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Operation: Be His One and Oni!

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Itto, for all the many things he excelled in, knew he didn't have the most impressive vocabulary. But even if he did, he doubted there were enough words to properly describe Zhongli.

Zhongli, quite simply, was a real special guy. Itto had known this from the first moment he laid eyes on him, when the man had been sitting at Itto’s favorite food stand, elegantly perched on top of the rickety wooden stool that sat directly beside Itto's regular seat, somehow looking as poised and opulent as a king on a golden throne. Itto had been, by no small exaggeration, rendered completely dumbstruck. It took several minutes of an extremely vigorous inner monologue to convince himself just to sit down next to him. He finally did - Itto calmly ordered his meal, and after several minutes of silence, he turned to the strange man and asked him... 

Actually, Itto couldn't exactly remember. But it was probably something super cool and suave, as it ought to have been, and his voice also probably didn't crack right in the middle like he was an awkward teen who hadn't quite grown into his fangs yet. Itto assumed all of this to be true, because the strange man had not offered any hesitance or derision for Itto's clumsy advance; he only regarded him with the utmost kindness. Before Itto knew it, they were talking like it was the most natural thing in the world. Well, Zhongli was, mostly. Itto couldn't exactly get a word in edgewise once he got going; though for once, he really didn't feel the need to.

So Itto came to know Zhongli very quickly - and very intimately, to boot - and as far as he was concerned, this guy was perfect. He seemed to have it all; he was good-looking, smart, funny, friendly... He could even tussle with the best of them. Itto had been hesitant at the first suggestion of a spar, worried that he might snap the older man like a twig. Looking back on it now, Itto wondered if the implication had gotten Zhongli a bit riled up - relative to his normal placidity, anyway. Regardless, from face down in the dirt, Itto realized that he never had anything to worry about. And after he had picked all the grass out of his teeth, Zhongli was sure to help Itto lick his proverbial wounds. And one or two other things, once they had gotten home.

Despite Itto’s inability to adequately describe his charm, one thing was clear; on his own, the man known as Zhongli was blindingly, impossibly perfect in every way. And Itto quickly found himself one-hundred percent, irrevocably, head-over-heels in lo…

He liked Zhongli a lot. In a totally cool way, of course. And Zhongli seemed to like him. Because why wouldn't he? He was none other than Arataki Itto, the Numero Uno, the Pride of the Crimson Oni, the Beetle Gladiator! It was only natural that someone as amazing and mystifying as Zhongli would be drawn to an oni of his caliber. That made them the perfect couple; two peas in a pod, two birds of a feather, two halves of a whole…. Itto made sure to remind himself of this. Very loudly. Right up until the bake-danuki would start hurling acorns at him from bushes, cutting his semi-nightly self-affirmations in Chinju forest short.

Okay, so Itto may have been... just a little anxious about Zhongli's fondness of him.

Oh... if only Itto had known then what he knew now: that his pesky anxieties would soon be getting a whole lot worse.

When Zhongli first told Itto that he was none other than the Geo Archon, Rex Lapis, he actually thought he took it pretty well. He managed to stay on his own two feet, even though his knees immediately threatened to give way. He couldn't really talk, or get his eyes to focus, or think about anything but the fact that, for months now, one of the Seven - the Seven, the freaking Gods - had been both earnestly enjoying Itto's company, and doing downright despicable things to him in bed. 

It was a lot to take in all at once. Itto's mind reeled in every direction at once, and it took a while for the information to truly set in. But when it did, and Itto could finally get his thoughts straight, he immediately knew what he had to do.

And so commenced Operation: Dazzle the Absolute Hell Out of the Lord of Geo AKA Your Boyfriend So You Can Convince Him He Hasn't Given His Precious Vision and/or Heart To a Complete Dweeb!

Itto hadn't been able to come up with a better name since then, unfortunately. But long-winded as it was, it seemed like it should have been a very simple affair. He was Arataki Itto, after all; "Dazzling" was his middle name!

Unfortunately, Itto had come to realize that impressing a 6000-year-old god was no simple feat. Zhongli seemed to know everything there was to know. He knew the plotlines of every Inazuman stage play he was taken to, every martial art that had ever been taught, the taste of all the most exotic dishes Itto could think of. As much as Itto tried to appeal to Zhongli's obvious intrigue in the nation, everything the oni tried putting together seemed to fall flat. Zhongli enjoyed himself in the moment, certainly, because Zhongli was wonderful and amicable and patient, but Itto didn't just want to entertain him with quaint little asides; he wanted to impress him. To give him a truly special experience. Something that could be considered unparalleled.

Something that came even a fraction close to showing Zhongli that the Vision he had once granted a young, rough-faced oni had changed his life in a way that couldn't be expressed with language. And that since that day, every last scrap of Itto’s soul had been dedicated to living up to the potential that had been seen in him.

Itto would prove his worth, one way or another - no matter what it would take.

Upon Zhongli's insistence that he wanted nothing more than the opportunity to soak in some traditional Inazuman culture, Itto had an epiphany - what was more Inazuman than one of the famous onsen the nation was so proud of? Maybe it seemed a little… touristy, for lack of a better word, but Zhongli was a foreigner, god or otherwise. And he seemed rather taken in by simple pleasures like that. Itto thought it would be perfect - he'd prove to Zhongli he was a solid, diligent host, not to mention the coolest guy that knew the ins and outs of all the coolest places.

However, in his excitement, Itto had forgotten a crucial part of his plan: Mora. He was… between odd jobs, at that point. He hadn't realized his reserves had run dry until it was already too late.

But their plans weren't ruined; no, that would have been an act of mercy, to simply be forced to turn back with his tail between his legs. Upon realizing where Itto planned to take him, Zhongli was immediately on board. So on board, in fact, that he didn't bat an eye at Itto's lack of funds. He spoke to the woman working at the front for a moment, and despite Itto's sputtered protests, Zhongli soon had fitted the bill for not just an onsen ticket for the two of them, but a private onsen. (This apparently was added to the tab of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, which Zhongli insisted would be a credible business expense for the sake of his own cultural enrichment - that… didn't really sound right, but Itto wasn't one to split hairs.)

And so, there they were; in their very own private onsen, with Zhongli contentedly jawing away about the history of such establishments - because of course he had been to an onsen before. How could Itto have thought otherwise? Maybe not this onsen, but some onsen. And probably a fancy, gold-encrusted Archon onsen or something. He was the oldest living Archon in Teyvat; how could he not have experience with this as well?

Another swing and a miss, Itto thought to himself as he silently tried to sweat out his nerves. He sat stiffly as Zhongli droned on, only half listening, all his focus on brainstorming. How could he still pull this off?

At this point, Itto could almost pretend it wasn't even about Zhongli's status as an Archon anymore. The fact was, Itto was supposed to be the head honcho, in all respects; it didn't matter if it applied to his status in the Arataki gang, or in the ranks of onikabuto fighting, or in the perilous, high-stakes game of lov- Of liking someone a whole lot. The point was, Itto was used to being the leader. However, even before Zhongli's grand reveal, Itto had been finding it dreadfully easy to let himself get dragged around by the wrist. Or perhaps the more astute metaphor would be to say that Itto could often imagine himself being led around by the waist, with a positively doe-eyed expression on his face while he excitedly chirped, "Oh, oh, where are you taking me now, honey?"  

Well, he didn't entirely mind falling into that role. But it still didn't really feel natural, especially not now. He was the one that was supposed to be taking Zhongli out. And now the tables were turned yet again. Itto was trying to scramble for a foolproof solution, but not having much luck. Maybe the heat was getting to him. Or something else was.

They were naked, after all.

Which was, without a doubt, the most ridiculous part of Itto's discomfort. It wasn't like he hadn't seen Zhongli naked before. They had sex, for crying out loud - many, many times. But no matter how many times it happened, Itto couldn't quite shake off his awe for Zhongli's attractive physique, and the matter had only gotten worse since he found out the man's secret. His body was, by no exaggeration, godlike. And seeing him like this - his skin glistening with moisture, an appealing dew beading on his brow from the steam coming off the water, long locks of gold and chestnut hair cascading down his wet chest and clinging to his skin, his stunning amber eyes that were looking at Itto expectantly, the movement of his lips as he formed them around words spoken in that sexy, husky voice of his:

" alright?"

Oh, shit. He was asking a question. He was asking Itto a question. Itto immediately froze, a humiliating, cracked squeak the only response he could offer. He quickly straightened up, clearing his throat vigorously before attempting to speak again.

"Ah, haha, ahem," Itto coughed awkwardly, forcing a smile onto his face. "Sorry, what did you say?"

Zhongli raised an eyebrow at him. "I said, are you feeling alright?"

Itto's stomach dropped. Shit. Zhongli was way too attentive; he must have noticed Itto's discomfort, and now he looked downright concerned. Itto waved his hands in front of his face wildly, splashing water on himself in the process, as he tried to dismiss his odd behavior.

"No, no- I mean yes, yes!" Itto insisted, letting out a boisterous, nervous laugh. "I'm great! Just perfect! I'm livin' it up! But what matters most is that you're having a good time! You are, aren't you?"

Zhongli's brow crinkled incredulously, clearly unconvinced.

"I'm doing just fine," Zhongli answered. "However, you… seem to be a little wound up."

"O-oh, well," Itto stammered, scrambling for an excuse. "You know me! Always, uh, ready and raring to go!"

What the hell was that supposed to mean? Ready and raring to go for what, exactly? Oh, he was absolutely blowing it. Zhongli, unsurprisingly, only grew more suspicious.

"I… suppose so," Zhongli said slowly, pursing his lips. "Although, to be so vigilant here seems counterintuitive to the whole purpose of the experience. I believe it's more appropriate to relax in an onsen, my dear."

Itto swallowed thickly. Oh, man, he had to come up with a better excuse… and quick. He would have no hope left of turning the date in his favor if Zhongli had to spend the rest of the time tending to his wounded pride. Itto desperately looked for an answer - and suddenly found one in the burgeoning erection that he was currently concealing between his thighs. It wasn't exactly the classiest or most unembarrassing thing to own up to, but at the very least, it should have been flattering. And it was certainly better than admitting the real source of his nerves.

"S-sorry," Itto began sheepishly, running a hand through his sodden hair. "It's just… you look really… nice, like this. I mean, you always look nice. But I mean, being naked and everything… and alone…. I guess I'm getting a little flustered."

Zhongli's eyes widened in surprise for a moment, and then a pleasant smile found its way to his lips.

"Oh. I see." Zhongli hummed in amusement, and Itto could see his gaze then flicker down between the oni's legs. "Is that all, then?"

Itto instinctively covered himself up, frowning at the man.

"Y-you don't have to look," Itto muttered timidly. "That's all, though, honest. Sorry, I just- I'll try to relax a little more."

"There's no need to apologize, Itto," Zhongli replied, chuckling lightly. "You should know well enough that I'm very fond of your earnestness. It's... quite refreshing."

Itto thought "earnestness" was too generous a term for what amounted to being inexperienced and egregiously horny, but he gave a nervous laugh in return.

"I- Uh, thanks?" Itto let his hands fall to his sides, letting out a tiny sigh of relief. "You can keep talking, anyway. You don't have to worry about me."

Itto quickly set his mind back on the task at hand - with his story straight, now he could think of a way to impress Zhongli. So, sure, he knew onsen well enough, but there had to be something he didn't know. Maybe Itto could finally show him the finer points of onikabuto wrangling? Picking out the strongest fighter would be sure to showcase his insight and integrity. Ah, but that kid Takeshi would be the only one free from his studies today… that one took no prisoners when it came to onikabuto fights. Itto'd definitely have his ass handed to him if he tried now. Then, what about-

Before Itto could ponder anything else, he abruptly became aware of the fact that Zhongli had sidled up to his left side. Itto hadn't even noticed him advancing - but suddenly, he was already sitting right next to him, his thigh pressing up against Itto's under the water's surface. Zhongli's hand slid between Itto's legs, eliciting an absolutely mortifying yelp of surprise from the oni as he immediately tensed at the contact. He tried to clench his thighs together again, but that only made the Archon's hand brush against his semi-hard cock. Itto grew flustered, but before he could turn his head and ask what he was doing, Zhongli's lips were against his ear. Itto froze as he could feel a smile twitching against the sensitive skin.

"You know," Zhongli purred, breath hot, "there's really no need to restrain yourself. It would be a shame if you weren't able to fully enjoy this experience on my account. The purpose of an onsen is to rejuvenate oneself, after all. So perhaps I can help you… truly relax."

Itto shuddered at the suggestion, and without realizing it, his thighs eked open. Zhongli took the opportunity to wrap his hand around the oni's cock, stroking it from base to tip, stopping to rub his thumb over the head.

Itto squeaked. There was no other word for it, and he coughed in a futile attempt to cover it.

"That's, ah, that's-" Itto stammered, trying to keep his hips still as Zhongli languidly brought him to hardness. "Y-you don't have to-"

"Just relax, my dear," Zhongli cooed. He brought Itto's earlobe between his teeth, nipping at it playfully. "There's nothing for you to worry about."

Itto tried to sputter out a reply, but Zhongli's ministrations were already rendering him speechless. He could only mutely watch himself get harder by the minute as the Archon's steady hand stroked him, the water rippling softly with the pumping motion under its surface. It felt a little strange to be doing it like this - a new experience entirely for Itto - but it was far from an unpleasant one. Especially not with Zhongli's tongue flicking out against his ear, lapping at his earlobe and between the inner folds, the wet sound and chilling sensation making his cock twitch in need. 

Oh. This was definitely bad. Itto already wasn't thinking straight. And if he couldn't think straight, there was no way he could turn this date into what he had wanted it to be. Itto tried to shake himself from his stupor.

"Are- are you sure we should be doing this kind of thing here?" Itto asked meekly, trying to appeal to Zhongli’s sense of propriety. And it was a bit of a concern, at least for Itto. It wasn't like they were out in broad daylight, but he had never done anything outside of a bedroom before. It made his stomach churn a little, but to his chagrin, the thought of being so shamelessly lewd also made him shiver in arousal.

Zhongli paused for just a moment, but merely chuckled in Itto's ear.

"Perhaps it's a little indecent," Zhongli admitted playfully. "But we've paid for our private time already, so we're sure not to be disturbed. And at any rate... you don't really seem to mind all that much."

On that note, Zhongli started rubbing little circles around the head of Itto's cock with a practiced, expert roll of his wrist. Itto wriggled around under his touch, whimpering as Zhongli's movements reached a brisk pace and refused to let up, even as the oni's breathing grew labored and his thighs trembled lightly. Itto was still trying to hold back; he wanted to buck his hips, thrust upwards into Zhongli's clever hands, but he couldn't do that. Zhongli was right; even the fear of being caught in a not-quite-private space wasn't going to be enough to scare off the heat building up in the pit of his stomach. And he knew that if he let go any further, he'd turn into a quivering mess, just like he always did. He supposed it couldn't be helped. Zhongli had millennia worth of experience in every perceivable department. And Itto; well, Itto only had Zhongli. He just couldn't keep up with that. No matter how cool he tried to play it, Zhongli always managed to sweep him off his feet. Even when Itto was the one that was supposed to be doing it.

Itto gritted his teeth, half from frustration and half from the unyielding, torturous pleasure, and a strained moan escaped his throat. Zhongli finally let up a little. His hand slid back down the length of Itto's cock, squeezing his fingers around it lightly.

"Don't worry, my dear," Zhongli muttered. "I'll make sure that you can properly relax. Oh, you're so eager for it, aren't you?"

A few more tempered strokes to Itto's length, the hot water feeling as much like a salacious embrace as Zhongli's hand did. His skin was properly slick with moisture, but it wasn't quite like being lubed up; there was an extra bit of resistance to every movement, electrifying friction shooting through him with each pull. Zhongli let his grip trail all the way back up to the head of his cock. His thumb lightly pressed against his frenulum, tracing quick little circles there. Itto's back started to arch the longer he lingered in that place.

"A-ah, Zhongli, it's-" Itto sputtered, trying to get a complete sentence out. His efforts futile, he settled for wrapping his arm around Zhongli's waist, digging his nails into his hip.

"Too much?" Zhongli asked, finishing the thought for him. His other hand wandered to Itto's inner thigh, giving it a firm squeeze. He let out a pleased hum at the needy groan it drew out of the oni. "To think you're still so sensitive, after all this time. Though I find that to be quite refreshing, as well."

Still teasing his cock, Zhongli's other hand wandered further inwards. He pressed a finger against Itto's perineum, and the oni's hips finally rocked forward with a little yelp of surprise. Zhongli took the opportunity to let his touch trail down to Itto's puckered entrance. He eased a finger inside him, sliding down to the knuckle and probing at his most sensitive spot.

Itto bit his lip in an attempt to stifle another shrill moan as Zhongli's teasing continued. He had to pull himself together; the last thing he wanted to do now was come straight away, like some kind of virgin (and it was only by the Geo Archon's grace could he say he no longer was one). But it was too much all at once. Zhongli was already slipping another finger inside him, rubbing against his swollen prostate, and Itto's cock was throbbing for release. It was all so hot - the persistent steam rising from the hot water seemed downright smothering now, and Itto was starting to get a little dizzy. He was too flustered for this. He'd pass out if he wasn't careful.

But there had to be something he could still do. He couldn't just let himself melt into a useless little puddle before he had the chance to truly dazzle Zhongli. At the very least, he could try to reciprocate a little.

"W-wait, Zhongli," Itto tried to protest, even as Zhongli squeezed a third finger inside him. If anything, Itto may have just opened his legs a little further. Shit... Zhongli really had him trained. "L-let me- Just give me a break, please. I can make you feel good, too."

"Oh, yes, I'm very certain you will," Zhongli said, a possessive, mischievous lilt to his voice. The implication made Itto shiver in anticipation. But how things usually went… it wouldn't be enough.

"N-no, not, ah , not like how it usually is," Itto whined. "I wa- oh , I want to do- m-more-"

Zhongli's hands kept moving. "Oh? Tell me what you want, then."

What Itto wanted... What did he want, again? His head was spinning too fast to tell. In what universe would he not have wanted Zhongli knuckle-deep inside him and teasing his sensitive, aching cock enough to work him into a frenzy? Oh… that's right, he... wanted to be cool. Someone Zhongli could admire. A real, suave, manly kind of guy. But Itto could feel his resolve slipping. Suddenly, through his bleary vision, the lines seemed too blurred to properly distinguish one thing from another.

This was manly enough, wasn't it? It took a real man to take what a 6000-year-old god could dish out, right?

With steam in his eyes and filling his head, and an ache that begged for release, it sounded like as good a solution as any.

Itto turned to Zhongli, gasping for breath as he tried to contain himself for just a little longer.

"Make me yours," Itto whined. "D-don't hold back. I'll take it all, I promise, I want to- m-make you proud."

The last part felt a little odd to say, but it was true, which is why it tumbled out of Itto without warning. At any rate, he wasn't exactly in the right headspace to be properly embarrassed by it.

Thankfully, it seemed like he didn't have to be.

It was the only thing that had made Zhongli falter since he started, and more than just a hitch in the movement of his hands, he froze completely. Itto could hear his breath catch.

After a few moments, an almost impish chuckle rumbled out of the Archon's chest.

"Well," Zhongli purred seductively. "If that's what you're looking for…. Then I believe I can oblige you, my dear."

Itto didn't have a clue what he was talking about at first. But he was too worked up to think to ask, unable to do anything but watch his cock twitching in Zhongli's hand, the image distorted through a filter of disturbed water. Then, something changed. 

At first, rather than visualizing the change, it was more of a feeling. Something that made Itto's heart race and his head go fuzzy, even worse than it already was. Even as Itto watched Zhongli's nails slowly darkening and stretching outwards into intimidating points, he couldn't process the metamorphosis in his mind. It was something beyond what he could see in front of him, a rising excitement in his breast that went without definition - right up until he felt a tail brushing against his calf.

All at once, Itto's eyes snapped back into focus, and he looked up at Zhongli, gasping as he finally took in the sight. Zhongli had changed; twin horns had sprouted out from his head, elegantly curved and glowing amber. His eyes were glowing now too, impossibly bright, gazing down at Itto with a playful, fanged smirk playing across his features. The tail that ghosted across Itto's leg must have been at least as long as Zhongli's entire height. The scales covering it were smooth, almost looking silken where it was submerged under the warm water, and fringed with frills of gold.

Itto had heard the legends of Rex Lapis before this, and his status as an omnipotent dragon-god - the Prime of the adeptibeast. But after meeting the Archon himself, he figured it must have been the stuff of legends. Nothing more than a little historical exaggeration. Now, however, Itto was looking that living legend dead in the eyes.

Vaguely, he supposed that was the source of the sudden fire burning in his belly, and the change that had settled in the air the moment Zhongli had started transforming. He was part youkai, after all; youkai had a different kind of connection to the Gods than humans did. A better understanding of their sheer power, and a stronger draw to the air they carried. Maybe without knowing it, that was what drew Itto to Zhongli in the first place. 

It probably would have been different, if Zhongli had shown this form to a human. They might have even been afraid of him. 

But as an oni, Itto was just shocked he managed not to come on the spot. Instead, he was rendered frozen as Zhongli smiled down at him, now carrying the mantle of the powerful God he was as plainly as if it were written on his face.

"I trust this suits your tastes, Itto?" Zhongli asked, sounding a bit smug.

Itto squeaked in reply. This time, he couldn't bother trying to cover it up. And it was all the answer Zhongli needed.

When Zhongli pulled his fingers out of him, his absence was like a switch being flipped on, Itto's numb shock dissipating in an instant as a wave of insatiable desire washed through him like a tsunami. He nearly sobbed from it, his cock twitching as he clenched far too late around the space Zhongli's fingers once occupied.

"Don't go, I-" Itto's shrill plea was cut short. Quick enough to make Itto's head spin, Zhongli was on his feet, the water splashing around him as he grabbed Itto by the hips and pulled him up. Itto let out a gasp of surprise as he was hoisted up with ease and flipped around, eyes instinctively closing as he was manhandled. By the time his eyes opened back up, he was staring at the edge of the onsen. Zhongli was behind him and- 

Oh. Itto shivered as Zhongli slid his cock between the oni's thighs. Itto instinctively arched his back, even standing on his toes under the water's surface to present his entrance to him, but Zhongli did not immediately take the invitation. He frotted against Itto's taint, his cockhead rubbing along the underside of his balls at a pace that was nothing less than agonizingly too little. Itto started swaying with him, trying to find more friction, trying to let Zhongli bury himself inside, the hot water lapping against their naked bodies as they disturbed the placid surface. The heat of the onsen, coupled with his overwhelming desperation, almost made Itto sway too far forward. He lost his balance for a moment, but Zhongli's hands came up to steady him. He grabbed him firmly by the wrists and guided Itto's hands to the edge of the onsen. As he bent him over, he pressed his chest against the oni's back. Itto could feel Zhongli's lips touch the back of his ear.

"If you are aiming to impress me, little oni," Zhongli whispered, the husky timbre of his voice immediately sending a shudder through Itto, "then I will tell you just what to do."

Itto's breath hitched as Zhongli suddenly drew his hips back. The head of his cock caught the rim of his ass - and slid right past it, his length merely gliding against Itto's hole. It was tortuous, and purposefully so, a mournful sound falling from the oni's lips at the persistent feeling of emptiness.

"Yes, anything," Itto whined hoarsely. "Please, please, I'll do it."

Zhongli breathed a low chuckle against the back of his neck, the sound caught between a growl and a purr.

"Then be a good boy for me, won't you?" Zhongli teased. He dragged his nails up the length of Itto’s forearms, the claws leaving burning red lines in their wake. "Take all I have to give you. And be sure to take it well, my dear."

With that, Zhongli stood upright, grabbing Itto by the meat of his ass and spreading him apart. With the oni's entrance fully exposed, the Archon wasted no more time; he sank into his heat, down to the hilt, and Itto keened as he bottomed out deep inside him. He quickly slapped a hand over his own mouth, definitely too late to stifle the cry, but his pride and awareness of their surroundings were already melting away amidst the almost feral desire that had taken over him. Zhongli wiggled around inside, his erection stabbing into the oni's twitching inner walls, and Itto moaned wantonly into his own hand. His limbs began to tremble as Zhongli probed him, giving him the barest of chances to adjust to his size, and Itto started to droop forward. The heat of the water lapped at his face with humid wafts of steam, making him feel even more flushed than he would have been anyway. He looked down at himself, his wet, dripping cock now stiff enough to peek up out of the water, and- Oh, shit . Just below his navel, he could see a part of his stomach protruding out unnaturally. The source of the tight, intoxicating pressure in his belly, the point where Zhongli had bottomed out inside him. Itto's hand slipped from his mouth, and he lightly touched the bulge in his stomach. Zhongli was so big like this. Itto felt like he was full to bursting, and it felt so good, it felt right . A long, drawn-out moan escaped him as he gingerly stroked his stretched stomach.

Before Itto could sink down to the water's surface, there was a hand in his hair. At first, Zhongli almost playfully gathered together the thick mane of white, twirling each and every stray lock around his wrist until it rested as a singular damp clump against Itto's back. Then, he laced his fingers in between the locks near the base of his skull, his nails lightly scraping against Itto's scalp as they moved through his hair. He took a firm hold of it and pulled back - hard. Itto keened, his back arching and cock twitching with the jerk, his hand moving to brace himself on the edge of the onsen again.

"I hope this isn't already too much for you," Zhongli said. He leaned in, flicking a tongue against Itto's earlobe. "I'd hate to see such a beautiful flower wilt before my eyes."

"No, no, no," Itto gasped. "Don't stop, oh , I want it, I'll take it, I'll take it, I'll be so good for you, please ."

Zhongli gave a light chuckle as he started moving, slowly, teasingly at first. Just rocking against him gently, probing the deepest part of him at a languid pace. He pulled Itto's head back a little more, leaned in until the oni's head was nearly nestled in the crook of his neck - the sweat on Itto's brow intermingled with the steamy dew making Zhongli's skin glisten, mixing together in a wet, slippery barrier that made the contact seem effortless and dreamlike. Itto's head was spinning; it was already too hot. Too good . But he wanted even more. He wanted Zhongli to make him his. Irrefutably and wholly his.

"Your enthusiasm is always such a breath of fresh air, my dear," Zhongli cooed. "If that's the case, I won't keep you waiting any longer."

Itto whimpered as Zhongli promptly drew his hips back, then jerked them forward to bury himself in deep. He punctuated the thrust with a steady, purposeful tug at the mane of hair still laced between his fingers, and Itto's knees nearly buckled. Zhongli picked up a steady pace like this, driving into him with precise passion; he was still offering Itto the barest leeway, letting Itto feel every inch of his cock as it fucked his aching hole until it was drawing him in earnestly. With his head held back, and his hands desperately clutching the side of the onsen for purchase, Itto couldn't look down again - but he could feel it. He could feel Zhongli's cock skewering him, hitting the deepest part of him, could imagine the way it must have been making his stomach pudge out as it carved a space for itself inside him. Plaintive, needy mewls spilled from Itto's throat as he took it, no longer concerned with his own volume, or the loud sound of their wet skin slapping together with each thrust.

"It- it's so-" Itto gasped, his words coming out shrill and breathless, every syllable punched out of him by the merciless buck of Zhongli's hips. "It- Ah , it's s-so- big! I-it's so m-much, Zhongli."

Zhongli offered him no quarter. Itto could hear the smile on his lips as he spoke. "Too much?"

"N-no, no, no," Itto whined quickly. "D-don't stop, don't stop! I-I'm- I- Ooh , I-I-"

Itto's words soon failed him entirely as he was ravished, Zhongli's cock grinding against his prostate with every movement. All he could do was keen at the Archon's masterful ministrations, the words he wanted sticking at the tip of his tied tongue: I want it all. Give me everything. I'll take every last bit of you.

A low growl rumbled out of Zhongli's chest, and suddenly he released the hold he had on Itto's hair. He pressed his hands between Itto's shoulder blades, hard enough for the oni's elbows to buckle, but not enough to send him all the way down. Zhongli slowed his pace almost imperceptibly, and as Itto couldn't help but fall to his elbows, he leaned down to press his lips to the shell of the oni's ear.

"Lift your leg up," Zhongli muttered huskily. Itto, for all his quivering and lustful giddiness, somehow managed to comply, raising his leg and bringing it up on the edge of the onsen, the side of his calf laying flush with the stone tile. Maintaining the position ached a bit, but as Zhongli sank deep, deep into him, the discomfort was washed away with an overwhelming rush of arousal. Itto melted against the floor, letting himself rest most of his weight into his arms and elevated leg, and he heard Zhongli hum in approval.

"That's a good boy," Zhongli said sweetly. "You take me so well, my dear."

Itto's heart stuttered in his chest, and his head swam with desire as the Archon thrust into him with newfound fervor. Zhongli's hands trailed down his sides, finding his hips and gripping them firmly, keeping him still, leaving Itto no room to escape the breakneck pace the god had soon set. Itto moaned wantonly, the warm water rippling and splashing all around them, lapping at his thighs and weeping erection. Toes curling, drooling on the ground in front of him, Itto completely unraveled.

He couldn't even string enough syllables together to give any warning as he came around Zhongli's cock, clenching as his seed spilled into the water beneath them.

"Good, good boy," Zhongli grunted over the feverish movement of his hips. He sounded breathless, but the little affirmations spilled from his lips regardless. "That's it, you're doing so well, come for me just like that. Almost, sweetheart, almost-"

With a husky, broken series of moans, Zhongli buried himself deep within the oni’s twitching insides, and Itto could feel himself being filled with the Archon's release. Itto's eyes rolled back in his head at the warm sensation, shuddering in pleasure and crying out in ecstasy against the ground. Zhongli emptied himself into him until Itto felt like he would burst, still cooing heated praises against the oni's shoulder, nipping and licking at his skin until the throes of his orgasm had passed. When he regained a bit of his composure, Zhongli stood back upright. He pulled his hips back, slipping out of Itto with a pleasurable groan.

Itto felt him touch the rim of his gaping hole, his spend already leaking out from inside him. Itto whimpered at the sensation, his lifted leg quivering as Zhongli toyed with his used entrance.

Zhongli, presumably admiring his handiwork, chuckled above him.

"Good boy," Zhongli muttered, almost in awe. "You took it so well, my love."

My love.

With that, Itto's feverish desperation spun out of control. The heat finally caught up with him, rendering him listless as he slumped against the ground. Zhongli, very quickly, realized something was amiss.

"Itto? Are you- Oh, dear."

After sitting the oni up on the side of the onsen, far enough from the steam for Zhongli to effectively fan him off with his hand, Itto's head finally began to clear. Relatively, at least. He was still completely and utterly fucked out, thighs still trembling even as coherant thought returned to him.

"You should have told me you were feeling light-headed," Zhongli scolded lightly. He had slipped back into his human form, and his brows were knit together tightly in concern. "It's not good to let yourself get overheated like this."

Itto withered like an abused puppy, jutting out his lower lip.

"Sorry," Itto moped, his words coming out a little slurred. "I just… wanted to make sure you had a good time."

"I would have had a lovely time regardless, Itto," Zhongli said gently. His features relaxed for a moment, and he gave Itto a warm, affectionate smile. "Any time spent with you is something to treasure."

Itto probably blushed at that, but it wasn't really making a dent in the overall heat exhaustion. Still, it felt good; somehow, with his thoughts still muddled, Itto could find himself a little bit of clarity. Maybe he had just been overthinking the whole thing. Zhongli was happy. And if Itto could get out of his own head for long enough to live in the moment, he was over the moon. Maybe that was all they needed. Maybe they really were perfect for each other.

Although, a little validation wasn't a terrible thing to wish for, was it?

"So, uh… what did you think?" Itto asked. He immediately giggled at his own question, almost feeling a little drunk. Giddy. Happy. "Did I impress you?"

Zhongli looked a little surprised at the question. Then, after a moment, his face scrunched up in amusement.

"Of course you did, my love," Zhongli said softly. He leaned in and pressed a kiss against the oni's flushed cheek. One of his hands was resting against the center of Itto's collarbone - right where his Vision usually rested. "You always have."