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You're so annoying

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Chapter 1:

Jeongyeon absentmindedly poked at her food, dragging a fry around the nearly-empty takeout box that once held the most delicious double cheeseburger combo she’d ever eaten. Surrounding her were her bandmates, laughing and cracking stupid jokes while passing around Jihyo’s phone used for the company livestream.

“Unnie, are you gonna finish that?” asked Chaeyoung, arms linked with Dahyun who was chugging down a beer bottle like her life depended on it. Jeongyeon snapped out of her daze, offering the meager leftovers without a word. She couldn’t help but laugh at the “thank you Jeongyeon-iieee~” she got in response. Years ago, that nickname would have bothered her but hearing it said out of love from her best friends made it tolerable.

The group had just wrapped up the seventh and final leg of their tour in New York, with an amazing turnout and support of their beloved fans. That feeling of pride, joy, and relief of yet another successful show was something she could never get used to, especially with fans cheering louder for her in light of her recent hiatus. Jeongyeon saw the same feelings reflected in everyone’s faces, tired from the three hours of nonstop performance but thankful for the comfy change of clothes and enough junk food to feed a whole sports team. Tomorrow afternoon they would board the plane back to South Korea but now was the time for celebration and drinks.

Jihyo and Sana were teasing each other over the little mistakes the other made on stage, with Sana right in Jihyo’s lap, sticking her tongue out whenever the latter made a fair point. Dahyun and Chaeyoung were busy being goofy on camera, responding to whatever dumb things ONCEs were blowing the chat up with (“can I be your dog???”) . Mina was knocked out on the couch from exhaustion with none of the gracefulness you would expect of a former ballet dancer. Momo and Tzuyu were drunkenly singing Candy and dancing along in their seats with emphasis on the chorus. Lastly, Nayeon was sitting up on the couch and making funny faces for the live just above Jeongyeon, who peered up to take in the sight of her face.

Nayeon’s sunny smile and glittery makeup adorned her beautiful, perfect face despite the eye bags and sweat running down her temples. Jeongyeon always adored her unnie ever since they met as trainees years ago, appreciative of the older girl’s kind and loving, but mature and protective, nature. The other members were as close to her as sisters of a found family could be, but Nayeon was different . Nayeon was always there to pick her up when she fell, deliver snacks when she was out late practicing, and be the shoulder to cry on when Jeongyeon was having her anxiety attacks. Nayeon held her hand when she needed help coming down and covered for her when she skipped schedules and laid in bed out of depression, never asking for a favor in return. Nayeon and her went way back, long before Twice was formed, and the woman had grown to mean so much to her over the years. In definitely more ways than just a friend.

“Jeongyeon-ieee~ how are you feeling?” asked Nayeon, with a flash of a smile in the silly and sugary tone she had been playing up lately for the cameras, much to Jeongyeon’s annoyance. Nayeon knew it bothered her but the aegyo combined with her devilishly adorable bunny face was too fun not to use on her.

Jeongyeon perked up in surprise, having feared getting caught staring at her best friend’s face who she was totally not just daydreaming about. “I’m doing fine unnie, just tired. Also, knock it off with that voice already. You sound like you’re twelve and you’re the oldest out of all of us.”

Nayeon’s eyes widened and she opened her mouth in mock surprise, acting dramatically affected by the comment. She knew she was right, acting childish at her big age of twenty-six, but she loved to mess with her best friend at any chance she got. An idea came into her head and she opened her mouth to reply without thinking first.

“You act like you’re bothered but I know you secretly like it. Don’t think I don’t notice you blushing when I speak like this, Jeongyeonie. Or how you look at me like a schoolgirl in love. You like me, don’t you?”

Jeongyeon was blushing, she wasn’t wrong. And she did like it, even if it got on her nerves at first. Feelings she brushed off for so long, to deal with whenever she got a rare bout of free time, dredged up in a cold fear and suddenly she felt her facial expression would reveal, or rather confirm, her biggest secret.

“Shut up. You’re so annoying.”

Jihyo got everyone’s attention and stood up to remind them of the time— it hit midnight without anyone noticing— and her phone died long ago. The staff reminded them earlier that the flight back home was in the afternoon, so resting up before a long trip was important. Luckily, their company booked everyone their own rooms in upgraded suites so they could get the best sleep possible. The girls stumbled out of the stuffy lounge one by one, some drunk and others just sleepy, into the dimly lit hallway saying their goodnights and giving each other goodbye hugs. Jeongyeon waited until most were out of the room to catch up to Nayeon, who stayed behind to clean up out of courtesy to the staff. Nayeon could tell something was up, especially after picking up on her face from the joke that might’ve gone too far earlier.

“Unnie, can I talk to you in a bit? Give me some time to freshen up, but I need to ask you about something.”

“Come wait outside my door in an hour and just knock. I’ll let you in.”


Chapter 2:

Sometime later after everyone showered and tucked themselves in for the night, Jeongyeon quietly came out of her room and followed the hallway down to Nayeon’s room. Their doors weren’t far apart but the walk felt like an eternity, knowing what she had come to talk to her about. What exactly was she going to say? Tell her to cut out the teasing and that it wasn’t funny anymore, even though that would surely implicate her? She didn’t want Nayeon to think her feelings got hurt, because the thought of her best friend feeling guilty for hurting her when she only had pure intentions made her feel guilty.

But what if Nayeon shared her feelings too? There were small moments the younger girl felt her crush’s feelings weren’t entirely just friendly: the cuddles they shared on stormy nights, the hand-holding on dates they took around the city after practice, the one time Nayeon got absolutely wasted and couldn’t keep her hands off Jeongyeon, calling her beautiful and staring at her with those puppy-dog eyes she only recognized when she talked about girls she liked, usually other female idols in the industry. It was no surprise that they both liked girls but Jeongyeon could not decipher, for the life of her, if she had those feelings too or she was just projecting. They had been best friends for so long and practically grew up together, another reason why Jeongyeon believed Nayeon could never see her in a romantic light.

She knocked on Nayeon’s door with a lump in her throat and a rapidly increasing heart rate. Nayeon must have been expecting her because she opened the door up quickly, shushing her and waving her inside where they would have more privacy. They sat on her bed, freshly made and ready for a good night’s sleep, so foreign to Jeongyeon who never bothered to make hers since she was gonna sleep in it at the end of the day anyways. She could not bring herself to look into her best friend’s eyes, instead keeping them downcast on her pillows.

“What did you wanna talk about?”

“Unnie. I’m really not sure how I was gonna say this but you’ve been joking so much lately that I like you and, well, it wouldn’t bother me so much under normal circumstances,” Jeongyeon admitted with her eyes closed, afraid of the other girl’s reaction.

“What are you saying, Jeongyeon-ah?”

This didn’t come as a surprise to Nayeon since she had the idea in the back of her head for a long time, never particularly dwelling on it, but hearing her practically confirm it now dredged those memories up.

“I think I like you and I’m sorry if it ruins our friendship. You know I love you and appreciate you so much and everything you do for me. I know you look at other girls though and probably see me like a sister but I know deep down I won't be able to sleep tonight unless I do something about it. And we’re done with activities for a while after this, so I figured right now was the best time to tell you.”

“Ah,” Nayeon replied, “That’s all? I’m sorry. I play too much. I know I get carried away but just cause I look at other girls doesn’t mean I don’t look at you too. You’re my best friend and you already know I love you. I don’t think it’s a big stretch to say ‘I like you’ too”.

“You like me?”

“I always have. I’m a lot better at hiding these things than you are. Those other girls? They’re just eye candy. I don’t know them like I know you, Jeongyeon-ah. I like you too. A lot, in fact.”

Jeongyeon’s heart was practically bursting in her rib cage right now at hearing this; she would have never expected that answer or anything other than an apology from Nayeon for messing with her and her presumably unreciprocated feelings. Suddenly the fantasies of kissing her best friend and of the immaculate skin-to-skin contact welled up in her mind as she closed her eyes and sighed, relishing in those feelings.

“Should we do something about this, I mean, we are on your bed right now. Or is it too much to handle for one day?” Jeongyeon nervously laughed.

“I’m down if you’re down” giggled Nayeon, as she pondered the chance to have the good time they both knew was a long time coming.

“Ah… it’s been a while for me,” Jeongyeon replied, “and I didn’t ever think I’d get this far. Be gentle to me, okay?”


Chapter 3:

Nayeon scooted herself closer to Jeongyeon and wrapped her arms around the taller woman in a firm, but soothing, hug. They spent some time holding each other like how friends normally do, but parted briefly to stare into each other’s eyes with goofy smiles on their faces.

Inches apart, Jeongyeon closed her eyes and pursed her lips together, hoping Nayeon would get the signal to go ahead. Nayeon responded with a press of hers against the other woman’s, slowly massaging them against Jeongyeon’s, who responded in no time at all. Jeongyeon’s hands shot up to Nayeon’s sides, feeling her pristinely soft skin in the silk pajamas that she often fantasized about tearing off during her private moments. This elicited a soft gasp from Nayeon who was in shock of how nice and warm Jeongyeon’s hands felt rubbing against her body.

Nayeon slipped her tongue into Jeongyeon’s mouth as they kissed, feeling over her lips as Jeongyeon increased the intensity of their movements. Jeongyeon’s hands continued to explore her lover’s body and of course Nayeon’s did the same. Tucking blue strands of hair out of her face, she briefly broke from the embrace to plant soft kisses along Nayeon’s cheek and down her jawline. The kisses got heavier reaching her neck and she started to add pressure, sucking on the skin with enough force to leave marks but not draw blood.

“Jeongy- aah!”

“Are you okay?”

“I’m okay,” she sighed, “that feels really good.”

Jeongyeon smiled at the praise as she kept up her assault on Nayeon’s neck, moving down to her collarbones and shoulders while tugging at her top to send a signal. With a sheepish smile on her face, Nayeon took her hands off Jeongyeon to the bottom of her own shirt and yanked it off in one swift motion. Jeongyeon pulled back from their kiss to take in the view. She always had an idea of how Nayeon’s breasts looked based on the number of times she could count on one hand where she incidentally got a peek, but seeing their full and heavy shape in the flesh had her jaw dropping.

“Oh my god, you’re fucking beautiful” Jeongyeon gasped.

“I’m glad you like them,” Nayeon giggled with a dopey smile.

The younger girl took one last look at the incredible figure in front of her before moving her mouth down to suck on one breast and massage the other with such fervor it had Nayeon preemptively moaning. Jeongyeon had waited for this moment for so long and it felt so natural to her especially with the amount of built-up tension over the years. She sucked and moved her deft tongue over Nayeon’s nipple while tracing circles around the other with her thumb and forefinger, drawing out pants from the other girl. Nayeon could feel herself getting embarrassingly wet already and couldn’t handle holding back anymore; she moved both hands under Jeongyeon’s shirt to massage her breasts too while Jeongyeon continued with her mouth.

“Fuck, take my shirt off” she begged.

Nayeon complied and was met with a view of her equally impressive rack. She leaned in to suck on Jeongyeon’s breasts, alternating every minute or so to get as much as she could, which never felt like enough. Meanwhile, Jeongyeon slipped her hand under Nayeon’s shorts in the back to get a feel for her ass. She felt up and massaged it before giving a slap, making Nayeon cry out in pleasure.

Both women could not tolerate the growing burning sensation from below anymore so Nayeon suddenly shifted her body weight to straddle Jeongyeon’s thigh without hesitation. She started grinding her pussy into the woman’s toned leg with only a thin layer of silk in between her slickness and Jeongyeon’s increasingly wet skin.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, aaaah” Nayeon moaned.

“You’re doing so good for me.”

Keeping up the rhythmic motion on Jeongyeon’s body, Nayeon moved her hand under the waistband of the girl’s panties and started rubbing on her clit with a languid motion that evoked moans from Jeongyeon who was really, really enjoying it. She finally slipped two fingers into her dripping pussy in response to the girl practically begging her with those pleading, hungry eyes. Nayeon moved her fingers in and out, increasing in speed while Jeongyeon cried for her to go faster.

“Fuck Nayeon, oh fuck, fuck!” Jeongyeon cried with eyes shut in pleasure. “Fuck me, oh my god!”

Nayeon could feel Jeongyeon getting close and she sped up while adding pressure on her clit with her thumb. Jeongyeon finally came and let out a moan so loud that it was surely heard by poor Dahyun next door; she sidled up to her side like a cat and stroked the girl’s hair while gazing upon her beautiful face.

“That felt so fucking good,” Jeongyeon panted, recovering from her orgasm, after she finally caught her breath.

“Ah, thank you, it was nice to watch,” Nayeon laughed. 

Jeongyeon laughed back then moved up to kiss Nayeon, feeling up her breasts as well, and they started making out which got the girl wet and dripping again. The older woman was desperate to get off at this point but there was one problem. She paused with a whimsical look on her face and then took off the little black hair tie on her wrist and gave it to her partner, who took it and tied her messy blue hair up into a bun without a word.

“Can you eat me out, baby?”

Jeongyeon’s heart fluttered at being called that. It wasn’t like Nayeon never called her the word before but in this context, it was absolutely dripping with the lust and desire she never thought would be reciprocated. She nodded her head and swiftly moved into position, kissing down Nayeon’s neck, then chest, stomach, and thighs along the way. Jeongyeon was finally settled down in front of Nayeon’s pussy, completely enamored by the warmth and scent coming off of it while she took deep breaths slowly to calm her anxiety.

She reached her mouth forward and placed her tongue on her throbbing clit, moving in circles slowly at first to get Nayeon accustomed to such a heavenly feeling. Nayeon sighed when she felt Jeongyeon’s lustful tongue make initial contact, now moving faster. Her moans started quiet but quickly erupted into an audible chorus that sounded like a masterpiece in Jeongyeon’s ears. Jeongyeon increased the pressure on her clit and bobbed her head up and down to maximize contact while Nayeon’s hands flew to Jeongyeon’s head, nearly pushing her away from how intensely pleasurable it felt. She ground her pussy into Jeongyeon’s mouth like she couldn’t get enough and Jeongyeon started to massage her thighs and ass with her free hands. It felt like there was no one in the world except them two and the sheer pleasure they shared together. Nayeon’s eyes started to water and her legs began shaking, signaling her oncoming orgasm, while her lover kept up the pace and smiled into it the whole time.

Finally Nayeon came and rode out her earth-shatteringly incredible orgasm on Jeongyeon’s tongue, who tapered down her movements to a standstill. She propped herself up with her chin on her hand, still in between Nayeon’s legs, and stroked her face with the other while she came down to reality, panting and shivering. At last she opened her eyes to see Jeongyeon lovingly fixated on hers and smiled, wallowing in the love they shared and was no longer a secret.

“I love you, Yoo Jeongyeon. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

Jeongyeon, bearing the biggest grin on her face, moved up to spoon Nayeon and the two stayed in that position until they fell asleep. Her emotions were a mess but they were filled with relief most of all, for she finally confessed the secret she held in for years which yielded the first of many incredible experiences to come. Over the next few weeks, other members would notice their closer bond and stolen looks but they never figured out what happened that night between the two, a secret the lovers were willing to keep.