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The Color Ivory

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The old bed rocked to the rhythm of their lovemaking. Mary Eunice’s soft hair fanned out behind her on the ivory pillow. Her mouth chases the lips of her lover as soft moans and whimpers surge out of it like a waterfall. The unsteady rise and fall of her chest matched the intensity of the heavenly pleasure that spread up from her core and stemmed out to every inch of her body. A body that was melting into liquid euphoria.
“Don’t stop- don’t stop, baby. You feel so good. Please, baby- don’t stop.” The words came out of Mary’s mouth in whispers, the woman lacking breath but so full of love. Timothy pushed into her and then pulled out of her in melodic motions. Their naked bodies composed a song as they melted into one another. And they sang with all their hearts.
“Oh god, Timothy, don’t stop, please- god!” Mary’s praise drove Timothy to burrow his nose into the deepest part of his lover’s neck. He knew how sensitive she was to the sensation. She keened as he sucked the skin of her throat, and they continued to sing their song of love.
Mary Eunice hung her right arm over Timothy’s neck and clung to him. She then allowed her left hand to snake under his armpit and over his shoulder. She felt his soul anchor hers. She let his body blanket her own as she locked her ankled over his lower back. She loved feeling his weight level out on top of her; she loved feeling his penis inside of her - pressing against her g-spot. Most of all, she loved him wholly and completely. Just as he loved her.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Suddenly, Timothy was snaking his way down her body. He opened his mouth to catch Mary’s bouncing nipple between his lips. He licked and sucked and nibbled; whatever brought pleasure to Mary Eunice. He kept his thrusting motions steady and made sure to switch evenly between breasts. Mary had no complaints, she was in heaven.
“Legs up, baby.”, said Timothy as he tried to untangle himself from Mary’s limbs. The woman complied; she unhooked her legs from her boyfriend’s back and kept them up. Timothy arched his back before repositioning himself between her legs. As he slid back in, they both let out a low groan - the new position brought on an otherworldly pleasure.
“Faster baby- hmpf! Don’t stop baby.” Cried Mary Eunice. He went faster. He held both her legs in his arms to keep them up as he thrust in and out and in and out as he thrust at a faster pace. Mary was writhing. He was close.
“Are you close, babe?”, asked Tim when he felt about ready.
“Yes, baby! Don’t stop I’m so close!” She cried. And so he went even faster as he leaned over again to suck on Mary Eunice’s breasts. He had her legs pressing against her stomach and it felt really nice. “Yes, baby! Don’t stop please baby! Oh God!,” she screamed, “I love you! I love you! I love you!”
Suddenly, Mary’s legs started shaking as the rest of her muscles stiffened. She moaned loudly as she came, but Timothy kept thrusting until he came inside of her. They rode through their explosions with a searing kiss. They broke apart, still panting heavily, and stuck to each other.
“I love you too.”, said Timothy. He crawled off Mary to lay next to her. They wrapped their arms around each other to kiss a little more before Mary got up to pee. Timothy went to pee next. After the bathroom, he positioned himself to be the big spoon for his girlfriend. “Cuddle with me?”, he asked.
“Of course.” And so they cuddled and fell asleep.