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(Keep on Getting) Butterflies

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You could give me chills
On a summer day


Shuumei wasn't sure what he did in his previous life to deserve his current reality but... don't get him wrong, he wasn't complaining. Not at all. Usually you would hear words like these from people lamenting their fate and wishing for things to change but Shuumei was perfectly content where he was and grateful for every second of it. The soft huffs of his boyfriend (his boyfriend! He'd never get over that) breathing deeply in his sleep mixed with the soft, early morning sunlight filtering in through the blinds... His boyfriend's (his boyfriend!) arm wrapped around him possessively - protectively? - which was just a tad awkward with their different builts but Shuumei wouldn't trade it for the world. He rarely felt as protected and loved as he did wrapped in Myaa-chan's arms, especially like this - with his boyfriend (his boyfriend!!) snuggled up to his back, their legs tangled under their shared blanket and Myaa-chan's hand resting loosely over Shuumei's heart.


When we're laying still
But you make my heart race


The fingers curling into the fabric of Shuumei's night shirt were the first sign the love of his life was waking up and while he was perfectly happy where he was, feeling Myaa-chan's heartbeat against his back, he also couldn't wait for every moment he could spend awake with him.

"Mm.... Shuumei-san... Morning...."

The mumbled greeting made Shuumei hide a goofy smile into his pillow. How did he end up with someone so adorable? Was this fair?


Gonna keep me young
When we're old and grey


"Good morning, Myaa-chan," he whispered back, hesitant to disturb the quiet in the little bubble of contentment he was currently floating in.

"Mmmm..." The arms around Shuumei tightened around his waist for a while, seemingly as reluctant to let go as he was to see them gone. "S'nice... Always wanna wake up with you in my arms..."

"You can if you want to. I'm all yours."


I know that time moves on
But some things don't change


He felt Myaa-chan hide his face against his back, still clinging to him as if he was an oversized teddy bear. One of his hands crept back up to his chest to seek out his heartbeat and that tender gesture alone almost made Shuumei want to cry.

"Don't say stuff like that... Early in the morning..."

"Why not?"


"It's hot?"


"But what if it's true?"


I won't stop getting butterflies
I get them every time I look into your eyes


A heavy sigh from behind him made it clear that Myaa-chan had ultimately lost the battle against wakefulness and Shuumei turned around to finally see his face. Not that Shuumei couldn't understand his reluctance, if he had the choice he would keep dozing like this with the light of his life for the rest of the day, wrapped in each other with the sunlight kissing his boyfriend's face. Actually, no. If he could hide Myaa-chan from the world, he would - unless Myaa-chan asked, nobody else would be allowed to kiss his face, not even the sun. He didn't even care how irrational he sounded.
...Not that he could do much about it, Myaa-chan was as much part of this world as the sun and the skies and the ocean, even if he was worth so much more to Shuumei than all of those combined. And keeping him from the world was a cruelty Shuumei just couldn't find in his heart.


You won't stop running through my mind
For the rest of both our lives


"Myaa-chan..." Shuumei stroked a thumb over Myaa-chan's cheek where a pillow crease had left a pattern. He absently traced the nonsensical lines and marveled at the way the light played across the skin of his lover, catching in his hair and casting his eyes in shadow but making them shine all the more for it.


I still fall in love with you
Every time I see your eyes


"Yes, Shuumei-san?"

Ah, there he was. His composed boyfriend who never spoke impolitely under any circumstances. It made these stolen moments before he fully woke up all the more precious to him, a Myaa-chan that had all his walls completely down and was nothing but raw affection and honesty.
And what was better than knowing that even in the moments where he wasn't fully awake yet, the first thing Myaa-chan remembered was his love for him? It made Shuumei flush and press his lips together so he could keep all the declarations of love he wanted to heap on his boyfriend at bay for a bit longer.

"Love you."

Ah. One had slipped out.

He would never ever tire of the way Myaa-chan's eyes crinkled at the edges around the smile that lit up his face more than the sun ever could.

"Love you too."

And, oh, hearing those words made Shuumei feel both incredibly fragile and like he could take on the world if only his love asked him to.

"Love you too."

Myaa-chan huffed a laugh.

"You said it twice."

"I'll say it a third time and a fourth time and a fifth time. Love- you- love- you- love- you," Every word was followed by a peck to Myaa-chan's cheeks, his nose, his forehead, his eyes until eventually a giggle escaped him and Shuumei had to pause his quest to shower his boyfriend in appreciation and kisses. He got to see him laugh and his cheeks flush lightly under the attention though, so it was a trade he wasn't too upset about.


You give me butterflies
I keep on getting, keep on getting butterflies


A hand settled on Shuumei's cheek, mirroring the position of his own hand. When Myaa-chan opened his eyes again, Shuumei was overwhelmed by the helpless affection written so plainly across his lover's face. As if he was something precious, something to be kept safe and appreciated every second of every hour of every day for the rest of their lives.
Determination filled Myaa-chan's eyes to do exactly that as he leaned in for a long-awaited good morning kiss. And another, and another.

And many many more, hopefully.