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Purity of Revenge

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Manore let out a stifled gasp then a heavy sigh as a large, muscular body shoved past him, knocking him into the wall just outside his living quarters. He slumped dejectedly against the wall as he watched his neighbor’s hulking figure stomp self-assuredly down the stairs to his left. Said neighbor, Shal, lived and worked next door in the town’s forge, while Manore himself lived and worked in the apothecary. They both owned their respective homes and served equally important roles in the town’s daily operations, yet Shal still felt it necessary to physically and verbally harass his neighbor at every opportunity. Manore didn’t know if it was from an innate sense of competition or simply from a societal need to establish dominance over another man in a similar position, but he had had more than enough harassment from Shal in the past five years. 

Once he got down to his shop, Manore started gathering a very specific list of ingredients. Finally, after many years of research, he had not only the motivation but also the ability to stop Shal’s bullying and actually get something out of it while he was at it. To begin with, he had an easy in: Shal had purchased a standard sleeping potion from Manore from years, having had trouble sleeping both due to post traumatic stress and because his neighbor on the other side, a bard who worked at the town’s inn, had a tendency to stay up late composing. He delivered Shal’s potion every three days, because the ingredients in sleep potions needed to be fresh to retain their potency; as such, he could subtly shift the balance of ingredients in the potion twice a week until he had achieved his ultimate goal: turning his aggressive bully of a neighbor into his personal cockwhore.

He decided to start small, to avoid suspicion from a man who would surely take out any frustration on Manore if he thought anything was amiss. First, he added a selection of herbs and a few strands of his own hair to ensure that Shal trusted him implicitly. When Shal and Manore exited their respective homes the morning after Shal had finished his first round of the new potion, the burly orc greeted Manore with a smile. 

“G’morning, Manore. Say, would you be interested in coming over to my place for dinner after we close up shop today?” Manore consciously schooled his expression of astonishment and glee.

“Of course, I would love to,” he responded with an innocent smile.

Shal was waiting for him by the base of the stairs that led to their shared landing when Manore exited his apothecary that evening, and he cheerfully escorted Manore into his side of the second storey.

“I hope you like chicken and potatoes! It’s kind of my signature dish,” he said with a sheepish smile as he unlocked the door. Manore assured him that he wasn’t a picky eater, watching in thinly veiled disbelief as Shal ushered him to sit in a fur-padded chair at the kitchen table and started bustling around collecting ingredients. It was an astonishingly domestic scene, and as he looked around he realized that Shal’s house was much more nicely decorated than he’d anticipated. Hm , he thought. Maybe this will be easier than I thought.

Dinner ended up being delicious, if a little on the heavy side. Manore had made sure to bring the next batch of Shal’s potion with him this time, and Shal readily acquiesced to taking his dose for the night and going to bed when Manore remarked on how tired he looked and offered to clean the dishes. When he was done drying the last plate, Manore crept into Shal’s bedroom. He hadn’t offered to clean up out of the goodness of his own heart, of course: he wanted access to Shal while he was completely vulnerable, knocked out by Manore’s potion. This time he’d added a couple of new ingredients: one to turn Shal’s feelings toward him from trust to infatuation, and another to make his body more receptive to magical alteration. He’d carefully studied several texts on the subject of using restoration spells to change the shape and appearance of humanoid bodies, and he felt confident that he was prepared to begin the physical aspects of Shal’s transformation. They would be very gradual changes, anyway; he didn’t want Shal suddenly realizing that something was amiss before he had a chance to get to the good part.

Shal was fast asleep when Manore entered his bedroom, sprawled on his back on the soft furs lining his bed. He had taken his shirt off before falling asleep, so Manore decided to start with his chest. Shal’s pectoral muscles were already rather large, forming soft curves when he was relaxed like this; but they were still proportionate to his frame, and Manore wanted them to grow much fatter until they looked like a proper pair of tits. He gently cupped Shal’s pecs in his palms and began to channel magical energy from his hands into Shal’s body. It was a delicate operation, requiring an immense amount of concentration and effort. Manore was glad that he would be able to return to Shal’s bedside night after night to slowly shape his body, because even the slight swell of fat he had successfully produced in Shal’s chest was making him feel a bit lightheaded. Thankfully, he had anticipated this. He retrieved a small bottle from his pocket and took a healthy sip, sighing in relief as he felt his magical energy stores replenish themselves. 

With that taken care of, Manore carefully peeled back the furs covering Shal’s lower body and gasped: Shal apparently slept entirely nude, allowing Manore to take his first good look at his massive cock. It was nearly nine inches long and nearly as thick around as Manore’s wrist, even while soft. His balls were proportionately large, and Manore’s mouth watered as he lifted Shal’s limp, vulnerable cock to get a better look at them. This spell would be even more complicated, so Manore took a moment to steel himself. He pulled his own cock out of his pants and grasped it in his right hand, then circled the base of Shal’s shaft as best he could with his left. He took a deep breath in and cast the spell. Slowly, Shal’s cock started to shrink: its length gradually decreased, and Manore’s fingers inched closer together as its girth diminished as well. At the same time, Manore’s own cock twitched with arousal as it swelled larger than it had ever been before. He felt a deep sense of satisfaction settle in his mind as the power of the spell surged through him; within a few weeks, Shal would have a puny little clit of a cock, fitting for his new role as Manore’s obedient cocksleeve.

It was tempting to continue, but Manore made himself stop after Shal’s cock was nearly an inch shorter than it had been. The change in girth was less noticeable to the eye, but Manore’s fingers were now much closer to touching his thumb where they squeezed the thick base of Shal’s cock. Manore took another sip of his potion then turned his attention to the orc’s fat balls. They were a darker shade of green than the rest of Shal’s body, covered in bristly black pubic hair. Manore would eventually want his bitch’s balls to be completely hairless, but for now he contented himself with bouncing Shal’s sac in his palm for his own amusement. Finally, he cupped both of Shal’s testicles in his hands and summoned a spell that was meant to encourage sperm production. There were no immediate effects, but the spellbook had assured him that regular application would leave Shal with swollen, oversensitive balls. Further, the spell would actually begin to have deleterious effects on Shal’s sperm production after a certain period of time while still encouraging his balls to produce plenty of semen, leaving his oversized testicles filled to the brim with copious amounts of impotent come. These results had been presented as reasons to not overuse the spell, but they were ones that Manore was more than happy to exploit.

Finally, he gently coaxed Shal’s sleeping body to turn over onto his front. He let out a low whistle: Shal’s ass was deliciously round with fat and muscle, just begging to be spanked. But much like Shal’s tits and balls, Manore wanted it to be even bigger. He couldn’t resist giving each of his cheeks a light slap just to watch the soft, yielding flesh jiggle under his hands. Finally, he squished Shal’s asscheeks with both hands and let his magic flow into them. He was admittedly a bit less careful with this part, because Shal wouldn’t be able to see the changes unless he really contorted himself. Plus, the orc only wore disappointingly loose pants, so he would likely have no trouble fitting into his clothes until much later on in the process. Unlike the other changes he’d made, Shal’s ass was now noticeably rounder than it had been before Manore’s intervention. The dunmer halted the flow of his magic but continued firmly groping the satisfyingly plush curves of Shal’s asscheeks. He hungrily eyed the tight pucker of Shal’s asshole every time he spread the sleeping orc’s cheeks far enough apart that it peeked into view. 

“We’ll take care of that in due time,” he murmured to himself, giving Shal’s ass one last appreciative squeeze. Manore was sure to cover Shal back up with furs before walking across the landing to his own living quarters, humming a cheerful tune under his breath.

Shal continued to invite Manore over for dinner almost every day, and Manore was delighted when his neighbor started blushing demurely every time he offered to cook for him. Manore coaxed him into bed early every night so he could take his time molding the harsh muscles of Shal’s body into plush, inviting curves. His trust and affection for Manore grew every day, until Manore was confident enough to pause just inside the entryway of Shal’s home and remark, “You know, you don’t have to be so formal around me. You can undress as much as you like when I come over. In fact, I’ve heard that nudity can be very relaxing if you’re around people you trust.”

Shal paused in the middle of unlacing one of his boots. “You know what, you’re right. Thank you for being so understanding, Manore; I don’t know what I would do without you!” Manore watched in satisfaction as Shal willingly stripped all of his clothes off in front of him, folding them neatly and leaving them on the bench just inside the door. 

He sat back on Shal’s surprisingly comfortable settee and enjoyed the bounce of Shal’s plump balls, ass, and pecs as the other man scurried around his living quarters preparing their dinner. His flaccid cock bounced against his fat balls with every step, now only six inches long and on the slender side of average. Manore felt his own cock twitch in his smalls at the sight; he had now surpassed Shal in length and girth, and the disparity between their sizes would only continue to grow. 

A few weeks later, Manore tweaked the formula of Shal’s potion so he would have occasional, minor nightmares instead of his normal dreamless sleep. Much to his satisfaction, Shal approached him about it right away.

“I’ve started having nightmares again, even though I take the potion you give me every night. Is there anything you can do to stop them?” He looked down at Manore with big, trusting eyes, and Manore couldn’t help feeling bad for him. He pretended to think it over for a moment.

“Well, it’s a bit unconventional, but I think we need to introduce a constant, foreign sensation to your body so that it recognizes the difference between the past and the present. If you’ll follow me to my back room, I think I have just the thing.” He led Shal into the little room where he kept his more valuable ingredients and instructed him to drop his pants and bend over the small wooden table in the center of the room. Manore walked over to a shelf and retrieved a small, bulbous plug, which was about the width of three fingers at its widest part. He held it up in front of Shal’s face so he could see it. “Have you ever had anything in your rectum before?”

Shal’s eyes widened. “No?” he responded hesitantly.

“Excellent,” Manore said with a smile. “I’m going to stretch your hole with a bit of oil and slip this inside of you. It’s meant to be worn for long periods of time, and it’s charmed to keep your insides perfectly clean, so you shouldn’t have to take it out for any reason. Your body will get used to it now, and then whenever you have a dream about the past, your mind will recognize a sensation that was never present during that time of your life and snap you out of it.”

“Huh. Well, if you think it’ll work, go ahead,” Shal agreed. Manore walked behind him and dipped his fingers in a little jar of oil.

“Alright, now take a deep breath in, and bear down as you exhale.” As soon as Shal started to breathe out, Manore swiftly pressed a finger past his rim. He could tell that Shal really was bearing down, because it was much easier than he’d expected it to be. “Very good! Now keep bearing down like that, and we’ll have you opened up in no time.”

Shal made a cute little whining noise in the back of his throat as Manore slid a second finger into him. He had to strain to scissor them apart, reaching the limits of how much Shal’s willingness to help could counter the untouched tightness of his hole. Manore furrowed his brows and sent a gentle pulse of a muscle relaxing spell he’d learned from a book on magical massages through his fingers into Shal’s tense rim. Shal whimpered as Manore successfully eased his fingers apart to stretch him open. He fucked his spread fingers in and out of Shal’s hole to make sure he was good and ready for a third finger. His cock twitched in his pants as he carefully slid another finger in, anticipating what it would be like to fuck Shal’s devastatingly tight cunt for the first time.

Shal made a questioning noise as he pulled his fingers out. “I think you’re loose enough for me to fit this inside of you,” Manore told him, thoroughly greasing the smooth stone of the plug. He saw Shal tense when he lined the tip of the plug up with his wet little hole. “It’ll be okay, I promise. Just like last time, breathe in and bear down as you breathe out.”

Shal’s exhale turned into a moan as Manore pushed the plug home in one smooth motion, leaving just the flared base visible between his fat, wobbly asscheeks. It was designed to provide his prostate with constant stimulation, magnifying the vibrations from each step into intense pulses of sensation. Shal’s legs nearly gave out under him as he straightened to pull his pants up again, and Manore gave his ass a comforting pat.

“I’m sure you’ll get used to it in no time.”

 As an unexpected side effect, the foreign stimulation did apparently have the capacity to do what Manore had claimed it would, as Shal’s body processed a sense-memory that hadn’t existed during the various inter-stronghold battles in which he had participated. But the main benefit was Manore’s newfound ability to watch the previously tight pucker of Shal’s ass become a slack, open gape, winking needily whenever Manore brought him in to upgrade the size of the plug.

After a few more weeks, Manore was finally satisfied with the alterations he had made to Shal’s body. He was basically living in Shal’s home at that point, and the orc was eager to prepare breakfast and dinner for both of them. The best part by far, however, was the way Shal’s complete devotion to Manore made him eager to submit to any sexual humiliation Manore could think up. The first time Manore had told him to suck his cock, Shal had been on his knees ready to worship his cock before he could even blink. His pussy was just as delightful as Manore had thought it would be, although it became less and less tight as Manore continually stretched it open with increasingly large plugs in between breeding Shal with his newly oversized cock.

    “Shal, would you come here for a moment?” Manore called. Shal immediately sashayed in from preparing breakfast in the kitchen, his hips swinging sensually as he walked. Manore had of course encouraged him to walk like that when they were in private together, claiming that it would relieve excess strain on his bad knee. The fact that it also tended to shift the plug in Shal’s ass unerringly against his prostate was another benefit, making his breath hitch with every step. Shal was currently wearing only an apron, a frilly little thing with lace trim that Manore had picked up for him at a store in the next town. The peaked tips of his nipples poked out just on either side of the front, and the constant stimulation from the scratchy lace kept them hard and sensitive. Most deliciously, Shal’s cock, which used to hang a full inch below the hem of the apron (falling midway down his thighs), was now only visible from the back. After several weeks of careful treatment, the effects of Manore’s spells were unmistakable. Shal’s balls were nearly twice the size they had been, hanging swollen and in stark contrast with the slender, three-inch cock cushioned on their girth. His breasts rivaled the girls who worked in the tavern down the street, and his ass was enough to make any straight man do a double-take if he passed Shal on the road. Manore was more than ready to break out the next step of his plan.

    “What do you need, Manore?” Shal asked politely, settling primly on the footstool in front of where Manore was comfortably sprawled on the settee. The stool was considerably shorter than the settee, meaning that Shal had to look up at the dark elf for once rather than the other way around. Further, Shal’s feet were planted on the floor, and the angle of his thighs made the apron ride up practically to his waist, giving Manore a perfect view of Shal’s shrunken manhood and heavy breeder balls. 

    “A wealthy patron has contacted me about a very rare potion he’d like me to brew for him. I have all the ingredients I need but one, and I need your help acquiring it.”

    “What ingredient would that be?” Shal asked, tilting his head inquisitively.

    “I need fresh breast milk from a male orc,” Manore said, reaching out to playfully tug at Shal’s exposed nipples. “A very aroused male orc, to be specific. I hoped you would be up to the task, because I don’t know who else I could ask to help me with this.”

    Shal stared up at Manore with wide, trusting eyes. “Of course I’ll help you!” 

    “Excellent,” Manore said with a smile. “Now drink this potion so we can get started.”

    Shal did not protest as Manore uncorked the bottle, coaxed Shal’s mouth open, and slid the neck of the bottle in to rest on the back of his tongue. Shal’s throat flexed under Manore’s palm as he eagerly gulped the potion down. Next, Manore reached into a small leather pouch attached to his belt and produced a pair of delicate silver nipple clamps.

    “The efficacy of this potion varies depending on who drinks it, so I can’t be sure when it will begin to take full effect. I’ve enchanted these clamps to make sure you won’t spill a drop as long as they’re on, so you’ll have to keep them on all day to make sure your tits don’t leak.” Manore didn’t wait for a response before cupping Shal’s right breast and attaching a clamp to his already pebbled nipple. Shal whimpered slightly, but that didn’t stop Manore from repeating the process on the left. “I also need to swap your plug out with a different one before we go downstairs, but it can wait until after breakfast.”

    Shal took the hint and stood so he could walk to the kitchen and retrieve the food he had prepared. His bare ass jiggled as he walked, and the glowing jeweled base of the plug twinkled merrily at Manore, illuminating the puffy rim of Shal’s hole. He returned quickly with a large platter of sausage, eggs, and hash browns, which he handed to Manore before sitting obediently on the stool once more. Manore had a few bites of eggs and potato before selecting a sausage and holding it up to Shal’s mouth. Shal obediently opened his mouth in an O, and Manore fucked the thick six inches of it to the back of Shal’s throat a few times before pulling back and allowing Shal to take manageably sized bites.

    After breakfast, Shal walked back to the kitchen to clean the dishes and cookware; this time Manore followed him. Shal stood on the step stool in front of the sink which he always used when Manore came into the kitchen with him. It meant that Shal had to bend over the sink almost ninety degrees while washing the dishes, giving Manore easy access to his ass; Manore was of a much slighter build than Shal, but he was only a couple of inches shorter than him. Manore wasted no time, grasping the base of the plug and firmly pulling it out of Shal’s hole with a loud, wet squelch. He set the plug on the counter with the dirty dishes so Shal could clean it before taking a moment to roughly spread Shal’s asscheeks, relishing the plush softness as he squeezed the tempting curve of them. 

    “Your pussy’s getting so sloppy, Shal. It’s a good thing my cock is so big, or I would barely even feel this loose cunt whenever I fuck you,” he remarked, blowing on the wet gape of Shal’s hole to watch it flutter. He wasn’t really exaggerating, either: the plug he had just removed was eight inches long and three inches wide at its largest, leaving Shal’s puffy rim a gaping mess. Manore didn’t bother adding additional lube to his cock before pushing in, and Shal’s hole offered little resistance to the flared head before acquiescing to the long, slick slide of Manore sheathing all eleven inches in his hole. Manore’s cock had been a respectable five inches to begin with, but he had added each stolen inch of length and girth from Shal’s cock to his own and added a few additional adjustments, resulting in a three and a half inch wide monster of a cock with a flared, equine shape. “Your pussy sucks me in so easily, Shal. Tell me how much you love my cock.”

    “H-ahhh- I love your cock so much, Manore. My pussy feels so empty even with the plug in it because I know it’s not your cock. Thank you for helping me stretch my slutty hole out so I can take your cock whenever you want me to,” Shal moaned, his eyes rolling back in ecstasy even as his hands continued diligently washing the dishes.

    “Do you want me to touch your little clit?” Manore asked, stroking a finger in a barely-there circle around the head of Shal’s hard little cock.

    “O-oh please touch my clit, Manore; it feels so good when you rub my clit while you’re fucking my pussy,” Shal begged, clenching rhythmically around Manore’s cock. Manore smiled wickedly and roughly pinned Shal’s slender cock to his stomach with one hand, circling around the head with his thumb just three times before Shal came with a high, broken moan. Manore could feel Shal’s huge balls drawing up over and over again as Shal released spurt after spurt of watery, impotent come onto his stomach and tits, with one jet even making it onto his chin. The apron contained most of it, protecting the silverware Shal was still dutifully scrubbing from the deluge. Shal had not yet shuddered through the last aftershocks before Manore fisted one hand in his shoulder length hair and the other around one of his bouncing tits, using them as handlebars to fuck into Shal’s hole and chase his own orgasm. Shal gasped and clenched around Manore’s cock as his hand jostled one of the nipple clamps, which was enough stimulation to make Manore sheath himself entirely in Shal’s wet heat and come. Shal moaned in satisfaction as he felt Manore’s seed spilling deep inside him. Manore pulled out to milk the last few spurts onto Shal’s red, puffy hole, now even more ruined than when Manore had first pulled the plug out.

    Manore pulled yet another plug out of the pouch on his belt, this one engraved with mysterious runes and even larger than the last one. He watched with hungry eyes as Shal’s rim eagerly stretched to suck it in, keeping Manore’s come buried deep within him. He couldn’t resist fucking it in and out a few times, tugging it from side to side with the widest part stretching Shal’s hungry cunt just to watch him squirm. He finally pushed it all the way in and pressed the rune at the base without warning Shal about the special features of the plug. First, it started silently vibrating, directly stimulating Shal’s oversensitive prostate. Second, something that Shal would only come to realize as the hours progressed, the plug would slowly grow in size throughout the day until it reached its maximum limit of 12 inches long and 5 inches wide. That, in combination with the growing pressure of Shal’s newly lactating breasts, would be sure to drive Shal nearly mad with arousal by the time he closed the forge for the day. Manore couldn’t wait.

    The day seemed to stretch out forever, at least from Manore’s point of view. Shal appeared to agree, because he was absolutely frantic with need when they met at the bottom of the steps. As soon as Manore and Shal got upstairs, Shal practically ripped his clothes off and offered his chest to Manore.

    “Please, I can’t- they’re so full… please milk me,” he begged, his eyes wet.

    Shal’s tits were even larger now, swollen to the size of melons and taut with how full they were. But the best part by far were his nipples; Manore had refrained from altering them himself, figuring that this change would be more satisfying if Shal’s body did it on its own with a bit of encouragement. He had been absolutely correct: Shal’s nipples were dark and flushed, and the areolae had somehow grown twice as wide as they had been that morning. To top it off, his teats were erect and appeared to be nearly an inch long now, begging to be milked more than Shal could express with his mouth.

    “Lie down on the table,” Manore commanded, hastily shedding his shirt and trousers. Shal hurriedly complied, wincing as the swift motion made his breasts bounce. Manore straddled Shal’s head and fucked all the way down his throat with one easy motion, thrusting a few times to ensure he was well lubricated before pulling out. “If you do a good job of licking my hole, then I will milk you,” he said, before sitting down firmly on Shal’s face. Shal eagerly lapped at his hole, and Manore guided his cock into the tight channel between Shal’s tits. Shal whimpered into Manore’s hole while the dark elf roughly squeezed his tender breasts around his cock, pulling them back and forth without heed for the excess strain he was putting on Shal’s body. Shal kissed Manore’s hole like it was a long-lost lover, thrusting his tongue in as far as it would go and sucking on the rim. Manore groaned in pleasure, now pinching Shal’s nipples just below the clamps and using them as leverage to almost viciously pull Shal’s swollen tits and continue squishing them around his cock. Shal wailed and redoubled his efforts in an attempt to end his torment. Luckily for him, Manore decided a few minutes later that he was satisfied with Shal’s dedication. 

    Releasing Shal’s sore nipples, Manore climbed off the table. “Turn over and get on all fours,” he ordered, fetching a large bucket from the corner. Shal quickly did as he was told, letting out a stifled moan as the movement jostled his breasts and the now enormous plug inside of him. Manore placed the bucket under Shal’s chest and removed the nipple clamps with just as little warning as he had attached them. The orc’s swollen nipples immediately started dripping into the bucket, and Shal groaned in relief as Manore’s calloused fingers began tugging at his teats in quick, practiced movements. Shal’s clit spurted a bit of watery come onto the wooden tabletop with every stream of milk that emerged from his udders, which made Manore smirk.

    “Does it feel good when I milk your fat tits?” He asked, once again relishing the sight of his once proud and aggressive neighbor reduced to moaning helplessly as he was milked like a cow.

    “Y-yes, unh, it feels so good,” Shal slurred. His eyes were rolled back in pleasure, and a thin stream of drool trickled from the corner of his mouth. “Thank you for milking me.”

    By the time Shal’s breasts were empty, the table underneath his shrunken cock was sopping wet with how much he had squirted. Manore carefully picked up the bucket and carried it to the kitchen before circling behind Shal, giving his fat ass a few smacks just to watch it jiggle. He took advantage of the fact that Shal’s ass was now at his eye level to pull firmly on the base of the plug. Shal whimpered as his rim struggled to contain the plug but eventually gave way, and Manore paused for a moment to appreciate the wet, ruined stretch of Shal’s pussy. Shal whimpered as he teased the puffy rim with his finger, reminiscing fondly about when the orc’s hole was so tight he could barely fit two fingers in it. 

    “Flip over onto your back and spread your legs for me,” Manore ordered. Shal hurried to comply, not even wincing as his lower back landed squarely on the puddle of come he’d left on the table beneath him. Positioning the flared tip of his cock at Shal’s gaping entrance, Manore smiled fondly down at him. “Do you want me to fuck your slutty pussy?”

    Shal nodded frantically, and Manore smirked as he felt the orc’s puffy cunt spasm against his cockhead like it was trying to beckon him inside. “Please Manore, I need, ah, I need your cock in my slutty pussy,” he begged, gazing up at him with adoring eyes. “I feel so empty without you, please!”

    That was all the encouragement Manore needed. He firmly grasped Shal’s thighs, pushed them back even further to display his tiny cock and his greedy hole, and sighed in contentment as he slid his cock back into Shal’s cunt where it belonged. He stilled just long enough for Shal to open his mouth to beg again, then started pounding into him with quick, powerful thrusts. Manore resisted the temptation to close his eyes in blissful contentment in favor of drinking in every detail of Shal’s body. The orc’s swollen rim was stretched to its limit around his cock, clinging to his shaft as the wet, silky interior of his pussy clenched around him in an attempt to compensate for how loose it had become. The delicious contrast between his fat, useless balls and his cute little clit was only emphasized by the way they bounced in unison in response to every thrust; despite squirting so much while being milked, Shal’s clit managed to spurt a bit more come onto his stomach as Manore watched. His tits, of course, were a thing of beauty. They jiggled up and down like they were just begging Manore to squeeze them, and who was he to deny Shal’s body what it wanted? Shal obediently kept his legs splayed open as Manore let them go to knead his fat tits with both hands, moaning weakly as Manore’s calloused fingers rubbed teasingly at his tender nipples. 

    Just as he was about to orgasm, Manore swiftly pulled out of Shal’s hole and luxuriated in stroking the full length of his thick, imposing cock until he came, showering everything from Shal’s puny cock to his fat tits with powerful jets of thick, potent semen. Shal’s clit twitched and squirted a bit more under the onslaught; Manore loomed over him as he milked the last few spurts of come onto Shal’s tiny, twitching length.

    “Who do you belong to?” He asked, making direct eye contact with Shal’s hazy, pleasure filled gaze.

    “I’m yours, Manore.” Shal sounded so blissfully happy that Manore couldn’t resist scooping up a bit of come from his stomach and bringing it up to Shal’s mouth. Shal happily lapped it up, sucking on Manore’s fingers until he’d gotten every last drop.

    “That’s right. You’re my perfect little cocksleeve.”