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Ed had never known what it meant to be desired. He knew lust, sure. Lust was simple. Lust was desire without creativity, without depth. Lust was only a means to an end.

But desire? Desire was a different beast entirely. Desire reached deep within you, wound tight around your mind like a vice and refused to let go. Desire left you grasping at the empty air during a sleepless night, aching for something you can hardly put into words.

Ed knew he was a man. He knew that Stede was also a man. They were two grown men in a relationship, and they were happy. Stede was home to him, and made Ed a better man by just being present in his life.

But Ed wanted to drive Stede mad. He wanted the blond to chase after him, to be needy and craving him like opium. He wanted to see Stede lose his decorum and come apart for him, feel his nails rake down Ed’s back as he claimed every part of Ed that he could. He wanted Stede delirious and unintelligible, his face flush and skin glittering with sweat.

Ed was ardently, profoundly, and passionately horny.

The captains had been intimate to an extent, engaging in make-out sessions early in the morning as the sun crested over the horizon and late just before bed, but had yet to fuck. It’s not that he didn’t want to fuck Stede; on the contrary, it was at the forefront of his mind all day, every day since they had their first kiss. It’s just that he knew who he was portrayed as. “Blackbeard” took what he wanted, whenever he wanted (which frankly made him sound like a specific kind of person that he’d kill on the spot, but that was a problem for a different day).

Ed didn’t want his co-captain to feel pressured, is all. Stede was far less forward than him, and far less likely to express when he didn’t want something. He had gone at Stede’s pace and would continue to do so, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t have a little fun on the way, right?

It was a particularly hot day on the Revenge, and the winds had been dead for at least a day. The crew had decided to take refuge in a tavern in the closest port town, while Ed and Stede remained aboard to plot their next course. They took a break from planning to stretch their legs on deck, welcoming the fresh sea air.

“Christ, what a fuckin’ day.” Ed groaned, stripping off his jacket and dropping it on the banister of the stairs. “This heat is unbearable.”

Stede had long abandoned his outer coat and now only wore his linen undershirt and cotton trousers. “It truly feels like it gets hotter every year,” he said, fishing his handkerchief out from his pocket and blotting at his forehead. “That being said, you don’t have to wear leather year round, you know. Linens breathe far better.”

Ed let out a bark of a laugh. “Absolutely not. I’m not the Blackbeard I once was, but leather is the only thing for me. That being said…” He stripped off his undershirt in one fluid motion, now nude from the waist up and dropping it on top of his jacket. “I can’t say it makes the summers here pleasing.”

Ed saw Stede still out of the corner of his eye as he neared the freshwater barrel. He took the wooden stein that had been floating on the top, filled it to the top, and poured it over himself, sighing with relief. He ran both hands through his long hair and slicked it back, being sure to flex just enough to look natural. Ed knew Stede adored his arms, and he loved using it against him.

Was it a dirty trick? Of course. Pirates rarely play fair.

Ed sauntered back toward the blond, picking up both his shirt and jacket. Stede was frozen in place, his lips parted ever so slightly.

“Everything alright, mate?” Ed asked causally, inwardly cackling.

“Y-yeah.” Stede managed to get out. “ I-I mean yes. All’s well.”

Ed smiled lightly. “Right. I’m going to go back in. Join me when you’ve gathered yourself, aye?” With that, he walked back into the stateroom, biting his lip to stop from chuckling.
Ed was unashamed to admit it: he was revelling in watching Stede squirm. He had kept both his jacket and shirt off, blaming the humidity, but knew his plan was working when he saw Stede gulp after he had a particularly long stretch. He didn’t like to brag, but he knew his body looked positively delectable boneless and slouched in a chair, legs splayed wide and inviting. He kicked off his boots underneath Stede’s desk and sat relaxed in his chair, watching out of the corner of his eye as his co-captain edged closer and closer to combusting.

Ed sniffed at the air, feigning confusion. “Wait a moment. What’s that?”

Stede looked at him, bewildered and sniffing the air himself. “What is what? I don’t smell anything.”

Ed stood, sniffing more. “Nope, something is definitely different.” He smelled toward Stede, then placed both hands on either armrest of the blond’s chair and leaned in close to him. Ed lowered himself slightly and let his stubble graze Stede’s jaw as he inhaled slowly and deeply into his neck, his body now almost covering the blond’s.

“Hmm… that isn’t lavender.” Ed pondered out loud. “Still floral, though.”

“J-jasmine.” Stede managed to choke out. “It’s jasmine. New, from when we were last at port.”

Ed let out a pleased hum. “It smells great. The lavender is lovely, don’t get me wrong, but a change of pace is nice, too.” He took another deep inhale, and saw Stede’s knuckles go white from gripping further back on the armrests as hard as he was.

“You know what I could go for right now?” Ed asked breezily, suddenly straightening up and getting in another long, drawn-out stretch.

Stede relaxed a bit. “Hmm?” came his delayed answer.

“Some marmalade on those fancy crumpets you have. I’ll go grab some from the galley. Any requests?”

Stede didn’t answer; he was far too preoccupied staring at Ed’s chest. If he didn’t know any better, Ed would’ve said the blond was salivating. Ed snapped his fingers in front of Stede’s face, jolting him back to reality.

“Stede? Marmalade preference?”

“Hmm? Oh, goodness. Um…maybe orange?”

Ed grinned. “Orange it is!”

He walked out of the stateroom, careful to carry himself with just enough sensuality that he didn’t look ridiculous. He quickly made his way to the galley, grabbed all that was needed, and took care to tug his pants just a bit lower to expose his hips.

He wasn’t below looking like a harlot, as long as it was for Stede.

Ed drifted back into the stateroom, placed placed everything onto the desk, and cracked open the marmalade jar. Stede had a razor sharp focus on the crumpets, a bead of sweat rolling down his temple. Ed served his co-captain first, taking care to be generous with the marmalade, then began to serve himself.

“You want the rest?” He asked Stede, who had begun to gingerly chew his first bite. Ed held out the butter knife that still had a bit of marmalade on it. Stede shook his head.

Ed shrugged. “Suit yourself!” he said brightly. He brought the knife to his mouth and licked slowly and deliberately up the blade, careful to “accidentally” dab a bit of the fruit on the corner of his lips. Ed closed his eyes and pretended to savor the flavor.

“Orange marmalade. Can’t be beat, aye?” He sighed, eyes still closed.

After another sigh, Ed opened his eyes and looked to Stede.

The look in his eyes was absolutely carnal.

“Something bothering you, Stede?” Ed asked innocently, tucking a lock of blond hair behind his boyfriend’s ear. “You love orange marmalade, but you’ve only taken a bite.”

Stede gulped, a blush creeping across his cheeks, then gestured toward the corner of his own lip. “You… you have some. On the corner of your lip.”

Ed feigned surprise, then brought his thumb up to his mouth, wiping the marmalade off his face. He locked eyes with Stede and sucked it off his thumb, then flashed him an innocuous smile. “Thanks, mate. Now, you were saying?”

Stede shook his head, a knowing smile playing at his lips. “I know what you’re doing, Ed.”

Ed pointed to himself, cocking an eyebrow. “Me? Haven’t the foggiest what you’re talking about, mate.” He reached out again and pressed his hand to Stede’s forehead and temple. “You sure you’re feeling alright? Maybe you need a nap or something.” Ed let his hand slide down Stede’s cheek and to his neck, barely letting his knuckles graze the blond’s neck.

And something in Stede snapped.

Stede launched himself into Ed’s lap, engulfing him in a kiss. Ed moaned into the kiss, grabbing a handful of his co-captain’s ass and the other hand tangling into his hair. Stede bit down on Ed’s lower lip, triggering the latter to buck his hips up and gasp from sheer arousal.

“You’re such…” Stede gasped into his boyfriend’s mouth, grinding his hips down into Ed’s, “you’re such a bastard. A goddamned tease. You’ve been teasing me all goddamned day and thought I wouldn’t do anything?”

A chuckle rumbled through Ed’s chest. “No, I was hoping the water thing was going to do it, but you’re not as weak as I th—oh God.”

Stede had moved down to cover Ed’s neck in kisses, if you could even call them that. “You forget yourself, Mr. Teach.” Stede panted into his neck between each languid lick and mouthing kiss. “I’m also a captain. Captains must be resilient.”

Ed let his head fall back, letting himself be ravaged by his co-captain and enjoying every second. “Fuck, Stede.” He groaned, laughing in spite of himself. “I would’ve kept teasing you for days if it meant I’d get to see this side of you.”

The blond shushed him, bringing his face back up to Ed’s. “Less talking. More of this.”

Stede rut against him as their mouths moved against each other, the friction against Ed’s leather-clad cock almost euphoric. This was incredible, so much more than he could’ve possibly imagined. His skin felt like it was going to burst into flames under Stede’s hands, and the only word he could think of was “more”.

The blond pulled Ed’s hair then, just enough to sting, and Ed let out a positively indecent moan. Stede let out a low chuckle, smirking against Ed’s lips. “Oh? You liked that?” The blond asked him. Ed nodded, panting. He pulled Ed’s hair again, earning a whimper from the man under him.

“Bed. Now.” Stede murmured into Ed’s ear.

Stede stood up and led Ed to his bed, his hand gripping firmly on the waistband of the shirtless man’s pants. Stede stripped down completely and laid back in bed, his cock resting rock hard against his stomach. “Come here, Mr. Teach.” he purred, beckoning him with two fingers.

Ed didn’t need to be told twice. He peeled himself out of his leather pants and crawled on top of the blond, settling between his legs. His cock rested on Stede’s, and Ed could’ve come from just the sight of it.

“Call me ‘Mr. Teach’ one more time,” he growled in Stede’s ear, nipping at the lobe, “and I’ll make you one with this fucking mattress.”

Stede raked his nails down Ed’s back and licked a long stripe up his neck. “And we both know you’re a man of your word, Mr. Teach.”

Ed was thankful his head was still down, because he couldn’t stop his eyes from rolling back after hearing that. He had to give Stede credit where credit was due; for being an aristocrat most of his life, his dirty talk was fantastic. He pulled back and took in the sight before him, licking his lips. Stede’s arms rested around his head, his hair forming almost a perfect halo. He looked so beautiful this way, open and pliant and wanting.

They stayed like that for a moment, staring into each other’s eyes and letting the significance of the moment weigh upon them.

“Palm oil,” Stede said, breaking the silence and pointing at the small shelf on the wall at the end of the bed. “In the glass jar with the bronze lid.”

Ed looked over his shoulder and grabbed the jar in question. “Wait…were you expecting this?”

Stede cocked an eyebrow at Ed. “Eventually, yes, I was planning to have sex with my boyfriend.” He raised his knees and let his head fall back on to the pillow. “Be generous, I have plenty elsewhere.”

Ed wet his fingers in the oil and brought them to Stede’s entrance, then hesitated.

“You’re sure want this?” Ed asked earnestly. “The moment you want to stop, we will stop. No questions asked.”

Stede looked at him and smiled softly. “I’ve never wanted anything more, Ed.” he murmured. “I trust you.”

Ed leaned down and placed a small kiss on Stede’s stomach, then massaged a slow circle around the blond’s entrance, earning him a quiet whimper. After a moment, he carefully pushed his middle finger inside, hooking it slightly when drawing it back out. Once Stede relaxed, he added a second, then a third finger, now moving quicker.

“How’s that feel?” Ed asked, kissing the inside of Stede’s knee.

The blond began to move his pelvis back on to Ed’s fingers, his lips parted slightly. “I’m ready,” he said, his voice ragged. “Please, Ed. I’ll go mad without it.”

He didn’t need to be asked twice. Ed wiped his hand on the sheets, then dipped his fingers back into the oil and prepared himself, still hard as iron. He positioned himself at Stede’s entrance and looked at him, half-mad himself with arousal. “God, I love you.” he sighed, then pushed slowly into Stede.

Stede reached down and twisted his hands into the sheets, letting a out a breathy moan once Ed bottomed out in him. Ed stayed still for a moment, letting the blond get used to the feeling, then began to roll his hips, his thick cock dragging deliciously on Stede’s walls.

Ed recalled a memory from years ago of a tavern owner who was desperate to get into his pants. “The French sometimes call orgasms ‘le petit mort’.” they said, fluttering their eyelashes at the then-bearded captain. “It means ‘the little death’. I fancy myself a bit of a Grim Reaper.” At the time, Ed grimaced and chugged the remainder of his rum.

If what he was experiencing now was what the build-up to death felt like, he’d throw it a party and welcome it with open arms.

Stede was sputtering and whimpering beneath Ed, his cock bouncing slightly with each of his thrusts. “Ed,” he sighed, his voice needy. “Please. Please touch me. Put your hands on me.”

Ed let one hand rest on the blond’s jawline, his thumb resting on his lower lip, then wrapped his hand around Stede’s cock, stroking in time with his own thrusts. “Fuck, it’s so good.” Ed groaned, his voice wrecked. “You’re so good. Can’t believe I get to have you this way.”

Stede tongued at Ed’s thumb, then took it into his mouth, his teeth raking the pad. His whimpers quickly turned into moans from the attention being paid to his cock, his chest heaving. Stede rocked his hips with Ed’s and let go of Ed’s thumb, sweat collecting on his brow. “Kiss me,” he demanded. “I want you kissing me when I—Christ, do that thing again with your wrist…”

Ed moved in even closer to Stede, his hips now bucking wildly. He pulled Stede’s head up and mashed his lips into the blond’s, the kiss more teeth and tongue than anything. Ed felt his release pooling inside him but willed himself to wait. Stede gets his first. All of this was for him.

Stede grabbed a fistful of Ed’s hair, now only panting into his mouth. “Ed, please… I’m going to—oh GOD—“ Stede came hard with a strangled shout, his release spilling on to his chest and Ed’s hand. His grip on Ed’s hair inadvertently tightened, and Ed’s release came like cannon fire quickly after. He slowly withdrew from Stede after a minute, then curled up on his side on the blond’s bed.

Stede rolled on to his side and faced Ed, his pupils blown wide. The captains did nothing but stare at each other for a few minutes, arms wrapped around each other and letting their breathing slow. Stede reached up and tucked a lock of hair behind Ed’s ear and smiled sleepily.

“Did you mean it?” He asked, his voice hesitant. “What you said earlier?”

“That I loved you?” Ed responded. “Absolutely.”


“With everything in me. And not just because you were rutting against me like a horny teenager.”

“ED.” Stede smacked his co-captain’s arm as he chuckled.

Ed leaned in and kissed the tip of Stede’s nose. “I love you, Stede. Genuinely.”

Stede’s smile broadened and he took hold of Ed’s face. “I love you, too.” They shared another kiss, and Ed nuzzled into Stede’s neck, the last of his energy finally leaving him.