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In the Woods at Night

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Emma found herself naked and tied to a bed. She looked around and saw that she wasn't in the woodchuck cabin. In fact she wasn't in a cabin at all but instead outside in the middle of the woods. She then heard crackling and and a glow of light it was then she realized a fire has been set.

Emma tried to scream but it was useless as it was muffled due to a ball gag in her mouth. This wasnt the first time she had one in her mouth, but that was for sex play. However she has no clue why she was in this poison. She tried to wiggle free but it was pointless. Even then it felt like her bonds where getting tighter.

Then she saw a hooded figure coming towards her. Emma's heart starts to race. Before the furger's face was visible they moved out of Emma's line of sight. Emma did her best to see who this person is and then something near her eyes was getting closer. Before she knew it she could not see anything. Emma moved her head and wasn't able to take off whats covering her eyes.

Then she felt a hand squeeze her left B cup breast then the other one. Next she felt wetness on her right breast. The wetness soon turned into suction. Emma knew that whoever this person was is now sucking on her breast. Emma felt a hand going down her body and knew what's going to happen next.

Emma was right and felt the mystery hand rubbing her pussy. Emma moaned into the ball gag as the fingers continued to rub her smooth pussy. Fingers then slid into her pussy causing more moans from the blond girl. The mystery person then moved to the other breat as they contued to finger fuck away Emma's pussy.

It wasn't much longer until Emma was squirting. The fingers soon slid out of Emma's pussy and the sucking of the breasts stopped too. Emma's covered eyes widen as she felt this mystery person licking her pussy. Shr moaned more into the gag and just wanted to push the person's head more into her pussy.

The mystery person continues to eat out Emma while fondling her breasts, making her moan. With the other hand was fingering her pussy. It wasn't much longer until she was squirting in and on the story's person's face. Yet this did not stop them from going back and eating out the blond girl once more.

Emma ended up squirting three more times. Each time the mystery person added another finger. Now with four fingers deep inside her the mystory person stoped eating her out and just startrd to just finger fucking her. Emma just kept moaning as her pussy was getting attached out a bit.

Then the fingers slid out of her pussy. It wasn't much longer until something thick and long was entering her pussy. Emma moaned more. Based on the lanth Emma thought of three people who it could be as it started to thrust away. Two of those people happen to be her brothers while the other her ex boyfriend.

The thrusts just kept going faster into her as one of the three was again fondling her breasts. Once she squirted the person just kept fucking away. After three more orgasms she then knew it could have not been her ex as he would have shot his load by now even when he came already. Then after Emma's two more orgasoms she elmanated one of her brothers.

So it had to be the other. Who else could it be? So as the brother thrusted away Emma moaned his name. Yet Emma did not hear the normal replay instead she heard was the slapping of thighs and her moaning as shes being fucked. Once Emma squirted three more times she then realized it wasn't her brother but a stranger.

She wondered if it could be another camper who could hold their cum at will. There where three other boys she over heard at camp that wanted to fuck her. Could Griff, Finn, or Mattao just be as big as her ex and her brothers? After she squirted she got her answer as the blindfold came off. Her eyes just widden seeing who it was. Hazle did her trademark smile as she continued to thrust away into Emma as her own B cup breasts bounced away.

"You missed me bestie?"

Hazle pulled out showing off the strap on she's been using on Emma. She soon took it off showing her smooth pussy. Emma for one had no words to say. Hazel tossed the robe to the side and leaned over and planted a kiss on the rich girls lips.

"Now it's my turn."

Emma did not know what to say about that. Hazel hovered over Emma's face and lowered herself down. It was then Emma realized what Hazle ment. The crazy girl soon was moaning as Emma eat out her out. This wasn't her first time eating out a girl's pussy. So she knows what's she's doing.

It wasn't much longer until Hazle was squirting. Emma just kept eating out Hazle. The crazy girl squirted four more times in and on Emma's mouth before Hazle slid her way down. She soon smiled at Emma and started to grind her pussy into the rich girl's pussy. Now both girls were moaning together.

The girls even squirted together. Emma lost count how many times she had squirted. Even Hazle lost count how many times she made Emma squirt. After they both squirt seven more times together Emma passed out. However Hazle kept at it. Squirting two more times. When Emma woke up she was back in the Woodchuck cabin. Emma thought it had to be a dream. Then she saw her wrists and that her pussy felt sore.