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Empty Pages And Empty Bottles.

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Aaron and Robert get out of the taxi; stepping into the streets of Hotten, Robert thanks the driver paying him as he leaves. “So where to now?” Aaron looks at Robert, “Ever been to barwest?” Robert feels a shiver down his spine; he knew what the bar was. The gay bar as he lets out a breath, “Uh.. yeah I have.” Lying as Aaron stares at him; “You wanna go?” “Sure.” Both walk into barwest; the bar was crowded and the music was heavy as Robert let out a breath; “Go get us a seat yeah? I’ll uh.. Get us some drinks.” Robert nods as he moved through the crowd; finding an open table he sits down; looking around he can see Aaron at the bar perfectly, biting his lip he plays with his hands, shifting as he moves. 


  Aaron had ordered two pints; the bartender handed them over as Aaron looked for Robert. Seeing him he walks through the crowd and sets the drinks down sitting down as Robert grabs his pint; taking a gulp of his beer, groaning at the taste as he sees Aaron staring at him. “What?” wipes off his mouth, Aaron shrugs; “Nothing.” Robert lets out a breath as he watches Aaron; Aaron takes a sip of his pint as Aaron taps his fingers on the table. “Sorry, for my mum.” Robert looks at Aaron; “it's alright.” Aaron shakes his head; “She shouldn’t have said all that.” Robert shrugs; “I have a reputation; it's not a big deal.” 


 Robert lets out a breath as Aaron stares at him, nodding as he drops it. Grabbing his glass he takes a drink. 


Chas paces in the kitchen when the door opens; Cain walks in. “You're wearing out the carpet.” Chas looks over at Cain, stopping; “What do you want?” Cain lets out a breath; closing the door. “Victoria said Aaron left with Robert after you said somethings about Sugden and Sarah was around.” Chas lets out a breath; “I’m just looking out for my son.” Cain nods, Chas lets out a breath. “He was self harming a few days after he got back.” Cain lets out a breath; shaking his head looking at Chas. “Make us a brew?” 


 Sarah was in her kitchen, pouring herself a glass of wine as Victoria looked at her. “Mum?” Sarah looks at her, “want one?” Victoria shakes her head. Sarah sets the glass down, walking into the living room, sitting at the table. “I know I made a scene tonight.” Victoria scoffs; “Chas has no rights to say anything about Robert. Aaron has also done things that have hurt others..” Sarah lets out a breath; “I know he hurt Andy and others but.. It's different now; he’s different.” Vic listens to her mum; “I know.” Sarah grabs her glass; taking a sip of the wine liquid; the bitter, grape taste making her let out a breath as she looks at Victoria. “Wanna order take out?” Victoria chuckles, nodding. “I’ll ask Adam to bring us something.” Sarah smiles; “good, lets change into something comfortable.” Victoria gets up and makes her way upstairs, Sarah watches her disappear and gets up; walking over to her coat; she grabs her phone and unlocks it; finding Robert’s number she calls him. 


 It goes to voicemail after four rings; “Love, the key is under the flower pot by the door; if you decide to come home instead alright? Be safe, love.’ Sarah hangs up and lets out a breath; heading upstairs. 


 “No tables opened.” Robert; who was getting lost in the crowd; watching others play pool, dance and just drink with others. The lights were low and colorful lights were flashing and changing colors, capturing Robert’s eyes. “Huh?” Aaron who had been sipping on his second pint; watching Robert. “No pool tables open.” “Oh; t-that's alright.” Aaron licked his lips as he messed with his silver band. “You wanna just go?” Robert turns his body towards Aaron. “No.” “couldn't had me fold.” “what?” “you barely have spoken to me Robert.” Robert cursed himself, clearing his throat. “I u…Lied…before.” Aaron nods, “Alright.” “I uh.. Never been here before.” Robert shakes his head; “I uh…have gone to gay bars before…In London; not..” trails off; not this close to home. Aaron nods; “I remember that.” “yeah?” Aaron nods; “I probably stood outside for 20 or so minutes just staring at his place…all I could think of is s-someone seeing me; getting the wrong idea.” 


 Aaron grabbed his pint; taking a sip as he licked his lips. “I finally came in; I was so scared. I stuttered while ordering my drink.” Robert smiles a little at that; picturing Aaron who walked around so sure of himself stuttering ordering a pint. “I sat at a table and just sat there; I couldn’t stop moving and shifting.” “what happened?” Aaron lets out a breath; remembering Jackson. “Someone came up to me.” “Oh.” Aaron nods; “I legged it so fast out of here.” Robert chuckles a bit; smiling. “What?” Aaron nods. Robert lets out a breath; “I was 23 in London; I had just gotten a job at some agricultural machinery business; I was slowly doing well; impressing some people having grown on a farm.” Aaron watches Robert; his jaw clenching at the mention of the farm. “I had met up with some coworkers; they decided to go to a bar. I followed and walking in I realized..where we were.” 

Aaron lets out a breath; “What did you do?” “Drank until I was throwing up in the bathroom.” Aaron chuckles, sitting back in his chair. “Wow.” Robert nods; “Not my proudest moment.” for some reason; opening up Aaron felt easier then opening up to Vic or even his mum. “Another round?” Aaron blinks, nodding. “Yeah; go on.” 


 Robert and Aaron were both sipping their drinks; “So how's the book coming?” Robert nods; whipping his mouth with his sleeve. “Good; I called a contact I have; see if he can get me the police investigation into Tom King’s death.” Aaron shakes his head, “God, my mum was one of the suspects.” Robert’s nods; “I’m changing all of it.. The names and how the investigation was handled and In my version; the killer is caught.” Aaron looks at him, biting his lip. “Alright.” Robert lets out a breath; “W-would you read it?” “Read what?” Robert taps on the table. “My book; as I’m writing it.” Aaron leans closer to Robert; smelling his cologne, the woodsy smell and just Robert, filling his nostrils. 


 “Alright.” “Yeah?” Aaron nods; “Yeah.” Robert smiles; “Good.” 


 Aaron’s head was flying; he was definitely tipsy. He looked at Robert; who had taken off his jacket; wearing a blue jumper had his biceps and arms constricted against the fabric as Aaron biting his lip; moving his eyes up his neck; he could see Robert’s adam apple bobbing away; Aaron felt his pants tighten as he grabs his pint; taking a sip as he curses under his breath. Robert looks over at Aaron; he warms as the alcohol has made its way down his chest. Aaron wiped his mouth; making eye contact with him; his blue eyes darkened as Robert let out a breath; “wanna get out of here?” Robert nods; grabbing his jacket, Aaron nods, getting up as does Robert. 


 Aaron had found a taxi; both boys getting in as Aaron tells him Emmerdale village, woolpack. The taxi starts driving towards Emmerdale; Aaron had rested his head on the back of the seat; watching the lights past by as his head spins then stops as he feels Robert’s hand brush his; brushes his hand against his again, slowly moving his hands onto Robert’s thigh; moving closer to his inner thigh and closer to his crotch; Aaron watched Robert shift in his seat as Aaron licks his lips; moves his hands to his crotch and starts putting pressure; making Robert hold back a moan as he shifts his hips; Aaron continues to palm him; slowly undoing Robert’s zipper. 

 Aaron watches Robert’s expression; his eyes were wide and glancing over to the driver; his eyes were on the road not paying any mind to the two tipsy horny men in the backseat; Aaron slides his hand in Robert’s zipper starting to palm him through his boxers; Robert’s eyes close as Aaron countries; feeling Robert’s harden cock under his hands as he starts messing with his tip, “Aaron..” Aaron looks at Robert and moving closer he starts kissing his neck; biting as Robert holds back a

moan as he starts breathing heavily. “Aaron..” Robert mumbles as the car stops. “Here.” Aaron pulls away; breathing heavily as Robert stares at him; before looking around and seeing the Woolpack, both boys get out in a rush; money being thrown at the driver as he pulls away. “Come to mine.” Robert nods as Aaron grabs his hand and drags him to the Woolpack; the back door opens and Aaron pushes Robert against it; Robert groans as Aaron starts kissing his neck; moving quickly to to undo his belt as Aaron bites at Robert’s adams apple; causing Robert to groan loudly; “God Rob; you make such lovely noises.” 


 Aaron gets his pants undone as he slips his hand in his boxers and starts jerking Robert off as Robert groans; “God, Aaron..” Mumbles as Aaron continues to bite Robert’s neck leaving hickey’s as he trails up his neck and starts biting his jaw. “Who is down there?!” 


  Aaron freezes as he pushes off Robert; who quickly puts on his pants; doing up his zipper and belt as the light upstairs flicks on; Charity, who's holding a bat sees them. “God Aaron; I thought someone was breaking in!” Aaron stares at his aunt, his lips swollen, “J-just us.” breaths heavy as Charity lets out a breath; “turn off the light yeah?” She goes back into her room as Aaron looks at Robert, who stares at Aaron breathing heavily; “I gotta go.” Aaron shakes his head a little, “Robert..” “I gotta go.” Aaron watches Robert leave as he leans against the wall, cursing under his breath. 


 Robert quietly unlocked Keepers cottage and walks in; closing and locking the door again as he walks over to the couch, taking off his jacket and shoes he lays on the couch, his head swimming with booze as he touches his neck feeling where Aaron kissed him..