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The feeling of love was strange, especially for an angel. The concept of love or even just feelings is a thought an angel would never dream of having but this one angel had it hit him hard. The angel that got hit the hardest with these new feelings was Castiel.
Soon the angel fell for a human, and you probably think why? Why would he or why now after being alive for so many years. Which the angel can´t even answer for you since he barely even realizes he's in love. How would he even know? How can an angel even learn all these feelings at once when humans barely even understand themselves? Could he even learn if humans can't even learn?
All these questions but no answers and little time. Looking at the angel and his human you think how did they never notice? Since when you saw them it was many smiles, awkward glances, soft touches,long stares and many many laughs together. All these signs but they never realize. They never try to act on these feelings because they are scared…
Why be scared they both seem to like each other? But maybe one believes they are not worth it or don´t believe they like them back so they hide the feelings with excuses to hug each other or to touch their hands together.
The signs that were sent but ignored due to overthinking, Maybe one of them should have been braver, maybe one of them should have seen the signs before the day the angel lost his human to another. The angel lost his human on September 10th.
The day started out like any other day the two sat together but not alone they always had the human´s brother Sam and then the child the angel saw as his own. The angel was named Castiel then the human was Dean.
Castiel stared at his human as they talked to each other in soft tones. The human often bumped shoulders with Castiel to feel the contact of the angel he loved dearly. The angel took it as a friendly motion of a friend but Castiel still returned this with his awkward excuse to touch Dean's shoulder. Then they suddenly stopped and looked at each other with a soft look.
The Angel stared into Dean grass fields he calls eyes. They were shiny and the most perfect shade of green he has ever seen, Which said a lot since he always saw heavens fields of perfect grass. Castiel wasnt the only one noticing the beauty of the others' eyes. Dean loved the Angels' empty pools of his blue shades mixed like the ocean in the angels eyes. The angel's eyes felt like heaven to Dean.
As the prolonged eye contact lasted one of them began leaning forward. But they both shur their eyes ready for the other's soft lips to be placed over the others dry ones. As they were inches away from each other the angel pulled away ¨Dean…I have to go¨ with that the angel disappeared leaving the human alone again.
This would later be a regret since when the angel came back to finally tell his human how he felt…he was too late. Castiel saw Dean in the kitchen kissing another angel. Her name was Anna and she was prettier than anyone has ever seen. Her long hair shined like embers and her skin pale but soft. When the kiss ended the human looked up ¨Cas hey this is Anna my new girlfriend.¨
Castiels world stopped. He stared with his mouth agape ¨I see…I know Anna…I am glad you are happy Dean,'' Castiel said in a slightly more gravelly voice. Dean smiled awkwardly. ``Yeah , so do you want something?¨ Castiel shook his head ¨I was just going to tell you something but uh I forgot. Dean nodded slowly ¨Well alright see you later then?¨ Castiel disappeared.
As days passed and soon weeks Dean and Castiel drifted apart. But Dean did try to get him to hang out but he was hit with the same excuse ¨Sorry Dean I'm uh busy.¨ which was a lie Castiel was always hanging out with Jack and Sam but when Dean entered the room the angel left. But they soon finally had to talk when Castiel walked in with someone dean despised Meg masters.
Castiel was hold her hand ¨what are you doing with her cas?!¨ Castiel looked confused ¨We are dating..?¨ Dean stared in shock, he was angry he didn't understand why castiel would want her. Dean than heard his girlfriends voice ¨With a demon castiel?¨ Castiel nodded ¨Well she is a wonderful demon to me¨
Dean continued to stare.¨Meg and I started dating september 18th¨”Dean swallowed hard ¨The…day you saved Dean…¨ Castiel nodded. Dean finally spoke up ¨You haven't been talking to me because of her?! Dude!!¨ Castiel looked down ¨Yes…¨ as soon as he said that Meg jumped into the conversation ¨Of course not Clarence stopped talking to you because he was in love with you¨ Castiel stared down at meg before looking at Dean.
Dean's eyes widened ¨You…were?¨ Castiel nodded slowly ¨I did… But you found someone and it was time I moved on…¨
The lesson in this story is to tell the one you love before it's too late. They won't always be there, they could move on like Castiel did. The angel was too late to tell his human he loved him so his human soon became someone elses and Castiel will never find his happiness with him but he will find it with another.