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tender memory

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The moon hung high in the night sky, its brightness illuminating the calm, dark waters of the Caribbean as Stede told the crew a bedtime story on the deck of the Revenge. It was a new oneand a good one, if Ed said so himself–-and the crew raptly listened, a challenging feat given hours earlier, they raided a merchant vessel with much success. They sailed away with a bounty of dry goods, citrus, and a cow they voted to name Yolanda. (Stede nixed the winning submission, “Izzy’s Sister”).

The story was long and winding, yet not long enough to settle the crew. Ed understood; a score as good as today’s excited him as well. He smoked his long pipe against a barrel off to the side, watching his co-captain gesture animatedly. Stede’s pale hands glowed in the moonbeams as he acted out each character with aplomb.

Ed loved Stede’s hands. He remembered the first time they shook hands, and even through his leather glove, he could tell they were soft, unlike anything he’d ever felt before. As the months passed, Stede grew callouses on his palms from the strenuous work at sea, and Ed loved his hands even more. They reminded him how much Stede had grown into a strong and powerful captain.

Oh, and powerful he was. Once the merchant vessel had been looted, Stede ordered them to burn it to remind all the other pirates who the Revenge was. (Ed felt the message would have been more impactful had they not waited until after the sailors safely abandoned their ship, but Stede could never be so cruel.)

I wonder if the ship is still on fire, Ed mused to himself. It was a rather large vessel…

He had to check. His leather pants creaked as he rose to his feet. He passed his pipe to Fang and headed toward the stern, passing Buttons at the helm.

“Ev’ning, cap’n,” Buttons said, doffing an invisible cap. Ed gave a brief wave, too lost in thought to engage in anything more.

When Ed reached the rail, his breath caught in his throat. The smattering of stars reflected against the smooth waters would never cease to amaze him. During his time as Blackbeard, he was so focused on the next raid he forgot to admire the beauty of what drew him to the sea. His time on the Revenge made him remember all the things that made him initially fall in love with piracy.

There was no burning ship on the horizon, but a plume of smoke stretched into the sky, the remnants of a job well done.

Ed chuckled to himself, remembering the night they attended the fancy dinner party, and through some quality passive-aggression, Stede caused the partygoers to burn their own ship down. It was fucking mad how Stede was not only able to do it, but the look of absolute glee in his eyes as the posh twats fought one another.

And Stede did it for Ed. That part was never lost on him.

And oh, how Ed’s stomach swooped when they were later stood on the deck of the Revenge, basked in moonlight, and Stede so tenderly tucked Ed’s most cherished piece of red silk into his breast pocket.

“You wear fine things well.”

Ed smiled. He’d never felt so many butterflies in his stomach as he did that night, staring into the eyes of the most remarkable and interesting man Ed had ever met. There he was, falling completely and hopelessly in love with Stede Bonnet.

Now, several months into their relationship (after a tumultuous break that Ed preferred not to think about), it didn’t matter, but Ed wished he would’ve shown Stede how much he appreciated him, cared for him, lov

“Penny for your thoughts?”

Ed turned to see Stede several steps away with his hands behind his back as if waiting for permission to approach. Stede’s gentle smile made Ed melt. The crew must’ve finally fallen asleep, finally leaving them with some alone time.

“Just remembering the first time I ever wanted to kiss you,” Ed said sweetly. He held out a hand, inviting Stede to join him at the railing.

“The beach was quite lovely if I do say so myself,” Stede said as he wrapped his arms around Ed’s waist, and Ed readily draped his arms over Stede’s shoulders.

“That may have been the first time I kissed you, mate, but it wasn’t the first time I thought about it.”

Stede’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Oh? When had you thought about it?”

“Man, when hadn’t I thought about it? A hot piece of ass like yourself,” Ed said jokingly, his eyes lit up with delight. 

Stede chuckled softly, a faint blush appearing on his cheeks. Ed loved reminding Stede how desirable he was any chance he got.

Then, earnestly, Ed said, “After the fancy dinner party, on the deck.” Stede fondly gazed at Ed, his soft brown eyes capturing Ed like they did that night. “The moon up in the sky, just like it is now.” Words started to stick in Ed’s throat. He wasn’t the best at sincerity (especially when it came to romance), but he was trying. For Stede. “And you… you put my red silk in my breast pocket and said…”

“‘You wear fine things well.’ I remember,” Stede said, then smirked. “You wanted to kiss me then?”

“Yeah, man,” Ed said with a laugh. “Of course I did. You were like, the first guy who ever saw me as someone more than—mmm!” Stede cut Ed off with a firm yet tender kiss. Ed sighed into it. He loved kissing this man. The time they were apart was unbearable; he feared he’d never get to kiss Stede Bonnet again.

Stede drew back, a coy smile on his lips. “Consider that our make-up kiss from that night.”

Ed grinned. It was silly; the make-up kiss could’ve been any of the hundreds, if not thousands, they’d shared since then. But then again, Ed loved that about Stede. He loved every bit of this nonsensical man.

He wanted to tell Stede how his heart fluttered when he stood so close that night, how beautiful he looked in the moonlight, how the smile Stede gave him was so profoundly etched on his heart it made him weak in the knees just thinking about it.

Instead, Ed slid his hand to cup Stede’s jaw and murmured, “I love you,” before capturing Stede in a searing kiss.

Stede sharply inhaled and pulled Ed closer (if that was even possible). He slipped his hand under Ed’s crop-top, his smooth callouses cool spots opposing his hot palm, drawing a soft moan from Ed’s lips.

“I love you too, Ed,” Stede whispered before diving back in for another kiss.

Ed tangled his fingers in Stede’s curls and, with a gentle tug, tilted his head to kiss him even deeper. Their tongues slid against one another, and Stede’s fingers dipped just below Ed’s waistband. Ed moaned again, the sound resonating from deep in his chest. He rubbed his clothed erection against Stede, and ohStede was quick to hold him there, thrusting minutely for Ed to feel his answer. 

It was so fucking hot to be standing on the ship with his lover, making out and grinding together like teenagers. Ed nearly devoured Stede as they kissed and tentatively rocked against one another. Their search for mutual friction resulted in less kissing and more breathing against each other’s lips, focusing on the physical sensation of being alive and together. 

Ed loved Stede more than anyone else on Earth. Ed also wanted to climb Stede like a tree and sit on that fat cock until he was absolutely ruined for anyone else.

“I need you inside me,” Ed whispered hotly against Stede’s lips.

“That could be arranged,” Stede replied breathlessly before stepping back. He took Ed’s hand in his, tangling their fingers together, and led him toward their quarters.

As they passed the helm, Buttons warmly said, “Have a good ev’ning, cap’ns.”

Stede gave him a tight-lipped nod, which made Ed’s cock twitch in his trousers. Only a very... distracted Stede couldn’t properly acknowledge his crew.

They quietly hurried down the stairs and into the captains’ quarters. Ed locked the door behind him before Stede roughly pushed him against it for a brutal kiss. Ed grabbed at Stede’s lapels, drawing him closer before deciding the damned thing needed to come off instead. He yanked it down Stede’s arms and haphazardly tossed it aside, his lips never once leaving his lover’s. Stede quickly put his hands back on Ed’s hips, sliding both hands under his shirt and raking his perfectly manicured fingernails down Ed’s back.

Ed growled as he fumbled with Stede’s vest buttons. It wasn’t fair—he wanted to touch Stede too, but the damned man had gotten all dressed up for the raid because this was the absolute dork Ed fell head-over-heels in love for.

Stede removed one hand from under his shirt to brush Ed’s long hair back, and oh—Stede moved his lips over Ed’s beard to the spot just below his ear.

“Oh, Stede…” Ed moaned, his eyes momentarily crossing.

“Yes, darling?” Stede murmured in Ed’s ear before nipping lightly at the lobe.

Ed couldn’t think when Stede’s lips were on his neck, but his body was responding. His cock grew harder in his trousers, and he instinctually pressed his hips forward, grinding against Stede. He tried to unbutton Stede’s vest with shaking fingers, getting two more undone before giving up.

Ed shoved Stede, forcing him to stagger a few steps back. Stede furrowed his brow in confusion. Ed peeled his own shirt off.

“Take off your fucking clothes,” Ed commanded. 

“Yes, right,” Stede mumbled as he obeyed, deftly unbuttoning his vest in less time than it took Ed to peel off his leather pants.

Ed, now naked, grew even more impatient with how many damn articles of clothing his lover wore. As Stede wrestled out of his shirt, Ed eased himself to his knees to open Stede’s trousers because Stede needed to be naked fucking yesterday. Ed shoved Stede’s trousers down, freeing his cock. It was gorgeously pink and hard, jutting proudly from Stede’s groin. It was larger than most of the other cocks Ed had enjoyed in the past, and for that, he felt blessed.

“There you are,” Ed murmured as he began to jack Stede’s cock lightly. Ed wrapped his lips around the head without thought, tasting the pre-cum forming at the slit.

“Oh, oh, Ed…” Stede gasped. His fingers grabbed Ed’s hair for balance.

“God, I love your cock,” Ed said before taking Stede in deeper, savoring the soft, salty skin on his tongue. He moaned around Stede’s flesh when his nose touched the patch of blonde hair at the base.

Stede breathed shakily, his fingers tensing in Ed’s hair. 

“Ed… Ed… as lovely as your mouth is, I’m afraid I won’t be able to fulfill your initial request… if you keep going…”

Ed pulled off Stede’s cock with a soft ‘pop.’

“Mm, we wouldn’t want that,” he said coyly as he rose to his feet. He pressed his body against Stede’s, finally touching all that glorious skin, their cocks sandwiched between them. He kissed Stede again, then whispered against his lips, “I know how much you love coming in my ass.”

“Oh, Jesus, Ed …” Stede gasped. Ed smirked. He loved using crass language to his advantage in the bedroom.

“Ed is just fine,” he joked.

Stede let out a half-laugh, then drew Ed into another kiss. 

Ed roved his hands over Stede’s back, petting and squeezing the supple skin. He palmed Stede’s ass in both hands and gave him a light smack.

“Finish taking your pants off and sit on the chaise,” Ed told him. He then pecked him on the lips before sashaying across the room to retrieve the oil from their bed nook.

When he returned, Ed’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor. 

Stede was completely naked and seated back against the chaise. He had one arm casually draped across the back and the other hand lazily stroking his hard cock. His feet were planted firmly on the floor, his legs spread like he anticipated someone falling to their knees to suck his cock. (Oh, Ed was tempted.)

“Fuck, look at you,” Ed breathed. Stede shifted, self-consciousness getting the better of him. “No, no, go back to how you were sitting.” Stede did, though he seemed a bit unsure. “Now there’s a captain I’d like to fuck.” A blush bloomed from Stede’s cheeks down to his chest.

“What are you waiting for, then?” Stede asked with a hint of frustration.

Ed’s eyebrows rose in surprise as he sauntered up to the chaise. He loved it when Stede got impatient. “Mm, aye, aye, Captain.”

He dropped the oil bottle beside them as he gingerly straddled Stede’s lap. Stede ran his hands up Ed’s thighs to his hips to pull him closer. Ed grabbed the chaise on either side of Stede’s head, looming over Stede with his hair draped like a curtain around their faces. Stede gazed at him with those gorgeous brown eyes all hazy and unfocused.

“Exactly where I want you,” Ed purred. He rolled his hips, grinding his cock against Stede’s stomach.

“I thought there was one place in particular you wanted me,” Stede reminded him, absolutely breathless. He smoothed his hands back to Ed’s ass and squeezed, pulling his cheeks roughly apart. Ed let out a low moan when his hole was exposed to the cool air.

“Mm, you are technically correct,” Ed chuckled. “Would you be interested in preparing that particular place?” He couldn’t stop himself from dipping down for a lazy kiss on Stede’s lips.

“I would be much obliged.”

Ed grinned wickedly before dismounting from Stede’s lap. He positioned himself on the chaise beside Stede on his knees and elbows, his ass fully presented to his lover.

Years ago, being on all fours for another captain sounded absolutely humiliating to Ed. Blackbeard would never do something like that. With Stede, he’d get in this position in a heartbeat if Stede asked. He knew Stede would touch him like he was the most precious thing, loving him with every fiber of his being. Nothing was humiliating about that.

Ed briefly peered back at Stede, who was resituating himself with the oil bottle. He couldn’t help smiling to himself. He loved having Stede finger him open with his newly calloused digits. Ed closed his eyes in anticipation of Stede’s gentle touch, but instead—

“Oh, fuck, Stede! ” Ed groaned loudly, his eyes rolling back as Stede licked over his hole. 

Stede didn’t respond; he just redoubled his efforts, licking again and again before making an absolute meal out of Ed’s ass. Ed couldn’t breathe; it felt so incredible. He’d done the same to Stede many times—turns out, Stede absolutely loved being eaten out—but Stede had yet to perform on him. The man was a goddamn natural.

“Oh, Jesus fucking Christ…” Ed whimpered when Stede’s tongue pushed against the tight muscle, probing at his entrance. He breathed deeply, focusing all his efforts on not coming in an instant. It was becoming more impossible by the second. His cock was so fucking hard it was starting to hurt, and he so badly needed Stede’s cock inside him.

“Stede, darling...” Ed rasped. 

“Yes, my love?” Stede mumbled between licks.

Fuck, he was not going to stop until Ed was an absolute wreck! 

Ed needed to take some measures before he came without Stede inside him. He shakily rose to his hands and, in an instant, turned around to pin Stede to the chaise. Stede’s cock rested against Ed’s ass, so so close to its destination. Stede stared at him in desperate anticipation.

“Did I do something wrong?” Stede asked with genuine concern.

“Oh, god no. If anything, you did too many things right,” Ed assured him. “Some day soon, you’re going to do that to me again all the way to completion.” He leaned down to whisper against Stede’s lips. “But tonight, I want your thick cock splitting me open when I come. Does that work for you?”

Stede vigorously nodded.

“Good.” Ed kissed him firmly. “But like, holy shit, man, you are very, very good at that. Like, mind-blowingly good.”

Stede smiled proudly. “Thank you. I was taking notes when you, um, do that to me.”

“Well, it shows. Reminds me I should show you more things.”

“Please do,” Stede said eagerly. “I want to know everything you like.”

Ed smirked and dove in for another kiss, this one hot and deep. Stede rocked his hips upward, his shaft dragging along Ed’s slickened hole, igniting something deep within Ed.

“Where’s the oil?” Ed asked, out of breath.


Ed grabbed the small vial, uncorked it, and poured some of the liquid into his palm. He wasted no time reaching behind himself to lubricate Stede’s rigid cock. Just as he lifted himself to sit on Stede’s cock once and for all, his knee twinged in pain.

Stede must’ve seen his face twitch in pain because he sweetly asked, “Knee again?”

“Yeah,” Ed murmured. “Too much kneeling tonight.” God, he was so looking forward to riding Stede, too.

“Trade places with me, darling,” Stede insisted.

After a moment of limbs in awkward places, Ed found himself on his back with Stede between his legs, leaning over him. He tenderly dragged his fingers down Stede’s chest and purred contently as he gazed up at his lover.

“God, you’re fucking gorgeous, Stede,” Ed admired. Stede smiled bashfully as a blush grew on his cheeks. He leaned down to kiss Ed sweetly.

You’re gorgeous, Edward,” Stede whispered. Ed’s stomach always happily flipped when Stede used his full name.

After two more delicate kisses, Ed asked quietly, “May I have your dick now?”

“Of course, darling,” Stede replied with a slight chuckle.

Stede reached between his legs to line his cock up with Ed’s hole, then Ed felt him pushing inside, his thick member finally, finally spearing him open.

Ed moaned long and low as Stede entered him, his back arching instinctually, begging for more. He gripped Stede’s shoulders, then his neck and hair as that big cock forced its way into him.

“Fuck, your dick is so good,” Ed mumbled. He whimpered when Stede bottomed out, his balls resting sweetly against his ass.

“And your body is incredible," Stede said softly.

Ed pulled Stede down for a messy kiss. Stede stayed deep inside him, rocking ever so slightly. He felt incredible—thick and long and precisely what Ed needed.

Stede drew back just enough to look at Ed’s face. His soft brown eyes gazed at him with a fondness Ed wished he could stopper up and keep with him at all times.

“I love you, Edward,” Stede said softly.

Ed would never tire of hearing those words.

“Love you too, Stede.”

He’d also never tire of saying it back.

Stede kissed Ed again, but as he did, he grabbed Ed’s thigh to better fold him in half. Ed gladly helped hike his legs farther up Stede’s waist, so his heels rested atop Stede’s ass.

Then Stede began to move, pumping into Ed slowly and methodically. Ed sighed contently at the superior sensation of Stede’s cock plowing into him. While he loved every part of sex with Stede, he particularly enjoyed Stede’s initial thrusts because he could savor every heavenly inch of Stede against his rim, splitting him open. He loved the worried crease in Stede’s brow as he watched Ed’s face for any sign of distress before thrusting faster or harder. He loved seeing Stede’s expression when he purposefully tightened around him—oh, like that—drawing a nearly imperceptible gasp as his eyelids fluttered shut.

Ed pulled Stede down for another kiss and pressed his heels into his ass. He was ready to get fucked into the chaise.

Stede picked up speed and fucked him with gusto. Their hips collided so hard that Ed swore he heard the furniture shift against the wood floor.

“Fuck me… yeah, that’s perfect, Stede…” Ed breathed against Stede’s lips. “Just like that…”

Stede dropped his head onto Ed’s shoulder as he fucked him faster. Ed hugged Stede close, reveling in the heat and sweat of their bodies pressed together, his hard and leaking cock sandwiched between them.

There was a slight shift of Stede’s knees, and Ed let out a choked gasp as his lover’s cock hit the spot inside him that made him see stars.

“Oh, fuck, right there, Stede, right fucking there,” Ed panted. He slipped a hand down to tug at his own cock. His knuckles scraped against the gorgeous hair on Stede’s belly as he jerked himself the best he could.

Stede turned his head to press kisses against Ed’s neck, and Ed knew it would be over for him very soon. His whole body buzzed as Stede’s lips got higher and higher. Ed was shaking; he was so, so close... then Stede grazed his teeth over the spot beneath his ear.

Oh, fuck!” Ed shouted like the words were punched out of him. His body suddenly seized—toes curling, back bending, head snapped back—and he came, ejaculating messily between them. 

“That’s it, Edward, that’s it…”

“Stede! Oh, shit… Stede!” Ed gasped in short bursts as Stede continued to wring the orgasm out of him.

Stede grunted, and his thrusts became more erratic. He was close. Thankfully, Ed knew what would do the trick.

“Yeah, yeah, c’mon, Stede, come inside me,” Ed murmured into Stede’s ear as he pulled his hand out from between them. His fingers were covered in sweat and cum, perfect for reaching down to Stede’s hole and shoving two inside him.

FUCK!” Stede yelled loud enough to wake the whole ship. He drove his cock into Ed, holding him down on it, and Ed relished in the sudden burst of Stede’s cum in his ass.

“Fuck, that’s right, fill me up, Stede…” Ed purred, wiggling his digits inside Stede. He felt every twitch and gush as Stede emptied himself into him. It was heavenly.

After a few moments, Stede finally collapsed on top of Ed, who chuckled deliriously and removed his fingers from Stede’s ass. He gently rubbed Stede’s back, paying particular attention to his lower back, where he’d undoubtedly ache tomorrow.

They breathed together, recovering silently in their post-coital bliss. Ed nosed at Stede’s temple as he grinned like an idiot. 

“That was fucking phenomenal,” Ed said before kissing Stede’s damp forehead. “You’re fucking amazing, love.” Ed felt Stede smiling against his shoulder before Stede finally picked up his head to look at him.

“It helps to have an equally amazing partner,” Stede replied. He shifted his hips, making his cock slip out of Ed along with a small trickle of semen.

“You’ve seriously ruined me for anyone else.” Stede chuckled bashfully. “I’m serious, Stede. This is what they meant when they said you ruined Blackbeard.” Stede dropped his face against Ed’s shoulder and laughed a little harder. “They just didn’t know they meant how absolutely thoroughly you’d wreck my ass and make me beg for more.”

Stede picked up his head to look at Ed, who grinned flirtatiously.

“We both know that’s not what they meant,” Stede said.

“No, that’s what they meant. My ass is yours forever, Stede Bonnet. Ruined by that perfect cock of yours.”

Stede nodded shyly. “Thank you, Ed. It helps when your body is so lovely and wonderful."

Now it was Ed’s turn to blush. Stede smiled tenderly at him.

“A body worthy of fine things,” he added before dropping a kiss right over Ed’s heart.

Ed gathered Stede in his arms and kissed him firmly on the lips.