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Good things always come in threes

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“Babe?” Arizona asked as she looked up from her hiding spot under Carina’s chin.

The two women were currently relaxing on the couch in their living room. Carina was reading a book, about what, Arizona had no idea since the back cover was in Italian but she knew it must be good. Carina had been wrapped up in it for almost two hours, muttering in her native language every once in a while.

Arizona had been lazily scrolling on her phone, texting April back and forth all the while getting sucked into a social media vortex. Though she grew bored of it eventually and her redhead friend had just been pulled into the OR which meant she wouldn’t be texting back for the next few hours.

“Hum-hum?” Carina acknowledged, her eyes not leaving her page.

“Do you think Maya would take me on a run with her?”

The hand that had been absentmindedly petting Arizona’s hair stopped its ministration and Carina’s eyes left the book to look at her, her eyes almost comically wide.

“You wanna go on a run?”

Arizona nodded.

“With Maya?”

Arizona nodded again, the hint of a frown forming on her eyebrows. Had she mispronounced?

“Our Maya? Olympic-Gold-Medal Maya? Protein-Shake-Every-Morning Maya? I’m-Nothing-If-Not-Muscles-Maya? Firefighter Maya? This Maya?”

Oh. Now, she understood why Carina had seemed a bit bewildered. Arizona couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Okay, you make it sound like I’m crazy.”

Carina dog-eared the page she was at with the tip of her finger before putting her book down on the floor.

Oh, a serious conversation was to be had. Arizona had not been expecting that. Truly, it had felt a lot more like a yes or no type of question. Certainly not something worthy of putting a great book aside. Arizona had absolutely not anticipated disrupting the peaceful bubble they were in. What had she done?

“You’re not, but she is. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. I love our girlfriend, soooo much, with all of my heart, but she can be so-so…So…Pedante and capàrbia and-and-and,” she gestured widely with her hands, a hard look on her face, mimicking Maya’s when she was being more headstrong than usual.

“You mean anal?” Arizona provided tentatively.

“Anal! Sì, thank you. She’s so anal about training altogether, but running? Mamma mia, that’s a whole other mess. Are you sure you wanna get into this, bellina?”

“I just- I miss running,” Arizona said, pensively.

Carina must have heard the underlying sadness in Arizona’s voice because fingers were combing through her hair not even a second later, scratching her scalp every once in a while. Carina’s eyes were infinitely warm, two giant chocolate pools looking about ready to glaze the melancholy away, and her mouth contorted into a sympathetic grimace. The brunette stayed silent, letting Arizona decide if she wanted to discuss the hint of sadness coloring this memory or not.

”Did you know that I used to jog before the plane crash?”

Carina shook her head and Arizona rested her head in the crook of her neck. She could use the little comfort this hiding spot usually brought her. She took a few deep breaths in, the familiar perfume settling some of her anxiety away.

“Well, I did,” she kept on as she focused onto Carina’s ministrations in her hair. “I was far from good but I enjoyed it, especially during the pretty days. I used to go the park near Callie and I’s old house about once a week. It felt nice to be outside, surrounded by nature. To feel the sun on my skin. To see the animals roaming around, to see families sharing a good time together. I used to dream about it a lot after the crash.”

Arizona stopped there. She didn’t wish to go in depth with the repercussions such dreams had had on her and her family at the time.

The three of them, Maya, Carina and Arizona, had already talked about the plane crash and what had ensued from that point forward. Just like they had talked about Maya’s abusive relationship with her father and Carina’s rather difficult one with her own. Their pasts weren’t secrets, they all knew each other’s emotional scars well enough by now. Sharing them, actively talking about them over the years had brought them closer as a throuple and it had allowed them to care about each other and to feel cared for in a way none of them had experienced previously.

However today, Arizona didn’t have the mental strength to deal with the memories talking about it out loud would bring back to the surface. Moreover, Carina didn’t need her to spell it out to understand.

A hand wandered down Arizona’s back, down her hip and gently cupped her left thigh, giving it a squeeze. Carina dropped a kiss onto Arizona’s crown, but remained silent. The blonde looked about a thousand miles away, her eyes staring intensely into the nothingness. After a few moments, Arizona shook her head, seemingly getting a hold on herself.

“Anyway, with everything that has been happening at work lately, I feel like I could really use the outlet. Even though I know they are good things, excellent things even, they’re still stressful.”

“You know you can always talk to either one of us, right? Even if we’re at work. I can always make time for you, bellina. Unless I’m in the OR of course. And Maya is always just a phone call away when she’s not on the field.”

“I know, babe,“ Arizona chuckled and kissed the column of Carina’s neck without moving. “Look, when you have a lot on your mind, you like to talk about it. When Maya has a lot on her mind, she likes to work out. But when I have a lot on my mind? Well, I used to be somewhere in the middle. Talking about it sometimes helped but sports also allowed me to vent when words would fail me, when talking wasn’t sufficient or when I simply didn’t want to talk about what was wrong. And until now, I hadn’t felt the need to exercise to maintain a healthy mental stability. I still have talking and I learned new means to channel my anxiety and anger and whatnots. But sometimes, I see Maya or you coming back from working out and-and… I’m envious. I just- I miss it. I miss having this outlet.”

She turned her head to look at Carina, her chin propped onto the brunette’s chest. Carina moved a fallen lock of hair back behind Arizona’s ear and squeezed her thigh again. Even though the sadness was now gone from her voice, Carina could still see the cloud of melancholy in Arizona’s eyes so she decided to distract her a bit, hoping to make the unspoken bad memories go away.

Carina pecked her lips.

“If in order to get your endorphins, you’d rather wake up at five in the morning to go outside in the cold weather and torture your body until you’re not sure if you’ll be able to walk back home instead of spending some down time with all this,” Carina motioned down to her body with one hand, a smirk on her face, “in our very big and very comfy bed, under warm sheets, doing this.”

Her hand ventured up Arizona’s thigh to her butt cheek, gave it a gentle slap and then seized it with a full hand, intentionally leading Arizona’s crotch down her own thigh. A shuddered left Arizona’s lips and Carina’s smirk grew wider. Her other hand took Arizona’s chin between her thumb and her index, tilting her head up.

“And this.”

Carina’s mouth found hers, her lips soft but her kiss firm.

Arizona knew exactly what Carina was doing, and it was very much working. All the sad memories that had started to bubble up stopped.

Arizona’s tongue smoothly slipped into Carina’s mouth, swallowing a content sigh as she did. It took Carina’s dazzled brain a moment to remember she was the one supposed to make Arizona’s brain go crazy. Arizona’s hand strolled down Carina’s neck, down her collarbone, down her side until it reached her hip. She gave it a tender squeeze as she deepened the kiss. Her other hand ventured up but before it could reach Carina’s breast, the brunette shooed her hand away and broke the kiss.

“Then it’s your loss, I guess,” she shrugged nonchalantly, seemingly unaffected by what had just happened, if not for her labored breath.

Her hand left Arizona’s butt and she extended her arm to take back her book.

“No, no, no,” Arizona grabbed her hand in hers, intertwining their fingers before pulling Carina back into a kiss. “Don’t you ever worry about that. I don’t think neither Maya nor I would ever be able to survive long without our Carina endorphins,” she smiled fondly at Carina and gave her hand a squeeze.

“Our Carina endorphins?” Carina said incredulously, torn between being flattered and mocking her girlfriend’s dorkiness.

“Mmh-mmh,” the blonde mumbled against her lips before kissing her again. “No amount of working out could ever replace those, trust me.”

“The feeling is mutual, bellina.”

“Yeah?” Arizona smiled widely, her dimples popping out.

“Sì,” Carina nodded. “You know, if you had asked me to, I would have gone running with you.”

“And that is a lovely gesture,” Arizona smiled softly. "But I know you hate it. You’re more of a gym kinda gal and that’s okay. I remember the last time Maya took you with her. She had to piggy back ride your ass home, that’s how tired you were. And you complained about being sore for like, a week straight after that. You were impossible,” Arizona chuckled.

“Love makes us do crazy things,” she said pensively.

“Plus, if we go together, I’m very, very, uncertain about the amount of actual running happening,” Arizona said suggestively.

“Point taken,” Carina giggled. “Sure won’t have this problem with Captain Anal.”

“I think Mai would be the exact motivation I need. She’s hard-driven enough that I would have to actually do stuff but she’s also sexy enough to keep me motivated.”

“Who’s hard-driven and sexy?” a sleepy voice asked, emanating from the corridor.

“Couch bambina!”

A few seconds later, Maya appeared in front of the couch, her fists rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as her mouth let out a sinful yawn. She was wearing pajamas as well as a big pillow imprint, running from her forehead to her cheek, proof of how great of a nap she had had.

“We didn’t wake you, did we?”

Maya shook her head. She looked at the two women lying on the couch and decided that they looked comfy enough.

“Scoot,” she instructed to Arizona, her voice thick with sleep.

Arizona barely had time to tuck herself on top of Carina against the back of the couch before Maya settled herself onto Carina’s other side. The brunette dropped a kiss on her forehead and Arizona carefully grabbed the blanket at the end of the couch and draped it over Maya. Her hand wandered to the small of Maya’s back, strolled beneath her top and her thumb stroked the warm skin it found there back and forth.

Maya had come back from a forty-eight hour shift that had somewhere in the middle turned into a fifty-three hour shift.  And it had been one hell of a shift apparently. When Maya had eventually came back home just after lunchtime, she had all but eaten a plate of what Carina had cooked while trying her best not to fall asleep at the table, had then struggled to stay awake throughout her shower and had crashed into their bed with an eagerness that usually came out during intimate moments.

“So who’s hard-driven and sexy?” Maya mumbled against Carina’s collarbone.

“Arizona was actually talking about you, bambina.”

Maya’s eyes fluttered open and they settled into Arizona’s. She smiled warmly at the other blonde before puckering her lips and making a kissing sound. She was way too tired to lean forwards and cover the few inches separating them but she wanted Arizona to know her intentions.

Arizona’s heart seared at the sight of those blue eyes:  Maya still looked dead tired, even after the power nap she had just taken. If those bags under her eyes were any indication of her muscles soreness, as they often were, Arizona could only imagine how uncomfortable Maya’s body must be feeling at the moment. She made a mental note to offer Maya a massage later on. Carina and her both knew Maya was never one to ask for it, despite being the one out of the three of them whose body would profit from it the most.

“Ow, thanks babe,” Maya said sweetly and then frowned. “Why am I hard-driven and sexy?”

Carina was quick to drop a kiss between the furrowed brows, effectively kissing the frown away.

“I was saying I would like to start running again and I was wondering if I could tag along with you every so often? I may have said that you’d be the perfect motivator for me. Hard-driven, so I’d have no choice but to actually jog. And sexy, so I’d have something nice to keep me distracted while I’m suffering.”

“Really? You wanna go running with me?” Maya smiled widely.

Excitement overtook her features, even her eyes, and she seemed truly woken up all of a sudden.

“Mmh-mmh,” Arizona nodded. “This one,” she motioned towards Carina with her chin. “was a bit concerned though.”

Maya pushed her head up to look at the brunette with a playful smile. “Have you no faith in me DeLuca?”

“She might have called you Captain Anal,” Arizona whispered loudly.

Maya gasped, put a hand on her chest and leaned her torso back, looking at Carina with a look of utter betrayal. Arizona couldn’t contain the laugh that emanated from her belly.

“You did not!”

“Traitor,” Carina glared at Arizona.

“Oh my God, you did?” Maya gasped even louder.

“I-ugh- She’s the one who helped me find the word!” Carina pointed towards Arizona.

It was Arizona’s turn to gasp. She lifted her head to look at Carina with the exact same sentiment of treason Maya had just felt.

“If I’m going down, so are you Robbins,” Carina shrugged nonchalantly.

“You guys are terrible girlfriends,” Maya huffed as she lay back down.

The beginning of a pout appeared on her lips before she buried herself under the blanket, pulling it over her head.

"But! But we are terrible girlfriends who love you very much,” Carina pointed out as she pulled the blanked down.

“The muchiest in fact,” Arizona confirmed assuredly. “Come over here,” she motioned towards the spot created between herself and Carina.

“No,” Maya said, petulantly. “You meanies.”

Both women laughed. Carina and Arizona gently dragged Maya towards them and kissed her face until they had the blonde laughing in their arms.

“Okay, okay, uncle! I love you too.”

“Now that’s more like it,” Carina said.

Maya settled comfortably on top of them, half of her weight resting on top of Carina while the other half was resting against Arizona. If Arizona felt a little smooched between Maya and the back of the couch, she was far too content to point it out loud. They stayed a few moments in silence until the Italian spoke up.

“I’m a bit concerned for the both of you actually.”

That got Arizona‘s interest as well as Maya’s and both blondes looked at her inquisitively.

“What about, baby?”

“I’m a bit concerned for Arizona because I know how hard and pushy you can sometimes get without realizing it or meaning to, especially while training. I know you’ve been working hard on it and that you manage your emotions way better nowadays but, as all humans do, you sometimes… slip down.”

“Slip up.”

“Slip up, sì. So it’s still somewhat of a concern for me. And I’m a bit concerned about you Maya, because I know that running is your thing. Your moment where you can be on your own and escape reality for a whole hour, to clear your head. Having someone there, even your girlfriend, would change that. And I’m worried that not being able to have that time to yourself will be detrimental to your mental health.”

Maya and Arizona stayed silent, taking in their girlfriend’s thoughtfulness. They then looked at it other, talking without words.

“Firstly, I think this is very considerate of you and thank you for sharing your worries with us,” Maya said. “Secondly, you’re right. I do like running alone, I like having this moment to myself. I know you guys don’t understand it and I don’t expect you to, so thank you for respecting it and acknowledging its importance to me. But I don’t think you’ll want to come with me every time, right sweetie?”

“God, no. I was thinking like, maybe once a week. As long as our schedules allow it, of course. Plus, I know I’m gonna slow you down-“

Maya frowned, knowing what Arizona was about to say and not liking where her girlfriend’s mind was heading. “Don’t say th-“

“It’s true though. I know that my coming with you will slow you down and that’s fine. I’m not crazy enough to think I can handle nine miles an hour. I’m no firefighter, even less of an Olympian, even a retired one. And I’m not trying to be one. I’ll be slow, even extra-slow at the very start because I haven’t run in a while. That’s normal and that’s totally fine with me. My goal is to work out again and to find some of my old mental health balance back. It isn’t to get extremely good at jogging. Although I do hope to improve over time, I’m not actively seeking to become great. You’ll have to put up with me as much as I’ll have to put with you at first, but I’m sure we’ll find something that works for the both of us. Probably not on the first try but we’ll figure it out eventually. And as Carina smartly pointed out, I know that this is your moment to yourself. I’m not planning on making it less enjoyable for you every single time. Never mind the fact that I don’t think my body would ever be able to handle your strict regimen.”

“Me not running eleven miles an hour isn-“

“Eleven?” Carina asked suddenly, obviously very surprised.

Maya gave her a look.

“Not the point, got it,” Carina mimicked zipping her mouth shut. “Will shut up now.”

“As I was saying, me not at running eleven miles an hour isn’t going to make it less enjoyable.  It’ll just be a different kind of enjoyable. How could my girlfriend accompanying me on one of my favorite activities be anything less than?”

Maya’s face mirrored her words. Every ounce of softness her voice contained was also displayed on her features, for Carina and Arizona’s to see.

“You say the sweetest things,” Arizona said, her voice just above a whisper and she pecked the other blonde.

Maya’s expression turned shy then and she shrugged, a bit embarrassed and not knowing how to respond. Carina’s heart melted with compersion and she gave the both of them a gentle squeeze.

“Once a week definitely won’t be too much. That’s more than reasonable,” Maya changed the subject, a tad uncomfortable at being the center of attention.

“But if it becomes too much, you have to promise to tell me, okay?” Arizona asked. “Your mental health is more important to me than my own enjoyment of watching you train.”

“You do know that you won’t just be watching me but also running alongside me, right?” Maya said with a small chuckle.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

“As for the Captain Anal part,” Maya glanced at Carina with a raised eyebrow, daring her to say something. The brunette simply gave her apologetic look in reply. “How about we establish a training schedule together? That way we can ease you back comfortably into working out and I would know in advance how to adapt my other sessions. Plus, you guys know how I hate to disrupt a schedule.”

Carina chuckled. “How very Maya of you.”

“It is very Maya, but you know what? I love it. See, babe?” Arizona smiled at Carina proudly. “Took us less the ten minutes to ease your worries.”

“Sì,” Carina nodded with a soft smile. “Thank you, amori miei.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Now you bambina, do you want to tell us all about that terrible shift you had today or do you want to finish your nap?”

Maya shook her head. “If I keep on napping, I won’t get any sleep tonight. Can we not talk about work, though?”

“Sure. So, I went to the library yesterday to pick up April’s gift and...” Arizona started.


“No,” Arizona mumbled back groggily.

One arm bravely ventured out of the warm cocoon Maya and her had created during the night and Arizona’s hand gently patted around, trying to hit snooze on the other woman. She landed on what felt like an arm so she worked her way up. Maya giggled, probably because her movements were hazardous and uncoordinated as a more-asleep-than-awake Arizona refused to open her eyes. Before Maya could get hit in the face, she grabbed Arizona’s hand in her own, intertwining their fingers.

“Come here.”

A kiss was dropped onto the back of her hand and Arizona was then pulled along as Maya turned onto her back, effectively forcing her on top of her, though Arizona didn’t mind one bit and settled quickly. Her head rested just above Maya’s breasts and the woman must have felt the shivers running down her spine because before Arizona could complain, Maya was pulling the sheets back on top of them, making sure that they were all the way up to Arizona’s shoulders. A hand calmly wandered up and down her back, soothing the chills away.

“You know what today is?”

Arizona didn’t need to open her eyes to know Maya was smiling. She could almost feel the excitement cursing through Maya’s veins from beneath her.

“Stop trying to wake me. Too early,” Arizona frowned.

“I didn’t know Carina had hired a sub-in for the role of Grumpy,“ Maya teased playfully.

“Not grumpy, sleepy. We went to sleep late,” Arizona provided, not moving her head.

“We could have gone to bed earlier, you’re the one who insisted on finishing the fourth season.”

“Shhh. Five more minutes, sweetie.”

“Okay, five more minutes,” Maya conceded.

“Love you, thanks,” Arizona mumbled, not very eloquently.

“Love you too.”

A kiss was dropped on top on her head and Arizona blindly kissed Maya’s chest in reply before snuggling even further into her warm embrace. Arizona didn’t fall back asleep though. Instead she relaxed and let herself be slowly woken up by Maya’s sweet ministrations on her back.

Sure enough, five minutes later probably on the dots, Maya squeezed Arizona’s hip and gently rolled them onto their sides. A hand pushed a wild fallen lock away from Arizona’s face and came to rest onto her cheek, softly tilting her head up.

“Time to get up for real this time, sweetheart,” was whispered in her ear, lips so close they caressed the skin there at each word uttered.

Arizona had no control over the shudders that ran through her whole body all of a sudden, nor over the content sigh that escaped her mouth. Lips kissed a spot just below her ear and Arizona could feel Maya’s grin against her skin. Kisses wandered down along her jaw and eventually, Maya’s mouth finished its course with a peck against her lips.

Finally, Arizona opened her eyes as Maya pulled away and she was greeted by the sight of a radiant and over-excited Maya. Though she wasn’t as enthusiastic as her girlfriend about what was about to come this morning, Maya’s joyfulness was infectious and Arizona couldn’t help but reciprocate the smile.

“Hi sweetheart.”

“Mornin’,” Arizona replied after letting out a big yawn.

She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes with her fists.

“Do you want to eat something before going?”

Arizona shook her head. “I don’t think so. Maybe just some orange juice?”

“I’ll go get that ready while you properly wake up.”

Maya pecked her once more before detangling their bodies and getting out of bed. Arizona didn’t lose the opportunity to look at her girlfriend, standing there in all her naked glory. That woke her up more than any amount of eye rubbing ever would.

“Oh, I’m definitely awake now,” Arizona got up on her elbow.

Maya just shook her head and chuckled.

“That’s all it takes, then, uh?”

“What can I say? I am but a simple woman.”

That only made Maya laugh even more.

“Come on Casanova, your orange juice will be waiting for you in the kitchen.”

With that, Maya walked out of the bedroom.

“YOU’RE NOT EVEN GONNA BOTHER WITH A TEE-SHIRT?” Arizona called out, her eyes never leaving Maya’s backside, drinking every ounce of her in until she was out of sight.

“CALL IT MOTIVATION,” Maya yelled back.

Oh, motivated Arizona was now indeed.

When they came back home, the first things both women spotted once the front door opened were Carina’s shoes neatly cleaned up and her brown coat on the hanger, indicating their girlfriend was home. A couple of seconds later, they were hit by the smell of coffee and toasts, telling them Carina was most likely in the kitchen, preparing breakfast.

“WE’RE BACK!” Maya yelled as Arizona closed the door.


Carina’s tiredness tainted her voice and Maya and Arizona could already envision the bags under her eyes. They looked at each other stealthily with a knowing look. They high-fived each other, proud for having thought about setting the table down for breakfast before going on their run. They made quick work of discarding their shoes before heading to the kitchen.

Carina was already in her pajamas, her dampened hair a testament that she had already showered her shift away. Her bare face, free of her usual make up, showed just how tired Carina must be feeling inside. Her eyes were slightly reddened, the bags under her eyes were prominent, her usually discreet wrinkles were sticking out, and though her smile did reach her eyes when they landed onto Arizona and Maya, there was a familiar fatigue behind it. Her hands were wrapped around a cup of coffee, holding it as if it was the most precious thing in the world.

“Hello baby.”


“Buongio-“ Carina yawned mid-sentence. “Buongiorno.”

Unlike usual, where Carina was greeted with a peck and a hug, both women stood a few feet away from her, grinning widely, their blue eyes gleaming with elation. She raised an eyebrow, silently asking where were her good morning kisses, especially when she knew her tiredness was as plain as the nose on her face.

“We have a little something for you!” Arizona said.

“Arizona’s idea.”

“Well, I only had the idea because Maya pointed something out to me.”

Only then did Carina notice that Maya had an arm behind her back, obviously hiding their mysterious gift. Her grin grew even wider at her girlfriends’ thoughtfulness and even though she hadn’t drunk a sip of her coffee yet, familiar warmth spread throughout her chest.

“One, two, three, tada!”

Maya extended her arm out, handing Carina a small bouquet. There were simple flowers that they had probably handpicked at the park and on their way home, all very different in sizes and shapes from one another but Carina wouldn’t change one petal for the world.

“Oh, thank you, belle.”

She approached the two women and gave them each a kiss.

“Let me put them in a vase.”

“Nonsense,” Arizona said with a slight frown. She squeezed Carina’s hip and gently poked at it. “You go sit and let us take care of everything.”

Carina didn’t have it in her to fight her, especially when all she wanted to do was let herself be taken care of, share breakfast with her girlfriends and go to sleep.

“Do you want some eggs one your toasts?” Maya asked as she broke one into the pan.

“Only one please.”

“Me too, sweetheart.”

“On it, ladies.”

“How was your guys’ run?” Carina asked from the table and finally took a sip of her decaffeinated beverage now that it had cooled down to a reasonable level.

“It was good. Better than I thought it would be,” Arizona said truthfully as she brought the toasts and the bowl of fruit to the table.

She took a sit opposite Carina.

“I haven’t worn this bad boy in a while,” she patted her special prosthetic. “So I was expecting it to be more uncomfortable than that. But truly, it’s just weird. It doesn’t press in the same places my every-day one does,” Arizona shrugged.

They heard the familiar sound of the blender going on and a couple of minutes later, Maya gave each woman their sunny-side up eggs, put the pan into the sink and took a sit at the table.

“It was so fun,” Maya replied with a big smile. “I haven’t laughed that hard while training in a long time. Thought I wasn’t sure if we were jogging or training to become stunt doubles at some point.”

“This is going to follow me a while, isn’t it?” Arizona rolled her eyes.

“Oh, you bet it is,” Maya said playfully and squeezed Arizona’s thigh.

Carina raised an eyebrow at them, trying to figure out what she had missed.

“This one fell down, like not even ten minutes in. Should have seen her, a real Jackie Chan,” Maya chuckled as the recollection came back to her mind. 

“You fell?” Carina asked worriedly.

She eyed what was visible of Arizona. She didn’t remember seeing any scratches on her earlier, nor any weird limp but her heart couldn’t help but beat just a tad faster than usual out of concern.

“It’s fine. I’m fine, babe,” she gave Carina’s hand a reassuring squeeze. “I fell on the grass. I don’t even have a scratch. I was… distracted by the wild life.”

“And by wild life, Arizona means my butt,” Maya smirked and took a sip out of her protein shake.

“What’s the point of even going on runs if I can’t look at her butt?” she gave Carina a don’t-you-agree-look.

“It is a great butt,” Carina nodded.

“You guys are incorrigible,” Maya said with a giggle.

They kept on eating and sharing small talk until it was eventually time for Maya to go shower if she didn’t wish to be late for her shift. Breakfast done, Arizona cleaned the table up. A yawning Carina took the plates, about ready to help, but Arizona was quick to shoe her away towards the bedroom.

Once everything cleaned up and the table free of crumbs, Arizona decided to shower. Hopefully she would catch a few minutes with Maya if she wasn’t done yet, and then she would rest in bed with Carina.

Just as she entered the bathroom, Maya was shutting off the water. While Arizona was saddened to not be able to share a moment with the blonde, seeing her walking out of her shower, her smooth skin covered in water droplets, her wet hair wildly framing her face, muscles on show… it helped diffuse her fleeting disappointment.

“My eyes are up there, sweetheart,” Maya teased as she wrapped a towel around her body.

She walked the few steps separating them and took Arizona’s chin in her hand, forcing her to look up.


Arizona cupped the back of Maya’s neck and gently pulled her towards her, their lips delicately encountering each other in the middle for a slow yet fiery kiss that they both knew would lead to nowhere.

Maya’s hands landed on her hips, only staying there a few volatile moments before one of them grew a mind on its own and ventured to Arizona’s butt. Arizona sighed at the motion and Maya seized the opportunity to deepen the kiss. Eventually out of breath, Maya pulled away and leaned her forehead against Arizona’s. Maya’s breath was hot and uneven, tickling her skin at every in and out.

“I’ll go put some clothes on before I’m late for work,” Maya murmured, obviously not wanting to but willing herself to be stronger.

“Go,” Arizona powered through her desire and took a step back, effectively letting go of Maya.

Arizona got into the shower, finally washing the sweat away. She heard the blow dryer going on and she spotted a now-dressed-Maya brushing her hair. A few minutes later, Maya knocked onto the shower glass before carefully popping her head in.

“Time to go. I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you.”

Arizona walked up to her. “I love you too. You be safe.”

“Always,” Maya pecked her. “You massage those legs tonight for me, okay?”

“Oi, oi, will do, Captain.”

Maya rolled her eyes, not even dignifying it with a reply. She pecked her lips goodbye one last time before heading to the bedroom. Seeing that Carina wasn’t quite all the way asleep, she gently rubbed the brunette’s exposed arm up and down.


“Sì?” Carina opened her eyes to look at the woman.

“I’m going. I love you.”

“Be safe. Love you too,” Carina said sleepily and puckered her lips, silently asking for a goodbye kiss, a request that was quickly granted by Maya.

A few minutes later, Carina felt the bed dip behind her and a warm body pressed against her backside. Arizona’s hand settled onto her belly and Carina intertwined their fingers before melting into her lover’s embrace.

 “Let me guess: she woke you up at the crack of dawn?” Carina mumbled.

“You know damn well she did,” Arizona replied and kissed Carina’s shoulder. “I had to beg for a few more minutes, she was so goddamn excited. Worse than Sofia on Christmas day. I tried to bride her with sex but she looked at me with those big blue doe eyes and that sweet smile of hers and I couldn’t resist.”

“Yeah, well now try imagining having to say no to two pairs of big blue doe eyes and sweet smiles,” Carina pointed out.

“Guilty as charged, we are extremely adorable.”

“Sì, molto,” Carina let out an extremely loud yawn.

“Come on let’s go to sleep babe.”