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dark atmosphere

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In the afternoon, Jungwon came back from the school with his uniform suit to their dorm. Just after he gets there Jake cries and the manager is scolding Jake.
"You always the worst among them. When can you be proud of the company? Of ENHYPEN?" And he slapped Jake's cheeks, but when he was about to slap Jake, Jungwon held his hand.
"Ow sir… be calm, is everything wrong?"
"Jungwon, why did you come back home earlier?"
"None of your business"
"Ck, saw this your hyung getting worse time by times"
"He always has the lowest rank, score and everything. And if you are a leader why are you so calm?"
"And why are you so rude?"
"Pardon, what do you mean?"
"I know your plan, Leo-ssi"

Huh… everyone seeing each other, what does Jungwon mean? Is he knowing something?
“How far you know, Jungwon?” said his manager with a little laugh, making the atmosphere a little bit darker. The manager is standing in front of Jungwon's face, other manager named Kevin wanting to protect Jungwon but Heeseung holds it, “It’s not the right time, we should see what will be happening, so be calm for now. Jungwon is strong, don’t worry about him.” After that, Heeseung as the oldest one pulling the hands of the manager and other members not to be in the room, because it was heavy atmosphere.


the sound of a flower vase falling, a manager's intonation is getting higher.
“A simple thing, because I know his struggles, the struggles he has been through, I know what improvements he has made. And you never know, so I appreciate him. Not like you pfft…”
“But if you want the other reason, i protect him because of you”
“You’re plan, Leo-ssi” jungwon continued his words. But now, on the outside, Kevin as their other manager is very impatient about what is happening, and Heeseung also Jay can't calm his emotions.
Brak…. the door opened
“Wow, calm… calm…”
“So Leo-ssi, may i tell them…?” Jungwon said with his sharp eyes.
“Sure, because… what you know about this plan”
“Okay, and don’t be sad, don’t be mad if i blame you.”
He nodded and Jungwon took control of his time by showing pieces of papers. First, it shows a photo about sasaeng at the airport. “Did you know her?” said Jungwon while indicating the girl in the picture. “Nope” “Are you sure? if you're lying, okay. Let’s stop here, and i'll blame you, always.” Now Jungwon is leading the atmosphere. “So,tell me. Do you know her?” “Yes, i do”
“Fuck, how can the scariest person in this company is afraid of one 17 year old boy.” said Heeseung mind.
“Who is she”
“No, I can't tell you”
“Haha, okay. You mustn't tell me. Because I've known it before” hearing that, the manager rolled his eyes very sharply and gave a confused look.
“It’s Lee Lyoura? isn’t it?”
“A division head in the media department, was told by a manager from another agency to stalk and even follow the members everywhere. Sadly, she did it because she needed money to continue her studies.” Suddenly the members, especially Jake, were shocked to hear that, how could he know it in such detail.
“How could you know?”
“I met and talked face to face, How? because on the way I found her business card. Anyway i just wanna flexing, i’m smarter than you think”
“How confident you’re pfft…”
“Yes, what you said is all correct. I really hate Jake from debut even i-land, i do it because of that, i gave him sasaeng, i gave him a little line for your comeback, i won’t to see him rising in this entertainment world”
“Oh, wow. Do i look like care? no and never will. And it's good you tell without me asking. The more you hate it, the more I make revenge decisions for you.”
“You’ll never can, Jungwon”
“But if i can?”
“You never beat your own manager, because you are the weakest.”

“Are you confident in beating Sunghoon Hyung confident? Hahaha, so useless to doing that, like a fool.” the one who is ridiculed is furious, but the one who speaks happily, “he’s fucking underestimates Yang Jungwon” Jungwon said to himself. The other members after hearing that feeling scared, because it was the first time they saw Jungwon angry and sarcastic at the same time.
Knock… knock
the sound of knocking on the door is heard
“We from the police received a report that there was a defamation case for Shim Jaeyun, because of that, we arrested you, Park Leo."
“who reported me? did you guys have the proof?” he asked with a scornful laugh that looked disdainful “ugh so disrespectful” quip Ni-ki after hearing that.
“This, the first evidence from the agency's CCTV, it looks like you scolded him violently right? Secondly, the articles. Articles which vilify Mr. Jake with full written hate speech and led netizens' opinions in the comments to corner him.” said the policemen while putting the handcuffs on his hands, who were caught snorting in annoyance.
“Mr. Yang Jungwon, on November 13th” casually reported the manager spoke "Hi! it’s me, surprise~~~~ hello the loser no i mean hello the best manager? who has been doing good in front of but 180 degrees opposite."
“How dare you Jungwon”

“Sshh, don't talk too much. Come with me to the office” said the policeman, then pulled the manager out of the room. When they were gone, the members especially Kevin, the other manager approached Jungwon, because after the police came out he rushed to the bathroom.

His nose is bleeding

seeing that they panicked, and immediately helped Jungwon.
It feels better, then they ask. “Are… you… okay?” ask Heeseung carefully. “Nah, i’m okay, feel better! don’t worry about me, hyung.”
“Hahaha, it’s okay, i’m doing well. Don’t overreacting hyung~”
“Huh, up to you.”
“Jungwon?” Jake said that and looked into Jungwon's eyes.
“E-ehm… yea… why? is anybody bothering you?”
“nauurr… just wanna say, thank you. Thank you for protecting us all the time.” he said with teary eyes looking at Jungwon's little eyes.
“Don’t mention it, i do that because it’s my responsibility to take care of both of you guys. sorry I haven't been maximal to take care of you, sorry if problems keep coming to us. I promise to always take care of you”
“You’re doing well Jungwon, don’t push yourself hardly.” Now, Kevin said that. He is very thankful to Jungwon who’s taking care of them well.

If we go down, then we go down together. They’ll say you could do anything, they’ll say that i was clever.
If we go down, then we go down together, we’ll get away with anything, let’s show them we are better.
- Paris Chainsmorkers