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Jack smiled as he slid the plate of waffles in front of Daniel. “Those old glasses are not going to cut it.”

Daniel chose to adopt ignorance. “I don't know what you're talking about,” he said as he swam his waffle in real maple syrup.

“You can either let me read the paper to you or you can agree that you need new glasses.”

“No to both,” he replied shortly.

“Fine. If you think you can make it through the rest of the week squinting at everything. All I'm saying is that you spend an hour at the mall, you get new specs and you're good to go.” He paused. “I knew that Prior thing was gonna bite you in the ass.”

Daniel sighed in defeat.


“I'm sorry, sir,” the young technician slid Daniel's old frames across the counter. “They haven't made that model in....well, in years. I'm afraid you're going to have to upgrade your frames. We have a very good selection, if you need some help.”

“Considering the doctor saw fit to dilate my eyes so that I can no longer see to pick out anything...”

Jack interrupted. “I'll help him, thanks anyway.” He led a snarky Daniel away from the counter and towards the wall of glasses. “Come on, it's not her fault you're wearing the same frames from 1975.”

Snarling, Daniel started to reach for a pair of frames, any frames, when he realized he saw only a wall of blur. “Oh, dammit.”

Jack led him to a seat in front of a mirror. “Let us pick you out some to try,” he beckoned the employee over for advice.


Fifteen minutes later, Jack and his new friend Carrie had narrowed it down to three frames. “You know, these are really popular because people of all ages can wear them,” she handed Daniel a severe square black frame.

“Hmm,” Jack pondered. “I like the shape but I think I like them in wire frames. What do you think, Daniel?”

“Why ask me?” His words were clipped short. “I'm only the guy who's gonna be wearing them?”

“Daniel, it's not a lifelong commitment, you're not buying a house here. You don't like them, you get new ones when you get back home. But you have to have something now or you're gonna be fumbling around DC and I don't think you want that.”

Daniel slumped in his seat. “I guess these will be okay.”

Jack brightened. “Great, let's get them fitted and we'll go grab some lunch while they're making them.”

“The Chinese place in the food court is awesome,” Carrie volunteered then frowned. “Although I wouldn't advise using the chopsticks while your eyes are still dilated.”

“Good point,” Jack nodded.


Daniel slid into his office on Monday morning. He'd stopped and gotten a cup of coffee and a couple of biscotti which he'd wolfed down on the way in. Despite his best effort, he was going to be late for the briefing if he didn't get going soon.

With relief, he saw the folder on his desk that he would need for the meeting with the sticky note from Tishie. He grabbed the folder, making a mental note to thank her for her help.


“Thank you, Dr. Jackson. SG-12, you're dismissed unless you have questions?” General Landry rocked back in his chair.

“None from me,” Colonel Rose tapped his folder as he stood. “I think we're good to go, sir.”

Daniel slipped out of the briefing room and ran square into the rest of SG-1.
“Daniel, you're back?” Vala hugged him enthusiastically. “And you look like your self again.”

“How was Washington?” Sam asked, smiling.

He shrugged, “Washington is, you know, like it always is. Woolsey couldn't look me in the eye, but, hey, you know, it is what it is.”

“Daniel Jackson, your new eyeglasses are very attractive.” Daniel flushed as Teal'c nodded his approval. The last thing he wanted was to draw attention but Sam and Vala were both oohing and aahing over the new frames.

“Jack picked them out.” Daniel waved them out of his personal space.

Vala linked arms. “You can join us for coffee and you can tell us all about your trip.”

Daniel smiled tightly and agreed, although he certainly wouldn't be telling them everything.