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Blind light

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You looked into the eyes of the older woman who smiled at you even under the handkerchief that covered her hair and part of her face. Her dark eyes sparkled as she held your little shape in her arms and gave you a tight hug.

“How are you my little one?” Nadia’s voice was slightly hoarse and you loved her.

“I’m fine and you ?” You asked already wrapping your fingers in the scarf in stuck in her hair.

“Fine, dear. Where is Téo?” She put you on the floor as she looked around the room looking for the older boy.

“I’m here…” The boy entered the room smiling at Nadia while messing up your curly hair.

The memory came suddenly making you frown at why you were thinking that day now.

“You need to be careful with that... This attraction you have to the dark can cause you more problems than you can imagine.” Téo’s voice echoed in your mind as you watched the lady’s hand still stretched out in the air at you.

You took a deep breath looking into her eyes, there was a clear struggle between two parts of you as always your intuition seemed to scream about the stupidity that was what you were about to do, even so, it was just a distant whisper that as usual you ignored by extending your own hand to the lady. Your hand touched the cold leather of her hands and you didn’t lose the way she opened a smile by your gesture and pulled you closer to her.

You supported yourself not wanting to climb on her lap and she seemed to notice your fear letting you sit next to her on the bench but not letting go of your hand. Minutes of silence fell through the night as you turned your attention to the stars.

“What do you hide from me?”You asked still looking at the stars, letting the lady understand for herself if the question was really for her.

“Many things… Things I didn't think were something you needed to carry so soon.” She responded by taking a deep breath.

“You already told me that once.” You said simply remembering that she always said such peculiarities about herself as a burden.

“It's deeper than you can imagine, dear. I …” As in other times when this subject was approached she was almost embarrassed and you found yourself uncomfortable with it.

“I like you.” You said turning your head slightly to find her look.

The lady looked at you with both eyebrows raised in surprise that you confessed so suddenly.

“But I want to know... everything.” You as always were terrible at explaining yourself, but you made sure to look her in the eyes when you spoke both sentences in the hope that she could feel what you really wanted to say.

Lucky for you, the lady seemed to catch your message in the air and taking one more deep breath she stood up releasing your hand and asked you gently to follow her. You did it without asking looking at the entire route she took to an area you vaguely remembered as she got closer.

“I believe it will be better for you to see than to tell.” The lady had a serious tone of voice and you realized that she was taking you to the dungeons.

The memory of the last time you were near that place came back to your mind, it was wet, cold and smelled very bad. You started to walk slower when a sudden fear took hold of you. You had no idea what was down there, yet something inside of you told you it wasn’t a good thing. The lady seemed to feel your fear and slowed her steps a little just to take your hand again.

“I’m here with you.” She said it like that it looked like a command for your body and instantly you calmed down a little.

The place was lower than you had gotten in your last adventure with Nora and you shuddered a little cold when only a few torches lit a corridor that seemed infinite. The darkness only increased and your eyebrows were joined not only by the cold or the dark itself, but because as your steps took more into the dungeons the smell worsened greatly.

The lady stopped at the doors somewhere and took a torch from the wall as the rest of the way was completely dark. You held her hand stronger without realizing it and followed behind her as she lit the way. The smell was terrible it seemed that you had entered a ditch full of bodies and you began to breathe through your mouth not to vomit. The matriarch however did not seem to outline any reaction and you wondered if her sense of smell was really as good as it had been in your time here.

Cold walls were replaced by empty cells when they did not contain the most varied torture equipment you had only seen in history books when you were in school. You were shaking every step in some places as you walked you could see eyes looking at you in the dark corners. Hidden between the bodies hanging from the ceilings or inside the barrels were creatures you knew very well, spirits looking at you with their deformed forms of hatred.

They would sneak around the corners of the cells and climb up the walls turning their heads at a humanly impossible angle trying to scare you.

The lady finally stopped when she realized you were standing still she lowered her gaze to you and you didn’t find her gaze as the spirits took the best of you to get your attention.

“Can't you see them?” You asked sincerely swallowing the knot in your throat still in an effort not to vomit.

“Who?” She asked looking around as if there was someone alive there and you got your answer.

“Why did you do that?” You asked ignoring the whispers of the spirits in your ears that told you different things between attacking the lady or you joining them.

“Because I need it.” The lady answered her eyes clenching slightly as if she evaluated every reaction of your body.

“LIE!” The spirits screamed and you shook your head slightly.

“I won't be able to talk to you with them screaming." You explained and the lady frowned trying to understand what you meant.

“I can see people like Nora who died here, I can hear them and they distract me.” You explained briefly trying to ignore a spirit of a mutilated man who was all along at the lady’s side.

The lady sighed and smiled with your confession, but to your happiness she agreed to leave and took you to her chambers. On the way none of you said anything and you were very grateful for being able to breathe properly again.

"You know about my needs. What I wanted to show you there is that it's not just blood, it's more, I need more." Her voice took a dark tone and you lowered your gaze to the expensive carpet under your feet.

From there your mind took fragments of the conversation that you were away in your thoughts, but still absorbed everything she told you like a sponge. The indication of your confusion was clear in you tapping your feet in a repetitive motion.

“You're dead, but you came back thanks to this parasite and this Mother Miranda?” You asked only to be sure of what you heard.

“Yes.” She responded by lighting a cigarette and taking a long puff.

“Those people I saw down there who were ?” Not that you were worried or would do anything for them, but it would be nice to have something to shut your mind a little bit or even them if at some point some of them decided to take inspiration from Nora and come after you.

“People who did me harm in some way or the girls.” That seemed good enough and you just nodded.

In fact it was a lot to assimilate and the lady seemed to understand this while giving you enough space to digest.

“Was that painting before the parasite?” You were just curious.

"Yes dear." She answered and you noticed that she laughed lightly at your question out of context.

“Do you have anything else you want to ask?" She asked exhaling the smoke from her lips and you caught yourself looking more than you should.

“No.” You just said it.

“Good.” You noticed how she looked away and seemed to think about something as if you were evaluating something.

“Could I ask you a question darling?” She finally said it and you nodded once again.

“This gift, were you born with it?” You figured she’d be curious about the fact that you could see the dead.

“Yes, It's not something I like, but yes.” You responded by remembering all the times that it caused you more problems than solutions.

You spent long minutes in silence, both looking out the window. You didn’t want to leave and apparently she didn’t want you to go, even if neither of you had anything to say to each other. Suddenly a wave of courage took hold of you that little part that was attracted to the darkness grew in an astronomical way when you were next to the lady and somehow you weren’t afraid to drown in it, you didn’t know why as most of the things that came into your mind were abstract, but it seemed right to let this time be taken to a deeper place.

“I can cover my eyes for you.” You said while imitating the way she did when some maiden "disappeared".

This made the lady smile openly once again and you reciprocated. She pulled you into her lap in a motion so fast that you didn’t even realize it was in her legs. All the memories of your sinful dreams coming back to your mind, leaving you with that hot feeling on your face.

“I knew you were the right choice…” She said it so low that you doubted she heard it right.

Theirs faces were almost glued together and both you and she kept staring at each other’s lips. You could feel her hands snaking around your back in an attempt to pull you closer yet, but something in you didn’t think you were ready for exactly that, maybe not now when your mind was nothing but a mess. Always going back to the damn spirits you’d seen and all that stuff.

Alcina as usual was somewhat understanding when she noticed that you weren’t really into something else by loosening you up a bit and leaving a space for you to get out of your lap if you wanted to. You appreciated her gesture even if you noticed how her behavior seemed somewhat forced as if she was frustrated by not getting what she wanted, feeling awkward with the whole situation you decided to say good night to her and run to your room.

You arrived and threw yourself into your bed sinking your face in between the sheets the distorted face of the spirits looping in your mind. While in the background Constance’s words came back and began to make a little more sense to you. "Look at the right angle." You repeated to yourself and appreciated how that sounded to you.

A few minutes spent reflecting during the bath caused sleep to reach you and shortly after you fell asleep in the soft bed.

Your eyes opened when the darkness was before you. There was nothing and nobody there but your own presence, at least that’s what you thought. The place was not strange to you in any way already being here a few times and it did not take long for you to be fully aware that you were dreaming.

Your feet guided you through the darkness as the place gradually began to form. Trees and earth on your feet gave you a sense of doom as if you were out of the place you were supposed to be. A noise caught your attention looked like a flap of wings and soon you spotted a crow on top of one of the trees. Unlike all the others that tree was the only one that had no foliage being far from all the others.

You tilted your head slightly to the side getting closer to the bird that didn’t seem intimidated by your presence just mirroring your movement, pure curiosity in his cold gaze.

Suddenly, for no reason he quacked loudly frightening you and all that environment melted to become a place you knew well, the castle. You walked the halls looking from one side to the other had no sign of the lady or the girls, much less the maids and you were fully aware that it was a dream so you did not need to call them.

Once again your feet will guide you through the chance of fate. As you passed through the hallways an unusual sound caught your attention, it seemed like groans of appreciation, like when you eat something you really wanted. Wet sounds accompanied by loud snaps echoed down the corridor that you followed too curious to just stop.

At that moment you were absolutely sure that this image would never leave your mind. The lady was leaning over a completely mutilated body, arms and legs no longer resided in the place they should have been while the chest of the figure until her belly was completely open and exposed to the lady who devoured with vigor, flesh, blood, organs. Bright eyes turned inwardly to you as if she felt your presence and you froze looking at her.

You had forgotten for a moment that this was a dream, when the situation seemed so real after all those revelations. Swallowing the knot that resided in your throat at that moment you began to slowly retreat not wanting to run and awaken any hunting instinct in the mistress. If it were any other situation you would find her the sexiest creature in the world covered in blood as she was, yet a blind terror gripped you as the tall woman began to rise.

"My lady..." You backed off while, she was taking huge strides to get to you.

The lady said nothing, her eyes glazed over you as she approached. Blood flowed from her mouth smearing her chin, dressed up her gloves and part of her sleeves. At one point you hit your back against a cold metal and noticed that you were near a window where the same crow from before looked between you and the lady.

You noticed that he quacked at the lady as if urging her to get to where you were and that left you puzzled to say the least, however the terror had not completely ceased when you tried to run and the lady held you by the wrist. You screamed in pain for the strength she held and as you had pulled for sure would have left the place, the crow seemed to have a lot of fun with the situation while flapping his wings and jumping from side to side quacking for lady.

She pulled you closer by inhaling your scent and you tried to kick her out, but it didn’t help. When a lamp seemed to light up in your mind and you forced your body to the ground completely ignoring the lady’s resistance in holding you, that resulted in the sides of your body completely torn by her claws. The pain was so much that you stopped listening, the blood accumulating on the floor and on your clothes, but you gathered forces to lift your gaze and see that the raven now reveals itself to be someone’s perfect silhouette, You couldn’t see clearly but you smiled at her as you closed your eyes and woke up forcibly in your usual room in the castle.

You jumped out of bed choking without air as you tried to fully regain consciousness of what had happened. Surely you would have a busy morning making new drawings.




It had been about an hour since Alcina had dispensed her personal maiden after ordering about 15 bottles of wine for the night. Due to her size it was really a challenge to see Alcina drunk, but today she found herself engaged in such a task. She did not fail to notice the astonished blue eyes that found their honey as she made the request for the maiden to bring the bottles to her chambers.

At this time she was leaning on the armchair of her dorm admiring the night from the window, not that she wanted to notice the miserable lives of the villagers, but the starry sky was always a weakness of her. The glass was always full as she tested her own limits trying to drown her frustrations in the crimson of her adorned glass.

It was not a routine thing for Alcina to feel so attracted to human, she could count on the fingers of one hand the times she felt this way and mostly out before her mutation. Her needs were always quick and met by some maiden who caught looking too much at her. However, from the moment she saw the redhead that fateful day in the forest she found herself enchanted by the girl, something that over time did not cease, but rather increased significantly.

She understood that although her youngest daughter’s intentions were as noble as possible in trying to help her mother, it seems that the difficult though confession had the effect that the paranoid part of the lady’s mind had so much alerted her. Alcina would never admit it, but she had been shaken by the girl’s escape to her touch, she could feel her excitement, it was clear that Lucia was about to fall into her claws as always and suddenly did not happen.

The dragon growled as he drank all the contents of the glass at once and filled it again. " You’ll be mine "She thought as she leaned back more on the chair, claws drumming on the back beside her in a frustrated rhythm.

The memory of what Lucia had said in the dungeons returned to Alcina’s mind. Even after that whole episode with Nora, the girl claimed to continue to see ghosts of people in various places of the castle. The lady more than anyone knew that if somewhere in her castle there would be such creatures would be in the dungeons, but she never saw them or met anyone who could have such an easy contact with them. A sly smile opened her face as she thought about which of her victims were still trapped there and a sudden urge to ask the redhead to draw them took care of her, perhaps it was an interesting idea.

The lady paused her thoughts for a moment when a peculiar sound can be picked up by her sensitive hearing, she focused on it and found it looked something like someone suffocating. It would not be the first time someone committed suicide in her castle by asphyxiation in fear of her anger or her daughters, however the servants' room was further away for such a low sound to have caught her even more attention with that amount of alcohol she had already ingested.

She focused on the sound a little bit more, it really came from here, will... No! She stood up realizing she might have been drinking too much really. She quickly passed by the very small jamb of her door arriving at the hallway only to see Cassandra at the door of Lucia’s room with her ear glued to the wood and Bela apprehensive behind slightly kicking the carpet.

“What is happening here?” The lady asked jealous that her daughters were spying on HER human.

“Its Lucia, she's doing strange sounds…” Bela as always spoke first while the suffocating noise continued.

“We know you talk to her so… we are a little afraid about how she is going with that…” Bela continued to try to explain to her mother.

"Shh quiet!" Cassandra whispered warning the elder.

Alcina understood and even shared the concern of her daughters and decided to join Cassandra trying to understand if the girl was trying to do something against herself. The noise only increased and Alcina feared arriving too late so she gently pushed her daughter away and touched the door handle ready to break-inI would if I had to, but the noise suddenly ceased giving way to a sound of someone breathing deeply through his mouth as if he had just come out of a drowning.

The three women sighed together relieved while some coughs were heard and then calmed down for a normal breath.

“She’s strange until sleeping.” Cassandra exclaimed shaking her arms in the air as if she were saying something too complex to understand.

“Maybe she’s having a nightmare. She seems afraid mother ?” Said Bela curiosity with a mixed concern in her eyes.

“Lucia is a very peculiar human, my bugs. Until for me…” She could hardly believe that one day she would say that phrase.

A complex human who was not a predictable open book to her, perhaps that was what had drawn her attention so much to the little human. Anyway she had made it clear to herself what she felt was missing now was how to proceed with it.




That morning the breakfast had been quiet when you woke up in your room the first thing you saw was a note on your nightstand that said "For you" attached to a small bouquet of Alpine Roses, rare flowers typical of Romenia by what you had quickly researched and discovered, although there was a signature of who had done it you had strong suspicions in someone.

At this point, that certain someone threw glances at you on the breakfast table. You didn’t miss the smile she opened when she saw that you had held one of the flowers in your hair and smiled back lowering your head. After the lady’s daughters had arrived the silence continued in some moments small conversations between the family mainly.

“But Mother is already warm enough for us to go out for the afternoon.” Bela tried to reason with her mother, probably to leave, you could not say since half of the discussion was in Romanian and the other half in English.

“I disagree, my little insect. I don't think it's time for you to leave yet, we can wait another week maybe.” The lady argued back while you tried your hardest not to pay attention.

“What !? One week !? Is a long time!” Cassandra exclaimed knocking on the table not too hard, but making you take a little hop.

"Cassandra..." the lady warned.

“I'm sure Lucia is also bored of being here.” Cassandra argued by cowering a little in the sullen seat.

You widened your eyes in surprise at being put in the middle of the line of fire like that. Looking on one side were the three girls with high expectations that you would help them with their problem of leaving and on the other was the lady with that self-confident smile and a raised eyebrow for you as if challenging you to say that you were bored when they both knew that it wasn’t exactly true.

“I …” You ran your hand around the back of your head not knowing what to do with yourself and wishing the chair would swallow you at that moment.

“I'm sure she doesn't share your thoughts, Cassandra…” The lady said it for you. “Besides, I don't think Lucia would find a hunt with you very much fun, would I, dear?”

“I never hunted anything, but I used to shoot some melee weapons at old tree trunks with Téo when we escaped the supervisors at the orphanage.” You answered truthfully not even realizing that you had self-deduced, not that it was of great value now.

You lowered your gaze then did not see the surprised face that the girls and the lady made to this information as you played with your lucky hair elastic resting on your right wrist.

“You never said you knew how to throw knives.” Daniela exclaimed almost offended and you looked at them shrugging.

“I already know! We don't need to leave Lucia will have to show us this skill.” Cassandra exclaimed for sure the most excited of the group.

You opened and closed your mouth trying to say something, but it might be interesting to have something to distract yourself during the day that wasn’t your own thoughts. Waving in agreement you caught the excited looks of the three girls and did not lose as the lady’s hand slid through your hair delicately making you shake your body a little.

When the breakfast finished the girls were quick to drag you down the hallways to a room you’ve never been in before. It was full of weapons and armor and you deduced that it was some kind of arsenal, it was all so fast that you did not even realize what was the path that led and consequently took it away, however this was not important now when Cassandra excitedly positioned a mannequin in a corner of the room and opened a kind of closet for you full of various types of sickles, swords, knives, daggers, axes and etc... You were flabbergasted to say the least about how they had so many weapons and felt a little nervous with such an audience.

“I haven't done this in a long time.” You said testing the weight of a hatchet.

“Oh don't worry we have plenty of time.” Answered the middle daughter looking at what you chose.

“Don't you like scythes?” Bela asked who was leaning on a bookshelf in another corner of the room also looking.

“I've never used it.” You answered truthfully and gained a buzz from her in response.

After a few minutes and Bela fighting with Daniela to get her out of the shelf where she had chosen to sit making you shake your head and smile lightly, you ended up choosing the hatchet to start. It’s been a really long time since you’ve done something like this and let’s just say your aim was much better when you weren’t with such an audience, but it was just an innocent prank.

Standing in front of the mannequin you adjusted and took a deep breath inhaling through the nose and releasing the air through the mouth. Your eyes found the head of the mannequin and you threw the hatchet, it flew and stopped at the chest of the mannequin where it was firmly stuck. You snorted and pouted for making such a miserable mistake, but that’s not how the other women saw when you heard clapping coming from your side.

“I knew you would get it right.” Daniela said putting her hand on your shoulder as if you had won something.

“I actually missed. I wanted to hit the head... I think I can do the other one." You responded by looking at Cassandra who easily pulled the axe out of the mannequin’s chest.

“Even so, if he didn't kill, he would certainly have seriously injured a human. You're good.” Bela said sincerely and you gave her a little smile.

Not that you had such pretensions, but you took it as a sincere compliment.

“Right right. If you hit the next one I want you to try and shoot me." Cassandra said returning the hatchet to you with a bright smile like your mother’s.

You looked at her with wide eyes for the second time in the day making the other girls laugh.

“But I do not want…” You tried to explain

“Oh don't worry it wouldn't kill me, besides I can disappear, remember?” You didn’t answer directly just by opening your mouth and closing it while agreeing.

Once again you concentrated now holding the hatchet a little tighter in your hands. The breath was the same inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth and you threw the hatchet. This time he flew faster before sticking herself on top of the mannequin’s head, you raised both eyebrows in surprise and then opened a smile to the girls who clapped for you making you look away.

“Very good, my turn now.” Said Cassandra as excited as you’d ever seen before.

She vanished into her swarm and reappeared in place of the mannequin while Bela had taken the hatchet from the mannequin’s head and handed it back to you. To say that the fact that you had to throw the hatchet now at Cassandra even though she was standing still had not made you nervous would be lying, the tension hovered in the air much more for you than for the girls who even looking with expectations seemed not to care about anything.

If they weren’t worried then there was no reason why you were what you told yourself before you stood up again and repeated your previous moves the small difference was that this time you thought of something that made you genuinely angry before you shot. The hatchet came out of your hand faster than every time and passed almost scraping on the side of the lady’s middle daughter’s face, falling to the floor with a strong thud on the other side of the small room.

“Ooooh so closeee!” Daniela exclaimed laughing loudly.

You smiled at the laughter of the youngest daughter and saw how Cassandra smiled at you after taking the hatchet and returning it to your hands again.

“Again.” She said, and you agreed.

You don’t know how much time you spent playing this way, the target had changed several times and sometimes even you were the target. The tension dissipated completely while you were playing there and you completely forgot the dream you had that morning too entertained to remember now. None of you seemed to care about the risk of your pranks and sometimes you fell on your ass making the three girls laugh a lot when the game changed to something more body to body, they seemed to be very careful with you and even if you weren’t very attentive to it in fact, you could feel it.

At one point you were trying to fight Bela with the scythe as they insisted that you should learn to use one. When the sound of heels on the cold stone of the place and the characteristic black hat passing through the door jamb caused you to take another trip falling on the ground again.

The lady smiled as she stood across her height looking at you, sweat covered your forehead and your hair was caught in a ponytail, some scratches were on your arms from the blows, but it was no big deal.

“Do I disturb something?” The lady hid her smile as much as she could even though he was escaping from the corners of her lips.

You laughed at your state and looked at the floor as Bela reached out to you and pulled you off the floor with ease

“No mother.” Bela responded as you dusted your pants.

“Look mom Lucia is very good at throwing knives and axes, but in hand to hand combat…” Daniela told that she spent most of the time looking, but also had her share of fun is throwing you on the ground or being targeted.

“Is that right, dear?” The lady replied interested still looking at you from the corner of her eye.

“It's true she managed to hit an ax in that dummy's head on the second try.” Cassandra counted pointing to the mannequin that had now been set aside.

“That's great! Now that you've all had your fun I hope you're ready for dinner soon.” The matriarch said more to the daughters than to you.

"Yes mother.” They answered only one voice and gradually disappeared in their swarms.

It was just you and the lady in the armory now you were embarrassed by your shaggy, sweaty state next to her and she seemed to notice when she approached you.

“Ashamed, are we?” She asked and you knew it wasn’t exactly a question, but you gave an answer just by shaking your head.

The lady came closer to you taking your face with her hand covered in leather. Your face was hot from the effort and the cold leather on her hand was a relief to you. She looked into your eyes, but it didn’t take as long as you saw that she looked all over your face actually, your dark tongue came out to wet your lips and you were getting more flushed and not the effort.

“I'd like to see you after dinner in the opera hall.” Her voice was that husky whisper that left you with weak knees.

“Yes mistress.” You responded without thinking and your heart responded instantly by accelerating.

The countess seemed to respond in the same coin to the title when, you noticed that noise that looked like a growl coming out of the bottom of her chest. The big hands twitch a little slightly increasing the pressure on your face and you held a groan even if your expression delivered you. To your relief she let you go and you ran to your room needing urgently to get into the cold water.




They spent a few hours after that meeting with the lady in the armory and her hectic afternoon. It was a welcome relief to everything that circulated in your head and you thanked the girls in your own way for it. The dinner had been more hectic with the girls telling about the afternoon you had for the lady making you smile most of the time, you did not miss the looks that the lady gave you throughout the dinner many times finding hers and then deviating.

At the time you were walking through the corridors of the castle towards the Opera hall you had often heard the maidens that the lady had a serious problem with waiting being considered an extremely impatient person, you yourself had already witnessed the true extent of her temperament only to find that she was tiny. Yet you wandered unhurriedly through the corridors, not too worried about whether you were late or not.

When you arrived in the opera hall the sound of a soft melody played on the piano was heard by you. Some candles were lit that did not give full account of lighting the room by its size and you sneaked through the door entering as quietly as possible not wanting the lady to stop because of your arrival.

You remembered one day when you fell asleep here in her arms and had asked her to play the piano for you someday. As you walked up to her, she stopped and took a deep breath, making you stop in place.

“Do you like it?” She asked you to make a gesture so that you would sit next to her, but still not turn around.

“Yes. You play the piano very well.” You responded by approaching her and sitting next to her on the piano bench.

She now turned her face to you even though you were much taller and you repeated the gesture raising your head to find her eyes.

“You know, I received flowers in my room today and I really liked them. If you can tell the sender…” You looked away again when you felt your face became hot.

“Oh, really? I think I know who sent the flowers and don't worry, she was very happy to hear that you appreciated the gesture.” The lady answered with a laugh and you smiled still looking at the piano keys.

“You can play?” She asked.

“No, just cello.” You answered truthfully as you pressed a key next to where her hand rested just to hear the sound.

“And I must say you play the cello beautifully.” The lady told you to get her hand closer.

“You were listening…” You remembered seeing her eyes glowing hidden in the hallway that day.

“I can easily hear the sounds around the castle.” She said and you laughed, causing her to arch an eyebrow in questioning.

“Please tell me what's so funny?” She asked and you smiled at her looking back in her face.

“ I saw your eyes shining down the hall that day, you were behind the door looking, weren't you?” You and she knew it was true and for the second time in the day you saw that she ran her tongue through her lips.

“You know my eyes only light up when I see something I like...?" She approached you using that lower tone in her voice.

You were silent, your brain shorting out, you heard her laugh as she picked you up easily by sitting on the piano. It was comical how she could carry you as if you were a doll to her, you most of the time made your job easier by keeping completely immovable. In this position her face was closer to yours and you felt hot all of a sudden.

“Nothing to say, my little star?” She teased you.

You really didn’t know what to say to her, most of the time when you were close to each other her eyes shine for you and if what she said was true maybe she liked you more than you always thought she was.

“You remind me of a cat sometimes.” It was the first thing you thought adding to the fact that she was purring too.

She actually laughed at it and you were embarrassed and afraid she was offended in a way, you followed with eyes as she laughed like you had never seen before.

“It is serious.” You said laughing along with getting infected.

“I know draga mea. My apologies, no one had told me this, but I'm not offended. Maybe I really do look like a cat.” She said, when she eventually calmed down her hand extended to caress your cheeks and you noticed that she was without the gloves.

"There's something I wanted to show you." The lady said and you looked at her with curious eyes waving in agreement.

“Do you remember the day you asked me what my favorite color was? And I said red, right?” You didn’t quite understand where she was going with this, but you remembered the day and agreed.

“You couldn't answer me what exactly red was like for you.” You remembered how she scrambled in an attempt to explain.

“I scrambled around because until then I wasn't sure how I felt…” She said her left hand that was resting on the piano came to her waist pulling you to her.

“How did you feel about what, my lady?” You asked sliding easily across the piano until almost glued to her.

“About you... Let me show you what red really looks like.” The lady said so.

She then joined her face to yours and a moment her lips were on yours. You were frightened at first, but soon relaxed closing your eyes and enjoying what she was giving you. Her lips were soft against yours and you didn’t fight for control at all. When her tongue slid down your lower lip asking for permission, you gave it to her with pleasure not holding a groan when you felt it inside your mouth. Everything in it was big and you loved the feeling that it brought you to domination, you could not do anything at that time and not that you wanted to do, but that alone made you weak.

Her hands went through your body and the kiss was broken when she lowered her face to your neck giving more kisses marking your skin. You were excited with every care and hoped she wouldn’t notice, your hands were resting on her strong arms as you bit your own lower lip trying to muffle your groans.

“If that's red, it just turned out to be my favorite color.” You said as she walked away a little from you making her smile.

“Hmmm, glad you liked it.” Her hands passed through the marks she left sucking on your skin and for a moment she lightly ran her claws down your nape.

You jumped instantly with the touch and covered your mouth to muffle the moan that came out of you, she looked at you with bright eyes and smiled.

“Sensitive here, are we?” She asked a pinch of fun without her face and you lowered your gaze not even needing to answer for her to fully understand.

She passed her hand once again and you bit your lip muffling the sound again making her laugh hoarse.

“My lady…?” You said it softly.

“Alcina, dear.” She answered and you raised your eyebrows in surprise. “You can call me by my first name.”

“Alcina, you can do that again?” You gestured between you and she smiled openly.

“Always, draga mea.” Alcina answered and pulled you for another kiss.