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“Soo, why didn‘t you tell me the police were no closer?”

“Because we just need a breakthrough.“

“Diane reckons it‘s not looking good?“

“See? That‘s why I didn‘t tell you! This is the kind of positive attitude me and Seb need right now!“

“Robert, I‘m just worried about you, that‘s all.“

“Well, don‘t! I need you to make me feel better, not worse. Just let me do things my way.“


He is still on the couch, Robert being long gone by now, thinking about their little argument. Never being the one for bottling stuff too long, Robert eventually will let it out. It’s what he does, lashing out, when he’s on edge. And damn, is he on edge. 

If that bone crushing hug he gave Aaron earlier is anything to go by. 

He worries so much about Rebecca and Aaron gets it, gets that they’ve known each other for years, that Robert naturally worries for her. She’s also the mother of his child and yeah, Aaron gets it… he can’t feel the same though. 

There. He admits it, alright. Rebecca and he kinda found a way to exist in the same village, but she is still the person who tried to get between him and Robert, who slept with his husband when he was vulnerable and drunk. Feeling the old anger boiling inside him, Aaron balls his hand to a fist, presses his nails into his palm. They’re too short to cause actual pain. It grounds him still. 

Deep down he hates her. Fuck, how often had he wished for her to leave with Ross, giving Seb to Robert and him for good. Life would be easier if she’d be just gone.

But then again, Aaron‘s not a bloody monster! He doesn’t want her to be hurt, or in pain, or kidnapped by that crazy fucker Lachlan. Aaron sighs, bumps his head on the backrest of the sofa and stares up the ceiling. 

It’s complicated. Just… very complicated. Emotions are messed up shit, they suck.

What irks him the most is how everything is circling around Rebecca. Rebecca this, Rebecca that, the whole village won’t shut up about her. 

While all the others are worried about Rebecca and the rest of his family fussing over their Sam and Belle, Aaron is worried about Robert and Robert only, and if that makes him a bad person, then so be it.

Robert could be dead now! Or seriously injured!

He looked down the barrel of a goddamn gun! And Robert has barely mentioned it so far. 

Finally Aaron gets up from the couch, switches the lights off and walks up the staircase.

Robert isn’t one to bottle stuff up and he will lash out, sooner or later. If it’s later, it will be ugly, but not if Aaron can prevent that in any form. Robert needs a vessel.

The book is lying on his lap, but Robert isn’t reading. He’s leaning against the headboard of their bed and staring at the opposite wall. An endless spiral of thoughts is whirling in his mind and he’s thinking the same stuff over and over, wondering where Rebecca might be and if Seb will ever see his mum again. On top of all, there is this guilt nagging at him, eating him up. Why couldn’t he stop Lachlan sooner and why did he not find it suspicious that he hadn’t heard from Rebecca for bloody months

What kind of terrible father is he? 

He’s a failure. He failed his son. Robert feels helpless, powerless. 

And he’s so tired, he just wants to lie in here for days, hide underneath the covers, create a bubble to block out life outside, but at the same time he knows his worries won’t magically crumble to dust and he won’t find proper sleep anyway. Not as long as Rebecca’s missing.

The sound of the bedroom door being opened makes him flinch, which pisses him off, because he isn’t a jumpy type. It’s this whole situation, messing with his head. Aaron gives him a small, apologetic smile, walks silently to his side of the bed and lays down so he’s facing Robert. 

“It’s upside down.”


“Your book.” Aaron points with his chin at John Grisham. 

Robert looks down confused and indeed, it’s upside down. He lets out a little laugh at himself and his own stupidity, rubs his face and puts the book with a sigh on his nightstand. “Wasn’t reading anyway. Obviously.” He really had enough crime lately. Maybe he should go for some uplifting chick lit that he’ll surely find in Vic’s bookshelf instead. 

“I know,” Aaron simply says.

Robert shifts down on the mattress and mirrors Aaron’s position. Only when his head makes contact with the soft pillow does he notice how tense and stiff his body is and winces.

“Sorry for earlier,” he says quietly, “I didn’t mean to snap.” He moves his hand on the comforter a bit closer to Aaron.

Aaron grabs it and squeezes. “I know.” 

They’re just laying there for a while, looking at each other and Aaron's eyes are huge and darker than usual in the dimmed yellow light of his bedside lamp, tracing the bruises on Robert’s face. Eventually they’re landing on the cut above his eyebrow, an unhappy frown forming on forehead.

“Stop worrying,” Robert pleads, feeling oddly vulnerable under Aaron’s soft but examining gaze. “I’m fine.”

Yeah, well. Aaron is an expert at using the words ‘I’m fine’. ‘I’m fine’ means red flags in various sizes. “Robert, Lachlan held you hostage , he pointed a gun at you. Twice! He knocked you unconscious . You had a car accident . If you think telling me to stop worrying will  actually make me stop worrying, you probably hit your head harder than I thought,” Aaron says insistently. “You need to rest.”

“I can’t!” He protests weakly. Because he truly, literally can’t. It's not like he hasn’t tried.

His stupid brain won’t shut up, no matter how tired he is.  

“What can I do,” Aaron rasps out with his deep, hoarse voice. “Tell me what you need.”

Those sentences hit Robert straight into his core and he lets out a long and shaky breath, suddenly getting too emotional for his liking. He’s missed Aaron during these past couple of days, that epic clusterfuck he went through. He missed him so much. 

And if anyone can help him get his mind off things, it’s Aaron. 

“You. Just you.”

“Come here.” Aaron opens his arms and Robert shifts until he’s curled up at his side, his head resting on his defined chest. “Listen to my heartbeat. Listen to my breathing.” He gets wrapped up in a hug, warm and strong and solid and safe, and Aaron fingers find their way to Robert’s hair where they start scratching his scalp softly. “Close your eyes.”

And without hesitating he complies. 

They’ve done this before a couple of times, when Robert was on edge and in need of a break, then Aaron would take over and Robert could just…


Yeah. That. He can do that. Without visual stimulus, the only sound being the steady thump-thump of Aaron’s heart and surrounded by the pleasant smell of his aftershave, the tension slowly drains. 

Aaron is here. Aaron takes care of him.

Robert sighs softly and feels his limbs getting heavy. After a little while, Aaron moves them both, pulls the shirt off Robert’s body and he lets him. Eventually he’s flat on his belly and Aaron straddles his hips and Robert knows what's coming, smiling drowsy into his pillow, eyes still closed because Aaron told him so.

The mattress dips when Aaron leans over to his nightstand and a moment later something is being pressed on Robert’s back. It’s the massage butter he bought a while ago. Melting at the body heat, it leaves a smooth layer of lemon and ginger oil. In combination with Aaron‘s skilled hands it‘s a killer. A Robert killer. 

Fingers are digging into his neck and shoulders and he groans at the pain.

“Jesus, Robert,“ Aaron mutters above him.

Okay, his muscles are still painfully tight, but Aaron starts working his magic, by kneading, stroking and rolling his knuckles. 

Sometimes there is just the ghost of fingertips on his skin, causing a shiver to run his spine along with the touch. Then the full massage force is back, the grip at his shoulders so hard it almost pulls his head off the pillow with the movement.

Aaron‘s palms are hot, downright burning on his skin and Robert finally enters that blissfully state where everything in his head is just a white noise that‘s getting quieter and more distant with every passing minute. At first it was a bit of a struggle for Robert to let go, to dive into that special mindset, but the more they practised it, the easier it got. 

There is nothing left to do for him besides feeling. He‘s putty in Aaron‘s hands. 

Robert doesn‘t know how much time passes or at which point Aaron has pulled off his pyjama pants, but slowly the surroundings are coming back to his awareness and he realises that he‘s butt naked whereas Aaron is still fully clothed in jeans and jumper and all.



“Do you want to sleep or go on?“

“Go on,“ he says as quickly as he can with his current headspace, mind floating 5 feet in the air. The words are slurred, but whatever. Robert is not in a state where he cares. “Please. Need ya. Please.“

He’s not tired anymore. Relaxed, yes, but not tired. Instead he feels excitement and anticipation like a low hum buzzing in his body.

“You sure?“ Aaron asks again and Robert forces his mind back down on the ground of reality for a moment, because he knows Aaron will stop otherwise. He blinks his eyes open and peers back above his shoulder.

“Yes. I‘m sure,“ he says firmly and gets a pleased smile in response.

“I‘ve got you.“

Aaron takes a moment to appreciate his naked boyfriend, gets his fill of tanned skin, broad shoulders, a back narrowing just a bit down to the waist. The little dimples he loves so much right above the arse he loves even more. Good Lord, that arse. It’s a thing of pure beauty. 

His eyes travel back up again to Robert’s face. The head is turned to the side, in Aaron’s direction and there is that mole right next to Robert’s ear he needs to kiss urgently, so he leans down and presses his lips on the spot. 

Robert hums and rubs his head against the pillow like a kitten, with his eyes closed again and his jaw slack, and it might be the most adorable thing Aaron has ever seen. 

He’s going to marry this man in a few weeks.

For real this time.

With a ceremony and guests and a reception and certificate and goddamn table decorations. He’s going to marry Robert. 

After where they came from, after everything they’ve been through. It’s a heady thought. Fuck. He rests his forehead on Robert’s shoulder and takes a moment to collect himself. Then he continues to touch every part of Robert he can reach, not without giving that arse a little extra portion of attention. 

“No touching, no humping,” he sets out the rules and mouths along the oily skin further down. “You are allowed to make noises. In fact…” He peppers little kisses on a spot at Robert’s side where Aaron knows he’s ticklish and indeed, his boyfriend starts squirming and gasping. “I wanna hear your noises.” When he gets no answer, Aaron gently nudges him. “Rob?”

“Yes,” he whispers in response. “Green.”

The colours are pretty new, but they work fine for both of them. Bless Robert, he went under like a stone earlier and the sheer thought of Robert Sugden giving himself over like this, trusting him like this, is driving Aaron absolutely insane. 

He hums, pleased, and goes on, shifts down until he’s lying on his belly between Robert’s spread legs, that amazing arse right in front of his face. Aaron can’t stop himself from sinking his teeth teasingly into the right cheek and marvels at the deep moan he gets in return. 


Not being in a hurry, he takes his sweet time, continues to caress the skin with his hands, his mouth and the scratch of his scruff. Watches how the places turn red and sensitive.


The plea is music to his ears. But Aaron’s in charge and he decides what’s happening next and especially when it’s happening. 

Aaron pulls his cheeks apart and licks a long stripe, maybe a bit rougher than he intended to. He wasn’t that much into rimming before Robert, but Robert is into it, like a lot. As expected, he starts shivering and moaning, whispering profanities, gasping and pushing back against Aaron’s face, demanding more. It’s the hottest thing Aaron has ever witnessed. Seeing him come undone like that. Listening to a breathless litany of ‘yes’ and ‘please’ and ‘fuck’ and Robert chanting his name like a prayer over and over. And no, Aaron wasn’t a fan of rimming but now he loves it. 

He gets so lost in the act that he barely realises that he’s close to the edge himself. Aaron has to take a short break, catch his own breath, push his orgasm back. His plan is to come inside Robert and not to stain the sheets. 

With lube coated fingers he sets all of his attention back on Robert’s hole that is always tight, but after those past weeks apart even more so and Aaron moves extra slow and careful. 


He stares mesmerised at where his finger disappears in his boyfriend’s body, glides smoothly into that incredible silky heat. “Yeah.”


Robert is back to soft little sighs and hitching breaths.

It took a time until Robert let him do this, let him be in charge like that. Only when they bounced back into their affair, Robert opened up to the idea of bottoming. No pun intended. It was a revelation when it finally happened, for both of them actually. 

Aaron was his first. And he will be his last. 

The first finger is followed by a second and Robert’s quiet moans. Aaron watches his thighs shaking, but he’s not humping the bed like he’s been told. Good. 

“You’re doing so well,” he whispers.

His own skin is flushing with heat at the praise, saying things like that is still just this bit out of his comfort zone, but God, does it feel so good and so right at the same time. And Robert needs it just as much. 

“Look at you. So gorgeous. Fucked by my fingers.” Aaron presses down on Robert’s prostate.


He hums innocently and shifts on the bed, planting open mouthed kisses along Robert’s spine as he moves up to lie next to him, his fingers continuing to push in and out. Faster now. Brushing that sensitive spot again and again until Robert groans into the pillow. 

“Aaron.” He grabs the sheets, knuckles turning white. 



“Are you ready? Ready to get fucked?”

“Yes!” Robert hisses, dazed. 

“Yeah? Show me. Show me how much you want it.”

And just like that, Robert starts eagerly rolling his hips, pushing back at Aaron’s hand, forcing the third knuckle inside him. Aaron watches him in awe, his blissed out face, the twitching muscles on his still oily, glistening back, the little bounce of his booty where Aaron’s hand goes.

Sounds of squelching slick and sweet moans are filling the room.

When Aaron finally decides that he needs to be inside Robert, his cock is already leaking and making a mess in his pants. 

“Turn around,” he says as he lubes himself up.

Getting a grip on his dick feels like heaven after all the tease. 

Robert complies quickly although his motions are a bit uncoordinated at this point. He opens his eyes again as soon as he’s on his back and blown pupils are staring up at Aaron with so much affection and lust it makes his heart leap. 

“Aaron.” Legs are being pulled up, inviting, offering. 

“Gotcha.” He places his arms besides Robert’s head, lowers his body and pushes in, slowly, almost painfully slowly, inch by inch.

It’s a feeling like no other. Being connected in this most intimate way. 

His main purpose is Robert, and giving him a break, but Aaron wasn‘t aware that he needed this just as much. 

Robert could be fucking dead now, for fuck‘s sake! He‘s alive though, he‘s here and he‘s not going anywhere. He latches his lips on Robert’s, swallows up his needy whimpers and quiets down his own when he starts pulling out and pushing in again. 

Robert tugs his hands under his knees, lifts his legs even more to make more room, to get Aaron deeper. The initial burn is subsiding to the fullness he craved. 

He’s finally full, whole. 

This is his favourite position when he bottoms. Aaron’s weight on top of him is grounding, hiis curls tickle Robert’s forehead, hot breaths against his neck make him shiver and all Robert can do and has to do is take what Aaron’s giving him. Take everything and roll his hips upwards to meet the powerful thrusts. 

Aaron is leaving him breathless, knocking the air out of his lungs with every hard push.

Lips are sucking at his neck, stubble scratching, and Robert rolls his head to the side to give better access. He is extra sensitive there and Aaron is an expert in taking advantage of that knowledge. 

“You’re perfect.”

Heat is already coiling in his belly although his cock is still untouched and Robert lifts his head to stare down at where their bodies meet, where Aaron‘s dick is disappearing inside of him. Where his own untouched dick is rock hard and angry red, leaving trails of precome on his belly. 

“I’m close,” he whispers. “God, fuck! Aaron! I-” Another moan is being drawn out of his body by the force of Aaron’s movements. 

“Yes,” Aaron groans. “Think you can come on my cock like that?” He snaps his hips along the words, his cock hits his prostate every time. 

It‘s the best torture imaginable. 

Waves of pleasure are rippling through him and even though Robert thinks he can’t take anymore they keep getting more and more intense. The feeling inside him is building and building and nothing else is left except his pleasure and Aaron and their connection that’s beyond physical. 

Robert sobs brokenly when the wave is finally crashing down on him, burying him, washing him away into a hot, white oblivion. His muscles are twitching, his body is convulsing and somewhere he hears Aaron’s voice murmuring something as Robert spills between them. 

Above him, Aaron stills, his hips stutter before he pushes in one last time as deep as he can. 

Everything after that is like a blur. Robert’s skin is tingling, the sweat on it too cold when Aaron slides off him. He whines at the loss, the loneliness. Orgasms always leave him needy and vulnerable. 

But Aaron knows, of course he does, and Robert feels a tissue carefully wiping the jizz off him and then he‘s being wrapped up in a blanket, Aaron‘s hot body beside him again keeping him close and warm. His neck is burning where the scruff caused a rash and he‘s sore like he still feels Aaron inside of him. 

The afterglow is intense, especially when he comes back from this mindspace to reality. 

Robert‘s problems are still the same, Rebecca is still gone and only that psycho knows her whereabouts, but he feels different. 

For the first time in days, maybe weeks even, Robert is fully relaxed. His limbs are leaden and his body seems boneless, sated, spent, exhausted in a wonderful way and his mind remains blissfully quiet for now. 

“Thank you,“ he sighs and presses his face into the curls. 

“I don‘t wanna fight,“ Aaron whispers back.

“Me neither.“

They stay like this, their bodies entangled. In the safety of Aaron‘s arms, Robert‘s eyelids are getting heavy and finally he drifts off to a dreamless sleep.