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freak like me

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The music Wei Wuxian played resonates throughout him and Lan Zhan's shared bedroom in Lan Zhan's apartment.

Today is a fine lazy Sunday for the couple, no school, no nothing, they could just enjoy quality time with each other.

Wei Ying woke up feeling good today so he decided to do the laundry, for once. He's hanging the clothes by the clothes line by the Balcony, Where the weather looks calm and the breeze is blowing nicely.


Lan Zhan wakes up by Wei Ying's soft humming, the two had a rough night last night but it looked like Wei Ying could still walk from all that.

Lan Zhan sits up, still in boxers with his long hair all messy while Wei Ying has his hair tied up.

It's still morning but Lan Zhan is energetic down there…Because Wei Ying wearing just a T-shirt and panties is not helping.

"Freak like me~ You want a good girl that does bad things, to you~" Wei Ying sings along, swaying his hips by the sensual rhythm of the song.

His T-shirt is riding up as he hangs the clothes one by one, then bends down to get more clothes from the basket beside him, revealing this black laced panty that hugs his ass cheeks just right, and because the panties suited him well, Lan Zhan can see his fat pussy lips clearly shaped through the fabric.

Lan Zhan grits his teeth and holds back from whatever he feels like doing, Lan Zhan is the one who does the chores around the apartment, he doesn't mind doing them, but seeing Wei Ying doing something made him smile.

"You've never been with no one nasty~" Wei Ying continues what he's doing. "Oh! A bit breezy today, huh?" Wei Ying says, startled by the sudden gust of wind that lifted his shirt up all the way, showing Lan Zhan his curvy, exposed waist.

Hickeys from last night are still there, bite marks from Wei Ying's thighs all the way up to his neck.

It felt like Wei Ying was showcasing what he and Lan Zhan did last night to all the innocent neighbors, they can watch but not touch, after all. But only Lan Zhan can see Wei Ying in all his naked glory.

Lan Zhan walks up to Wei Ying, "Oh, Gmorning, Lan Zhan! I was just– Hey! Where are you touching?!"

Lan Zhan harshly grabs the younger's jaw and turns his neck to kiss him, a hand slithers its way to the younger's panties and pinches his clit. Wei Ying's moan was swallowed by Lan Zhan, he gasps with the sudden tongue in the kiss, he couldn't breathe, his er-gege was going too fast.

"W-wait, L-Lan Zh–" Wei Ying says between gasps, but his boyfriend is greedy first thing in the morning, he drops the shirt he was going to hang up as they both stumble as they clumsily kiss at the terrace.

They both pull back from the kiss, Wei Ying's lips all sore and red and shiny with mixed spit.

"I haven't finished hanging the clothes up–Oi!" Lan Zhan closes the door to the balcony, along with the curtains and lifts up Wei Ying to his shoulder.

"Ack– Lan Zhan, what gives?!" Wei Ying landed on his back as Lan Zhan threw him to their Bed. Wei Ying looked down and saw his boyfriend's raging boner even though he didn't do anything to arouse him so early in the morning?!

"Happy to see Lan Zhan Junior too but we just did it last night?!" Wei Ying protests, throwing a pillow at his boyfriend, like a pitiful attempt of self defense.

"everyday means everyday." As Lan Zhan said that, he starts kissing Wei Ying's neck, his naugty hands slithering their way up to Wei Ying's torso to grope his chest and tweak his nipples.

"Hnngh–I'm still sore from last night!"

Even so, That never stopped Lan Zhan before.

Lan Zhan harshly removes Wei Ying's panties and he's right. His pussy is still pinkish red and swollen from their last night's activity, yet with just a little teasing, his cunt is all sticky and wet.

Morning sex feels great, though?

Wei Ying is as horny as his boyfriend, Lan Zhan more so, but the younger is a sucker, literally for his boyfriend's dick and ends up letting Lan Zhan do whatever he wants, his older boyfriend always gives him the most toe-curling, back arching orgasms, to pay for his insatiable lust.

Lan Zhan goes down at the younger, not losing a second to taste his swollen cunt, the sweet smell of cinnamon intoxicates Lan Zhan's nostrils as his tongue fucks Wei Ying's hole.

"AAH! L-Lan Zh– Hnng…!" Wei Ying instinctively has his hand gripping at the back of Lan Zhan's head, his legs all spread for the older man.

Wei Ying arches his back as Lan Zhan's hot and wet tongue makes his pussy a sopping wet mess, saliva and slick mixing all together.

Wei Ying pathetically moans as he moves his hips, riding Lan Zhan's tongue by impulse, trying to get his tongue deeper, as if to scratch this dying itch inside his cunt.

"Aah…Hnnghh…Ahnn…F..uck…Feels good..!"

The way Wei Ying tightens up around his boyfriend's tongue, signalling the other that he's close, Lan Zhan pulls out his tongue, leaving Wei Ying annoyed and edged.

Before Wei Ying was about to protest, Lan Zhan took out his rock hard cock, already leaking with pre as his veins pulse, dying to get inside Wei Ying's pussy.

Wei Ying giggles at the sight of that cock going inside of him again, so as the slutty bitch Wei Ying is, he takes two of his fingers, parting his pussy lips apart, revealing his lonely hole, as if inviting Lan Zhan to come inside.

"Wei Ying…" Lan Zhan mutters his name, as if that was his thirteenth reason.

"AAH! YES! FUCK!" Wei Ying deliberately screams as Lan Zhan enters him with a sharp thrust, Using his boyfriend's pussy slick and his saliva as lube made moving easier. The wet squelching noises Wei Ying's pussy made as Lan Zhan's cock entered and exited his hole resonated throughout the room.

Wei Ying put his legs above Lan Zhan's shoulder, signalling the older to go deeper.

"Deeper, Lan Zhan, Aah! Hnngh…Nngh...AHHN…so rough…!"

Wei Ying pathetically drools as his brain turns to mush with every thrust his boyfriend made, he could feel his dick pulsing inside his pussy, the veins of his cock rubbing, scratching his insides.

Lan Zhan grunted at how tight and wet the younger was, his pussy sucked his cock so greedily, as if not wanting Lan Zhan to disconnect from him. Watching his cock get buried and disappear inside Wei Ying's pussy was satisfying to watch, whenever he pulls back, his cock glistens with lewd pussy slick.

Lan Zhan tightens his grip at his boyfriend's lithe waist, he pulls his cock out, only leaving the head in, and pushes back inside with a harsh thrust, making Wei Ying choke on a moan as he felt Lan Zhan enter his womb.


Wei Ying screams, not caring who would hear, let them hear anyway on how good Lan Zhan fucks him on a daily basis with his cock, and only Wei Ying can make the great Lan Wangji go nuts for his pussy.

"I'm close! Aaah…More…HNNGH~" Wei Ying grips the sheets, his knuckles and fingertips turning white as his pussy gets pounded with no mercy, his own pussy slick making the spot on the bed he's laying on wet.

Lan Zhan was also near, pistoning his hips at an animalistic speed, chasing after his orgasm.

"cum inside me, Lan Zhan! I want your cum! Fill me up!" Wei Ying greedily asks. And who was Lan Zhan to ignore such a request?

Lan Zhan cums as requested, shooting his heavy and thick load inside his boyfriend, filling his pussy and womb to the brim, Wei Ying has his mouth on an O shape as he feels so full and pumped with Lan Zhan's warm seed.

Wei Ying cums with his boyfriend, squirting on his abdomen hard, it leaves his legs shaky and trembling like a leaf.

Wei Ying faints with the hard orgasm, but before he could lose consciousness, he whispers "The…clothes…" He falls asleep.

Lan Zhan lets out a soft chuckle, He pulls out of Wei Ying, seeing his cum oozing out of his swollen red cunt. Lan Zhan washes his boyfriend up and tucks him in, leaves a kiss on the forehead and whispers "I'll take care of the chores, I love you."