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Just a Day at Camp

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Matteo was enjoying his shower. The nice warm water hitting his small naked body and his nice dick getting pleasure. The young boy just moaned enjoying his good feeling. Finn himself was enjoying his feelings too as he jacked off while the hot water hit is naked body. Yes both boys were sharing a shower however there was more to it.

Matteo was fucking Finn as the smaller boy was rubbing Finn's chest. Matteo may be small in size but he was big where it counts. Matteo fucking away with his ten inch dick while Finn jacked off his five inch dick. A few thrusts later and Matteo was shooting his load deep inside Finn's ass. It wasn't long until Finn was shooting his load.

The only way Finn takes showers is if Matteo was with him and his big dick in his ass. Now that both boys were dressed they headed out of their cabin. As they were walking Ava grabbed Matteo away from Finn just as Noah was walking towards them.

"I need your help on something."

"Well um ok."

"Can I come?" Finn asked.

"Sorry no but maybe next time."


Matteo and Ava soon were walking towards the woods.

"What do you need help with that involves going into the woods? Wait do you want to learn about bird watching?"

"No Matteo. As you know I have brothers and will I get something for them."

"What's that?"

"This." Ava placed her hand on Matteo's crotch.

"Wait what?"

"Finn told me about your big dick and I just need it. I thought I could last without a dick in me all summer but I just can't. Besides I trust you."

With that said Ava was on her knees she quickly undid Matteo's pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. Her eyes widen seeing Matteo's dick. She heard it was big but did not think it would be this big. Not only was it long but thick too. Just looking at it made her pussy wet. She grabbed hold of the boy's ten inch dick and slid it into her mouth.

Matteo just moaned as Ava sucked away. This was the second girl who sucked away at his dick. The first was Gwen. He felt a bit guilty as he felt this was cheating in some way even though they never called their relationship a dating one.

As for Ava she did her best sucking away on such a huge biggest dick she had sucked was hsr oldest brother's eight inch dick. There is no telling how big Matteo's dick would be once he's older. As she continued to suck away Matteo was moaning. He soon removed his shirt and tossed it to the side. Then out of nowhere Matteo was face fucking Ava.

She grabbed hold of Matteo's ass and just squeezed them as Matteo fucked away. Soon Ava was choking on the huge dick. A few more thrusts and bobs and Matteo was shooting his load down Ava's throat. It was so much Ava had to push off. This was a mistake as she was soon covered in cum. It was the most cum that was shot on her.

That's even when all her brothers shot their loads on her naked body all at once. Ava removed her shirt to clean up her face showing off her D cup breasts. Oncs the shirt was off she undid her bra to free her breasts. What came next is something she doesn't miss since Destiny does it every day and that's sucking on her breasts.

Ava moaned as she pushed Matteo's head into her breasts. As Matteo was sucking on one of her breasts he was fondling the other. After a bit he moved onto the other breast. Ava continued to moan. Soon Ava was on her back with Matteo on top. He soon kissed his way down and undid her shorts and pulled them down.

It revealed two things, one of them being that she went commando and the other her teenage pussy was nice and smooth as it was dripping wet. Matteo wasted no time in eating out Ava causing her to moan. She soon pushed his head more into her pussy. As Ava moaned she fondled her breasts. Ava then ended up squirting in and on Matteo's face.

He continued to eat her out until she squirted three more times. Once she did Ava really moaned when every inch slid into her tight pussy. Not even halfway in and Ava was squirting again. Once all ten inches was inside Ava she squirted again. Matteo then thrusted away causing both of them to moan and Ava's breasts to bounce.

This was the best fuck she has ever had. Now she has to get fucked by this big dick everyday while at camp. Soon Ava was squirting again. Matteo just kept going at Ava's pussy. This was the second girl he has ever fucked and was enjoying watching Ava's breasts bouncing away. Ava had squirted seven more times before Matteo shot his load deep inside her pussy.

Once he pulled out he watched his cum just leak out of Ava's pussy as his dick was getting soft. That night Ava was moaning again as Destiney ate her out. Destiny tasted something else in Ava's pussy and realized it was cum. She hoped it wasn't Finn's cum as that's her cum.