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[Please] Have a Good Night

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“Mei… Mei… Mei! [Please] wake up!” 


The woman who was struggling between her bedsheets startles awake, her breathing all over the place. For a moment, her mind is blank: the night terror crawls all over it like roaches or ants. It is only thanks to the grounding murmur in her ear that she sheds the encroachment so quickly. When Mei regains control over her lungs and memory, only a minute has passed.


“Aponia…” She mumbles the name with frustration. At the dream? At her bed companion’s actions?  She isn’t quite sure herself. Perhaps only Aponia herself knows.


“I deeply apologize, Mei… You were screaming in your sleep… I hate to see you in pain.” Of course, Aponia doesn’t complain about Mei’s screaming waking her in the middle of the night. If only for that, Mei forgives the usage of her power. They function like this… always hurting each other in these small well-meaning ways.


“It’s fine.” Mei’s temple finds Aponia’s bare shoulder, and she sighs, trying to reject the phantom grief. Skin to skin like this, she knows Aponia can sense the lingering shadow of the dreamed despair.


Because this terrible feeling bleeds into Aponia through touch, perhaps leaning on her could be construed as punishment; but Mei is long past handing out retribution. Aponia has affirmed time and time again that she doesn’t mind being leaned onto. Mei’s gesture is one of reluctant comfort.


Aponia squeezes her arm, her murmured reassurances fading into silence.


“We should go back to sleep,” Mei speaks quietly. The bed is too hot, yet too cold at the same time. It’s maddening. Mei shifts onto her side, wrapping her arms around the soft skin of Aponia’s middle, seeking warmth, aware and willing to lend hers. She minds the wings; though, even without seeing, Mei has learned where to touch.


“Yes…” Aponia whispers. “Good night, Mei.” A single arm snakes its way under the ex-Herrscher’s arm, tugging Mei closer.


“Good night.”