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Griff always enjoyed a challenge. He already challenged himself to take on two of the biggest dicks he saw at camp. The first dick happens to be his camp counselor Xander. Griff "accidently" walked in on him while taking a shower. Before Xander could even cover up Griff was on his knees sucking away on the nine inch dick.

Xander could not help but to moan. The older boy had a feeling his dick wasn't the first in his mouth. Griff just kept sucking away and jacking off the rest of the shaft that could not fit in his mouth. Xander's hand was soon on the back of the young boy's head. In no time he was face fucking him.

Griff for one took it like a pro as his own hard dick was just pulseing as it leaked pre cum in his boxers. A few more bobs later Xander was shooting his load down the young boy's throat. Xander slowly pulled his softening dick out of the boy's mouth and just smiled at him. Griff soon stood up showing off an obvious bulge.

Xander did not know if he was expected to suck him back or not. As he was thinking on what to do he saw Griff pull down his pants along with his boxers and sit down on the toilet. He grabbed hold of his six inch dick and started jacking off. As he was he lifted up his shirt and tucked it under his chin.

Xander just watched on as Griff was jacking himself until he shot his load. Since then every so often the two would sneak off somewhere. Then go their separate ways if they were outside. This happens to be one of those times with Xander's shorts and boxers would be around his ankles as Griff was on his knees sucking away on the big nine inch dick as he jacked off his own six inch dick.

The second dick was the nerdy Ravi. At this point Griff had already sucked Xander twenty plus times in the two weeks of camp. Griff had just finished sucking off Xander and was heading his own way when he heard moaning. Griff knew what that sound was. So he quietly made his way over to the sound.

Griff's dick came back to life when he saw Ravi shirtless leaning against a tree and eyes closed. His shorts and boxers were around his ankles as he jacked off a big dick. Griff did not know how big it was from where he was at but he just had to have it in his mouth. Griff slowly made his way closer and went on his knees. He quckly licked up the pre cum of Ravi's dick head.

Ravi quickly opened his eyes and stopped Jacking off. He looked around and as he was he felt wetness he knew to well what it was. He looked down to see Griff sucking away at his eleven inch dick. Ravi just moaned. It has been forever since he got his dick sucked. He placed his hand on the back of Griff's head as the young boy just sucks away.

Ravi's eyes were closed again as Griff worked on his monster of a dick. Ravi did not last long and he soon was shooting his load down the young boy's throat. After Ravi's dick slid out of Griff's mouth he found himself leaning against the tree. His pants and boxers were around his ankles. In no time Griff was moaning as Ravi sucked away on his much smaller dick.

He never had his dick sucked before. He was the one who would be on his knees sucking away at some boy's dick and then finishing himself off later. The feeling of getting his dick sucked for the first time was too much and shot his load into Ravi's mouth. Since then Griff been going back and forth sucking away on Xander and Ravi without them knowing about it.

One day Griff wanted to change it up a bit. It was just Xander and himself in the cabin. Xander sitting on the toilet getting his dick sucked as he had his hands on the back of Griff's head. As for Griff he was naked. This was not the first time Griff was naked sucking away. He also was naked sucking Ravi.

So a few more bobs and Xander was on his edge. Griff slid Xander's dick out of his mouth and stood up. His dick pointed at Xander. The older boy wasn't ready to suck a dick yet and he was sure he wasn't going to. However that was not what Griff had in mind. He got closer to Xander and took his big nine inch dick.

At that point Xander knew what was going to happen next. Griff rose up a bit more and pushed some of Xander's dick in his ass. In no time Griff was riding Xander's dick taking away the older boy's virginity. Griff for one lost his before he went to camp. So the boys just moaned as the two fucked.

Griff's hard six inch dick just bounced around as he rode Xander's dick. The older boy did not last long and shot his load deep inside the younger boy's ass. As Griff was feeling Xander's cum in his ass he too was shooting his own load. Griff had been fucked a few more times before he had Ravi's much bigger dick in him.

His first fuck with him was in the woods. After sucking the eleven inch dick for a bit. Griff slid his mouth off of the monster dick and went on all fours. Ravi smiled knowing what Griff wanted. What Griff did not expect was to be rimmed. All the boys that been up his ass just shove their dicks in and fuck away. Griff just moaned as his ass was being rimmed for the first time.

Once it was nice and wet Ravi slid his monster inside and slowly fucked away as he rubbed Griff's chest. The fucking soon started to go faster and harder causing both boys to moan. A few more thrusts into it Griff was shooting his load first. Ravi for one just kept at it. A few more thrusts later and he was shooting his load deep inside the young boy.

So now Griff went back and forth sucking dick and being fucked. With Ravi though Griff found himself fucking the Indian boy which was another first for him. He was enjoying fucking away. As for Ravi he missed having a dick up his ass and was glad Griff was a camper. One day it was just Xander and Griff in the woods.

Griff on all fours getting his ass fucked and the two boys heard a noise. The two soon saw it was Ravi. Griff smiled while Xander was shocked. He did not know what to do. He just stood deep inside of the young boy. Ravi came closer to them and pulled out his hard dick.

In no time at all Griff was sucking away on Ravi's dick while getting fucked. The older boys traded spots after Xander shot his load into Griff's ass. The three ways went on like this for a bit. Then Griff had an idea. That idea was happening now. He was on his back getting his ass fucked by two big dicks at once.

Griff moaned as his ass was being stretched out. The double penetration sex was happing more often then having one dick up his ass. As the days went on the more the three where loving the sex. One day Griff came across three more challenges. As of now he has to start with the first one and that challenge was sucking a twelve inch dick.

A boy Griff never seen before was in the woods getting his dick sucked by Ravi. Griff felt little hurt but yet turned on seeing him sucking another dick that wasn't his own six inch. Griff quickly made his presence known. The boy saw the bulge in Griff's pants and just smiled. Griff wasted no time in taking over and sucked away on the bigger dick.

As he sucked away he watched Ravi and the boy making out. This made Griff suck faster until the boy shot a massive load down Griff's throat. Griff soon stood up and he found himself the same way he sucked Ravi the first time. His pants and boxers around his ankles get sucked. This time it was the boy sucking him.

As the boy sucked away Griff looked at Ravi and found himself making out with him. This was Griff's first kiss from a boy. The kissing and getting his dick sucked at the same time was too much for Giff and shot his load down the boy's mouth. The boy gladly swallowed his load and stood up and made out with Griff.

Griff found out three things about the boy. One he will only be staying for the day, two the boy is Ravi's brother, and three his name is Luke. Since Luke was only going to be here for the day Griff had to have that big dick up his ass. That is what exactly happened straight away. As Luke was fucking away into Griff, Ravi was fucking away into Luke.

As all the boys were on edge they changed it up a bit. This time Ravi was getting fucked by Luke while Luke was getting fucked by Griff. If it was like magic all three boys shot their loads at the same time. Before Luke left Griff had one more challenge. Luckly somhow he manged to have all three dicks up his ass fucking away.