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Suffer little Hawkling

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"Kid can you hear me?" Victor asked setting Kate on the ground and letting her lean on the wall as he crouched down in front of her to shake her.


Her shoulders trembled as she slowly came back to herself catching her breath. Well she tried. It ended up in a lot of coughing. And she coughed out blood - now laying on the floor with a worried tracksuit mafia looking down at her and rubbing her back not knowing what to do.


"You good bro?" he asked again - his accent thick and worried.


But the choughs that rocked Kate's body were louder than his voice which made it impossible to hear him.


It died down when Kate finally coughed up some water mixed with a lot of blood followed by smaller - occasional - coughs she couldn't suppress - that hurt her throat - made it sore.


"Do you need a Doctor?" he asked dumb folded and Kate just started with that stupid manic laughter she couldn't control.


Did he think they would let her see a doctor? She continued laughing trough coughs huddled on the concrete as the cold crept under her skin.


With a swift motion Victor grabbed her again letting her head lean against his shoulder as he tried not to hit her legs against doors since they just hung under his arm like caring a baby.


"Wait." and she was propped in a corner again as the door behind them closed and was leaned against the wall. Not that she had any other option. Her legs were kind of useless right now. Then someone pressed some kind of cloth against her chin and the gesture just left Kate kicking out and pressing herself further against the wall - which made her chest burn in pain.


"Bro chill." the cloth said. Or rather Victor who was holding the cloth.


"Let me get this sticky blood off of you." he said and pressed the cloth against her bloody temple.


He continued washing off the blood dripping down Kate's chin and nose as she struggled with not hitting or kicking him by instinct. Of course, she let out small hisses and gusts of air when the cold water touched her bare skin but it was somehow refreshing. The first time she has had the luxury of getting her blood scrubbed out of her face.


It made her miss home. Well - Clint's house. He and his family were amazing. And Yelena was cool too. She took a break from killing people and came to visit which was nice. She deserved a holiday - after being stuck in the red room for 12 years - loosing 5 years of her life and her sister in the blip - and freeing nearly all the widows before searching revenge on her sister's best friend.


Everything within a lifespan of 18 years - only 6 of them normal.


Damn her birthday is close - Kate needed to find her a present. Like a cool one.


Maybe a new pair of sunglasses since she gave hers to Kate or tickets to an escape room for two would be cool.


Damn, she forgot thinking about that kind of stuff being wrapped up in all of - this.


Well it is on the time that she starts thinking about it. Sounds like one of the few things that will keep her sane in this fucking misery.


"You're a good person." she whispered with all the energy she had left - deciding to try and be nice to the person who was helping her right now.


"Ha. Thank you. Now stay still this is going to hurt." he said scrambling up her sleeve


"I need you to get Lila out of here." Kate said ignoring his statement


"I can't do that." he said


"Just. Sneak her out at night or something. You can keep me. I don't care. Just-" a beat "She's kid. She doesn't deserve this."


"You're a kid too." he grabbed Kate's arm and pulled it as Kate let out a blood filled cry followed by a pop of her shoulder.


"Fixed." he said looking up at the young archer - her expression pained with a mix of exhaustion.


"Hold on tight." he said hoisting her up in his arms - holding her a little tighter this time.


"I am going to propose to my girlfriend." he said happily "She really liked the Maroon 5 concert and when she was drunk she mentioned something about wanting a husband so now I am going to propose to her." he grinned looking down to see if Kate had any reaction.


"That's so cool. I'm so happy for you." he heard Kate whisper and although her eyes were barely open he could see a smile on her lips that for some reason made his heart ache.


"Should I use an Emerald or diamond for the ring?" he asked hoping for an answer. Or rather dreading an answer. This girl is the one who has been real with him and given him good advice. Of course, he wanted some.


"What's her favourite colour?"


"She likes purple and black but it is supposed to look good and not blanc and depressing."


"You've got money. Why don't you give her a custom ring with obsidian stones and little diamonds." Kate suggested and he looked down at her again.


What came out as barely a whisper was clearly understandable. The dark circles under her eyes - the fact that she could barely hold her eyes open - like I said - understandable.


"Thanks bro." he said trying to open the door without hitting her against it "I will invite you to the wedding 100 prrcent." the door clicked open and she let out a small yay


"I'll see what I can do." he said and saw a fifteen-year-old sit on the bed in this tiny cell they were locked in waiting for him to drop Kate off and leave.


Kate hummed a little thank you as he laid her on the bed walking out.


"Goodbye." he waved closing the door


(as promised here's chapter 4. I wanted to upload it on the other fic but like. Nah. Maybe I will. Who knows.)