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Meeting Grawp

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In the books, Hagrid first introduces Grawp only to Harry and Hermione, so I went for the movie version instead because Ron is there, and that, of course, makes for a huge difference as far as the Romione aspect goes! (hello run-on sentence) Anyway, in this little one-shot, all three of the golden trio are meeting Hagrid’s younger brother for the very first time :)


It was definitely more challenging trying to get inside Grawp’s head than I thought it would be, so I only hope I was able to do him justice!




It was a nice day outside, though if one were in the Forbidden Forest, they would hardly be able to tell due to the constant shade and coolness the gigantic trees always offered to whatever living thing was near the ground. The wind was blowing just the perfect amount, and sitting down on the cool forest floor, a larger-than-life man leaned back against the tree he was tied to, an immensely bored expression on his face. 


Though the man’s body was nearly sixteen feet in height, his brain was similar to a small child’s. An intelligent being wouldn't be able to carry on a legible conversation with him, as he was a creature of very few words, though he understood more than one might think.


Earlier, there had been some kind of bug flying around his head, and it had thrilled the giant to see the insect. He'd reached out his hand to catch it, delighted when it had unexpectedly landed on his enormous finger. Grawp had moved his hand closer to his cantaloupe-sized eyeballs to further study the critter’s wings, being careful not to scare it away. He was about to smash it between his fingers to see what would happen, when the winged thing flew up and out of reach, causing Grawp to let out a loud wail of frustration. 


Hagrid, who Grawp was now very fond of, came and visited him regularly, though he hadn't yet come today, and Grawp wondered when he would. Standing up, he saw several more winged creatures rise from around him. Determined to catch one of them, Grawp clapped his hands closed, effectively smashing one. His satisfaction was short-lived though, as he noticed three new people he had never seen before standing there next to Hagrid, staring up at Grawp with wide eyes.


At first, Grawp was most interested in the tallest of the three. The hair at the top of the boy's head was a bright colour, and Grawp had always loved colourful things.


Running towards the three newcomers to get a closer look, Grawp vaguely noticed Hagrid lunging out of his way in order not to be stepped on. As the children ran backwards away from him, Grawp noticed that the bright-haired boy he was going for was using one of his arms to push the smallest of the three behind him, as if trying to protect her. This, of course, only peaked Grawp’s interest and made him wonder why the bright-haired boy didn't want Grawp to play with the girl.


Grawp's running was cut short when the rope that was tied to his waist stopped him from going any further. All three of the small people stopped as well, staring up at him as if gauging what he was going to do next.


Still curious about the girl and wanting to figure out what made her so special, Grawp leaned down to get a better look at her. Her eyes held a hint of unease as she stared back, but there was also curiosity. Hagrid was talking to him, but Grawp ignored his brother as he reached down and grabbed the girl, lifting her up in his hand.


“Hagrid, do something!” the bright-haired boy demanded, his voice laced with panic.


Hagrid spoke again, but Grawp only caught the one word at the end of his sentence.




Grawp had no earthly idea how to pronounce this word, but he knew it was her word, and he tried to store it away in his mind so he would be able to remember it later.


All of a sudden there was a bothersome (but far from painful) thud on his shin, and when Grawp looked down, he saw the bright-haired boy with a broken stick in his hands and realised he’d hit him.


Annoyed, Grawp gave the boy a light kick, feeling satisfied as his small body stumbled backwards before falling to the ground. With that distraction out of his way, Grawp went back to examining the girl grasped in his hand. Before he could do anything else, however, she raised her arm, her finger pointing at Grawp in accusation. Her face was set in a stern stare that Hagrid sometimes got when Grawp tried to grab birds from the air to snack on them. 


“Grawp,” she said, causing Grawp to pause and listen as she spoke. “Put me down. Now.”


He might have been much larger than she was, but the tone of the girl’s voice alarmed Grawp, at the same time earning a level of respect that he had never felt for anyone else. Being as careful as possible, Grawp set the girl back down on the ground between the two boys, sensing that was what she wanted him to do. The bright-haired boy seemed to have wanted the same, because his body relaxed once the girl was again next to him, though he still looked shaken.


Wanting to do something in a way of apology, Grawp decided to let the girl play with his most favourite thing, an object that kept him entertained for hours on his most boring days. As he turned around to retrieve it, he heard the low voice of the bright-haired boy speaking.


“Are you alright?”


“I’m fine. He just needs a firm hand, is all,” she answered.


“I think you've got an admirer,” Grawp heard the one with circles on his face say.


“You just stay away from her, alright?” the bright-haired boy said louder than he had been a moment before, though his voice shook.


Finding what he was looking for, Grawp turned around, pulling the little lever to show the girl how it worked. He smiled as the ringing sound went off, feeling proud of himself. Bending down slightly, he handed it to the girl, sure to be careful as possible in order not to hurt her. To his delight, she took it from his fingers, his object seeming much larger in her tiny hands than it had been in his. 


Grawp stood up, eager to see if she could figure it out on her own. The girl shared a look with the bright-haired boy, and although he didn't seem very happy at the moment, the girl seemed amused and gave a small shrug before pulling the lever, causing the ringing noise to sound. Grawp smiled, thrilled that she had figured it out herself. 


She handed the object back to him, and Grawp sat down on the ground, not listening too much as Hagrid spoke to the others. Every once in a while he would glance up, noting that the one with circles on his face was still talking to Hagrid, while the other two were silently watching Grawp, the bright-haired boy’s eyes still narrowed in apprehension. The boy didn't seem to like him very much.


The girl, for her part, was staring at Grawp with a small smile on her face, and when she took a few steps towards him, the bright-haired boy's eyes widened in fear. 


“Hermione!” he hissed. “What are you doing?!”


“He’s not going to hurt me, Ron,” the girl responded, sounding totally at ease. “He was just curious at first.”


“He could squish you like a bug if he wanted to! He wouldn't even have to try!”


The girl continued towards Grawp, ignoring the boy's warnings. “But he won’t. Will you Grawp?”


Grawp looked between the two, still trying to decipher their words. He didn't understand, but he had a good guess as to what was going on. The bright-haired boy was scared for the safety of the girl, and didn't trust Grawp. Grawp frowned. It was as if the boy was expecting Grawp to do something bad, like grab the girl again. He sensed that the bright-haired boy thought it was his job to protect the girl.


Lifting his hand, Grawp held it out to her in a gesture of peace, also hoping that the boy would see he meant no harm. The girl placed her hand on the tip of his finger, her touch so featherlight, Grawp barely even felt it. 


“See?” she said, turning to look at the scowling boy. “He’s harmless."


“Harmless, my arse,” the boy muttered. He looked rather irritated, and Grawp decided that if he were to get in his range again, Grawp would kick him. Harder this time.


“Just come over here, Ronald. It wouldn't kill you to try and be nice.”


“I can be nice from here.”


The girl laughed, and Grawp decided he liked the sound of it almost as much as he liked the ringing sound of his object. “Suit yourself,” she said.


“Just…just be careful, okay?” the bright-haired boy added, his voice wary. “I don't want you to get hurt.”


The girl turned towards the boy, a look of tenderness on her face so strong that it made Grawp uncomfortable.


Hagrid was still talking to the one with circles on his face, though Grawp was too interested in what was going on between the other two that he didn't even try to pay attention to them.


The bright-haired boy had his arms crossed and was staring at the ground with an angry scowl on his face. The girl was staring at him, though now she looked quite sad, and Grawp was confused as to why.


“Hagger,” Grawp said, just to again grasp the attention of the girl. 


“Yes,” the girl smiled as she gestured towards Hagrid. “That’s Hagrid. He’s your brother. We are his friends.”


“He doesn't understand Hermione,” the bright-haired boy spoke up. “He’s just repeating words.”


“Don't worry,” the girl said in a whisper, so only Grawp could hear her. “I think he’s just jealous.”


For some reason, the whispered words she spoke seemed to bring her immense joy, and her cheeks flushed as she beamed.


The next moment, Hagrid was telling Grawp that it was time for them to go. Grawp fought back tears as they told him goodbye, the bright-haired boy only doing so half-heartedly.


Once they were gone, the dark forest swallowing them as they disappeared into the trees, Grawp sat down and rummaged through his pile, looking for something he could give his new friends the next time they came for a visit.