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Bits and Pieces

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"What the hell Steve? You taken to keeping your supplies under the bed?" Bucky kneeled to pick up the penny he had dropped only to find five different worn sketchbooks piled up under the bed.

"Shit! Don't mess with those!" Steve tried to rush over to grab the book out of Bucky's hand, tripping and landing on a chair instead.

Laughing Bucky danced out of Steve's way, using his height and the length of his legs to get to the other side of the room.

"Oh come on, what are these more of those love letters to Lettie you think I don't know about?" Bucky opened the book while ignoring Steve's cries. "Um... wow. Damn, Steve."

"Those are just some studies on form." Steve felt the heat rise up and take over his entire body... God damn Irish skin!

"No, form studies generally don't show.... wow didn't realize you were so adventurous. I might have to actually try that." Bucky looked through page after page, his eyes glued to the forms on each.


"I don't know why you are so embaressed, these are really good..." Bucky slipped his thumb to open two pages to flip to the next picture, the edges sticking together a little. He dropped the book. "I'm going to wash my hands, Punk."

"Shut up, Jerk! Don't forget what I walked in on last Christmas!"

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Darcy stood with her hands on her hips, bottom lip pressed fully between her teeth, as she surveyed the scene before her.

“I think I’ve really outdone myself this time.” She nodded to herself, uncaring of the glares she gained from the men in front of her.

“You really don’t expect us to wear these on tv do you?” Bruce looked down at himself, his fingers playing with the edge of the dark wool.

“Of course I do. And stop playing with the hem, you look like a nervous school girl.” Darcy slapped Bruce’s hand as he once again attempted to pull on the garment.

“I must say, Darce, this is not what I was expecting when you said you would take care of things.” Steve crossed one leg over the other, setting his shin on his knee. A breeze and a raised brow from Darcy alerted him to the fact that he was showing a bit more skin than normal and he quickly stood up and smoothed his hands down his lap.

“It’s good PR, now you boys get out there and strut it.” Darcy watched as each man crossed beyond the curtain and onto the stage.

“Kilts, Darce? Really?” Nat tilted her head as she watched Thor and Bucky make their way on stage.

“What can I say, I watched Braveheart and was inspired.”

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Jane and Darcy entered the room, both loaded down with Jane’s research. Of course, Darcy thought, if Jane had just listened to her and shipped the god-damned stuff they wouldn’t have to worry about the chiropractor bill that was sure to come.

Darcy stopped in her tracks once the door opened, blinking at the strange assembly gathered inside. It took her two seconds of looking before she dropped everything and ran across the room.

“Darcy!” Jane watched wide-eyed as her friend flung her arm around the shoulders of a small redhead.

“Shut up Jane, I just found my soulmate.” Darcy squeezed the shoulders of the woman beside her. She wasn’t too sure who this particular woman was, but anyone who dressed like that had to be the best.

“Your…what?” Jane blinked and paid little attention as someone relieved her of her research.

“My fashion soulmate. We are going to be besties!” Darcy smiled wide as the woman wound her arm around her waist.

“Darcy, leave the woman alone.” Jane was used to dealing with Darcy and her strangeness, and she was beginning to realize that she should’ve warned everyone beforehand.

“No, we are going to be BFFs. Isn’t that right?” Darcy turned to look at the woman beside her.


Darcy turned back to Jane and beamed at her. It was always a good day when she was proven right.

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  Darcy cursed as the floor beneath her feet seemed to slip right out from under her. Alright, so maybe it was more along the lines that the boots she decided to wear had heels that had seen better days. Still, she liked to think the slickness of the marble floor had something to do with her toppling over like a giant sack of potatoes. No graceful old Hollywood falls for her. 

  She probably should have put a bit more thought into her outfit that morning, the old boots and her clearly worn pantsuit were really not what she should be wearing on her first day as teacher’s assistant. God help her, she wasn’t even sure why she took the damn job in the first place. Ok, so maybe it had to do with the fact that she had college debt a mile and a half long and her parents were more of the ‘one must make it in the world on their own’ kind of people. Read that: Cheap. 

  Picking herself up from the floor, Darcy dusted off the back of her pants and fervently hoped that the thinning material hadn’t split. She had dealt with the embarrassment of that in high-school already, she really didn’t need to deal with it now as an adult. Thankfully all seams seemed intact, so Darcy gathered her bag and entered the room only to stop in her tracks. 

  Looking around Darcy began to feel that churning in her stomach that normally meant something had gone very wrong. She had been assured by Principle Coulson that she would be placed with Ms. Potts, the school’s US Government teacher. Only the room she was currently standing in looked nothing like her old classroom from when she had been in school.  

  The walls were covered by posters depicting various layers of the human body, each carefully labeled in neat, bold printing. The teacher’s desk, an old battered thing that Darcy figured had seen better days, was piled high with books with words such as anatomy and human body printed along the tattered spines. The more and more she looked she realized that she had either been sent to the wrong room, or with the way her luck went she had been assigned to the wrong teacher. The latter seemed the better option as Ms. Hill, the Vice Principle, slipped from a chair in the back of the room. 

  “Oh, good, Ms. Lewis you are here.” Ms. Hill shuffled several files in her hands as she approached the school’s newest teaching aide. The woman was young, perhaps younger than she would have hired herself, but then again she knew Phil had a bit of a soft spot for kids like her. The ones that had potential but very few opportunities to grow.  

  “Um, yeah…but I think I’m in the wrong room. Mr. Coulson said that I would be working with Ms. Potts.” Darcy knew there was always the chance that the room was actually shared, her old high-school back in Missouri had been hard-pressed to accommodate all the basic classes, let alone the special interest and honor classes. The only thing was Shield Institute was a very prestigious group of schools funded by some of the richest men on the planet. It would surprise Darcy if the school didn’t have empty rooms just waiting to be filled. 

  “Unfortunately Ms. Potts canceled all of her classes this semester without sufficient notice, so we have been unable to find a replacement. Until we can Mr. Coulson thought it would be best to assign you to another teacher. Here,” Hill held out the pile of folders to the younger woman. She had tried to convince Phil to at least give the girl to Mr. Fury in World History, but he had been adamant about his placement. “You will be working with Mr. Rogers for the first semester.” 

  “Mr. Rogers?” Darcy tried to hold back the snort, but by the look on the older woman’s face she figured she had failed pretty spectacularly. 

  “Please, Ms. Lewis, Mr. Rogers gets enough jokes from the students, please don’t add on to it.” Hill felt like rolling her eyes. Sure, they all teased him relentlessly in the teacher’s lounge, but then again they had all known each other for years. 

  “Sorry, so…I’m guessing that Mr. Rogers doesn’t teach history or government, or anything even remotely relating to anything I know.” Ok, yeah, she was grateful that Mr. Coulson reassigned her instead of tossing her to the side, but couldn’t he have given her a job somewhere close to her talents? 

  “Mr. Rogers teaches one half of a dual enrollment Anatomy honors class.” Hill watched panic cloud over the other woman’s eyes and she cursed Phil. It didn’t matter if he thought they would get along, or that it would be good for Ms. Lewis. He had dumped her into this position without warning, and on the worst day as well. 

  “I was afraid of that. I’m sorry Ms. Hill, but the only thing I know about anatomy is X-rated.” She tried to remember back to when she had been in school, but she hadn’t really paid much attention in anything that didn’t concern the social sciences. She had only really taken an interest in the human body when she had been sixteen and Mike Dabney had returned from summer break looking like Vin Diesel. 

  “Well, that should, uh, help you a bit since Mr. Rogers also teaches a special sex-ed course on Fridays.” Hill almost wanted to laugh at the way Ms. Lewis turned several shades of red, instead she straightened down her skirt and cleared her throat. “Now, I’m sorry that I can’t be of any more help, but class was actually supposed to start five minutes ago. Mr. Rogers will be late today and has asked that you get the class started on their lesson. Everything is laid out for you in those files, so you should be fine.” 

  “Wait, you are leaving?” This was not what she had signed on for. She was supposed to be grading papers, filing, getting coffee, and doing boring runs for Ms. Potts. She was NOT supposed to be teaching a God damned Anatomy class on her first day. She was so screwed. 

  “I’m sorry, but I have a meetings with parents all day. Now, you will be fine, just introduce yourself and follow Mr. Rogers’ syllabus.” Giving Ms. Lewis a pat on the shoulder, Hill left the room. She hoped Phil knew what he was doing, because she knew of many parents that would get in a tizzy over the smallest of things, and that included an unqualified teacher’s aide. 

  Darcy sighed as she watched the older woman go. When she had woke up that morning she had been excited. A teacher’s aide wasn’t an impressive job, but one of Shield Institute’s backers was Tony Stark and working as even an aide meant she had an ‘in.’ Stark knew a lot of influential people in some very high up places.  

  Looking over the class, she smiled and moved to settle herself behind the desk. She shook her head as she ran her fingers over the warn wood. Everything else in the building was brand new and modern, all sharp lines and angles. This was the first thing she had seen that had actual character to it. She figured the desk was a personal possession of Mr. Rogers. Maybe something he had purchased when he had first started teaching. 

  Realizing that she was only prolonging the inevitable, Darcy placed the files on the desk and picked up a marker from the board behind her. 

  “Good morning class, I’m Ms. Lewis and I’m…well not your teacher, just the aide, but as your teacher is running late I will be conducting the lesson this morning.” When Darcy turned around from writing her name she was greeted with several blank and blinking faces. She smacked her lips with a wet pop and opened the top file.  

  She really shouldn’t have been given the damn job, because she had no idea what it was that Mr. Rogers had written down. The only thing she could take away from it was that they were supposed to start on the basics of the human body. 

  Twirling the pen in her hands, Darcy pondered the white board. After a moment she went to work on drawing two crude figures. She stepped back to admire her work. She was no da Vinci, but at least it was easy to tell that she had drawn humans. 

   “So, anatomy….anatomy……my. What can you say, it is the human body. So, um, you know what they say you should always start from the beginning, or well in the case the top. So…” Darcy pointed her marker upwards at the board and gave her best Vana White smile. “…this is the head…” Yeah, this was going to go so well….not.


  Steve cut the engine to his car before pressing his forehead against the steering-wheel. Meetings with Beth always left him exhausted. It didn’t matter that they both had decided to remain friends for the sake of Jamie, they always seemed to get into a fight. This time it was over Steve’s decision to turn Beth’s old craft room into a study. He really didn’t know what she expected him to do? She was the one that moved out. She hadn’t wanted the house, she was the one that didn’t want to try and work things out, and she was the one that wanted to erase ten years of marriage, so he didn’t understand why it bothered her so much. 

  He took a deep breath to steal himself for the day to come. If he was honest all he wanted to do was pick Jamie up from school and spend the rest of the day at the movies. The thing was he hadn’t skived off from work since he and Beth had first been married, and he wasn’t about to start now. Actually he could use the distraction, plus Phil had thrust an aide upon him and it would be unfair of him to leave her to fend for herself on the first day of classes. 

  Slipping out of the car and into the building, Steve thought about his new aide. He had never taken on a teaching aide in all his years at the Institute, even though everyone had been trying to convince him to since Beth had left. It figured that Phil would use Pepper’s sudden elopement to force one on him. He could have said no, but then he didn’t want to be responsible for leaving the poor girl out of work. 

  Phil had explained that while Ms. Lewis had been a poli-sci major, she was a highly intelligent and resourceful woman and should have no problems in adjusting to working alongside him in anatomy. It seemed though that Phil had lied through his teeth since when Steve stopped at his door it was to a most peculiar scene.  

  The woman wasn’t too much older than twenty-five, pretty in a very vintage way, even if she was in a faded blue pantsuit. She had the attention of the class, but Steve suspected it had more to do with entertainment than anything else.  She stood at the dry erase board, marker in hand pointing to two very crudely drawn figures. She was currently pointing between the legs of one that must have been the male judging by the weird lumpy sausage and meatballs dangling below the belt. 

  “This is the penis….such a weird word don’t you think, penis. I mean say it, penis, penis, penispenispenispenispenis…just weird right?”  

  Steve had to bite his lip just to keep from laughing. He hadn’t seen anything so painful in a long time. He knew he should probably rescue her, but she carried on before he could say anything. 

  “Not that any of the other names we call it are any better. I mean come on guys, love stick? Really? Of course I’m not sure there is anything pretty one could call it….dangle, bait and tackle, cannoli maybe, candy stick….”  

  What Phil had been thinking he wasn’t sure, this girl was just rambling.  

  “I once had a boyfriend that called it his gourmet cream-horn.  You have no idea how hard it was not to laugh every time he asked me if I wanted…” 

  “And I think that is enough.” Steve stepped into the room, closing the door behind him. The woman had stopped mid-word, her mouth hanging open and the marker falling to the floor with a quite clack.                                                            

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  The name is Lewis, Darcy Lewis of Lewis and Foster. I’m a dame, surely, with a knock-out pair of gams, but I’m also a private-eye and I promise you I’m as good as any other Dick around. I’ve had my fair share of close call cases, but there was one particular case that almost led to my death and surely led to the breaking of my heart.

  It was a year ago today, this sweet Cat showed up at the office. He was tall, almost brushing the top of the doorway. He had only taken a couple of steps in before looking up at me with his wet puppy-eyes. His fedora was tipped low, shadowing the top half of his face, highlighting his full kissable lips all the more.

  He seemed the sad sort, an all American man down on his luck. I had figured he had come to ask me to trail his wife and confirm his suspicions on her affair. How wrong I had been.


  “Have a seat.” I crossed my legs, uncaring that the action slipped my skirt up enough that my garter straps showed. Most of my clients were women with unfaithful husbands or lovers, and though a few of them looked, most of them simply ignored it. This man was different though, his eyes went straight for my thighs before moving quickly away as a blush tinted his cheeks. “What’s your name, Sweetheart?”

  “Steve, Ma’am, Steve Rogers.” 

  Steve shifted in his chair, his hands twisting in his lap. He seemed nervous. I had seen it before, not everyone that came to me was comfortable paying for a private-eye. Sometimes just giving them time to talk it out worked to calm them, but I wasn’t so sure it would work with a man like Rogers. He seemed to be a wholesome young man, but I could see something practically humming under all that nervous fidgeting.

  “So, Mr. Rodgers, what’s your case? Unfaithful wife, suspicious business partner?” I lit a gasper, taking a long pull as I stood to pour myself a bit of corn. I watched Rogers from the corner of my eye and had to hold in my laughter as he followed my movements. I swayed a bit more as I leaned back against the desk in front of him.

  “My friend Bucky, he’s been taken in by a skirt, disappeared a week ago.”

  My eyes slid from Rogers as a silhouette crossed the window of the door before it opened. I nodded at my partner Jane as she slipped quietly into the room. She was a small fey like woman, but no one should ever underestimate her, she had brains behind those pretty eyes.

  “So, you want us to?”               

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  The world was coming to an end. No one could convince Darcy otherwise, the world was well and truly coming to an end. Which was why she was currently hidden underneath one of the work tables in Tony Stark’s personal lab.

  “It can’t be as bad as you’re making it out to be.” Tony leaned down and under the table Darcy was huddled under, looking at the young woman upside-down.

  “Oh, it is worse actually. A meteor on course for the tower would be better than this.” Darcy glowered at the shadowed face hanging upside-down in front of her. None of this would be happening if it wasn’t for him. He was the traitor that answered her phone after she ordered him not to.

  “Oh yes, dying in a fiery explosion would be so much better than a visit from your family.” Tony was no stranger to family issues, but he thought that his lab assistant and friend might just be overdoing it just a bit.

  “It is not my family that is the problem; I mean yeah my sisters are a little obnoxious and my brother is an ass, but they I can handle. No, it is my mother. The woman was a holy terror before my father died, since then I swear she is nothing less than the devil with a boob-job.” Darcy swore she actually saw the hint of a barbed tail sticking out the back of her mother’s designer suit-dress once.

  “Should I have the team on standby while she is here?” Tony couldn’t help laughing, he hadn’t seen anyone so overdramatic since Clint lost against Bucky in a Nerf war.

  “It won’t matter; none of you will be a match for that woman. She’d probably scare HYDRA straight.” She wished she was kidding, but her mother had once caught a couple of teen-boys spraying graffiti on their garage and actually ended up making them cry.

  “Think she would agree to joining up?” The rush of blood to his head finally became too much that Tony had to stand straight. Not to say that he actually moved away, he just sat down on the edge of the table with his feet dangling in front of Darcy.

  “I have a fair idea what she plans to do, and I assure you it isn’t becoming the world’s most annoying superhero. In fact if I’m right I won’t be the only one mad at you. You are seriously going to regret inviting her here.” Oh, everyone was going to regret him inviting her, really, really regret it.


  There were times when Darcy really hated being right, this was definitely one of them. She was standing in the middle of the tower common room with her face pressed firmly in her palm. Janine Lewis had only been there for ten minutes, but she had already embarrassed Darcy quite thoroughly.

  “I’m not sure this place is all that child-safe. Too many sharp corners and dangerous objects lying around.” Janine Lewis circled around the room, gloved fingers running over this and that as though searching for dust and dirt. Not that she would find one speck, Tony kept the place practically immaculate.

  “I don’t really think that matters, Mom. There are no kids living here.” Well no actual kids, just a group of overgrown, whiney superheroes.

  “Not at the moment, Dear. But one should think of these things ahead of time. I mean, look at this? Who keeps guns just lying around?” Janine flinched away from the pair of Glocks just casually resting on the end table. 

  “A super-soldier assassin from the nineteen-forties.” Darcy shrugged her shoulders and grasped one of the guns from the table, weighing it in her hands. She hid a smile as she watched her mother’s eyes grow wide as she handled the gun like an old pro. Bucky had been teaching her how to shoot ever since she had been almost abducted around a year ago. In fact after that event all of the Avengers worked to teach her one thing or another for her protection. The only thing she had yet to get was Tony convinced to build her, her own Iron-Man suit.

  “Shouldn’t a man that old be retired? I thought the Avengers were a first-class team.” Turning away from her daughter, Janine continued to examine the room. It wasn’t baby-safe, but it wouldn’t be hard to fix. 

  “Mom, what part of super-soldier don’t you get? Believe me, Bucky is anything but an old man.” And she should know, well sort of know, well ok everyone pretty much knew as Bucky was anything but modest. Hell, she caught him just the night before bare-ass naked in the kitchen searching for a midnight snack.

  “It is just a lot to take in, I forget you are involved in all this strange stuff.” Janine searched through the open bar located at one end of the room. A fine selection for certain, but it would all need to go behind lock-and-key.

  “I doubt that, Mom. I mean, isn’t that why you are here, because I’m living with the Avengers?” Darcy was no fool, there was a reason she had been putting off this visit for the past two years. She knew just what went through her mother’s head the moment she found out her daughter was staying at Avenger’s Tower. It was the same thing running through it now as she surveyed the room.

  “I’m here because I haven’t seen my daughter in two years, and barely even before that.” Running her fingers over the seams of the floor to ceiling windows, Janine tested for weaknesses. The windows allowed a great deal of sunlight into the tower, but improperly installed they could be very dangerous.

  “I’ve been busy.” Darcy lost count the amount of times she had told her mother that, it was beginning to drive her up the wall.

  “You’re an assistant, how busy can you be fetching coffee and putting away files?” Janine couldn’t believe it when her daughter had informed her that she was continuing her internship onto an assistant position. To think her daughter, a Lewis, just an assistant. She had raised her children to be more than that. Her three other daughters had high position jobs in the capital and her son was quickly raising up in the ranks of a Fortune 500 company. Not Darcy though, no, Darcy had to pick one of the most embarrassing jobs to pursue. Thankfully she knew just how to fix it.

  “I’m the assistant to three super-brains. You try keeping up with the antics of Jane, Bruce Banner, and Tony Stark and still have time for a personal life.” Of course, not that Darcy really minded. Life was never boring around the tower, and working for Tony meant not just good benefits, but also lots and lots of petty cash.

  “Speaking of which, do you get to spend much time with Mr. Stark?” Moving across the room, Janine removed her gloves before taking a seat.

  “No, nonononono, don’t you even think about it!” She had known this was where her mother’s visit would lead, but she had thought she would set her sights on Steve, not Tony. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought it would be Tony.

  “Think about what? I just asked you if you spent any time with Mr. Stark that is all.” Sometimes she just didn’t understand her daughter. Darcy had a golden opportunity just waiting for her to take it and she refused to reach out.

  “You are not going to play matchmaker, mostly if it is Tony Stark.” Steve she could handle, hell Steve she wouldn’t mind handling, but Tony? What in the world had gotten into her mother’s head?

  “Would it be such a bad thing? He might be older, but take it from me older men are far better than their younger counterparts; more experience you see. He is handsome, rich, and powerful. You could do a lot worse.”  In fact she had, Janine just about had a heart-attack when she heard about her daughter dating that intern. It was bad enough that she had not stepped up and claimed Thor for herself. Well, if she couldn’t have a prince for a son-in-law than she bloody well will have Tony Stark.

  “Yeah, I could end up with an egotistical ass that regularly risks his life and blows up random crap….oh wait!” Her mother had to be joking. The only problem was Darcy knew Janine Lewis didn’t have a sense of humor. In fact she was pretty sure if her mother ever made a joke she would probably kill over.

  “So he has his quirks, your father had his own. Men like them need them to keep them occupied, but believe me everything else makes up for it.” She would never understand why Darcy couldn’t seem to understand. Darcy’s father had an obsession with beetles. He had an entire room filled with dead and mounted beetles that he spent a great deal of his time. Still, Janine adored the man.

  “I really don’t want to talk about this, Mom. He is my boss and friend, and I promise you he has no interest in me in that way what so ever.” Oh, he flirted with her, but that was just Stark. Tony flirted with everyone, and she meant everyone.

  “I doubt that. He is single now, is he not? You said that he and Ms. Potts had split some time ago.” Not that she needed Darcy to inform her, news of the breakup was everywhere from magazines to online blogs.

  “Oh, so just because he is no longer with Pepper he must have his eye on me?” Her mother had a skewed sense of logic sometimes.

  “When a man like Mr. Stark gets a taste of something he always wants more. He might have ended his relationship with Ms. Potts, but I assure you he will be looking for something serious and not fleeting like before.” Janine knew even if he had a few one-night stands, Stark would be soon looking for what he had with Ms. Potts. And she would make sure that when the time came her daughter was put right in his line of sight.

  “I am not talking about this with you, or anyone. JARVIS will help you to your room. It was nice seeing you, Mom.” Darcy knew that they would just end up talking in circles if she stayed as neither of them would ever think of backing down. Instead she made a b-line for her rooms and crossed her fingers that her mother hadn’t conned her sisters and brother into helping her with her matchmaking.

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  There was just something about life that wasn’t fair for Darcy, not even remotely fair. Like not even the teniest-tinniest bit fair. In fact it was of the failing a test because you were two seconds late variety of not fair. So really it shouldn’t have surprised Darcy very much when her whole life went to shit because of the fall of Shield and the subsequent takeover by Hydra.

  She had been back in the States by that point, visiting a cousin of hers that had been getting married. It had been the morning after the wedding, when she had maybe been a bit hungover and wishing that her damn aunt wasn’t the early riser type. She had been sitting at the kitchen counter praising God for the creation of the coffee-bean when the same damn aunt had shouted from the living room.

  She had been expecting to find out that her aunt’s favorite celebrity had created some scandal again; as her aunt never liked those that never did. Instead when she entered the room it was to find a picture of her face plastered across the tv screen along with Jane and Erik’s, the headline announcing them as Enemies of the State and fugitives from the law. In smaller writing under that shocking announcement was a number to call if you had any information regarding there whereabouts and a figure representing a pretty hefty sum that would be given as a reward.

  Now, Darcy had never figured herself to be of any importance to Shield or otherwise, so it was a pretty big shocker that her picture had been included. Jane and Erik she could see, but her? She fetched coffee and stuffed poptarts down the throats of scientists.

  When confronted with the knowledge that one was a wanted fugitive when no crime had been committed, one normally would try to figure out what was going on the very first thing. Darcy on the other hand simply flopped down onto her aunt’s couch and uttered the only thing she could think; “Well, fuck me.”

  As it can be surmised, Darcy’s particular utterance had not gone over well with her aunt. Nor did the fact that her niece was apparently wanted by the United States government. Darcy would have liked to say that her aunt, a strict, homely woman aptly named Prudence, had shut off the television and promptly started to defend her obviously innocent niece. That is what she would have liked to say, but sadly she had learned long ago that women named Prudence always lived up to their names.

  The fact of the matter was that instead of singing her niece’s praises, Aunt Prudence looked her dead in the eye and asked her what she had done now. It had been as though Darcy committed felonies regularly before morning coffee. Of course she guessed that maybe she had committed a few things in the gray area whenever she worked with Jane, but Aunt Prudence hadn’t needed to know that. 

  That had been the last straw for that weekend. After having been yelled at, scolded, and brought down, being believed to be a criminal by her own family was it. She had set her coffee down, and after a very colorfully worded response, she had hightailed it out of that house and proceeded to simply wander around.

  She knew she probably should’ve gone somewhere safe, and thinking back on it now she knew she was lucky to be alive. The thing was she had just been too shocked. She had wandered around town, fiddling with her phone while debating who to call first. In the end it had been Jane, the most sane of her two scientists. Not that it actually helped because all Jane could do was hyperventilate down the line while muttering something about her God-damned funding. Darcy never got to see if her friend and boss would come to her senses long enough to form a coherent sentence because just as Jane had uttered the words, “…finding new backing,” Darcy had been snatched from the street and shoved into the back of a van. Her phone tossed away in the shuffle.          

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  "Thor, he is doing it again." Darcy side-eyed to the head of the table, a shiver running up and down her spine.

"Lady Darcy, how many times must I express that---" 

  "Shut up, I'm not crazy. Your dad is so checking out the girls." Darcy gagged a little. 

  "Lady Darcy, Father wouldn't---"

  "He wouldn't what? Because I have to tell you, yesterday in the library I swear he was coming on to me." There had been no mistaking the way that Odin had slipped up close to her and leaned down to whisper in her ear. 

  "If that is the case, then I await the day I may call you mother." Thor laughed as Darcy crossed her arms over her chest.

  "I hate you."   

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“Um, Darcy, what’s going on?” Skye watched from the doorway as Darcy paced back and forth. 

  Darcy Lewis had joined the team only a week ago. Though joined is a pretty relative term, as what really happened was a bit more complicated and involved Dr. Foster’s van, a wormhole test gone horridly wrong, and a huge dry-cleaning bill from Coulson. The result though was pretty much the same, Darcy Lewis was now part of the team. And from what Skye could see, she seemed to be a very nervous member.

  “Uh, it’s not my fault. Ok, so maybe it is, but it is partly his fault to cause he was being all creepy and crap. I mean not just Hawkeye creepy, which let me tell you he can get pretty bad sometimes, but I mean like he wanted to peel my skin off and use it to make a suit kind of creepy. So I reacted, and then I realized what I’d done and---”

  “Whoa, whoa, just calm down and tell me what happened.” Skye moved to place a hand on Darcy’s shoulder, the other woman looking up at her with what could only be called fear on her face.

  “I was minding my own business, reading those files that Coulson gave me, when this guy walks in like he owns the place.” Darcy took a deep breath in, allowing Skye’s presence to calm her. “I wasn’t sure who he was, but he started going on and on about having an appointment with Coulson. I tried to tell him I wasn’t a secretary, but he just kept going on and on about the appointment. Then he got creepy, the way he was looking at me and how he spoke. He scared the shit out of me. So I tased him.”

  “Alright, well if the guy was creeping you out that was probably for the best. Mostly if you hadn’t known who he was.” Skye looked around the room before looking back at Darcy. “So, where is he?”

  “Well, that’s the thing. I got worried after, cause I wasn’t sure if he had been telling the truth. I started thinking about how Coulson was going to kill me, while I was worrying the guy started waking up. Startled I grabbed the laptop and smacked him in the head. He went down.” Darcy was wringing her hands now, but continued on. “I may have freaked a little more, cause I, um, I tied him up and locked him in the closet.”

  Skye blinked at the woman beside her. Alright, so she should probably check on the guy in the closet just in case he was someone important. She patted Darcy’s shoulder, went to the closet, carefully opened the door and promptly busted out laughing.

  “What, what?! Oh God, he’s some diplomat or something isn’t he? I’m dead, I’m going to die. Seriously, Coulson is going to kill me.” Darcy started pacing back and forth again. “Aw fuck, he’s going to kill me and I never even got to hit that. Damn it!”

  Skye ignored Darcy, and tried not to cringe about the other woman saying anything about sleeping with her boss, and just looked down at the man trussed up like a pig and laughed. “Actually, after this I think you might have a better chance. Though please never tell me the details.”

  Kneeling down, Skye reached over and smacked the man’s face. “Wakey, wakey Ward, you have an appointment to keep.”

Chapter Text

  "Hey, what's the matter with Maddie?" Steve leaned his hip against the kitchen counter as he watched the scene before him.

  Jane kneeled down in front of her five year old daughter,  trying desperately to dry the little girl's tears as she clutched something blue to her chest. Thor stood just behind his wife and daughter looking completely lost. And Darcy was at the table beside him with her face bright red and lips pressed tightly together.

  "Mr. Crackers died." Darcy pointed to the blue parrot in the little girl's arms, and promptly made a little giggling noise.

  "Darcy, do you mind shutting up?" Jane frowned over at her friend before turning back to calm her daughter.

  "I'm sorry, I can't help it." Darcy laughed a bit again. "I'm sorry, I know it's not funny, it's just..."

  "Steve would you please take her out of here while Thor and I deal with this?" Jane nodded to Darcy frantically.

  Not really wanting to deal with a crying child or a pissed off Jane, Steve held out his hand for his laughing girlfriend and pulled her into the hall. Where she promptly fell into a fit of giggles.

  "Alright, what in the world was so funny?" He looked down at Darcy, a small smile gracing his own lips.

  "It's... It's... It's an ex-parrot!"    

Chapter Text

  "I can't believe we're doing this." Jane cringed as Darcy laced the dead man's shoelaces to hers.

  "Would you rather be arrested for murder?" Darcy finished tying the laces together and went on to work on rigging a sort of harness so they could keep the man upright.

  "I really don't think that will happen. He was already dead before we got here." Really trying not to think about what she was doing, Jane wrapped her arm around the man's waist. Shit, Stark better give her extra research money for this.

  "Jane, a man, a fucking senator that has been very vocal about his views against your research, ended up dead in the house we are staying at. Do you really think this wasn't planned?" Darcy wedged herself against the senator's side. Why did the idiot have to be so freaking huge?

  "You don't actually think---"

  "That we were set up? Yeah, that is exactly what I think. It would discredit not just you, but Stark as well. Not to mention how this would reflect on the Avengers. What with you being Thor's girl and all." Darcy pressed her lips together into a thin line. She was really getting tired of people trying to use them as a means to get to the Avengers. It kind of sucked.

  "So what, we are just going to pretend he's alive all weekend? Walk around with a dead body and everything?" Jane wrinkled her nose, God they would have to do something about the smell.

  "Yes, now let's get a move on. There is supposed to be an all you can eat buffet, and I'm starving."

Chapter Text


  Steve took one step after the other, his feet following those in front of him without any thought. The weight of the casket seemed heavier than it should be. He fought back the tears that begged to be released.   He slid back away from the casket that held more than just a body. Clutching at his chest he barely listened to anything around him, his only thoughts on the hopes and dreams that would be lowered with Peggy's body.

  His eyes slipped shut only to fling wide open. He blinked as the world around him changed from the graveyard to that of his bedroom.  Tears prickled at the corners of his eyes and he allowed them to slip down to his pillow.

  Turning over, he could just make out the curve of Darcy's body. He sighed as he reached out to drag a finger down her waist and over her hip. Through everything she had been his lifeline. 

  His eyes glanced at the glowing numbers of Darcy's clock, and he shook his head. He knew there was no way he would be getting any more sleep, but Darcy still had hours before she needed up. 

  Careful not to make any noise, Steve slipped from the bed and made his way to the bathroom. It was still a few hours before his morning appointment, but he figured he might as well get a start on the day.

  "Something is bothering you today, Steve. What happened?"

  The sound of tea cups clicking against saucers filled the room along with the heavenly sent of freshly baked cake. Early mornings had quickly become his favorite time of day, and it all had to do with the woman sitting across from him.

  "I dreamed of your funeral again." He took a small sip of his tea, testing out the temp.

  "I don't know why you allow that to bother you, I'm right here."

  Steve set down his cup, the tea splashing up and over the sides. He knew she was right. After everything with Hydra and Ultron, Steve had Sharon had decided that Peggy would be safer with family. The two of them had moved her into the New Avengers compound with him, and she had been there ever since. 

  "I know, but it feels so real." When he woke he could still smell the dirt, feel the grass beneath his feet. Every morning when he woke he was never sure what was real and what was a dream.

  "But it wasn't. Now, help an old lady up. I want my dance."

  Carefully, Steve helped Peggy from her chair and gathered her in his arms. He held her close as they danced to a song only they could hear.

  "You never have to worry, Steve, because I will always be with you."

  Darcy stood outside the room, her eyes on the man on the other side of the window.

  "How is he?" Sharon slipped up beside her friend, one arm going around her waist to pull her in close.

  "He's getting worse." Darcy pressed her face against Sharon's shoulder, shaking as she tried to hold back her tears. "I think I've lost him."

  Sharon didn't say anything, just watched as Steve Rogers danced around the room with his arms around a woman that had died not long ago. 

  The thing was, she wasn't sure any of them ever had him to begin with.         

Chapter Text


  Small wafts of breath curled up through the air, passed through a set of lips painted a bright blood red. A simple upturn of one corner of that mouth turned the owner’s countenance from dispassionate to truly frightening. There was a sadistic gleam in the woman’s eyes, as though she took the greatest pleasure in her current actions.

  Clint watched on several feet away, standing at attention between two dead oaks. He didn’t think there was a place on Earth colder or more desolate than that clearing. Snow and ice covered every surface, and he couldn’t help but compare it all to the woman in front of him; cold and deadly and yet beautiful beyond compare.

  “Did you actually think you would be able to hide? That we would allow you to scurry away like some rodent to cower in some infested hole?” One small leather covered hand curled tightly around the hair of the man at her knees, pulling back until the man’s black and blue face was glaring back up at her. It amused her how many of them thought they were safe, that she would be unable to find them. Idiots the lot of them. 

  “I d-don’t know a-anything!” Tears gathered in the corner of the man’s eyes, a slight pink tinge to them as they mixed with the blood that covered his already battered cheeks.

  “I don’t remember asking you for information.” The blood painted lips curled into a full smile, the gleam in her blue eyes shining brightly.

  Clint felt as bile began to rise up his throat. This wasn’t the first time he had watched her, had witnessed what she could do to her victims, but no matter how many times he had been sent with her he would never get used to it.

  “That is enough Darcy, he clearly is useless.” He knew before the woman smiled up at him what would happen, but it didn’t stop him hoping that this time she would listen to him.

  “I agree, he is useless.” Darcy smiled in glee across the clearing, her free hand grasping a hold of the hilt of her dagger. With one quick swipe she slid the blade across the man’s throat, blood splattering over her hand and the fresh snow. 

  Horrid wet gurgling came from the man as blood spilled from his throat and lips. Darcy shook his head sharply, laughing at the sound he made. She placed one booted foot between the man’s shoulders and let go of his hair as she kicked him harshly to the ground. Silence followed the muted thud of his body.

  “We should have returned him to base.” Clint felt his stomach churn as Darcy crouched down to clean off her blade on the now dead man’s back. It wasn’t like he had never killed before, his list greatly rivaled her own. The difference between them and what gave him nightmares was the almost euphoric pleasure she took in killing. She had the same look on her face as she did when she came undone in his arms. It scared the fuck out of him.

  “You said it yourself, he was useless. He was also a liability, he had seen us and knew who we were. Had we taken him back do you really think that the Director or Nat would have let him live long? Stop being such a pussy Clint, this is war.” Sheathing her dagger, Darcy stepped up to stand before her lover. She slipped one hand up his neck and with more force than was necessary she pulled him down to crash his lips against hers. She always felt freer after she had killed, her entire body filled with energy and there was only way she ever wanted to use it.

  Clint pulled back, his eyes landing on the face of the woman he had fallen so desperately for. She had once been innocent, so full of life and happiness. Now he only saw a shattered woman, where once her eyes held such joy they now contained a cold, manic bloodlust. 

  He pressed his forehead to hers and allowed her to peel his uniform from his body. He hated it, hated what she had become, and yet he still loved her. As he laid her down in the tainted snow he wondered at the hell that surely awaited him for what he had helped create.


Chapter One:

  When Darcy was little she used to play the ‘when I grow up’ game, just like every other child on the planet. Her first answer had been a princess, a ballerina, and all the other assortment of those desires thought to be typically girly. 

  It was when she was in fourth-grade that things changed. She had been so entranced by her history and social-studies classes that all thoughts of tiaras and point-shoes were thrown out of her head. From that moment on she knew that one day she would be working in the government; so much so that at ten she told everyone that would listen that she would one day be president. It had been a wonderful goal, but as it turned out a dream.

  She had gotten into Culver, worked hard and it had looked like things were going to work out after all. That had been until she made the idiotic decision of signing up for an internship with Jane Foster. 

 She had needed six science credits, something easily achieved with an internship. The problem was by time she had signed up all the ones in her subject had already been filled. And so she had signed-up, been accepted, and joined Dr. Jane Foster in New Mexico.

  It wasn’t so much that she regretted the choice, how anyone could regret a friendship with Jane and Thor she would never know, but it was more a sort of wistfulness for what could have been. This was why, after all the shit that had gone down with SHIELD, she had been only all too willing to be recruited to help rebuild. And why she was sitting in the back booth of some run-down diner waiting for the man that had contacted her the day before.

  “Sorry about this place, they have shit coffee but it is relatively secure.”

  “I’m an intern for an obsessed scientist, this,” Darcy held up the yellowed coffee-cup, black sludge splashing over the sides, “this is nothing. I swear I once was able to cut Erik’s coffee with a knife.”

  “I believe you, I’ve suffered through his coffee.”

  “You’re Hawkeye?”

  “The one and only.”

  “You were the one that contacted me?”

  “Who were you expecting?”

  “I don’t know, some lackey, not one of the fucking Avengers!”

  “Keep your voice down, I said this place is relatively secure, not completely.”

  “Sorry, it’s just a bit of a shock. It is all a bit of a shock actually, what the fuck does SHIELD want with an intern?”

  “We need people we can trust, after what happened we’ve realized just how rare that is.”

  “So, you or whoever is running the show trusts me?”

  “You are friends with Thor, that in itself is recommendation enough. But it goes further; you have helped save the world twice.”

  “I really don’t think you can count New Mexico, I just saved a bunch of animals. It wasn’t like I was the one throwing myself at Gargantuan.”

  “You stayed and did what you could instead of running away, that is commendable.”

  “Fine, still I know how to fetch coffee, feed scientists, and file papers. I don’t have any kind of skills worthy of SHIELD, unless being a queen bitch with a taser counts.”

  “We have seen enough, it is believed that with the right training you could become a valuable asset.”

  “What, like Uber-Super-Spy training? Would I get a codename and everything?”

  “A bit ridiculous, but pretty much correct.”

  “Let’s say I accept, just what would my training include?”

  “The basics: hand-to-hand, weapons training, so on and so forth.”

  “I still don’t know. I want to help, but I’m not sure this is right for me. Couldn’t I work in administration or something?”

  “Don’t be so hard on yourself. Plus, I won’t let you fail.”

  “You will be training me?”

  “I can’t guarantee that I’ll be assigned as your SO, but I will be working with you. So, what do you say, you willing to help protect the world?”

  “Did you have to put it that way? Now if I say no I’m going to sound like a bitch.”

  “I know what I’m doing, Sweetheart.”

  “I better not regret this.”

  “Good, now go pack.”


  “Someone will be by to pick you up at 0800 tomorrow.”

  “Again, what?”

  “Look, Sweetheart, time is wasting. Thanks for the coffee.” Clint stood from the cracked vinyl booth, pulling a bit of change from his pocket to throw on the tabletop. “Oh, and you can’t tell anyone about anything, not even Jane and Thor.”

  “What the hell am I supposed to say? I’m not one that normally just ups and leaves for no reason.”

  “Well, just think of this as your first lesson. Think up a cover-story, sell it and make them believe it. I’ll be seeing you.”

  Darcy sat there, cold cup of coffee in hand, watching as Hawkeye moved quickly from the diner. For a moment she was tempted to pinch herself, unsure if she was dreaming or not. In the end she downed her coffee, tossed her own cash on the table, and took off for the apartment she shared with Jane. She really wasn’t sure what she would say, hopefully something would come to her as she walked.


  Clint slipped into the passenger’s side of an old beat-up Blazer low-rider, kicking his feet up on the dash only to have them smacked down. He frowned over at his partner, giving her the stink-eye as he stuck his feet back up.

  “It’s not like I’m going to damage it, thing is doing a good job of falling apart without my help.”

  “It’s annoying, I don’t want to see your smelly feet while driving.”

  “You love me and my smelly feet.”

  “I tolerate you.”

  “You wound me, you really do.”

  “Shut up. So?”

  “Do you even have to ask? I told you she would.”



  “Don’t, just don’t. You’ve seen what we are up against, this is something we need.”

  “You of all people can’t actually believe that, what we’re doing…what we will do. This isn’t SHIELD, this is…”

  “Shut the fuck up for once, just shut the fuck up.”


  “You can still leave, go back to the Tower and work with Tony.”

  “There is no way I could do that and you know it, not with knowing what is going to happen.”

  “Then shut up and focus on the job.”

  “She is just so innocent.”

  “That is the point. Now, we have two more targets. Do you think you are up to it, or do I need to step in?”

  “No, I can do it.”


  Darcy, of course, hadn’t been able to think of a single thing that did not include some lie about a dying family member. Thankfully it looked like she was spared for a while longer as Jane and Thor were a bit preoccupied when she returned.

  Instead of lounging around, listening to music and playing around online like she normally would, she got to work packing. She just shouldn’t unpack anymore, not with the amount of times she seemed to move.

  She thought back to her encounter with Hawkeye as she stuffed clothing into a large duffle. Maybe she shouldn’t be so ready to accept an offer like the one she had, not with all the shit that had happened lately, but she was tired of being a gofer for super-scientists. She had to admit the idea of being something more was attractive.

  When she had been contacted she had simply thought she would be working in an assistant capacity, like fetching coffees and filing, not training to become an actual agent. The prospect scared the shit out of her, and yet excited her all the same. This wasn’t what she thought she would be doing when she had been a child, but somehow she thought it was much better. 

  She laughed and flung herself across her bed, pulling a pillow to clench against her chest. She was going to be training to be a fucking spy, she could hardly believe it.


Chapter Two:                      

  Darcy blinked her eyes, hoping that this time there would be light when when she stopped. Only with each flutter of her lids the room remained pitch black. She took in a deep breath and tried her best to take in everything around her. 

  She was tied to a bed, that much was obvious as she couldn’t move. Other than that she had no clue where she was. This wasn’t supposed to happen, she was supposed to be unpacking in her new Shield issued room and getting ready to start her training. Instead she had been abducted and locked in a dark room. 

  A tear rolled unhindered down her cheek as she thought back. 


  Darcy stood at the door of her room, bags in hand. She could hear Jane and Thor moving around in the kitchen, their voices mostly muffled. She smiled weakly, she had finally figured out what she would tell them. Not that having a plan made it any easier. Jane was still going to cry, causing her to cry, and Thor would giver her his wounded puppy face. It was all so messy, but necessary.

  She slipped out and headed straight for the kitchen. She didn’t have very much longer before her ride got there and she refused to leave without saying goodbye. No matter how messy it would be.

  “Darce? What are you doing?” (jane)

  “Uh, well…” (darcy)    “Darcy, are you well?” (thor)

  “Yeah, I’m fine big guy.” (darcy)

  “Then why do you have suitcases with you?” (jane)

  “Yeah, you see… well I thought I would go for a little while.” (darcy)

  “What? What do you mean go?” (jane)

  “It is just, Thor’s finally back and I feel like I’m just third wheeling it here.” (darcy)

  “You are not! Darcy, we love having you here. Don’t go just because you think you are in the way.” (jane)

  “Jane is right, Darcy. We enjoy your company. We are sorry if we ever made you feel otherwise.” (thor)

  “That isn’t it. The thing is I think I need to go for me. After everything that had happened, I think I need a vacation. I love you both, but I need some time to think and figure out what it I really want.” (darcy)


Summery: When Darcy signed on to train as a SHIELD agent she hadn’t expected this. Strapped down on a bed, locked in a dark room and tortured, Darcy deals with being kidnapped for information regarding SHIELD, but is everything what it seems?) (After the dismantling of SHIELD and everything with the Winter Soldier Fury decides that a new type of soldier is needed in fighting Hydra. A select group is recruited for training, including Darcy Lewis, and Fury sets his plan in motion even after his agents warn him against it. Now Nat and Clint are forced to pose as Hydra agents and abduct and torture Darcy, along the way Clint finds himself disillusioned with Fury and even Nat. Though he was being forced to torture Darcy he found himself falling for her and worked to try and end the program. Sadly he is too late and when he finally was able to remove her from under Nat and Fury she was already broken.

Chapter Text

  "Um, Darcy, not that I'm not happy to see you, but what the hell happened to you?" Tony pushed his chair back from his table, eyeing the woman as she stalked into the room.

  "Your damn AI, I'm done with you and your smartass creations!" Darcy breathed heavily, hoping to catch her breath enough that she didn't feel like collapsing. But between her anger and having just walked up from the basement she doubted that would happen anytime soon.

  "Granted, my creations are smart, but I would like to point out that none of them have asses actually. Well, ok the suit does, but that counts as my own ass I would think." Tony pressed himself into his chair as far as he could as the woman advanced on him with what could only be described as murder in her eyes.

  "No, I think smartass is correct. I had a damn meeting over an hour ago, but when I went in the elevator do you know what your damn AI did?" Darcy was heaving, bits of spittle flying out of her mouth. Not that she cared, she was too pissed to notice.   

  "He took you to your floor?" He was sure he was going to die that day. Headlines would say that the great Iron Man had fallen to a mere intern. Alright, so she actually had a real title with a paycheck now, but he didn't really pay attention to those things.

  "No, after asking me if I wanted to go up or down he refused to go up when I said. When I asked he said that he was afraid to go up because he was afraid of the future." If Darcy wouldn't loose her job she would take an axe to the damn mainframe. "He took me to the basement and refused to take me back up. I've been walking up those damn stairs all this time."

  "Uh, that... alright I'm not even sure what that was about. But if you get back in the elevator I'm sure Jarvis will cooperate and take you to the right floor." Tony smiled weakly, hoping that the woman wouldn't just gut him right there. He had too much to live for yet. "Won't you, J-Man?"

  "Of course, Sir. I'm sorry if you were inconvenienced an any way. There seems to have been a glitch in the system, but all functions are working perfectly in order now."

  "Well, alright then. Just don't... you know let it happen again." Darcy sputtered a bit, slowly backing away towards the door. All she really wanted by this point was to go to her rooms and sleep for the next two days.

  "Of course, Ms. Lewis."

  Tony watched as Darcy left, her shoulders slumped. He shook his head and laughed.

  "J, Buddy, you have got to stop reading those e-books." 

Chapter Text

  Juggling the bag of produce and the white pastry box in her hands, Darcy worked to pull her keys from her pocket and turn the lock to her loft. Finally succeeding without spilling the contents in her arms, she entered and pushed the door closed with her foot. 

  She hadn’t taken a few steps into the room before she heard the tapping of nails on the polished wooden floors. She laughed as she had to dance around the bouncing ball of white at her feet just so she could make it to the kitchen counter to unload.

  “Down Baby! I swear, I’ve only been gone a few hours!” She shook her head as the little dog continued to pant and wag her tail, she swore Baby could actually smile. She knew that had any of her old school friends seen her they would have thought she had lost it, but she loved her life.

  After everything went down in London all Darcy wanted to do was get on with her life, and maybe find something normal to cling on to. She had thought Ian was it, her little bit of normal in a life filled with strangeness. Of course she had been wrong. Oh, Ian had been a wonderful friend, but as a boyfriend…yeah not so much.

  Learning about the downfall of SHIELD hadn’t helped any either, mostly after Thor expressed his fear about Jane and her being in danger because of their connection to him. It had been that realization that had brought things to a head. 

  One morning after Thor returned from a trip seeking out his Avenger buddies, she had packed up all her things and with a tearful goodbye, headed back to the states. She hadn’t known what she was going to do, she no longer had her dorm and since taking the internship she had relied on Jane for her living arrangements. Thankfully she had one of those sets of parents that were simply happy that their child was happy, and didn’t push them for anything more. So after landing down she headed straight for her parent’s country house knowing they would welcome her with open arms.

  She ended up bunking down in her old room, surrounded by band posters and stuffed dolls. Nothing had changed, not even the cd in the old radio she had left behind. It had been comforting, even more so was being surrounded by her parents’ warm hugs and bright laughter for a couple of weeks.

  She had known that she could have stayed there far longer than she had, but she also knew the longer she stayed the more she put them in danger. So she worked to create a plan while she allowed her mother to baby her.

  After only three weeks she packed up her old car, the rusting white Oldsmobile that her father had fixed up for her sixteenth birthday, and headed out with her parent’s love and the promise of money once she found a place to settle.

  She had driven until her poor old car had called it quits in a small town in Iowa one Saturday. She hadn’t planned on staying, but after stepping foot on Main and taking in the scene before her she knew she wouldn’t be going anywhere else.

  Abbey was somewhere between a town and a city, situated in Central Iowa not very far from the Metro. The place wasn’t very interesting in terms of the other places she had been to in her life, but it still seemed to be bustling with culture. And best of all Darcy fit right in. It only took her a few weeks, but in the end she had a loft above Main and the beginnings of a new, strangeness free life.

  “Don’t look at me like that!” She glared down at the dog at her feet before sighing and pulling a small bag from her pocket. “Fine, this was supposed to be for after dinner, so no begging me later.” She shook her head at her own silliness as she pulled a handmade treat from the bag and tossed it to Baby.

  Baby was a three year old westie that she had found at the local shelter just two months after she moved to Abbey. After bringing the dog home she couldn’t understand how anyone would want to get rid of her, Baby had so much personality. She was also the sweetest dog one could ever find.

  She had gone to look for a cat, something mostly independent, but after taking one look at the fluff ball there had been no question. She had paid for her, brought her home and cleaned her up and she had been with her ever since. It might have seemed sad to some, but Baby had become her…well baby. It wasn’t that she didn’t have any friends, she had plenty, but there was a comfort that Baby brought that she hadn’t had before. Maybe it was because she realized that what had started out as a pause in her life was becoming the beginning of putting down roots.

  Kicking off her flats, she started unpacking the goodies she had bought that day. Saturdays were always her favorite, having Farmer’s Market in the morning on the street below her loft. There was nothing like waking up to the sounds of the people setting up their canopies and chatting as they got ready for the day. 

  It was strange, not too long ago she wouldn’t have understood how wonderful she could feel just walking through the booths; filling up a canvas bag with handmade goodies. Now she couldn’t see her Saturdays without it.

  She smiled as she put away the carton of eggs Mrs. Elsberry always saved for her. The smooth notes from Josh’s saxophone curled up from where he was stationed under the Smithson Jewelers’ canopy. Times like this Darcy had to keep from calling Jane, wanting to share everything with her friend. They still talked, but Jane was more interested in her science and Thor than the new scent of soap Maggie was selling, or how delicious the Chai she had drank while shopping was that morning.

  After everything was put in their place, she opened the pastry box and pulled out her favorite white chocolate raspberry cupcake and went to sit against one of the many windows that lined the front of her loft.

  Baby curled up in her arms and Darcy shared her cupcake with the dog while they both listened to Josh play. A large smile stretched her lips, life had finally become normal and she was happy. She didn’t think anything could upset her world, not when she felt like this.

Chapter Text


  Steve twisted back and forth, his legs flinging in midair. This was not how things were supposed to go. He was supposed to parachute down at the edge of the base and then proceed to disable their communications before extracting the target. What was NOT supposed to happen was getting stuck in a tree five miles off.

  He kicked up his legs, hoping to flip himself over and on the limb he was currently hung from. All he ended up doing though was breaking off the branch below him. He groaned before flailing both legs and arms.

  “I probably shouldn’t find this as funny as I do, but what the hell, it’s been a slow month.” 

  Steve stilled, his wide eyes moving down to set on the woman now below him. Damn. This was really not how things were supposed to go.

  “Darcy? What are you doing here? You’ve been kidnapped?” Steve felt his cheeks go pink when Darcy just laughed and shook her head.

  “I had been, but the stupid idiots never earned their knot badge. I was able to slip free and hightailed it out of there.” Darcy walked around the base of the tree, her eyes scanning up and down as she went. “As for what I’m doing here, I think I’m saving your pathetic ass.”

  “Darcy… don’t… uh…” Steve watched in wonder as Darcy effortlessly swung up branch after branch until she rested on the one he was caught on. His heart beat wildly just witnessing the act. He had liked her before, had been trying to ask her out actually, but watching her now as she produced a knife from her boots he realized just how much in love he was.

  “Brace yourself, and try not to get hurt.” Darcy cut through the straps keeping Steve tethered to the tree, slipping the knife back into her boot before quickly making her way to the ground.

  Darcy was just dusting her hands off on her pants when the wind was knocked out of her after Steve gathered her up in his arms. She would have said something, most likely snarky, but before she could even think of anything Steve had her pressed up against the tree and his lips on hers.

  “My hero.” Steve pulled back and looked down into the stunned eyes of the woman in his arms.

  “And don’t you forget it.” Darcy laughed, grabbed a hold of his uniform, and started to pull him along with her. “Come on you big doofus, there will be plenty of time for that later. Preferably when there’s a bed around.”     


Chapter Text

  "We are stranded, we are seriously stranded. I'm not even sure we are on the same planet anymore." Jane gazed up at the sky, her eyes squinting as she tried to calculate in her head. "See that star-cluster there. That is NOT part of the Earth sky.... Darcy, Darcy are you even listening to me?"

  Darcy blinked up at the glinting gold in the distance, a smile forming on her face. Oh, they had hit the jackpot. Finally!

  "Darcy?!" Jane stood with her hands on her hips, looking at the deranged expression on her friend's face.

  "Oh, what? Sorry, I was a little distracted by the gold." As though to make her point, she flung her hand out towards the shimmer in the distance. Only Jane ignored her and turned back towards the stars. Of course.

  "If only I had a point of reference for these stars, I could pin-point where we might be." Jane tried to find one familiar cluster in the sky, but had so far failed.

  "Would this work?" Darcy pulled a weathered roll of paper out of her jacket and presented it to Jane with a silly smile.

  "The map." Jane bit her lip from yelling at the woman before her. "You still have the map? You couldn't bring more food, but you still have the  map?"

  Darcy just shrugged her shoulders. What was she to say? It wasn't like she could fit a damn roast down her sweater, she had enough stuffed in there.

  Jane groaned, Lord save her from actually murdering her friend. With a roll of her eyes she snatched up the map and stomped a bit away. Maybe at least she could figure out where the hell they had gotten to.

Chapter Text

Darcy leaned against the horn of her saddle, her eyes taking in the scene before her. Asgard Ranch was one of several cattle ranches in Colorado Territory, and the only one that would hire her.

Darcy Annabelle Lewis wasn't what one would call a typical woman of the times. She had no use of dresses, dances, or men folk in general. Some would say she was a hard woman, made from iron tacks and tobacco spit. Maybe that was true, but she figured she had a good reason to be.


Chapter Text


The hatch of Darcy’s ship slipped up with a high-pitched whoosh. Black clad legs pushed against the dented metal as the woman untangled herself from the various restraints of the cockpit. Before she could even make it past the ship’s arm, Darcy’s legs went out from under her and she found herself freefalling towards the concreate floor. She barely had time to realize that such an indignant death didn’t bother her before her body was abruptly stopped by two arms.

“Shit, Darcy, what the hell happened?” Mack allowed Darcy’s legs to slip to the floor, but had to continue to hold onto her shoulders to keep her from collapsing. He clasped his free hand against her jaw to force her to look at him. Her eyes were only half open, sweat covered her entire face and soaked her hair. He felt his stomach turn as a bead of blood slid from her nose and down her lips.

“We almost lost Bucky.” Darcy tried to put weight onto her legs, but they felt like jello and she went toppling into Mack’s chest for her efforts.

“WE ALMOST LOST YOU! THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED!” Bucky rounded the corner, his flight suit half unzipped as he rushed forward.

“They were about to get you, they had one of those things at your back. If I hadn’t interceded you would be dead now, so don’t you start with me.” Realizing that there was no way she would be able to stand, she simply wound her arms around Mack and held on. She really with Bucky would wait to have his little freak out until after she had seen Medical, because she was pretty sure she had some internal bleeding going on.

“Steve had my back. Damn, you weren’t even supposed to be there today.” Bucky ran a hand through his hair, all he could see was that damned sword piercing Darcy’s ship through the chest. He thought he was going to be ill.

“You two needed back up, everyone seems to understand that but you.” Darcy felt the buzzing in her head move up a notch at the same time that darkness began to creep around the edges of her vision.

“But why you? Why did it have to be you?” When he found out that Nat had been training Darcy to pilot one of the machines he wanted to do nothing but lock the young woman up to keep her safe. She was no meant for war, and it hurt Bucky every time he saw the scars that now littered her body.

“The same reason you follow me out there…” Darcy never finished as she slumped over in Mack’s arms, the trauma finally catching up to her.

“Darcy!” Bucky rushed forward, but didn’t move to take her from the other man’s hold.

“We need to get her to medical… and you too.” Mack practically ran out of the hanger with Bucky beside him. He knew Darcy would be alright, she always was. Still, he didn’t think the blood trickling from her nose was a good sign.


Chapter Text


"...." Darcy stood in front of Bucky with her mouth hanging open. She had just seconds before introduced him to the wonders that were the Spice Girls, or thought she had, as Bucky was singing along to Wannabe without missing a single word. "I'm not sure what to say, the Winter Soldier is a Spice Girl's fan.... huh."


Bucky just winked and held up two of his fingers... "Girl Power."

Chapter Text


"I work alone, that was the agreement when I signed on to SI." Bruce stood before the smaller woman, his arms crossed over his chest. She couldn't have been very old, most likely fresh out of school. What they had been thinking by sending him any one in the first place he didn't know, mostly someone so green.

"Agreements change, circumstances change, get used to it." Darcy popped open the snaps to her coat, pulling the heavy thing from her shoulders. When she had been told her destination she had thought it a joke, who in the world had a cancer research lab in the middle of a tundra? The man had to be insane.

"I haven't agreed to this, no papers, no calls..."

"There are two reasons for that." Darcy held up her hand, using her fingers to tick off her list. "One: You have closed yourself off from the rest of humanity. No matter how many times we have tried to contact you, you have ignored us. And two: Stark didn't need your signature, had you read the contract you would've known that. SI holds full authority to changes the circumstances of your contract at any point in time, mostly when the contract is suspect."

"In what way is my research suspect?" Bruce watched as the young woman opened up the supply box on top of the pile, her gloved hands pulling out a stack of papers.

"You may not realize it, but you have been under investigation for some time now. You have been requesting supplies, using up SI resources for years now, but you have yet to produce any kind of progress." Darcy slapped the papers outlining the extravagant spending Dr. Banner had been billing SI just over the past two years down on the table.

"So what, you are here to scold me? Motivate me? Help me?" Bruce bit down on the green tinged rage that was quickly rising up his chest. He had been so good in keeping the Other Guy a secret, he couldn't break now. Also, he had no idea what the Other Guy would do when confronted with another person.

"You don't get it, do you? Dr. Banner, you are about to lose your funding and your lab. I'm your judge and jury, Babe, if I don't like what I see..." Darcy sliced her finger across her throat. She smiled when the older man swallowed hard, it seemed she had finally got through to him. Good.

Chapter Text


  Holidays sucked, that was one thing Darcy was sure of in this world. They sucked, and this particular holiday sucked particularly hard. In protest to this most sucky holiday, Darcy was dressed in all black alla 90's angst girl.

She was currently lounging in the common room watching horror flics; another protest of sorts; when she heard someone enter.

"If you value your life, you better not be sporting anything within the realm of red, pink, or anything with hearts on them." No word came from the person, or persons, and so she turned around. She blinked a couple of times as her eyes landed on Sam just in the entry way. He was standing there holding the largest teddy-bear she had ever seen, and what must have been at least a hundred dollar box of chocolates.

Sam swallowed down his nervousness, he was a grown man and he could do this. He took a few steps into the room before he realized that nope, he couldn't do this. In a panic he tossed the bear and candy at the woman on the couch.

"I LIKE YOU AND WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES!" Shit, that wasn't what he was supposed to say. Abort, abort, mission has been compromised! Sam turned sharply on his heel, and rushed from the room before Darcy had a chance to laugh at him.

For her part, Darcy had fallen off the couch when the giant ass teddy bear flew at her face. She would've gotten up, but the man's screamed confession had left her stunned.

She smiled as she reached out to grab one of the chocolates that had scattered from the box. Holidays were wonderful, that was one thing Darcy was sure of in this world. Holidays were wonderful, and this particular holiday was particularly wonderful.

Chapter Text


Steve couldn't get to her fast enough, his feet felt clumsy for the first time in years. Still, he made his way quickly and soon had the young woman in his arms. He was breathing quickly, but it wasn't from his rushing. He had never thought to see her again, and how she had come to be there didn't matter, only that she was.

"I had come to think you had only been a dream." Steve leaned down so he could rest his forehead against hers.

"I had thought you were dead." Darcy held on tightly to the man in her arms. To think her ghost had been Captain America all along.

"Alright, I'm sure this is a pretty crazy thing to ask... Steve, how the hell is your ghost here right now?" Bucky blinked, watching almost unbelieving as the two held tightly to each other. When they were younger Steve had always told him stories about the girl ghost, he was always sketching pictures of her. To see her now in the flesh made him wonder what the hell it was that Thor had given him.

"I'm not sure, but I told you I wasn't crazy."

Chapter Text


“Do we have to get up? Like truly, do we absolutely have to get up?” Darcy twisted herself in the heavy sheets, the fine fabric pulling against her curves in a very distracting way. Of course this was precisely what she had meant to do. There were a few things always guaranteed to catch her husband’s eye; shimmering jewels, and her nude body. Or in this case, the suggestion of it and all that came with it.

“Kingdoms do not run themselves, as I have explained several times this morning.” Thranduil smiled down at his squirming wife. He had granted the woman much since she entered his wood, she had a greater freedom than most even before she captured his heart. Perhaps he had allowed too much, but as he looked at her sleepy smile he decided that he couldn’t have cared less.

“I know,” Darcy drew out the word with an almost childish whine, “but I’m comfortable and too tired.”

“Mmm, you probably should not have imbibed so much wine last night.” Despite his words of moments before, Thranduil edged closer to Darcy, the fraction of sheet covering him falling away to reveal the pale expanse of his body. He reached out with one hand, taking hold of the sheet covering her stomach, and twisted it until the fabric was taught around her hips and ribs.

“It was the Solstice, it wasn’t like I was the only one swimming in it.” There was much that Darcy had learned since coming to this world, and one was that no one partied quite like elves. Unlike the raves she had attended back home where drugs were rampant and sex was just as likely as dancing, the elvish parties consisted mainly of wine, food, and dancing. Magic flowed through the air, and Darcy had found it headier than any earthly drug. And though orgies couldn’t be found in hidden corners, often times the married couples stole away early to enjoy their own little celebration. The king and his wife were no exception.

“Though you were the only mortal.” Something that Thranduil disliked thinking about, so no one could blame him for distracting himself by tugging the sheet down until his wife’s breasts were exposed to the cool air.

“Gah, let’s not talk about that.” Darcy arched her back, her arms stretched above her head. “In fact, let’s not talk at all.”

Thranduil sighed and dropped the sheet, though a small smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. He was no fool, he knew what warm joy he would be giving up by saying no. “Darcy…”

Not giving him the chance to continue, Darcy leaned up until she was almost nose to nose with her husband. There were a few secret weapons she kept for just such an occasion. She rarely used them to her advantage, but she figured they deserved a day’s lie in.

Before he could stop her, Darcy reached a hand up to the side of his face. She curled her fingers and ran the backs of them along the edge of his ear. The purr that rumbled in his throat was embarrassing, so was the way he curled into her as she continued to trace his ear. Her fingers danced along the curve, stopping to give a slight scratch and pinch at the point before continuing on.

“Just like a cat.” Darcy looked down between them with a smug smile. “Well, not exactly.”

Thranduil growled, pouncing on a squealing Darcy. He pinned her hands above her head as he towered over her, a wicked smirk on his face.

“What have I told you about playing with forces that are beyond you?” Leaning down, Thranduil gave his wife no time to respond, and simply took her lips with his own. Most of his court were most likely still abed, so if their king and queen didn’t rise for a couple of extra hours he figured it no longer mattered.


Chapter Text


“Really, Jane, you would think I’ve corrupted a bunch of nuns.” Darcy rolled her eyes and went back to the batch of cookies she promised Bucky.

“You… you… you’ve got everyone calling Bucky a pussy!” Jane blinked, she knew that Darcy could get into some trouble at times but she was sure the younger woman would’ve been on her best behavior around the superheroes.

“Grand Master Pussy, thank you. And I can assure you he is very proud of that title.” Darcy wiped her hands on a towel, and after swiping at her phone she held it out to Jane. “I’ve ordered him this shirt for his birthday. See, ‘Grand Master Pussy.’ I think he’ll love it.”


“Oh cool your heels, it is a children’s game. Shit, my Grandma taught it to me when I was five.” She clicked off her phone and placed it in her pocket.

“That shirt was NOT child appropriate.” Jane pinched the bridge of her nose. She was not looking forward to Thor finding out about this… he could be very competitive.

“Well, we are adults.” Darcy winked, a wicked smirk on her face. There was nothing childish about that man at all.

Jane just huffed and walked out of the kitchen.

Two weeks later when the Avengers had a huge birthday party for Bucky, Darcy presented him the shirt. He wore it for the next month, until Thor took his place as “Grand Master ‘Prince’ Pussy.”

Jane refused to talk to Darcy for the next two weeks.


Chapter Text


Darcy groaned down at the puddle of mud. Back in her world it never would've been a problem, but then she wasn't in her world. She was in Middle-earth, where ever the fuck that was, and she was in some scratchy woolen dress and she needed to cross the mud "pond" with a basket of clothes in her arms.


Squaring her shoulders, she wiggled her hips as she spread her legs. This caused her skirt to ride up enough that she could just grasp it with her fingers and pull it up enough not to get muddy. Once done, she extended one leg, intending to step over the puddle, but before she could do more she felt a nudge at her back and she fell straight into the mud. When she turned she found Sundancer looking at her with those puppy-dog eyes. She really hated that horse.

Laughing filled the air and Darcy just groaned, seems as though she had an audience.

"I swear, Eomer, I don't care if you are Marshal, I will hunt you down and castrate you if you don't shut up."

"No need to be hasty, if you would only give Sundancer a chance she won't have to rely on such tactics." Eomer pushed off the side of the building he had been leaning on and went to the young woman. He gave Sundancer a pat before reaching out to help Darcy up.

Darcy grasped his hand, and with a quick tug pulled him down into the mud with her. "And maybe if you stopped laughing at me all the time I wouldn't have to rely on such tactics."

Chapter Text


Darcy curled up along the window seat of her chambers, her face tucked within her raised knees. In the morning Thranduil would be heading out to war, and though age would never touch him she knew that a sword could.

She wanted to rush into his rooms, plead with him to remain behind. But what right did she have to ask such things from him? She was not his wife, not his lover, and sometimes she wondered if she was even his friend. She was a guest of the royal family, and nothing more. Now here she sat, wishing for the first time in over a year that she could return back to her world and forget everything she saw. Surely it would be better than the sick feeling she could feel building in her chest.

The doors to her chambers burst open, her head raising to see who had made such a sound. Her eyes landed on Thranduil, his chest heaving with labored breaths as he stared down at her. Without saying a word he dashed to her side, gathered her in his arms and pressed his lips to hers.

Shock quickly wore off as he persisted in his kiss, and she leaned fully into him. She had fallen madly in love with the elf, but had kept silent believing he saw her as nothing more than an annoying mortal. The way he pressed her against him told her otherwise. When she felt him start to unlace the ties to her dress she pulled back.

“I may still know little of this world, but I know what this means to your people.” Darcy had found that out only a few months after her appearance. It had been an embarrassing incident involving a member of the guard, and one she would rather forget.

“Then you know what I wish of you.” Thranduil continued plucking at the ties of her dress, his fingers making quick work of the laces. He knew he was wrong to do what he was doing, that tradition dictated that certain formalities should be observed. Yet he ignored all of that, he would not leave without having her, making her his and he hers.

“I… I… You can’t be serious?!” Darcy felt the tips of Thranduil’s fingers run along her bare back and she shivered at the feeling. She was sure he could render her completely speechless with just a few more touches, and she was determined that she would get answers before that.

“Extremely.” He ran his hands back up her back and pushed her dress from her shoulders. “Death is not something I am overly familiar with, but come tomorrow I could meet him. I would gladly greet him with open arms if I knew that, for at least one night, you had been mine.”

“You don’t love me, you don’t even like me.” Darcy blinked, her whole body shivering now at the feel of Thranduil’s fingers dancing along her collarbones.

“And that is where you are wrong, Beloved. I love you too much, and for this I wish for you to be mine. Forever or for one night, until I leave this world.” Bringing his hands up to her face, he pressed his forehead against hers and just look into her eyes. “Please tell me that I have not been mistaken, that you love me just as much?”

Unable to form words, Darcy lifted up her chin so she could take his lips with hers. She answered him with her kisses, with her fingers, and with the movement of her body. From that moment on they were one.

Chapter Text


Tony leaned back against the bar, his eyes taking in everything around him. For the past hour he had been watching this little brunette in a red dress bounce around on the dance floor. He straightened up when she bid her friends goodbye and headed for him.

Darcy looked the man up and down, reached over and stole the olive from his drink. Looking him straight in the eyes as she popped it into her mouth. “So, what do you serve that you can’t eat?”

Alright, so maybe the girl was drunk, but he had had weirder pickup lines. “An easy one, a volleyball.”

Darcy laughed and pulled out an envelope from the purse she had been carrying all night. “Nope, papers.” She slapped the envelope against his chest and sauntered a way.

Chapter Text


Darcy looked up, and up and up, at where the man had been standing. Just a moment ago there had been a hot ex-brainwashed-ex-assassin standing in front of her. She had been attempting to flirt with him, as she normally did when he came around, when for no reason he turned into a bear. As in an actual bear, complete with fur, four paws, and.... damn, a fluffy puff of a tail. This was not what she had been expecting.

"Right, so when Steve called you Bucky Bear, it wasn't some cutesy pet name, was it?"

The Bucky bear shook its head, which really caused his whole body to sway. Darcy took a step back.

"Alright, alright, I guess I can work with this.... I think. Best friend is dating an actual god, my ex turned out to be half elf or goblin or something, and I work for a group of ex-avengers working undercover to save the world from aliens. Yeah, I should be able to handle this."

Bucky bear made a growling noise which Darcy was sure was a laugh, or maybe it meant he was annoyed. She took another step back.

After a moment she watched as the fur of the large bear began to pull back inside and the body shrunk down, down until... there stood before her a rather large, rather built, and rather naked Bucky Barnes.

"Yeah, I think I can so handle this." Darcy smiled widely as Bucky rolled his eyes.

Chapter Text

Everyone in the tower knew not to piss off Darcy Lewis. This was a hard learned lesson by many. Tony was the first one; he had commented on her boobs one too many times. A day later all the Ironman suits had breasts about a size F.

Then came Clint; he had dropped out from the vent and straight onto her last cupcake. That was the day everyone found out that he was afraid of snakes.

Thor, Nat, Steve, and even Pepper had been on the receiving end of a Darcy prank. As Steve stood looking at his best friend, he realized that someone should have warned Bucky.

Bucky Barnes stood in the middle of the communal kitchen, glaring daggers at the blank faced brunette. This was nothing new, but the state of the man was. Bucky was covered head to toe in every color and size of sparkle imaginable.

“Had a wild night, Robo-cop?” Tony groaned when Pepper smacked him in the back of the head.

“Someone glitter bombed all of my clothes and towels.” If it was even possible his glare got darker.

Everyone turned to look at Darcy. She just shrugged her shoulders.

“Dude should have just asked me out instead of crashing my ‘date’”

All but two sets of eyes grew wide when Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, blushed a bright red. The owners of the other two? One smirked and the other laughed so hard he fell out of his chair.

Chapter Text

Ever since Darcy had given birth to little Bowie (ha! Bucky never stood a chance when it came to naming) she had found herself sleepwalking. Normally she would end up in the nursery, pacing before the crib mumbling about keeping her son safe.

It bothered Bucky because of how right she was to be afraid. He had taken every precaution he could to ensure his family’s safety, but he knew there could always be that one time.

For awhile Darcy, after finally talking to someone, had been able to spend her nights fully in bed. Four years after Bowie’s birth she was at it again. Bucky had feared it would happen the moment she told him she was once again pregnant.

Bucky walked slowly into the nursery. Darcy stood before their son’s bed. One hand was clasped around Bowie’s water gun, the other around a plastic chicken leg. He bit his lip when he noticed the plastic carrot sticking out of her shirt.

Against his better judgement he pulled out his phone and took a picture. Darcy was sure to kill him in the morning, but this was better than the time she tried to use her straight iron as a gun.

Chapter Text



  Images of fire and death assaulted him. He could hear it, the sounds of screams and weapons. He could smell it, the destruction of his world. Looking up at the young woman before him, the scenes changed.


  The hot fire was replaced by the smooth heat of flesh as he ran his hands along the curve of a back. He could remember his fingers wrapped up in hair; auburn, blonde, ginger, and a brown so deep it reminded him of a starless sky. There were several faces, but he knew they were all but one woman.


  There were nights spent on purple sanded beaches, under binary moons. They had slept out beneath the stars, and he had watched her bathe in the mist covered ocean. There were days filled with laughter, tears, and absolute joy.


  There had been children; long ago. They had watched them grow up, had been there for when they had children and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren….. And he had watched them die, at the beginning of it all.


  They had been hit first, some of the first casualties. She had been unable to deal with it, descended into madness. She had left in the middle of the night, a trail of blood in her wake. For so long he had believed her dead. He had fought thinking that he had nothing to lose. In the end he had been hit with some sort of beam. He had laid there on the blood-soaked dirt ready to die… and then he had ended up here, on Earth…


  He blinked to clear away the images, his eyes focusing on the woman… his wife. He let out a soft laugh, jumped to his feet and gathered her in his arms. Without speaking, he took her lips with his.


  Daisy and the rest of the team just stood there, watching with eyes wide and mouths agape as Coulson seemingly assaulted a perfect stranger. Later, when the truth was revealed Daisy could be heard several blocks away yelling “I knew it!”

Chapter Text

  Sherlock leaned against the bar, one gloved hand wrapped around the handle of his pint. The Mermaid Scale wasn’t the type of establishment that he normally frequented, but it was the best this port had to offer. Still, the atmosphere of smoke and unwashed bodies could easily be ignored if one downed enough ale. And that was just what he planned to do.


  He had been out to sea for months, nothing but him and his crew. They had made port that morning and he was looking forward to a bit of solitude before making contact with his brother. Meetings with Mycroft always ended with him almost dying, and he doubted that this time would be any different.


  “Could not you have chosen a more… sanitary place to meet, brother mine?” Mycroft settled himself on the stool next to Sherlock, ignoring the groan that came from the other man.


  “Could you not have waited a day, brother dear? I expect you would have found me in more appropriate accommodations.” Sherlock lifted the pint to his lips, drinking deep of the ale. He pushed down the reflex to gag as the warm, mildewy taste of the cheap ale touched his tongue. The stuff was good for little more than getting drunk.


  “More likely I would have found you in some den taking in the “delights” of the eastern herbs.” Mycroft waved away the dirt encrusted barmaid before she even had the chance to offer him a drink. Nothing could possess him imbibe from this establishment.


  “It is always good to know what you think of me, Brother. Is there a reason you have sought me out, or have you just missed me?” Sherlock downed the rest of the ale, pushing the empty pint as far away from him as possible.


  Mycroft shook his head, but pulled a folded piece of paper from the inside of his coat. With a moment’s hesitation, he handed it over to his brother.


  “This one has been alluding us for some time. He goes by the name of ‘The Raven’. A truly ludicrous moniker, but then again what can one expect from a masked highwayman?”   

Chapter Text




Rating: M

Genre: Drama/Romance/Adventure

Characters: Darcy, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Fury, Hill, Tony Stark, several OCs.

Pairing: Hawkeye/Darcy

Category: Thor/Avengers



Summary: When Darcy had gotten the offer to train as a SHIELD agent she had been ecstatic, she had seen Nat and Clint around Avengers Tower since she had moved there with Jane and she had to admit, they were pretty fucking cool.

Ok, so she knew it wasn’t going to be all shiny guns, cat suits, and ear pieces, but that was kind of why she accepted. For once in her life she wanted danger and intrigue, and she wanted to be right in the middle of it instead of being shoved off to the side.

  Training had been intense; Nat had beaten her ass into the ground more times than she wanted to count. She had even spent a few weeks in medical because of broken bones and concussions, something that the others in the Tower hadn’t been too happy about.

 She had gone on a few missions after she had been cleared for field work, but they had all been simple clean ups, and Darcy had started to get rather tired of it. She was good, she knew she was. Alright so she couldn’t drop a man with a look like Nat could, or shoot a man in the heart in the dark like Clint, but she had her talents, and she felt they were being wasted.

  So when Nat barged into her room and threw a tiny black bikini at her, telling her to pack tanning oil and be ready to leave in two hours, she thought she was finally going to go on a real mission.

  Of course things couldn’t go right for her, she should have realized it when she was sent on a mission without ever being actually debriefed. So it happened that Darcy found herself lounging on a beach on a little island in the Caribbean, sipping pina coladas with Clint Barton. Not that she didn’t enjoy the view, beautiful sand, blue water, and one of the hottest bodies, besides Captain America and Thor of course, in all of SHIELD sitting beside her in nothing but swimming trunks. Still, she wanted more, an actual mission. Something to prove her worth to Fury, show everyone that she wasn’t Baby Agent Lewis, as she knew Clint had dubbed her. The longer they sat on the beach, the longer she thought it would never happen. Even after Clint explained to her about their surveillance mission, gathering Intel on a man by the name of Sheldon Lambert, who SHIELD believed was the headrunner for an organization called the Third Star, a radical group that spread hate messages through graffiti and online blogs until just a year before their symbol was carved into the chest of a very prominent governmental official.

 Clint and Darcy were sent on a surveillance mission after an agent that had infiltrated the outer ring and identified the leader. Posing as a rich young American couple, Clint and Darcy laze around the beach, both flirting with each other, hoping to catch a glimpse of Lambert. The flirting was nothing new, in fact Clint had flirted with her before she even started her training. It was just something they did, with each other as well as others, neither realized just how much the other actually liked them.

  Unfortunately the simple surveillance mission went wrong when hours after spotting Lambert, Darcy is compromised. Clint had gone to grab something to eat from one of the stands along the beach, and while he was gone Lambert spotted Darcy and went over to sit down and flirt with her.

  Darcy was surprised, mostly when Lambert told her about the party he was having at his place that night and asked her to join him. Before Darcy could answer Clint came up and glared down at Lambert. Lambert just laughed and stood and said that he must be the boyfriend Darcy kept talking about. Clint says yes and Lambert pats him on the shoulder and tells him about the party and that he was invited too. He then looked down at Darcy and told her that he expected her to be there and then left.

  Clint is angry and gets after Darcy for talking to him and Darcy just gets after Clint as says what she was supposed to do? He came up to her, not the other way around. Then she says that the party would be a good way to gather more intel, but Clint just tells her absolutely not, they were leaving that night. Darcy looks at him funny and says she thought they were to be there for a few more days and Clint just tells her that they were not supposed to make contact and they were compromised now and their orders were to get out of there if things looked like they were going wrong. Clint then told her to pack up everything, the sooner they left the better. Darcy huffed but followed orders, because even though she was an agent now, Clint was still her superior.

  Back at the room Darcy starts her packing as Clint went to contact Fury about what happened. She had just finished when there was a knock at her door, she wasn’t thinking when she opened it, thinking that Clint must have needed something. But when sheopened it it was to find Lambert there holding a garment bag.

  He apologized that he took the liberty in finding out where she was staying, but he wanted to make sure she made it to the party, plus he also bought her something he thought she would like. He handed her the bag and darcy thanked him but didn’t know what else to do. Lambert laughed a little and told her to go ahead and get dressed, he would wait for her. With that he sat down and waited as Darcy went into the bathroom, her heart pounding out of her chest.

  She was shocked when she opened the bag to find the sexiest dress she had ever seen. It was floor length, maybe in inch longer actually, sleek black silk that she knew would cling to her curves. Not knowing what else to do she pulled the dress on, blushing at how low the swoop neck was cut. Looking into the mirror she couldn’t believe how Lambert had managed to buy the right size for her. It creeped her out actually.

  She did up her makeup and hair, hoping to stall enough that Clint would be back by time she finished. Sadly he had yet to make it back by the time she left the bathroom. She was greeted instead by the sightof Lambert standing there with a pair of six inch black heels hanging from his fingers. He gave her the once over and told her he knew she would look perfect in the dress and then helped her put the heels on and then placed a simple emerald pendant around her neck and asked her if she was ready.

  She said they should probably wait until her boyfriend got back so he could getready, but Lambert just told her that he could just follow along after he was ready. Trying to think of what to do she told him to wait a moment because she forgot to splash on some perfume and then headed into the bathroom again. She riffled through herbathroom bag a little so it would sound like she was  looking for something before she took out her lipstick and wrote a message on the mirror…the only thing she could do as even spies didn’t keep paper in the bathroom. She splashed on a scent and then left tell Lambert she was ready.

 When Clint got back, annoyed with himself for even suggesting that Darcy come along with him. He should have listened to Fury and brought Nat along, she would have known what to do when it came to Lambert, known how to throw him off without compromising the mission.

  Clint hollowered out to Darcy that pick up was in an hour, but she didn’t answer. He went into her room and could feel a heavy stone settle in his stomach. She was not there, he looked for any signs of force though finding nothing in the bedroom. It was when he went into the bathroom that Clint felt his heart pick up and the need to kill something. There on themirror Darcy had written him a message telling him that Lambert had come by and didn’t seem to want to take no for an answer about escourting her to the party.

  Clint quickly contacted Fury with the new information, though he hated what he was told. Stay put, wait for the extraction team and allow them to remove Agent Lewis. Clint had went against orders several times, but nothing like what he was about to do, it was his fault that Darcy was now in the  hands of Lambert and he would get her out.

  He quickly changed and went to where Lambert had told them the party would be earlier. Everything looks normal when he enters, but he couldn’t find Darcy anywhere. Finally he catches her with Lambert and goes after her.

  Darcy figured once Lambert brought her to the party he would just leave her with a few of the other guests to mingle, she was surprised and a little bothered when he practically latched his hand to the small of her back and made sure she stayed with him the entire time. Recalling her training Darcy took the time to try and memerize the layout of thehouse. She had hoped to be able to sneak off and get a look around, But Lambert wouldn’t let her out of his sight. He introduced her to many people, and Darcy thought it weird as it almost seemed like he was introducing his girlfriend or something.

  Darcy was releaved when she saw Clint moving through the crowd, though she knew the moment Lambert saw him as well as he stiffened and made a low groaning sound in the back of his throat.

  “It looks like your Lover decided to join us. Pity, I was so enjoying ourtime alone.” With that one thing Darcy could see the redlights going off in her head. This wasn’t suppose to happen, she wanted to be on a real mission but she really didn’t like the idea that she seemingly caught the eye of what was looking to turn out to be the head of a anarchist group.

  Clint finally caught up with Darcy and Lambert and his eyes took in Darcy, after he was satisfied that she wasn’t hurt in any way he took her hand and turned to Lambertand told him thanks for keepinggood care of his girl, and though he felt Darcy flinch at this he squeezed her hand and hoped she would keep her mouth shut for once.

  Reluctantly Lambert lets go of Darcy and tells her that he hoped she had a good time the rest of the night and he would be seeing her before the end. She just smiled weakly and nodded as Clint did before being dragged away.

  After finding a quiet corner and making sure no onecould be listening, by ear or otherwise, Clint starts getting into her about going off  with Lambert, to which Darcy lays into him about what the hell was she supposed to do, huh? Just like thatafternoon he came for her and this time she was pretty sure Lambert wasn’t going to take no for an answer, she had no choice but to go with him, she really didn’t want to find out what would happen to her if she tried to refuse. Clint backed off and ran a hand through his hair, concedeing that she was right and had handled the situation properly, no matter how much he wished she could have just shot his ass. Darcy laughed and then asked him what they were supposed to do, Clint sighs and says they were suppose to be taken out by the extraction team, only Darcy practically being kidnapped pretty much ended that, Fury could not rick the whole operation by sending someone into the party to get Darcy, Clint wasn’t even supposed to go but he would be damned if he was going to leave her there to fend for herself. He said that when they gotback to the hotel they woulod contact Fury again and see what he had to say. But Clint had a horrid feeling he knew just how things were going to go down, by  the way that Lambert had taken a shinning to Darcy he knew that Fury wouldnot give up this chance, it was too perfect not to take advantage of. Though he didn’t tell darcy this, not wanting to frighten her or get her to do anything stupid.

  The two spentthe rest of the eveningtalking to guests and taking mental notes about who and what they saw. Such as which of the guests did Lambert give more attention to, which ones seemed to be on friendly terms and which ones could possibly be part of The Third Star.

   By time the guests had started to disapate Lambert had found Darcy as he told her he would. While Clint was talking to one of the men that he suspected to be a memeberof the group Lamberttook darcy’s hand and led her off into a private corner where he told her he was glad she came that evening and he hoped they would see each other againm soon, and not for a party. He told her then that though he normally didn’t spend more than a weekend at the house he was there for at least thye next month and then he invited her to a poolside lunch in two days. He leaned in a gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her he better see her there and to make sure to give her reguards to her boyfriend and then left.

  Darcy was a nervous wreck by the time that they made it back to the hotel, she told Clint what happened and he just sighed before setting up a secure line straight to Fury.

  Just as he had feared, Fury knew that the oprotunity to have someone so close to Lambert was too good to pass up and that darcy had just been promoted, way promoted and hernew mission was to get as close to Lambert as possible, to infultrait and gather as much intel as she could, by any means that she could. That he would have a team drop off a few supplies for her and Clint and they were to go silent until Fury contacted them himself.

  Darcy starts freaking out as soon asthey shut down comm with Fury, going on and on about the fact that she wasn’t Nat, she was not actually trained to do this, and what the fuck did he mean by any means nessicary? Clint ran a hand through his hair, pulling at the roots until they almost bled before practically yelling at Darcy, what did she think he meant?! That she was the one that wanted to go on dangerous missions, have a real part in the world of spying, well now she would be, congrats!

  Darcy fumed and picked up her fallen shoes on the floor and tossed them at his head, and because Clint was too angry andworried to pay attention, the normally agile spy was hit right in the head and tripped over the chair behind him before falling to the floor in a stunned heap.

  Darcy yelled at him that this was not what she meant, she just wanted to know what the fuck she was being sent out to do, hack computers, do a little light flirting with a security guard so the others of her team could sneak into a compound or something, she never wanted to be sent in to seduce and fuck the head of a fucking anarchist group! And if he ever talks to her in such a way again she would take Fury up on his offer and taze his fucking ass, then told him to get the fuck out of her room because she needed to think.

  Clint blinks at her before doing as she asked and returned to his own room, he just about freaks when the lights flick on to Nat sitting on his bed. She tells him that he had just done a fabulous job, truly wonderful and Clint just tells her to shut the fuck up. Nat shakes her head at him and leans forward telling him that he needed to get his act together.

  Clint snarls out at her and asks her what she was doing there anyway, she says she was a gift from Fury. After what he told him about Lambert taking Darcy he had a supission and since she was part of the extraction team Fury told herto just togo on ahead.

  Clint pinches the bridge of his nose and says she was the drop off he had been talking about and Nat nods before standing up and then smaking him in the back of the head as  hard as she could. She told him he was lucky because she would have broken his nose if he didn’t still need to keep up apearincess. Clint asks her why she did that and she says that it was because he was an idiot. Even though she had helped train Darcy, the girl was never meant to work missions like this. She was being groomed as a handler, most likely for the Avngers. Now she was thrust right in the middle of this, playing the seductris so that way she could gather intel and all he could do is yell at her and blame her? Clint looks down and curses before flinging himself on the bed. Nat sets down beside him, her hand patting his thigh.

 She tells him that as of right now he was her handler, her back up and he needed to get his shit togetherincase all the other shit hit the fan. Darcy was going to need him because this was no going to be easy on her.

  She stands up then and heads for Darcy’s room, only shestopped beforew she got there and turned around and told him that Fury did give Darcy permission  to taze his ass if he got to abnoctous so he better be good. She turns and leaves then, Clint muttering out shit once again. This was seriously not how things were supposed to go.

  Darcy is startled when the door between her and Clint’s rooms open again and she she starts yelling at Clint to go the fuck away before she realizes that it was Nat. She snapped her mouth shut and sat up waiting for her mentor and friend to speak first.

  Nat tells her that she was there to help her out, and that she wanted her to know that Fury regreted the fact that she was in that situation as she was never meant to be. Darcy nodded and said thank you, but it still didn’t help things and if she was there why couldn’t they just use her to get close to Lambert. Nat sat down after picking up the fallen chair and told Darcy that it wasn’ty that easy. The fact was that they could send her and Clint back to HQ but there was no guarenty that Lambert would find Nat to hisliking, and even if he did it could end up taking longer. Darcy had already caught his eye and he was making his intrest known, it was just too good an oprotunity to pass up.

  Darcy asks her what she was going to do, she wasn’t Any kind of seductress and Nat tells her that was what she was there for. She tells Darcy to get ready for bed and get some sleep she would be back in the morning to help out. Darcy nodded and did as she was told while Nat left.

  The next morning things didn’t seem any better, but Darcy was glad that Nat was there. Clint had apologized and told her he just went a bit wild because he was worried for her and he was sorry. She told him it was alright but he better not do anything like that again or she would do more than tazer him.

  Nat helps Darcy get ready and the next day there is a knock at her door where a man in a suit was waiting to escourt Darcy to lunch with Lambert.

  Over the next week darcy ends up with Lambert most of the time, he wines and dines her and by Friday he tells her to break it off with her boyfriend and move into his house. He tells her there was just something about her that he couldn’t help but want. Darcy plays coy but Lambert gets rather angry and tells her that if she was smart she would go back to her hotel, tell herlover that it was over and advise him to leave and pack up her things and return to his house, because there was one thing she needed to understand about him, whehn he wanted something he always, ALWAYS, got it. Darcy nodded and with a  shaky voice told him that she would b back soon.

  Darcy went back to the hotel, thedoor shuting and locking the moment she was inside. Nat and Clint were both there in full gear, weapons in their hands and told her she was being followed. Darcy told him she pretty muchfigured and then told them what was happening. Clint cursed but Nat told her that it really wasn’t surprising and that they would have to put on a bit of a show. Clint looked at Nat like she was insane, but she just shoved him aside as she pulled out a suitcase from Clint’s room and told them that she had come prepared with a few things from HQ.

  Darcy packed while Nat explained what each thing was, including a two-way that would be undectible to any of Lambert’s tech. Clint just fumed and paced and muttered about how they were going to protect her. Nat and Darcy ignored him until they finished and Nat told them that they would have to fight. The two lifted their brows before Nat said that they needed to make a scene, Lambert’s goons were still out there.

  Clint and darcy nodded and procecced to fight about ending their relationship, though Nat woundered if she was going to have to break it off as she was beginning to think they weren’t acting anymore. After a particulally nasty insult Darcy slaps Clint and Clint grabs her wrist and pulls her into a kiss.

  Nat rolled her eyes and walked over pulling the two apart after a minute had passed and she realized that they were not going to stop anytime soon. Darcy blushed while Clint sent a glare to Nat. Nat told them that they really needed to wrap it up. After a moment to ctach their breathsDarcy yelled one last thing to Clint and gathered her things and marched out of the hotel with Clint at her heels yelling at her to come back he wasn’t done with her and whatnot.

  About a street away a black car pulls up and the same man from that normally picked her up got out and told her to get inand he would take her to the estate.

  From then on Darcy was practically on her own. She had been worried that Lambert wouldtry something with her thatnight, instead he continued his slow seduction, but Darcy started to notice that he wasn’t around as much as he seemed to be and she started to explorearound, figuring she could just say she wanted to get the feel for the placeshe was living if she was ever caught.

  She is finally caught about two weeks later and Lambert just shook his head, she was worried that she was caught in her lie when Lambert just laughed and said it wasa bit early but he guessed now would be a good enough time. Lambert procecced to tell her about being the headof a particular branch of an organatizion that would change the face of the world. Darcy listens while she is enternally screaming, she was finally gaining information, real information about The Third Star.

  During the whole time she was with Lambert she made sure to make sure that Lambert believed she wanted the same things as her and so heasks her if she wanted to see what he was talking about. She nodded her head and he takes her to a part of the house she had never been able to enter. He stops and tells her that after they cross that room there was no going back that it was in or death, she nodded and told him she wanted in. He smiled widely and took her hand as they crossed down, once in the room darcy was shocked to realize it seemed to be a hallway that lead down under the ground. Lambert laughs and saus he knows it is clice but somethimes couldn’t be helped.

 From there he brings Darcy down to a hugelab where he explanes that he was part of an organation known as Orion, he ran the branch known as The Third Star, his people where in charge of two things, developing weapons such as bombs, guns and the like, as well as recruiting. He laughed when he said that the government thought them an anarchist group because of the graiffti and online campianes, but those were more of a smoke screen to keep their true nature hidden. Darcy asks him what that was and he said to fully control every government on the planet and finally bring peace.

  Darcy began to freak out but was able to control it and asked him if he was only one branch what were the others? He told her there were two other branches, the second and first stars, but they would get into that another day, he had some business to attend to and she should be relaxing, maybe going for a swim. He leaned in a gave her a soft and yet possessive kiss before ordering one of his mean to take her back upstairs.

  That night darcy gets in contact with Nat and Clint and relays what she could, Clint said he wanted to extract her but both Darcy andNat said thattheycouldn’t. Lambert hadn’t told her that morning, but she was sure he would eventually tell her about the othertwo branches and there was no way she could leave without that information, not after what she saw in the basmeant. Clint tells Nat he wanted to talk to Darcy alone and she nods and leaves the room.

  Once gone Clint tells darcy that he wanted her out of there, just say the word and he would come for her. Darcy tells him to stop it, would he be worrying this much about nat? Just because she wasn’t like her didn’t mean she was a weakling. Clint tells her that no he wouldn’t worry about Nat the same, he shushes herwhen she starts to scoff and tell her that it wasbecause he didn’t carefor Nat like he cared for her and it wasn’t because he didn’t think she could do it, but because he could stand the thought of her being hurt, it would kill him. Darcy is silent for a moemtn before telling him that was a really sucky wayto tell her andthat they would have to talk when she was back, and then before she disconnected she told him that shecaredfor him too and it would kill her if he was hrut so be careful or she would taze his ass.

  A few days later Lambert takes Darcy back to the basement but this time to what looked like a small conference room. There she finds two others, an older man in his sixties and a woman in her thirties. Lambert introduces them to her as the leaders of the other two branches and after a lunch where Darcy basically just sat there, every now and then answering questions about herself, or well the self that her and Nat put together, she asks Lambert about what had just happened. He told her that she was just approved of by the council and then tells her about the other two branches. The Second Star was a group of highly trained and intelligent scientists working on a number of biological weapons, which he answered when asked, would target only certain groups that they needed eliminated in order to bring world peace. He then said that The First Star was one of the most important, the members of the first star were slowly but surely infiltrating the government around the world, eventually becoming the Kings.                   

  Lambert leads Darcy back upstairs where he tells her to just get some rest for the rest of the day as she had a big day ahead of her the next day. A little later that night she contacts Nat and Clint and tells them about what she had been told and describes the other two leaders andtells them what lambert had said. Nat asks her if she knew what he had meant by it and darcy said she had no idea, she wasn’t sure what was going on only that the meeting today had been for her to meet the approval of the other leaders, which apparently she did. She tells them she should go as it seemed that Lambert was taking an even more intrest in her and she signs off.

 Once off Clint curses  and starts to snap atNat that they needed to get her out of there, she already got the information she needed it was time to go in and remove her. Nat just shook her head and said that this was all bigger than any of them thought and they needed darcy to stay undercover for as long as she could. Clint throws a cup from the table across the room and yells at Nat saying that something was going down tomorrow and he had a very bad feeling about it and if Nat didn’t helphim he was going to get her himself. Nat tells him to shut up and sit down before she made him. Clint huffed but sat down and looked at Nat and tried to get her to help him, whenj she remained blankfaced he yelled “fuck” and said that she hadn’t been silent with Fury had she, she told him no and she had her orders and she wouldn’t allow Clint to mess them up.

 Clint looked ashen when he realized just what she was saying and then said “Fury has decided that she is expendable, hasn’t he?” Nat takesa moment to answer but when she does she tells him that at the moment shutting down the Third Star and the other branches were top priority and that meant Darcy had to die then they were not to interfere.

  Clint growls and stomps overtothe other side of the room. “This is my fault, you were supposed to be on this mission with me.” Nat moves over and rests a hand on his shoulder only to have it knocked off. She tells him it wasn’t any of their faults, no one could have anticipated Lambert taking an interest in darcy. But things were they way they were now and they would just have to make the best of it. She  wouldn’t leave Darcy there to die if she could help it, but the downfall of the Stars were their first priority and took pesitense over thelife of one agent. Clint knew how things worked, if things had been different, if she had gone instead of Darcy he would have followed orders without complaint, just as she would have done for him. Clint says that was different, Nat wasn’t darcy, Darcy wasn’t as trained she had never been this far out in the field before, she was practically a baby compaired to them. Nat just shook her head and said he knew that darcy  could take care of herself, he knew just the same as her what the problem was, he had started to fall for the girl. Clint leans back against the wall and was silent for a moment before he laughed and said that at one time he would have been the same with her. Nat leaned against the wall beside him and saqid that was a long time ago and his feelings for her were not nearly as strong as his for darcy were. Clint didn’t deny it and just sat down on the bed and asked Nat what he was supposed to do? She told him he was to stay there, watch and wait for darcy to do her job as they knew she would. And when the time was right, they would get Darcy back together.

  The next day Darcy is woken by one of the many men that worked for Lambert and after she  dresses she is brought back down to  the basement labs and to a very steril room. A woman walks in in a white lab coat and tells Darcy to undress. Darcy looks at her wideyeyed and says like hell she would. The woman just looks at her and tells her to undress, or she would bring in  others to underess her for her. The steel in the womans voice and eyes is enough to convence Darcy she is not kidding and she undresses down to her painties and bra, the woman just tells her to continue and with a snarky remark Darcy completely disrobes. The woman then tells her to get  onto the table behind her. For the next few hours darcy is checked over, blood drawn, tested, x-rayed, and probed far beyond anything Darcy could handle. She held her tounge though not sure what the woman and her team would do if she said anything.

  By the time that Darcy was back upstairs and in her room the  sun was already setting. She was about to remove her com to speak with Nat and Clint when there was a knock at her door, though she was scared of more tests she opened the door to find Lambert there. He orders her to come with him and she finds herself in the small sitting room she had once been in. There Lambert gives her a glass of wine and sits down beside her. Darcy asks what wasgoing on, why did they do all those tests on her. Lambert tells her there was nothing to worry about, mostly as it looked like she was in good health and in perfect breeding condition. Darcy is shocked at the last one and asks what he meant by that, Lambert lays a hand on her thigh and tells her tocalm down, she should be happy, to be one of the ones picked to bear the future generation.

  He laughs at Darcy’s wide eyes and asks her what she thought was going on? They were creating a new world, a new ruling class, and their kings could not reproduce with just anyone. The tests that had already come back were perfect, as long as the rest came back the same she would one day find herself carrying the furture princes of Earth.

  Darcy asked what would happen to herif they didn’t come back perfect and Lambert sighs and says that regrettably he would have to kill her. Of course he could sterilize her and keep her for himself, but there was nothing to worry about. He was sure she would be perfect.

  Darcy took a sip of her wineand leaned back, trying to pull from her training with Nat and flirt with Lambert and asked him if she was perfect wouldn’t she end up with him?

  Lambert sighs and says unfortuniatly no, he wasn’t one of the future kings, and that the leader of the first star she had met showed  an interest in having her.

  Darcy sighed herself and ran a finger along his shoulder as she took another sip of wine and told him that was a shame, she had been hoping to get a taste of him. And it was regrettable as she thought he would make a wonderful king. Lambertlaughed and said that he had a more important role to play, he would be one of the ones with the power behind the kings. He then told her to enjoy her wine and the evening, once her tests came back in a few days she would be moved if they were what he thought theywouldbe.

  After she wentback to her room much later she contacts Nat and Clint and tells them what was going on and told them to get her the hellk out of there. Nattells her that she needed to gather more info, mostly if they could get her moved. Darcy tells her to fuck that, if the tests come back wrong she was going to be fucked spaded or dead, so they better get their asses over thereright now and get her the hell out. Nat told her to calm down and shut up and then turned off the com.

  Clint stood there fuming and looking like he would like nothing better than to kill Nat, Nat told him to stop it, she wasn’t going to allow Darcy to die. They were going to wait for the results, they needed tosee if they could get her moved, mostly if she was going to the leader of the first Star.

  Clint rammed his hand into the wall before marching out of the room of the rundown hotel. Nat figured he was just going to blow off some steam until a few hours later he had still not returned and she noticed the small bag in the corner of equipment was gone. She cursed and ran out herself after doning her Black Widow gear, she knew Clint was planning on extracting Darcy.

  Darcy looked blankly down at the com in her hand, made and frightened that Nat cut off communications. She had the horrible suspicion that she wasn’t supposed to make it out of there alive. She shutoff thecom and place the thing back in her bag before getting herself ready for bed. She was tired, but she knew that was not thereason why she was acting like a zombie. She wasn’t dumb, she knew that things like this happened every day in SHIELD, but she had never thought herself to be one of the expendables.

  When she was in bed later she tried to hold back the tears, her facepressed tightly into the pillows. If it wasn’t for that the scream she let out when someone grabbed her around the waste would have awoken the entire house.

  Darcy quieted when she heard Clint tell her to calm down and she turned in his arms until she came face to face with Clint. She laughed quietly and then said she was afraid that they were just going to allow her to die there, her laughter died when she noticed Clint’s face and she said thathe wasn’t supposed to be therewas he? He said no, but he wasn’t about to allow her to die so she better get up and get dressed. He pointedto the bag at the end of her bed. Darcy smiled and slid out of bed, grabbed the bag and went to the bathroom where she slipped on the black bodysuit that had been fitted for her back when she was finally cleared for field missions.

  After that Clint directs Darcy, telling her that they needed to first get all the information they could before getting out of there. Darcy nods and takes him to the basement where thankfully as it was the middle of the night and there were very few about.

  Clint sets up various bugs, all created by Stark, and hacks into the computers, sending the information direct line to a secure computer Stark set up for SHIELD. Clint is about ready to leave when he notices that Darcy is not beside him, he finds her at a computer her eyes glued to the screen where her name was plastered. Clint stops in his tracks when he reads the file, Darcy Lewis, SHIELD Agent, plastered at the top.

  Lambert enters the room then and drawls on about the fact that they didn’t think they were that dumb did they. He had known who darcy was the moment he had seen her at the beach, but how could he resist? He looked todarcy and told her he was sorry, but he had been right, her tests were perfect. Clint looks to Lambert and asks him how he knew and Lambert just laughed and asked Clint if he ever wondered why Fury didn’t give too much resistance to Darcy joining him? Darcy says he was wrong, Fury couldn’t be in on it. Lambert tells her that no, he wasn’t, but he knew much more than he told them when he sent them on the mission. He knew about the breeding programe, and he knew thatDarcy was just what we were looking for. That is why he took the gamble about sending Hawkeye on the seemingly safe mission. He knew you would ask for darcy, he was counting on it.

  Darcy asks him how Fury had known? Clint groans and says it was because there was a mole, Agent Welch, the agent that was supposed to have infiltraited the outer circle.

  Lambert laughed and said very good, they had cornered Welch after they realized who he was and made him an offer. Join them or they would kill his family. An oldie, butstill just as effective. Welch not only fed what information they wanted to Fury, he also gave them the information they needed.

  Darcy asked him what heplanned on doing now and Lambert says that first he was going to kill the little birdie and then she was going to go back to her room and go to bed like a good little girl. Darcy laughed and said he had to be crazy if he thought she was still going to go along with his plans. He says he never said she had to go willingly, her genes were too good to let go to waste, so she could either make it easy on herself and go back to bed and do what she should, or she would end up living the rest of her life drugged and pregnant. The man she was going to wouldn’t care either way.

  Darcy couldn’t breathe at what he was indicating and found herself inching closer to Clint. Lambert just shrugged his shoulders and snapped his fingers. And then h snapped them again. He cursed and yelled out for the idiots to get in there and do his job.

  There was shocked silence when instead of Lambert’s men, Nat came sauntering into the room with several agents and Tony Stark behind her.

  Nat looked to Lambertand told him the thing about spys are that you can never trust them, double agents more so. Lambert just blinked when Agent Welch stepped up beside Nat. Nat tells him that at that moment the other two branches were being infiltraited and brought down.

  Darcy caughtthe gun that Tony had tossed her and pointed it at Lambert and told him he could be a good little boy and surrender or he could spend the rest of his life in aganizing pain as she shot him in the balls. Tony laughed but shut up at the look Nat sent him. He just shrugged his shoulders and told Lambert he better listen to Agent Lewis, the girl was very trigger happy.

  Of course Lambert refused to listen and tried to run only to find himself scream as a bullet hit him in the ass. When he was on the ground Darcy marched over towards him and kicked him on his back, grinning at the scream he made as his injured ass hit the floor. She aimed the gun at his junk and gleefully told him it was over.

  At that moment Clint and Nat could be heard screaming her name as Lambert’s hidden hand came around and pointed a gun at her head. Without thinking Darcy pulled her own trigger, her bullet hitting much higher than Lambert’s groin and burrowing itself in his gut. Darcy blinked then, pain spreading out from her left shoulder as blackness enveloped her vision. The last thing she heard was Clint telling her it would be ok before she blacked out.

  When darcy woke later it was to th sound of beeping and she had the sneeking suspicion that she was in the hospital, mostly from the vile steril smell. When she opened her eyes she was hoping to find Clint, instead she found Fury standing leaning against the wall. She asked him what the fuck he was doing there and he said he wanted to make sure she was alright and commend her on a job well done. Darcy scuffed and said that he had set her up, Fury said that she would have to get used to it, sometime he would have to send her out into the field blind. The fact was she was untried and they couldn’t take the chance that she would talk, but to know that she was never in any real danger, he had several teams waiting to extract her and Clint if needed. Darcy blinks at him and says not in any danger, she was fucking shot! Fury lkaughed and told her to suck it up, that was her own fault and she better get used to it. Plus she was fine, she wasn’t the one left to bleed out on the floor while everyone ignored him.

  Darcy just shook her head and then cringed when it caused pain down her shoulder. Fury told her to just rest and get better because he needed one of his best new agents at the best when he needed them. He moved to the door but stopped before going out and turned back to tell Darcy that she did a fine job and he was glad she was alright.

  A while later Clint showed up, seting down a vase of pink roses. He laughed and said that he couldn’t find any red, but figured she could suffer through pink. She just smiled at him andpatted the bedside. Clint sat down and took the hand she held out to him and waited as he rambled on and on about not knowing anything that was going on and had he known, eventually Darcy told him to shut up and just fucking kiss her already. Clint blinked at her but did as she said, when they pulledapart Darcy said thank you and then told him he had to stop worrying about her so much, there would come a time when she was on a mission without him and he couldn’t be distracted from his own mission by worrying so much about her. He told her he would always  worry, and she said she would too, but they had to trust that theywould take care of themselves and return to each other.

  Clint smiled and leaned down to give herone more kiss. Andthen told her to rest, he would be back later, he had a lot of paperwork to do.

  When all was said and done Darcy and Clint were  together, the Three stars had been dismantled and the world was once again safe. Darcy had a new scar to show, and a brand new level on her badge. Things were good, at least until the next idiot tried to take over the world.     

Chapter Text

Chapter One:

(The Night before John and Mary’s one year anniversary)

  Sherlock paced around 221B, his eyes landing on his evidence wall after every turn. Molly leaned back in her chair, watching on with an indulgent smile and a roll of her eyes.

  “Sherlock, it is going to be fine.”

  “Of course it is going to be, I never said it wasn’t.”

  “No, but you have been pacing for over an hour now.”

  “It helps me think.”

  “That is your problem, you are not just thinking, you are over thinking.”

  “I have to take into account every variable; anticipate everything that could go wrong and plan accordingly.”

  “It is a dinner party for our friends, not war.”

  “I see little difference.”

  “Sadly I believe with you that is true.”

  “Well look what happened at their wedding, had I thought everything through we would have been more prepared.”

  “I’m not sure anyone can be truly prepared for murder at a wedding.”

  “Still, I should have.”

  “Fine, so what are you worried about ruining their anniversary; cannibal chef at the restaurant, waiter poisoning our food, ground glass in the tartar?”


  “No Sherlock, listen, everything is going to be fine. You have everything planned out, every single detail thought out and executed. We are all going to meet up at the restaurant, where you have a table reserved and the wine already chosen. We will sit down, order, eat and then we are all coming back here where we will have drinks and a cake that Mrs Hudson is at this very moment baking. Everything. Will. Be. Fine.”

  Sherlock huffed and plopped down onto the sofa. Sometimes it was a bother having friends, like when such obligations as throwing parties happened to be involved. Other times…well other times he would say he was glad for the companionship; like having Molly curled up in his chair, her soft breathing filling 221B with a comforting hum.

  Things had changed between him and Molly since she had come to visit him that first day in hospital. He had known it the moment she walked in, bright yellow roses in hand. He understood the language of flowers; there had been a series of murders years ago where the victims were all found with various flowers pinned to their clothes. Molly had examined the bodies for that one, and he remembered lecturing her about the flower meanings. Of course at the time he hadn’t know she would one day use that knowledge to convey a message to him.

  When he had seen the bouquet of yellow roses he had felt somewhat disappointed, even if he refused at the time to admit it. Molly Hooper had been one very important constant in his life, she had always been the woman waiting for him. He had always thought she would be the one to always love him, and with those few yellow blooms she had proven that she had truly moved past him, and all she now had to offer was her friendship.

  It hadn’t been until he had been working to rid the world of Moriarty that Sherlock realized just why he had been dismayed at her message. In fact it was when Mycroft had showed up at 221B with the information that Molly had been taken that he understood. Only by that point it had been too late.

  Sherlock looked over to his desk where a single yellow rose was tipped in a glass vase. He smiled a bit, turning back to watch Molly. Though he had been too late in understanding his own heart, he refused to allow that woman out of his life. Before he had gone to his parents’ for Christmas he had sent Molly a rose of his own, just as bright and yellow as hers had been. And so a private little tradition had started.

  John, Mary and all their friends loved to tease them about it, about the random exchange of roses between them. All of them refused to believe that Sherlock wasn’t courting Molly, even though he had informed them on multiple occasions of the meaning of the color.

  “Sherlock, there really is no need to worry. Jim is dead, things have been quiet lately, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.”

  “The calm before the storm.”

  “Really now, you are just itching for a case.”

  “Well, as you said, it has been quiet lately. The last case I had was a missing cat.”

  “Surely the torso I brought you last week has kept you occupied.”

  “I’ve finished with that already. You wouldn’t happen to have a spare tongue or two lying about?”

  “Of course, I left a couple of them beside my bed lamp.”

  “Don’t be smart, Molly.”

  “Don’t be an arse, Sherlock.”

  Molly smiled and snuggled further down into Sherlock’s chair, pulling the purple throw further around her legs. The thing was warm and smelt like firewood and Sherlock. It had shown up at 221B only days after Sherlock had saved her from Moriarty. Molly was no fool, she knew he had purchased the throw for her, though she knew better than to say anything about it.

  Sherlock had been more demonstrative since everything that had happened, as well as protective. It would have been easy for her to fall right back into her old habits of fawning over him, but Molly held fast. She was not about to allow herself to fall back in love with him…or any further as she found that she just couldn’t seem to stop loving him. But she was determined that they would only be friends, Sherlock didn’t want anything more than that and she would be damned if she lost him just because she couldn’t control her heart.   


  The night before John and Mary’s first anniversary party, which Sherlock ends up having to throw, Sherlock and molly spend the evening in 221B, where Molly tries to calm Sherlock down as he was once again panicking much as he had been when he had been best man at the wedding.

  Both of them are playful with each other, but contemplative as Molly had decided that she would accept having just a friendship with Sherlock, while he began to realize just what the woman meant to him too late.


  The night before the party Mary and John are cuddled up on the sofa with their daughter, Lizzie was already asleep against her father’s chest as her parents talked. Mary worried over the fact that Sherlock was most likely panicking and wondering why they thought it was a good idea to allow him to plan the party after how he was with the wedding. John says that she needn’t worry as Sherlock had told him that Molly was going to be over that night. That leads the two of them to contemplate about the strange relationship between the two of them. Mary asks John that didn’t he once say that Molly had been in love with Sherlock, and he says yes she had been in love with him for years, in fact he was pretty sure it had all started long before he had actually met either of them. He says that he never understood why she continued to love him with the way that Sherlock always treated her, in fact it wasn’t until after he returned that he started actually treating her as a friend. Mary says well what about him, he goes what and she says that why did he stay friends with Sherlock when he never really treated him the best either. John is quiet for a moment until he finally sighs and says that there was just something about the man, he wasa bastard but he drew people in and you couldn’t get away because you knew you would never meet another man like him in your lifetime. Mary gives him a look and say well, he has his answer then doesn’t he. John laughs and says yeah he guessed he did.

  Mary is quiet for a moment before she starts asking John if he ever thought that Sherlock might actually feel something for Molly, John snorts and says that he thought it was unlikely, oh he knew that Sherlock cared for her as a friend at least, but he doubted that he ever would feel anything more than that. He wasn’t sure what Sherlock’s deal was, the closest thing to a relationship he had seen him in, besides that horrid mess with Janine, was with Irene Adler. He was pretty sure that Sherlock actually liked her, had even been attracted to her, but he hadn’t seen him show real interest in anyone since. Mary says she really wasn’t sure of that, Sherlock cared for Molly. Then she brought up the side glances, the looks of longing they sent each other when the other wasn’t looking. And of course the fact that they both would send the other a yellow rose when the other was down or sick.

  John rolls his eyes and says that it didn’t mean anything, that Sherlock and Molly both claimed that it was just an inside thing, and didn’t mean anything more, Mary just shook her head and said that she didn’t believed them. In fact John was the only one that actually seemed to believe that nothing was going on. John sighed and said she had been having lunches with Anderson again hadn’t she, she just shrugged his shoulders and said that she wanted to keep an eye on him and this was the best way. John asked her if she thought he would actually harm Sherlock and she said that no, but he was rather obsessed with him and she wanted to make sure he didn’t do more harm than good. John says that the man had allowed his guilt over Sherlock’s supposed suicide consume him, it completely changed him, and he wasn’t really sure if it was for good or not. Mary laughed but shook off her husband’s comment, Anderson may have allowed his guilt to consume him, but she had noticed a change in him since she started spending time with him. All he really wanted was to make things up to Sherlock, and somewhere along the way he found that he wanted friendship with the detective, not that she thought he would ever get it, or that it would really be healthy for him. She loved Sherlock, but he really wasn’t the nicest man on the planet, he really was a right bastard.

  After a moment John says that he had forgotten to tell her that a few gifts had been left outside their flat for them, he had brought them in and left them just inside the door. Mary said that several had been coming in all day from those that wouldn’t be able to make it to the party, and then got up and said she would get them and put them with the rest.

  When she got to the door she found only a handful of gifts, two larger boxes with one small box about the size of her hand. When she reached down to pick them up she stopped short, there was something very familiar about the writing on the small one, and she feared she knew just why that was.

  She placed the gifts with the rest, but pocketed the small gift. Later that night after they had put Lizzie down and John was in bed, Mary locked herself in the bathroom saying she was going to shower, instead she opened the gift and sat down heavily on the edge of the tub, inside the small box was a simple gold pocket watch. She felt sick as she opened the watch to reveal an inscription inside along with a lock of blonde hair.

  The watch fell back inside of the box as Mary placed her hand to her mouth, this was not supposed to happen. She quickly closed the box back up, tucking in the back of a drawer before opening up the door as quietly as she could, looking out at her already sleeping husband. This couldn’t be happening again, she wouldn’t let it.




(The Summery)


On John and Mary’s first anniversary, they receive a rather distressing gift in the form of a ghost from Mary’s past.

  Sherlock, who had once and for all rid the world of James Moriarty, is called upon to help his best friends when their family and very lives are threatened by Mary’s past. John and Sherlock are given no choice but to listen to Mary’s real story, of how she had gone rogue after her superior officer had her family murdered after she found out he had been one of the higher up of a rather dangerous organization who’s sole purpose was to control the government.

  Sherlock agrees to take the case, of course, even though he ends up getting himself in the thick of it and becoming just as much of a target as Mary.

  Ever since that day in hospital, the relationship between him and Molly had only grown; though as a close friendship. Molly still loved him, but after everything that had happened during his two years away, she realized that she couldn’t allow herself to stop living just waiting for him to come around. And thus the Yellow Roses; a sign of friendship that she knew Sherlock would not miss.

  And she had been right, as Sherlock had read the message loud and clear, they were friends and nothing more. The problem was Sherlock wasn’t sure he desired that anymore, but after everything he had done to her, everything he had put her through, Sherlock refused to push the matter. Instead he accepted her friendship.

  Of course not one of their friends believed that either of them were just friends, there was the side glances, the looks of longing they sent each other when the other wasn’t looking. And of course the fact that they both would send the other a yellow rose when the other was down or sick. They both claimed that it was just an inside thing, and didn’t mean anything more, but no one ever believed them.

  While working the case, Molly is put in danger when Sherlock miscalculates when he had gone to her for help and ended up making her a target. Trying to protect her, he sends her into hiding at his parents, only Molly refused to be the damsel in distress, mostly after she found out something rather interesting about Mary Watson.

  In the end, it is Molly and Mary that save their men, and Sherlock and Molly’s friendship becomes more when neither can stand being without the other any longer.     

Chapter Text

Sometimes, some crime goes slipping through the cracks;

But these two Gumshoes, they’re picking up the slack,

There’s no case too big no case too small,

When you need help just call; Sherlock and John; Consulting Detectives.

When there’s danger, oh no it never fails once they’re involved

Somehow what’s ever wrong is solved

Sherlock and John; Consulting Detectives.

When there’s Danger.

Oh no it never fails, they’ll take the clues and find the wheres and whys and whos,

Sherlock and John; Consulting Detectives.

When there’s danger; Sherlock and John; Consulting Detectives

Chapter Text

  Molly Hooper is the daughter of a well known art collector and philanthropist. Her father was known for his collection of rare and previously undiscovered pieces by the world’s Masters. Only no one realized he was also the world’s best con-artist; painting the pieces themselves and selling them off for billions to private collectors.

   Molly has tried everything to convince her father to stop, but nothing ever worked. One night, while her father was attending another one of his auctions, Molly is disturbed from her reading by a noise downstairs. She grabs her father’s gun and rushes to investigate.

  Upon entering the drawing room Molly finds a well dressed man trying to steal one of her father’s forged paintings, and without thinking about what she was doing she calls out and ends up accidentally shooting the man.

  Though she knew it was a bad idea, Molly rushes over to help the man and is relieved when she realizes that she only grazed his arm.

  Sherlock Holmes was a dashing man, all tall, dark, and with a voice that could melt stone. Going against her better judgment, Molly fixes him up and even drives him to his hotel. That night she falls asleep with a smile on her face as she thinks about her debonair art thief.

  The next day she finds out that her father had donated a statue that he had carved to the museum, a “missing masterpiece.” She panics as she berates her father about how they will surely be caught now once they verify the authenticity of the statue. Her father wouldn’t hear any of it, and Molly decides she would have to do something herself, or risk losing her father.

  She goes to the one man she thought would be able to help her; Sherlock Holmes.

  Sherlock is shocked when Molly Hooper shows up with the proposition of helping her steal her own statue back; but it turns out to be one proposal he couldn’t refuse.

  Together they work out a plan, all the while falling in love; only Sherlock may not be who is says he is, and there still is the issue over just why Molly wants to steal her own statue.  

Chapter Text


  The lights dimmed as a heavy silence fell over the crowd. No one knew who The Executioner was, he had shown up on the scene only four months before; around the same time the murders had begun. He might have been pretty new to the scene, but one thing everyone would admit; no one could play like him.

  From center stage the fog began to rise, obscuring the audience’s view as a man slowly walked forward. No one could make out his features, only the wild dark curls that framed his head and his long body could be seen.

  The crowd watched on as The Executioner placed his violin under his chin and twirled the bow between his fingers. A deep beat pulsed in the background, increasing second by second until everyone in the building could feel the heavy heartbeat to their very core.

  With a flourish The Executioner placed bow to instrument and the hall filled with a melody that was both dark and heavy. He swayed with the notes, gaining momentum as he played until with one last screaming note everything went silent.

  From the darkness of the stage a single spot of light moved forward; small and frail in her powdered white robes. Her Ladyship had arrived.

  The Executioner began to play once again, swaying side by side as Her Ladyship sang. No one spoke as the two danced, moving like lovers against each other. There was not a twist or turn that one would make that the other wouldn’t counter.

  From the edge of the stage grew a fire, tracing its way up until it closely circled the couple. Everyone held their breath as the flame built and built, engulfing them both and ceasing all music. When the flame receded back nothing remained on stage.



  Below stage Sherlock placed his violin on one of the various abandoned stools.

  “I never thought I would say this, but I’m wishing this case was over already.” Grabbing up a bottle of water, he downed half of it in one go.

  “You are just disgruntled about the eyeliner. I told you it wasn’t as easy as it looked.” Molly reached up and grabbed the water from Sherlock and downed the rest of it despite the dirty look he sent her way.

  “Yes well, our…fans…await.” Sherlock ruffled his hair before picking his violin back up and handing Molly a large red hooded cape.

  “Sherlock, do you think our murderer will even show?” Molly swung the cape over her shoulders, hooking the clasp under her chin before pulling up the hood.

  “Everything is in place, he should show himself. If not tonight then at Saturday’s show.”

  “I hope you are right, because I’m getting really tired of being ‘sacrificed’ every night.”




Chapter Text

  Molly Hooper had never been very lucky in love; the gravestone with her late husband’s name could attest to that. The romance she had with Jim had been fleeting, passionate, but they had been in such a hurry to marry and get on with their lives they had bypassed the traditional and simply eloped. When Jim had been run over by a bus she had been convinced it was because of bad luck due to not being married in a church. Since then she had resigned herself to being nothing more than the old widow pathologist, that was until she met Mycroft Holmes.

  Mycroft was a stiff, very cold man, but being thirty something and widowed she didn’t think she could hope for anything more. She loved him, she did…well she cared for him, so when he proposed she agreed. The only thing she wanted was to do it right this time around and have a proper wedding in a church with the white dress and everything.

  Agreeing that things should be done right, Mycroft asks one favor of Molly. While he was gone on one last mission before they wed, he asked her if she would contact his estranged brother Sherlock and ask him to come to the wedding.

  Molly was shocked as she hadn’t known Mycroft had a brother, but did what he had asked and went to 221B to talk to Sherlock. She hadn’t known what to expect when she had walked up those stairs, but the intense man with the wild curls had not been it.

  Sherlock was so unlike his brother, so full of life and energy. The only problem seemed that he refused to forgive the bad blood between him and Mycroft, which Molly had thought was just silly and had told him so.

  Determined to make him attend her wedding, Molly befriends Sherlock only to find herself falling head over heels for him. Something that wasn’t helped by Sherlock as he did everything in his power to seduce her and leave his brother.

  When Mycroft returns, the mission complete and the realization that while he cared for Molly he couldn’t marry her, he finds his brother, Molly and all their friends at Molly’s. He explains his reasoning to Molly for calling off the wedding. He had of course expected tears, his Molly was emotional after all, instead she nodded her head calmly and handed him back his ring.

  To everyone’s shock, mostly Mycroft’s, Sherlock asks for the ring and then proceeds to propose to Molly….and even more shocking was that she said yes.