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dead of night

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Diluc was woken softly, warmly, swathed in the rising sun spilling through their thin curtains, across their bed, and along the curve of his face. He had things he could be doing. Leads to follow, shipments to unload, horses to brush down as the seasons turned over from the brightness of spring to the lingering heat of the sun. It seemed the heat has infected Diluc too, with pervasive laziness that made him turn his face from the sun and bury his nose into the yielding softness of his pillows.  

The fabric smelled of both him and Zhongli. Had you asked him months prior what he smelled like, Diluc would not have been able to tell you, and likely would have thought you a few drinks too deep. But now, he knew that the smell of sweet flowers and freshly turned soil, foreign teas and the soft spice of redwoods belonged to Zhongli, which only meant that the smells of lingering alcohol and dust and smoke belonged to Diluc. He nosed again at the pillow. He much preferred Zhongli’s. 

Speak of the devil, Zhongli was shifting behind him, broad, uncalloused hands gentle on his waist, pulling his back flush against him. Diluc was broader than Zhongli but Zhongli was taller and found it all too easy to hold him in his arms. He didn’t protest the movement, made all too pliant in the morning light, like a candle left to burn overnight.  

Typically, Diluc was the one to rise early in the morning, to sort his work before the sun got too high in the sky. Zhongli was harder to rouse; Diluc’s sense of urgency had never rubbed off on him and it took a good few hours for Zhongli to pull the sleep from his eyes and crawl his way out of bed, as slow and inevitable as a glacier. So Diluc relished in this change of pace, even as he knew his schedule would catch up to him eventually.  

Diluc sighed contentedly, let the waters of sleep begin to drag him off once more, content to lay here a few moments longer. He started a little when Zhongli began sleepily mouthing, kissing down the back of his neck, the red hair swept out of the way for a moment.  


Evidently, he was awake.  


Still, Diluc didn’t protest. He indulged in the gentle touch, the sensation of Zhongli’s soft lips against his sensitive skin, sighing, satisfied. The hands at his waist slipped under Diluc’s shirt, tracing circles around the skin there, long, slender fingers trailing over the raised skin of scar and the blank swathes between indiscriminately. 

Zhongli managed to press himself even closer, chest pressed flush to back. Diluc could feel the indecipherable murmuring more than hear it, Zhongli’s breath fanning over his skin until goosebumps rose there.  

He only pulled Diluc closer still to him, resting his chin on his shoulder, pressed closer until they were pressed hip to hip. Their proximity brought attention sharply to the firm weight suddenly grinding, slowly, desperately, against his lower back. Diluc couldn’t catch the gasp that escaped him unbidden, even if he’d wanted to. 

Zhongli hummed and Diluc could feel the vibrations against the column of his neck. “You’re awake.” Not a question then; he already knew. He still had his morning voice, still raw and coarse, lacking his usual smooth fastidiousness.  

Diluc laughed, a little breathless. “I certainly am now.” Zhongli’s hands rubbed at his hips, slipping occasionally to squeeze indulgently at the meat of his ass. He sighed deeply, renewing his efforts to press kisses to every inch of Diluc’s skin.  

It was when the kisses turned to the gentle nipping of teeth and his fingers began to press into his skin harder, more possessively. Diluc was no one to shy away from pain, but he supposed he should address the situation, now that he understood.  




“Hm...” Zhongli pulled his lips from Diluc’s skin to speak. “...yes, heart?”  

Diluc slid his hand down to take one of Zhongli’s in his own, interlacing their fingers. “...When was the last time you fed?”  

Zhongli chuckled against his skin, sending shivers traipsing over his skin. “Why do you ask?” 

“You know you only get like this when you haven’t fed.”  

“Nothing escapes you, does it?”  


Diluc released his hand, finally rolling over to face Zhongli. As he expected, his pupils were wide and dark, slitted in a way that looked more lizard than human. As their eyes met, Zhongli smiled and Diluc could see the razor-sharp edge of his fangs glinting in his mouth.  

“Only when it comes to you. Now,” Diluc set his face into something scrutinizing. “Why haven’t you told me you needed to eat.”  

“I fully intended to feed last night, but I found the sight of you made the intention fully slip my mind.” Zhongli squeezed his ass again as he mentioned the prior night. Diluc batted his hand away and rolled his eyes.  

“Well then.” Diluc’s eyes were lidded as he pressed a chaste kiss to Zhongli’s lips before pushing himself away. “I suppose you will just have to multitask.”  

He sat himself up against the pillows and watched, amused, as Zhongli caught his intention and went scrambling to situate himself between his legs. His eyes flashed an inhuman gold as he smoothed his hands over the bare skin of Diluc’s legs. There was a certain headiness to this feeling, the knowledge he had an immortal creature knelt between his legs, willing to prostrate himself to Diluc’s whims.  

He reached a hand down to card his fingers through the dark tresses of Zhongli’s hair. The vampire leaned into the touch, then gasped as Diluc tugged and wrenched his head upwards.  


“Will you keep me waiting?”  


Diluc released him and let his legs fall apart, not missing the way Zhongli’s eyes darted down to glance at his hardening cock, wetting his lips with his tongue.  

“Get to it, then.”  



For all his eagerness, Zhongli set upon him with the tender and careful pace of molasses, his kisses just as sweet. Beginning just above his knee, Zhongli worked his way up Diluc’s legs, switching sides and taking care to leave no inch of flushed skin untouched. Thankfully Diluc was rather used to the vampire’s unhurried pace and let himself sink, sighing, into the bed, clenching and unclenching his hands in the sheets.  

In most things, Zhongli was immovable, as slow-moving and inevitable as a glacier carving through the earth. On the days when neither of them had work, Zhongli could be downright torturous, slowly teasing Diluc until he was wound as tight as a trip-wire, until finally, finally, he snapped—  

Diluc hissed as Zhongli suddenly nipped at his skin with his canines. The vampire smiled up at him cheekily.  


In most things, Zhongli was patient.  


When Zhongli was hungry, he was absolutely not.  

Diluc opened his mouth, to scold him, goad him, something, but he found the words fled him all at once as Zhongli’s fingers pressed against his hole. He was still soft, wet, from the night prior. Two slender fingers sunk in him easily, with little resistance as Diluc was still pliant from sleep.  

He hissed through his teeth as fangs continued to nip at his skin, just this side of drawing blood. As he pressed another finger into him and began to scissor Diluc open, Zhongli pulled his mouth free to sigh and begin to speak.  


“I do love to see you like this, flushed.” He paused to press an unoccupied finger to Diluc’s skin, watching as it paled under the pressure before returning to its lurid rosy shade. “Have I told you that?” 

“You wax poetic about it every time you see me.”  

“It is true every time.” He sighed again, a shuddering, breathless little noise as the dark of his pupil subsumed the iris until there was only a sliver of gold left. He looked up to Diluc.  

“I don’t think myself capable of holding back any longer.”  

Diluc was wordless for a moment, silently gasping as a finger pressed into that spot inside him. Once he’d gathered himself, he looked down to Zhongli, peering down at him through heavy lashes, eyes equally as dark as his. 


“Then don’t.”  



A vampire bite wasn’t something one could describe easily.  

Even Diluc, who could safely say he’d experienced more than most would in a lifetime in a matter of months, lacked the words to describe the sensation.  

Zhongli had attempted to describe it to him, before the first time they’d done this. He’d bite him and it would hurt, at first. Truth be told, Diluc had stopped listening when Zhongli had begun discussing the intricacies of vampire saliva. In a word, it was an aphrodisiac, to soothe the pain and keep them pliant. After a certain point, the sensations melded together. The pain of the bite and the pleasure that followed became inextricably linked.  

The pain was familiar, as Zhongli’s fangs finally sliced into his skin, blood welling up in the wound immediately. The vampire pulled back for a moment, and watched as the blood began to run in rivulets down the inside of Diluc’s thigh before sealing his mouth over it, laving over the punctures.  

It was instantaneous, the heat that bloomed within Diluc, tracing his veins until he felt like his body had been set alight. He was sure that the blush that had settled in his skin had only grown brighter as his skin went tacky with sweat. He gasped and trembled lightly as he arched off the bed, gripping at the sheets. His vision escaped him for a moment.  

When he came back to himself, he managed to find Zhongli’s satisfied expression through the tears clouding his eyes. He pressed his tongue against the bite again and Diluc couldn’t restrain the moan that escaped him at the sharp pain that ran up his leg, making his cock twitch and drip against his navel.  

Zhongli pulled and took a few more thick gulps before pulling away with a breathless gasp. This was the closest Diluc got to seeing him for as inhuman as he was. His pupils consumed a majority of his eyes and his expression was distant and sated as he licked over his lips and teeth, gathering the last of the blood. He was like a wolf licking his maw.  

But a moment later, the expression was gone, replaced with a healthy renewed flush high in Zhongli’s cheeks. His tongue darted over his lips as their eyes met again, less for the red still staining his mouth and more in a different sort of hunger. He shifted up the bed and leaned up to pull Diluc into a kiss, lingering there until he could taste himself in his mouth. Zhongli pulled away and pressed their foreheads together.  

“Anything you want, ask it of me, and it will be yours, heart.”  

Diluc huffed a little, impatient. His mind was still clouded with heat, and the insistent need to cum was only growing.  

“Gods, Zhongli, fuck me.” 

Zhongli pressed a chaste kiss to Diluc’s nose before pulling back once more.  


“As you insist.” 


Zhongli smoothed his hands down Diluc’s leg, careful to avoid the bite, before maneuvering them to wrap around his waist. Diluc’s skin was still feverish, every touch sent sparks through him, breath catching in his throat. Through the haze, he could feel Zhongli’s fingers at his hole again. 

Zhongli,” he growled. “If you don’t start fucking me right now, I swear—” 

“Easy, easy.” Zhongli smiled fondly. “Have I ever left you wanting before?” 

Diluc’s adamant “yes” was silenced by Zhongli’s fingers suddenly leaving him before quickly being replaced with the head of his cock. He paused there scrutinizing Diluc’s face over for any sign of pain before slowly moving forward, easing into him until they were pressed hip to hip.  

Diluc clutched at Zhongli’s back as he leaned down over him until they were nearly chest to chest. He could feel his heart beating in his chest, the heat between their skin, the fullness of Zhongli’s cock within him. He took the moment of stillness to catch his breath.  

He nodded once he’d caught it, managing to open his eyes to meet Zhongli’s. Something soft within him thrilled at the fondness he found there.  



Zhongli did as asked, and began to move, setting a slow, persistent pace. Diluc was already embarrassingly close; he felt a hair-trigger away from cumming. It was only the slow, steady pace that kept him from cumming right then and there.  

The vampire’s cock was long and never failed to hit that spot within him, grinding against it deliciously with every thrust. Diluc whined at the sensation and pressed a hand to his mouth to stop the noises from escaping him. Zhongli laughed lightly and pulled the hand away, replacing it with his lips. “Don’t tell me you’re getting shy on me now.”  

Diluc just glared at him from under his lashes.  

“Alright, alright. I get the message.”  

Zhongli pulled back and fucked into him at a new angle, making Diluc gasp. He increased his pace gradually, pressing in and out too fast for Diluc to gather his thoughts. The heat, the pressure within him was building higher and higher. 

“I- I’m going to— Hh. Please—!”  

Zhongli’s hand reached between them and found his cock, beginning to run his thumb over the weeping head. Diluc’s hips bucked indecisively between the warmth around his cock and the weight in his ass.  

“Go ahead.”  


Diluc came with a silent gasp, vision going white before falling boneless against the bed. He heard Zhongli murmur something above him before sleep dragged him gently back into his depths.  

He didn’t realize he’d slipped from consciousness until he felt the cool drag of a damp rag against his ass, making him hiss and shift away from the touch.  

“It will only be a moment, I promise.”  

Zhongli kept the touch light, wiping away sticky and gross remnants before taking up another damp rag to wipe the sweat from his skin. Still, Diluc grumbled but didn’t protest the doting any further. A glance downward confirmed that Zhongli had already cleaned and bandaged over the bite appropriately. All that was left was the pressure of the dressings and a dull ache in his thigh.  

Soon, Zhongli was done and stepped away to set the rags aside. 

“Thanks,” Diluc mumbled, as he pushed himself up and attempted to swing his legs out of bed.  

“What do you think you’re doing?”  

Diluc glanced up at him quizzically. “Going to work.”  

Zhongli fondly shook his head. “I’m going to call up Charles. He can handle the saloon for the day.”  


“No buts. No working after blood loss.” Zhongli’s face was resolute. As with most things, Diluc could tell he would be immovable on this. He sighed and admitted defeat, flopping back onto the bed. 

Zhongli pressed a chaste kiss to Diluc’s forehead and smoothed the mussed red hair from his eyes. “I love you.”  

Diluc could already feel sleep tugging at him again. “Mm... I love you too.”  

Zhongli smiled and pulled the blankets over him before stepping away.  


Diluc called out after him.  

“You owe me biscuits!”  

“Of course!”  


Diluc laughed and smiled. He supposed one day off couldn’t hurt.