her mouth, exploring the entirety of it. 

Amy felt like she was on fire and she felt the burning spread to her lower belly. She grabbed on to his trousers, needing something to keep her on the ground. His arm around her waist was the only thing keeping her from falling over.

He pulled away from her, gasping, "Please feel free to call me Theo or My Lord as is strikes your fancy."

She nodded, still slightly dazed from the kiss. 

Laurie's face lightened into a mischievous smile and before she had time to question him, Laurie had lifted her up into his arms. She quickly wrapped her legs around him to keep from falling. She was at eye-level in this position with him and he leaned in as if to kiss her but went down into the crook of her neck. He placed soft kisses trailing from her jaw to the joining of her neck and shoulder. She tilted her head to give him better access and gasped as his mouth opened, sucking at the sensitive skin there. 

Her hands worked independently of her and slid their way into his soft, curls pushing him to stay there. He was a man starved, licking and sucking at the skin until her heart felt it might burst and she squirmed in his arms. He let up for a second and she thought he might stop, but he bent back down and bit her in the same spot. She let out a quiet moan and tightened her hands in his hair.

He let out a loud groan at the feeling and pulled away from her neck, looking in her eyes. The burning in her lower belly increased at the dark hunger that was running rampant in his eyes. He was completely unashamed with how he looked at her. Amy felt some of her confidence return as she realized that she was the reason he looked like that. She kept her eyes on him and pulled his hair tight again, experimenting. His eyes fell shut and she was rewarded with the same masculine, dark groan from him. She giggled, pleased with herself. 

His eyes snapped back open at the sound and he tightened his grip on her legs. He put his mouth on hers, kissing away her smile and began moving them around the room. She was confused until she felt the soft cushion of the bed. He laid her down with heartbreaking gentleness, bending his body down with hers. His lips pressed kisses all over her face, down her neck and to the neckline of her sleeping gown. He straightened, pulling her into a sitting position and pushed the robe down off of her shoulders. She shifted letting him pull it away from her completely and watched as he tossed it across the room. 

Amy couldn't shake the realization of how exposed she was to him without the robe to cover her, without a corset or any layers, the gown clung to all of the parts of her body that only she had seen. She looked up at Laurie, he still had the same hungry look in his eyes but they didn't roam her body, instead they stared directly into her own. They studied her face for a moment before he knelt between her legs and rested his arms on either side of her body. In her sitting position and his kneeling one they were once again at eye level. 

"Has anyone ever explained what happens on the wedding night?" He asked her, gently. 

Amy swallowed hard, "Sort of, I know there are certain marital activities and that I'm supposed to enjoy them, but Meg never explained further than that."

He gave her a broad smile and caressed her arm gently, "Yes, Meg's right, they should be very enjoyable. Will you trust me to lead you through them?"

Amy was certain after what they had just been doing that she would trust him to do anything he wanted, but she answered him anyway, "Yes, I trust you My Lord."

His other hand tightened in the sheets at her words and his eyes went back to that very, dark color that seemed to be coming and going, "Amy, it's very important that you tell me if you're enjoying yourself. If at any point you start to feel uncomfortable or in pain, I need you to tell me." Amy was sure she had never seen him this serious before.

She nodded.

He surged forward and captured her lips again. Exploring her mouth and nibbling on her lips. She wasn't sure that she would ever be able to stop herself from kissing him, she'd happily give up all other responsibilities in order to spend every day like this, with his lips against hers, feeding the fire that was growing inside of her. 

He crawled over top of her and she let him push her back into the mattress. She wrapped her hands around him and let her hands explore the grooves of his chest. His forearms were braced on either side of her, she let one of her hands linger over to it and squeezed it slightly. He rumbled a laugh at that but she found that she didn't particularly care and let herself indulge in the firm muscle she felt there. 

He pulled away from her mouth and she huffed at the loss of him. He smiled, shaking his head at her complaint, "Can I take this off of you?" He asked her. 

"Yes," her voice was airy and lower than she had ever heard it before. 

His eyes left her and he grabbed the hem of the gown pushing it up her thighs. She shivered at the feeling of his hands sliding up her skin into an untouched area of her body. Laurie noticed the shiver and seemed to her, to make sure his hands stuck to the skin that was becoming more visible, sliding up her hips to her ribs to the sides of her breasts. She raised her arms and allowed him to pull the fabric over her head, completely bare to him. 

Laurie moaned at the sight of her. She felt like she should cover herself up but she didn't want to stop the way that Laurie was looking at her. His eyes touched her more intimately than his hands had as they traveled over the entire course of her body. He seemed content to stay there for the rest of the night but she was frustrated with his lack of movement. She slid both hands into his hair gripping it tightly and pushed his lips into hers, moaning as they made contact with each other. 

Laurie growled into her mouth and his hands seemed to be everywhere all at once. One of them reached to massage her breast and pulled slightly on her nipple. She arched into him and gasped into his mouth. He stopped kissing her and through himself down to her breast. He kept massaging the one in his hand and leaned his head over the other. He waited until she made eye contact with him and then put his mouth around her breast, sucking harshly at it. 

She squirmed against him, needing more and less at the same time. Her nails were digging into the skin of his bicep but he didn't seem to be upset by it. He gently bit the nipple that was in his mouth and she moaned loudly, her waist jumping and trying to find his own. He pulled off of her breast and began placing gentle kissed down her stomach. He was still kneeling on the floor and pulled his hands away from her to spread her legs wider. 

His kisses trailed down her right leg into the soft, inside where the sensitive skin was. He sucked at the skin there, leaving behind a red mark. Amy sat straight up when she felt his breath directly between her legs. He was already looking at her, almost expecting her reaction, "Trust me." He cooed and continued his assault on the inside of her thighs. 

She laid back down and forced a deep inhale. She missed the feeling of him on top of her and the warmth of his skin now that she was able to feel the chill of the room. She stared at the ceiling, too nervous to look down to see what he was doing between her legs. 

She squirmed when she felt his breath again, but he reached with one hand and grabbed onto hers. Her hand gripped his tightly as he pressed an open kiss right in the middle of her thighs. All of her the air in her lungs whooshed out. Laurie used his other arm to pin her hips to the bed and began to lick and suck, making loud slurping noises fill the air. Amy felt like she was going to explode, completely oblivious to the sighs and moans she was releasing into the air. 

It felt good, better than anything she had experienced before. She tried to buck her hips to get his mouth back to where she wanted it but his arm held her in position. Laurie seemed content to take his time and was very much ignoring the squirms of his new wife, "Laurie, please." She ground out. 

He stopped completely and sat back to look at her, "I thought we agreed that wasn't what you were to call me."

Amy was breathing heavily and felt like sobbing at the lack of attention she was getting. She needed his mouth back, "I'm sorry, My Lord. Please, please, please put your mouth back, please." Amy knew the way she was begging wasn't the ladylike person she had shaped herself into, but she couldn't find it in herself to care. 

Laurie had completely frozen at her words and looked torn about something, but she squirmed and he pulled himself out of it, "Good girl, Amy, that's my good girl." 

She lost it as his words and gave a high-pitched, breathy moan. He sucked harshly and licked with a new fervor, never coming up for air, "Oh God, Theo, I'm-" She never got to finish as all of her nerves were bathed in white-hot fire. She felt her body shake and her eyes rolled back into her head, her heart beat heavily in her chest. She felt like a million ocean waves had just crested over her. She clenched around air and felt an emptiness inside her.

She felt herself settle back into her body and felt him licking gently still. She pushed him away gently and he sat back on his heels, wiping his face on his arm. His eyes were half-lidded and he moved to stand, "Would you lay in the middle of the bed, Sweetheart?" His voice was husky and the words came out in almost a growl, but she did as he asked. Her legs barely able to sustain the weight of her body. 

She settled in and watched as he undid the rest of his laces and pushed the trousers off of his waist. She heard them fall into a heap on the floor but couldn't get herself to look away from him. She followed the v of his body to where he stood hard and erect. He crawled to her on the bed and she almost exploded at the sight of him. He settled himself in between her legs and paused for a second, clearing his throat, "This might hurt so I need you to be clear with me about what you're feeling."

He looked nervous, which considering everything he just made her feel she couldn't even begin to fathom. She pushed herself into a sitting position and pulled him into a gentle kiss, tasting herself on his tongue. She pulled away and laid herself down on the bed, "I trust you."

He took a breath and braced himself on one arm above her. She raised her legs to be on either side of his body and wrapped them around him. He used one hand to guide himself and pushed gently inside of her. She tensed for a minute and he paused his movement. She was expecting it to hurt, but it only seemed to make the fire inside of her burn hotter. She used her legs to push him deeper inside of her. He groaned as he slide in and in and in. 

It didn't hurt, but she still asked him to pause for a minute while she adjusted to the stretch of him. He placed gentle kisses along her neck while he waited and she slid her fingers through his curls. When the flame inside of her felt hot again she asked him to move. 

He pulled out slightly and pushed back in, creating a slow rhythm that she followed with a gentle rocking of her hips. She had never felt so full and warm. He was everywhere and his scent enveloped her. She wanted nothing more than to remain in his arms, in his bed. Their bed. She loved it but she felt her body ache for more, "More, please."

He raised his head from where it had been in her neck and chuckled darkly, "Always so polite for me, Mrs. Laurence. Are you sure?" He asked her, honesty shining through.

Her heart fluttered with love for him, "I'm sure, My Lord."

She loved his reaction to this particular name and it seemed he did to as she felt him twitch inside of her. Instead of tensing like he normally did, he braced his legs against the bed and started entering her faster and harder than before. She moaned as he went deeper inside her than before, scratching at his back through the pleasure of it. He was groaning into her neck which left his exposed to her and she reached up to give him a taste of his own medicine, biting at the sensitive flesh of his neck. 

"Oh, fuck Amy," He growled and slammed his hips against hers so hard that the headboard of the bed started slamming against the wall. 

She couldn't keep going much longer, she felt that familiar fire burn in her. "Theo, please," She moaned. 

He seemed to figure out what was going on and slipped his hand between them to that place between her legs. He rubbed small, fast circles against her and she broke. She arched her chest into him and exploded with his name screaming from her lips. He sped up and tensed, twitching inside of her. He followed behind her, groaning his pleasure into her neck as he slumped over on her. 

They were both breathing heavily and Amy was sure she couldn't take any more. Laurie pulled out of her and she whimpered at the empty feeling he left behind. He laid down on the bed next to her and pulled her limp body into his arms. She laid her head on his chest and threw a leg over his wanting that close connection that they had to last. She could hear his heart racing in her ear and he was looking down at her with eyes filled with awe.

"So that's marital activities." She said.

Laurie erupted in laughter and she giggled as her head bounced lightly against his shaking chest.

"Yes, those are marital activities." He confirmed giving her a sweet kiss. 

She turned in his arms so that she was laying on her stomach to get a better look at his face. She reached and pushed back a curl that had fallen into his face and looked at him for a long minute. 

Laurie could practically hear her thoughts spinning in her head, "What is it?"

She bit her lip and Laurie had to hold himself back from sucking that lip into his mouth. She looked away from him and her cheeks flushed, causing his entire focus to be on whatever she was about to say, "It's just," she trailed off for a second, "how long do we have to wait to do it again?"

Amy watched her husband's expression change back into that dark look she was beginning to grow quite fond of and a small smirk grew on his face, "What am I going to do with you, Mrs. Laurence?"


Amy could think of a few things.