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The Sewer Alligator of Zaun

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“What should we do with her boss?”


Silco sent a disinterested glance down at the small sobbing figure below him, giving a dismissive hand wave as he turned to leave without a word. His men took that as their signal to reach for the child, who offered no resistance at being picked up, seeming to just accept whatever was going to happen to her.


“…you wanna do it?”


“…I did it last time, all you.”


Both men only grew more awkward as they continued to share a look, the sobbing only having grown more intense the longer they held her. Even if the pair were cold-blooded killers something about the mournful wailing made them both pause.


“….feels like I’ll be cursed or some shit y’know?”




“We gotta do something or the boss will flip…Ah! How about we just throw her in the water over there? Whatever’s in there can deal with her!”


The other man gave a relieved nod at his suggestion, quickly carrying the child to the questionable looking water and tossing her in with a grunt. They watched quietly as the figure flailed for a bit before sinking down into the depths, leaving only when she didn’t rise up again after several minutes.


“…that should be good enough I guess?”



Some time later, in the Sewers of the Sump 


“Ohohoho, so many goodies washing up tonight! What an absolute thrill! I knew this spot was worth haggling for from that three armed snake!”


Twitch couldn’t contain his giggles as he plunged his arms deep into the murky run-off that spewed from the corroded pipe across from him. He hadn’t been able to resist after hearing that the pipe connected with enough places above that some of its treasures would make it all the way down to the lowest parts. 


“Hmmm, I think that’s enough for tonight. It seems like I’ll have enough for—Oh what a big feeling bag!”


He had been just about to pull his hands out when something rather big had brushed against his paws, unable to stop himself from rapidly grabbing at it before it was sucked down into the pipe on the other end. It being so big either meant a nice big haul of something or—


“…Oh it’s just a body, pity I thought it was something useful. Drowned ones aren’t even good for gnawing with how they bloat and get all yucky. Bleh, back in yo—Woah!”


A sudden coughing fit from the supposed corpse made clear the small shaking figure was still alive, at least for a little bit going by how battered their body was. 


“My my, now isn’t that a miracle! Going through all those pipes and coming out alive and only slightly mangled in the process. I would shake your hand, but one seems to be missing and the other I can’t tell where it is with how twisted the arm is!”


Twitch gave a loud giggle at his joke, but only received a weak response that brought a frown out. With an annoyed huff he placed his free hand against his hip.


“Well it looks like someone is a little too serious for their own good here and it isn’t me! Kids these days…hmmm what’s that?”


He pulled the figure closer to his ear, even with his hearing better than most he was only able to faintly pick up the whispered cry for help that escaped the child’s mouth in between whimpers of pain. It made him pause slightly, eventually ending in a groan of frustration.


“Oh now you’re making me feel bad, my little rat heart just can’t take it you know? I’d feel awful just throwing you back now after you’ve managed to survive all that…”


Twitch stomped his paw with another huff as he tried figuring out exactly what he could even do, scratching his head aggressively before giving a gasp as an idea came to him.


The Chempit!


With another giggle he threw the child onto his back, strapping her on with one of his many hooks and buckles he used when carrying his treasures. Running on all fours was the far faster means of travel for Twitch as he began darting down a familiar sprawling series of pipes.


“Oh Kid are you lucky that it’s close by! Why that Chempit fixed me right up after that cursed mangy cat had its way with me all those years ago! Not only did it fix me right up, but it made me the giant rat I am today! It’s really a rather moving story, perhaps I’ll tell you it if you survive hehehe!”


It didn’t take him long whatsoever to arrive at his destination, a large bubbling neon green mass of slightly too thick liquid that would have made his eyes water something fierce if he didn’t have his goggles on. He felt a wave of nostalgia hit him as he surveyed the irradiated mass that had been down here as long as he or anyone else could remember. Twitch’s eyes naturally fell onto the several floating masses of some unfortunate lizards that had tried taking a swim, having likely not understood the memo that this was a place to avoid in most cases.


“Well, this’ll either fix you right up or have you floating belly up like those unlucky lizards! Only one way to find out HAHAHA!”


With a manic laugh he chucked the girl into the Chempit, watching her sink into its depths without any means to struggle. The area around where she sank began to glow ominously as the surface bubbled furiously, churning the floating corpses down below. Twitch couldn’t help but let out an astonished gasp at the display, the pits reaction to something new being thrown in never getting old to him. He lay down on the ground, propping his chin up on his front paws and letting his legs freely swing above him, waiting to see what the results would be.


Lucky or unlucky.


Most things he threw in sadly fell into the latter category much to his disappointment, but he never gave up hope that something fun might come out instead. He continued to lay there long after the bubbling and glow had stopped, having gotten excited at it lasting far longer than normal.


“Looks like unlucky were the results, pity. I think they would have loved my harrowing tale of escaping that mangy cat and getting my much deserved revenge!”


Twitch was about to pull himself up to leave when sudden movement out of the corner of his eye brought his attention back to the Chempit. Whatever was causing the displacement seemed to be getting closer, causing him to jump up into an excited dance.


“Oh oh, maybe lucky after all! What fun form will you take I wonder? The three armed snake from last time was so much fun.”


He didn’t have to wait long as a large clawed arm covered in thick dark blue scales came roaring from the pit, forming deep marks into the ground in front where it crushed down. Quickly following it was a similarly huge scale covered arm with a pair of just as powerful claws. Such symmetry was rather rare from things he’d thrown into the pit, meaning the human must have been extra lucky.


“Ohohoho, that’s it! Claw your way out my dear and let ol’Twitch get a good look at you!”


Beckoning her forward with his hands the figure slowly crawled its way out, revealing just how much had been changed by her time in the Chempit. Her hair mirrored her dark scales and had an almost metallic sheen to it, with her eyes now vertical slits on top of an almost glowing yellowish green colour. A large gasp for air revealed sharp deadly teeth that looked capable of easily crushing even the toughest material.


“Just a little further, you’ve got this!”


His cheering seemed to snap her out of the stupor she’d found herself in, making her crawl the final stretch and exposing the thick long tail coming from her tailbone and churning the water. Thick scales mixed with small spikes ran down her back, joining with that powerful looking tail. With shaky movements she attempted to pull herself onto her equally large clawed legs, bent in a similar fashion to Twitch’s own legs, only to fall with a groan into his outstretched arms.


“Woah easy! I made the same mistake trying to stand up too soon, it’ll take you a bit to get used to it! How’d you feel my dear, right as rain or in excruciating pain?”


She just groggily shook her head at his words before a low grumble escaped.


“Feel tingly….”


“Hmhm, that’s a new one I’d say! Oh, since you actually survived could you tell me what your name is? Humans usually have one of those right?”

Her mind fog seemingly still in full force she sat there in a stupor for a while, her brow furrowed deep in concentration as if struggling somewhat to recall what it was.


“Think….it’s Powder…maybe?”


“Powder is it?”


The girl just gave a slow nod at his words, as if not fully certain herself of the fact. Realising that he likely wouldn’t get anything else out of her for a bit he bent down to pick her up, struggling almost immediately at how heavy she had become compared to before. With wobbling steps he slowly began to make his way back to his hideout, it seemed only right to let her stay there until she’d fully recovered.


His recounting of his origins would have to wait as well, knowing that at that moment she wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate its epic tale with how foggy her mind seemed to be at the current time.