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Men Can't Get Pregnant!

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How did it turn out like this? Shen Yuan questioned his life as he laid back on the soft moss, clutching Luo Binghe’s shoulders like a lifeline as his absurdly large dick pistoned in and out of his ass.

–— 8 hours earlier –—

“Thank you,” Shen Yuan said to the small raccoon, carefully pulling the beetle out from between the fine hairs of its fur. “As agreed, you and your family will have no difficulties finding food this winter.”

The raccoon chittered its gratitude and merrily crawled back to its family waiting for it outside Shen Qingqiu’s fairy ring.

The previous winter had been harsh and the food scarce. This family of raccoons, along with all the other forest creatures that didn’t hibernate, had had trouble finding enough food to last them through the season. They were one of the unfortunate ones and had lost one of their brothers. In order to prevent something similar from recurring this year, they’d taken the initiative to seek out Shen Qingqiu and make a deal with him.

Shen Qingqiu was the fae overseeing this section of the forest. From the outside, the forest looked like any other, filled with common trees and brushes. However, as one walked deeper into the woods, tall trees gave way to equally tall stalks of bamboo, and  coarse grass to thick beds of moss. This was where Shen Qingqiu presided.

Or he would have if he were here. But no, his ge had abandoned his duties to go on a second honeymoon with his husband, the king of the Cang Qiong Mountain Court, a powerful and influential branch of the Seelie Court. Shen Yuan didn’t mind being stuck in the forest - he didn’t have anything better to do anyway and the animals were cute and he could observe the diverse insects and plants - but he wished Jiu-ge had a bit more sense of responsibility for the forest and its creatures. 

Any time there was an event at the court, Jiu-ge dropped his duties to accompany his husband out of suspicion that some shrewd fae - not that there was any more cunning than his ge - would plot to replace him. If Qi-ge so much as implied that he felt lonely, his ge would run off to reassure him and spend weeks doing things Shen Yuan was better off not knowing. They couldn’t live together like most wedded couples, so Shen Yuan understood that they wanted to spend time with each other when they could, but he was the one who had to take up his ge’s abandoned duties.

As with the previous times, Shen Yuan assumed Jiu-ge’s false name and his position and pretended to be him. It helped that they looked nearly identical. And if the animals ever noticed something was amiss, they never said anything.

Shen Yuan set the beetle on the ground and laid on his stomach on the plush moss inside the fairy ring, tilting his head and resting it on his folded arms to get a closer look at the colorful insect.  

One of the downsides of his ge’s job was that he wasn’t allowed to leave his domain, lest someone come looking for him while he was away. As he was currently taking on the role of Shen Qingqiu, Shen Yuan wasn’t allowed to go exploring himself. He could only ask the animals who came to visit him to bring him things from outside his region in return for granting their wishes. Jiu-ge wasn’t usually picky with what Shen Yuan asked for in exchange as long as it was equal to the value of the request. 

Shen Yuan thought that requesting an insect that wasn’t found in his area was a fair trade for guaranteeing food for one winter. It was probably difficult for the raccoon to find and catch a beetle as unique as this! It was neither small nor large and had all the same parts as a normal beetle. What was unique about it was the colorful patterns on its back. It had both dots and stripes, and the colors seemed to change depending on the angle of the sunlight.

Humming a random tune, Shen Yuan watched the beetle crawl over a pile of moss. He propped his chin on his hands and kicked his feet back and forth, enjoying the thrill of discovering a new creature.

Suddenly the bamboo leaves behind him rustled. The weather was clear today. The sky was sunny and the air was still. Something must have made it move.

Shen Yuan quickly sat up on his knees and cleared his throat. He tried to project the same aloof and detached aura his ge always had about him, pretending like he wasn’t just caught lazing around staring at bugs. He looked at the forest floor to see what animal had come searching for him.

Instead of seeing a small woodland creature, he saw a pair of worn black boots. As his gaze traveled up, he took in the dirt-stained hems of a black robe and the trim waist accentuated by a black and silver belt. Over broad shoulders, the human wore a gray outer robe that looked worse for wear. The man had his thick hair pulled back in a long ponytail, and the eyes that met Shen Yuan’s were bright and shining. 

Shen Yuan cleared his throat again when he realized he was staring. “You can come out. I’ve already seen you.”

The young man, previously half-hidden behind the tall stalks of bamboo, took a few wary steps into the clearing. 

“Are you- Are you fae?” the man hesitantly asked. 

“I am.”

The man slowly approached Shen Yuan. “My mother, she is ill. She is the only family I have in this world. Please, I beg you to heal her. I’ll do anything to save her.” 

He stopped at the edge of the fairy ring. He seemed to know at least the basics of the lore surrounding fae. It was true that any living being that stepped foot into a fae’s ring came under the control of the owner, but Shen Yuan had no interest in controlling others like that. He wouldn’t have been a danger to the human even if he did enter.

From this distance, Shen Yuan could almost see the stars in the man’s midnight eyes sparkling with hope. Shen Yuan didn’t want to crush his hope, so he decided to try to make the man reconsider his request, or at least word it more carefully. Didn’t he know that most fae exploited loopholes in deals? Offering to do “anything” would make it too easy for Shen Yuan to take advantage of him.

“Why have you come to me? Even if your healers are unable to cure her, there are other fae much closer to your village.”

“I did visit others but they all refused to make a deal with me.”

Shen Yuan wondered why the other fae rejected this human. He didn’t sense anything sinister or dangerous about him. As far as Shen Yuan could tell, he was just an earnest young man who sincerely wished for his mother’s good health.

Well, whatever the reason, it didn’t matter to Shen Yuan. It wasn’t impossible for him to fulfill the wish, even if the recipient was a little farther than he was used to. He would heal the man’s mother, as long as he agreed to the price.

“I can heal her. But there is a price.” 

“I understand,” the human nodded solemnly, hanging off of his every word.

“It is not cheap. I do not know if you will be willing to pay it,” Shen Yuan warned.

“Just name it, I’ll do it! Anything you want!” the man enthusiastically agreed.

Come on, work with me here! You should be more cautious when dealing with fae! You don’t even know what I’m going to ask for and you already agreed! Shen Yuan indignantly scolded the human. Here he was, trying to give him hints to be more cautious, and the man just ignorantly ignored them!

Shen Yuan internally sighed, then sat up a little straighter, coming to a decision. It was clear that the man was determined to make a deal and was ready to promise anything to make it happen. Shen Yuan could only hope that the cost of the wish would make him reconsider, or more preferably, drive him away to a different fae who would make a fairer and more reasonable deal.

“Your firstborn. You must give me your firstborn.”

Jiu-ge had left strict instructions for Shen Yuan on the unlikely chance a human visited. Don't misunderstand him, he wasn’t asking for a baby because he wanted one. If he could, Shen Yuan would ask for a book or some human food. He couldn’t ask any of the animals for those, but they wouldn’t be a problem for this man to get. 

Unfortunately Jiu-ge held a deep hatred for humans for something that had occurred decades in the past. Shen Yuan was too young then to remember what happened, but now his ge despised all humans. Fae couldn’t directly refuse requests for a deal, but the conditions of the deal were up to the fae to decide. Jiu-ge used this loophole to ask for unreasonable things in exchange for fulfilling the requests of humans to make them change their mind.

Since this was still his ge’s domain, Shen Yuan couldn’t go against his direct orders without him knowing, so he had no choice but to ask for the man’s firstborn. He thought it was a steep price for just healing someone, but his ge would nag his ears off if he asked for anything less. What Jiu-ge planned to do with a human baby if someone ever agreed wasn’t his business, and he never asked for fear of being lectured on something he supposedly should have known, so Shen Yuan elected to put it out of his mind.

“You want my firstborn?” the man asked, looking a little dazed. 

“Yes. I understand if the price is too high and you’ve changed your mind about making a deal.” Shen Yuan nodded, pretending to be benevolent and offering him a way out. He really didn’t want to have to take care of a baby every time Jiu-ge went on another one of his trips.

“N- No! I’ll do it!” The man quickly agreed, as if he thought Shen Yuan was the one who would change his mind. 

Shen Yuan froze in shock at the agreement. What are you doing?! Even if you want to heal your mother that badly, you should at least try to negotiate! The cost is obviously too high for the task!! He shouted at the man in his mind but outwardly kept his calm appearance.

“If you’re- If that is what you desire, I would be honored to give you my firstborn.”

Shen Yuan was confused about that last part and why the man was suddenly blushing, but he tossed that thought to the back of his mind. Right now he was lamenting the fact that he’d have to play babysitter to a human infant in the near future. The man agreed to his terms, so Shen Yuan was obligated to fulfill his end of the deal.

He internally sighed, then said, “Then to be clear, I will heal your mother’s illness. In return, you will give me your firstborn. Do we have a deal?”

“Deal,” the human agreed.

“Very well. When you return home tonight, your mother will be in pristine health again. It will be like she never fell ill at all. Even the memory of her suffering will fade.” Shen Yuan threw in the last part as an apology to the man. The poor thing didn’t know what he was getting himself into.

“Thank you so much. She means everything to me.” 

The man’s eyes were starting to water with gratitude so Shen Yuan quickly waved him off. “I know, I know. Let's hope the price wasn’t too much for you. Only time will tell.” He knew the human would regret it as soon as his child was born.

“I swear to fulfill my end of the deal. When do we start?” The man looked at him expectantly, his dark eyes somehow seeming to shine even brighter. 

Shen Yuan stared at him blankly in confusion for a few moments before asking, “If I may ask you to elaborate?”

“You said you wanted my firstborn,” the man said as an explanation. A faint blush began to spread on his cheeks, and he shifted his gaze to the side, avoiding Shen Yuan’s eyes.

“Yes? And you agreed?” Shen Yuan didn’t understand what the man was getting at.

“Yeah, so, when do we start?” He shuffled in place, raising one hand to rub the back of his neck in a nervous gesture.

Shen Yuan still didn’t understand. The gears in his mind slowly turned as he searched for the meaning of the man’s question. Was there still a misunderstanding even after I clearly stated the terms of the deal?

He wracked his brain in search of an answer. When he finally figured out what the man’s intentions must be, his face grew hot as his cheeks reddened with embarrassment.  

“Ah…” Shen Yuan said softly in understanding, looking left and right to avoid the human’s gaze that was back on him. “I didn’t- Not with me- We can’t-” Shen Yuan couldn’t gather his thoughts into a cohesive sentence.

“Since my mother’s health has recovered, I do not need to rush home,” the man interrupted Shen Yuan’s chaotic thoughts. "We can start right away."

He carefully stepped over the wild mushrooms that made up the fairy ring, careful not to harm them, and into Shen Yuan’s space. He didn’t stop at the edge but continued to move closer to him.

Shen Yuan crawled backwards, trying to put some distance between himself and the human. The man towered over him, blocking out the midday sun. Although he couldn’t make out the expression on his face, Shen Yuan could see how his eyes darkened with some unknown emotion. It should have been intimidating but the sensation of his nerves and something else churning in his stomach wasn’t entirely unpleasant. 

“You- You- You don’t want to check on her, make- make sure I didn’t deceive you?” Shen Yuan stuttered nervously. 

He'd never felt like this before. He didn’t understand the nervous anticipation he was feeling or what exactly he was expecting, and he was hesitant to find out. If he could make the man leave, he could avoid having to think about it. 

“I trust you,” the man said with such clear eyes that Shen Yuan knew he was telling the truth.

Why?! How can you trust me when we’ve only just met?? You should know that most fae are tricksters! You can’t just give out your trust so easily! Everyone’s going to take advantage of you!!

The man came to a stop in front of him and kneeled. He placed his hands on Shen Yuan’s knees and gently nudged them apart. Shen Yuan gasped at the contact. Too shocked by the sudden turn of events, he put up no resistance. His legs fell open embarrassingly easily, allowing the man to settle himself far closer than was appropriate for a first meeting.

“May I know your name so that I may properly address the mother of my future child?” the man politely asked, blinking up at him with dark, beseeching eyes.

“Shen Y- Shen Qingqiu,” Shen Yuan caught himself before he could say his real name. It would give the human power over him if he knew it, and Jiu-ge would have a hissy fit if he ever found out Shen Yuan had given a human his name. Then he cursed himself for answering to being called the mother of the man’s future child!! That wasn’t going to happen!

“If it pleases Shen Qingqiu, this Luo Binghe would like to repay his debt as quickly as possible.”

Shen Yuan wanted to yell at the man - Luo Binghe - for telling him his name - Didn’t he know what kind of power names had?! - but then he crawled over Shen Yuan and his thoughts ground to a halt. Luo Binghe gently guided him down to lay on the soft moss with a hand at the back of his head cushioning it from hitting the ground. 

Shen Yuan’s breaths were coming in faster now, and he could feel his heartbeat speed up. Shen Yuan didn’t know how to deal with this kind of situation, and he was too flustered to make Luo Binghe stop. It never even crossed his mind that he had the ability to make him retreat with just a thought now that he was inside the fairy ring. Instead, he let the man continue unimpeded while anticipation for something curled in the pit of his stomach.

“I will give you my firstborn. I will give you as many children as you desire.” 

Luo Binghe stared into his soul, his eyes like two black holes sucking Shen Yuan in, making it impossible for him to look away. His gaze was unwavering as he slowly closed the short distance between them before letting his eyes fall shut as he sealed their lips together. 

And that was how Shen Yuan got into his current predicament. Before he knew what was happening, his robes were spread out under him, and Luo Binghe’s dick was thrusting inside him. 

“Shen Yuan, Shen Yuan, Shen Yuan,” Luo Binghe repeated reverently, “A-Yuan, A-Yuan…

Binghe!” Shen Yuan moaned as he came for the second time, his vision blinding with stars.


Luo Binghe couldn’t believe his luck. 

He had been traveling for days, desperately searching for a fae who would agree to make a deal with him to heal his mother. Already he had been rejected by four fae and he didn’t know why. They hadn’t even entertained the idea before casting him out of their fairy ring and disappearing from his sight. If he could at least learn the reason for their rejections, he could fix whatever the problem was, but none of them were willing to explain it to him.

As he continued to travel, looking for places where fae were likely to dwell, Binghe came across a section of woods that abruptly transformed into a bamboo forest. One second he was walking among towering trees that blocked out the sunlight, and the next, he was standing at the edge of an unknown expanse of bamboo. Light filtered through the tall stalks, creating a surreal, almost dreamlike atmosphere. If there were any fae in these parts, they would be in here.

Binghe weaved between the bamboo and made his way deeper into the forest. After some time, he saw a brightly lit area and headed in that direction. Coming to a small clearing, he stopped at the edge to check out the scene before deciding whether to make his presence known. Peering past the thick stalks that kept his form mostly hidden, Binghe almost gasped at the sight before him.

On the opposite end of the clearing was a ring formed by a variety of wild mushrooms, several inches in height. Lying on his stomach in the center was an immortal being, too beautiful for even the most talented painter to portray on their canvas, or the most accomplished poet to describe with mere words. Binghe was neither and yet he still wanted to try to capture his image in some tangible way.

He watched with breathless admiration as the fae’s face lit up in joy when the raccoon that brought him an insect left his sight, and his tinkling laughter as he played with the small creature sounded like the clearest bells on a warm spring afternoon. 

Binghe didn’t know how long he stood there just watching the fae and listening to him hum an unknown tune. It was hypnotizing. He regretted when he accidentally knocked into the bamboo beside himself and drew the fae’s attention because he couldn’t continue secretly watching him, but he thought it was adorable how the fae immediately sat up and fixed his posture, as if he was caught acting in some way he shouldn’t have.

Then he met the fae’s eyes and time seemed to stop.

“You can come out. I’ve already seen you,” the fae said after a few charged moments. His melodic voice was as beautiful as his appearance.

Coming out of his trance, Binghe reluctantly stepped into the clearing. He suddenly felt ashamed appearing before the otherworldly fae looking how he did. His already tattered clothes were further dirtied from being thrown against trees and onto the ground by the other fae he’d found. But he couldn’t refuse this fae and thus stepped into the sunlight. 

“Are you- Are you fae?” Binghe asked to fill the silence so he wasn’t just staring dumbfoundedly at the fae. 

He cursed himself immediately after the words left him. The answer was obvious! The fae was probably laughing at him inside. At least he was kind enough not to laugh at Binghe to his face. 

Binghe was embarrassed but he couldn’t leave without at least asking for what he came here for, so he thickened his face and pleaded for the fae to save his mother. He thought he would be rejected again, but he still couldn’t help but hope that maybe this fae would accept his request. He never expected that not only would the fae accept but that the price for his request would be his firstborn.

To say that Binghe was flattered would be an understatement. The fae was a peerless beauty. He had a small and slender figure hidden by several layers of sheer white and pale green robes. Each layer on its own was nearly transparent, but as a whole, they alluringly obscured the graceful lines of his body. Only his pale feet could be seen peeking out from underneath. 

The robes were exquisite, decorated with a variety of flowers embroidered in delicate threads of gold, pink, white, and lavender, but they paled in comparison to the fae himself. He had a slightly rounded face with soft and gentle features. His pale skin that looked as smooth as jade was tinged with a light flush of pink that hadn’t been there when he was playing with the insect. Binghe couldn’t prevent his imagination from coming up with the delusion that he was responsible for it, though logically he knew it was most likely left over from the embarrassment the fae felt earlier for having been caught acting so carefree. 

Silky black hair spilled down the fae’s back like a waterfall, and Binghe yearned to run his fingers through the long strands. But his most captivating features were his large, guileless eyes, looking back at Binghe without a trace of hostility or prejudice, only filled with kindness and sympathy for his situation. 

To think that the fae wanted him, wanted Luo Binghe, was unthought of. And it was even more inconceivable that anyone wouldn’t want to give the fae their firstborn. He shouldn’t need to make a deal in order to have a child. Even without his request, Binghe would have offered to give him one if he knew it was an option.

Binghe quickly agreed to the deal before the fae could take it back. It seemed too good to be true, to have his mother healed and have a child with the fae. If he wished for it, Binghe would gladly give him his second and third as well.

He was overjoyed when the fae easily spread his legs and let Binghe settle himself between them. The fae - Shen Qingqiu as he introduced himself - was the one who had asked for his child, but it was still difficult for Binghe to believe that this was reality and not just some conversation he had imagined.

He slowly looked Shen Qingqiu over, taking in the sight of the beauty he was being allowed to create a new life with, and gently guided him to lay back. Binghe would do all the work and ensure that the fae was fully satisfied with him. 

Shen Qingqiu flushed under his gaze, and suddenly a white lily bloomed next to his head. Binghe looked at it in surprise. It seemed to be an unconscious reaction from the fae. Binghe felt a rush of pride and joy knowing that just the thought of having a child with him had brought the fae enough happiness to unconsciously grow a flower. He was too precious. Binghe couldn’t let him go. If Shen Qingqiu wanted a child, he would do everything in his power to give him one. 

“I will give you my firstborn. I will give you as many children as you desire,” he promised. 

His eyes were drawn to the bob of the fae’s throat when he swallowed in what Binghe assumed was anticipation. Then he closed the remaining distance between them and kissed him. The little surprised noise Shen Qingqiu made was muffled by the press of their lips. Binghe was eager to deepen the kiss, so he began moving his lips against the fae’s, sucking and nibbling on his bottom lip. When he ran his tongue along the seam of his lips in a silent request for permission, Shen Qingqiu’s lips parted in a soft gasp, allowing him entry. Binghe slipped his tongue inside, twining their tongues and tasting the sweetness of the fae’s mouth. 

Shen Qingqiu was panting heavily when they finally broke apart. His reaction made it seem as if he was unused to kissing others. Binghe thought it was highly unlikely - Shen Qingqiu was too captivating to be lacking any number of suitors - but he still took great pleasure in the illusion that he could be his first. His lips curled up when those thoughts evolved into a fantasy where he could be his first for other things as well.

Binghe sat back on his heels and looked down at the fae beneath him. Shen Qingqiu’s eyes were unfocused, staring at the space above him, and there was a becoming tint of red dusting his cheeks. Surrounding his head were several more flowers that weren’t there before. But Binghe’s eyes were drawn to the originally slightly pale lips, now bruised red and wet with their saliva, parted as their owner caught his breath. He was suddenly very eager to repay his debt as soon as possible. 

Trailing his hands down the front of Shen Qingqiu’s chest, Binghe pushed open the exquisite robes. It felt like he was unwrapping a present, revealing an expanse of translucent milky skin with two dusky nipples dotting either end of the smooth surface. The fae’s skin was flawless and he itched to touch it. 

Binghe bent his head down and took one nipple into his mouth, letting his hands massage the soft muscles on his chest as he sucked and flicked over the small nub with his tongue until it hardened into a peak. Shen Qingqiu’s breathing that had finally started to calm once again picked up, his chest moving up and down with every shallow inhale. Binghe could feel the fae’s heart beating a wild rhythm under his lips as he kissed his way to the other nub to give it the same treatment. 

Satisfied once the second nipple was perked, Binghe pushed apart more of Shen Qingqiu’s robes as he followed the path of exposed skin to press open-mouthed kisses down his torso, leaving a wet trail in his path. The fae’s stomach began to lightly tremble the further south Binghe’s lips traveled. Binghe thought his reactions were adorable and lingered at his belly button to tease his tongue inside before continuing his journey downward. 

When he reached the waistband of Shen Qingqiu’s pants, he was delighted to see that there was already a small tent that was quickly growing with interest. Binghe placed a kiss to the peak, and then sucked along the side to encourage it to harden faster. When he pulled back, there was a wet patch over the tip. 

Binghe tugged Shen Qingqiu’s pants just low enough for his erection to spring free. It was neither small nor large, the perfect size for the fae. And like his body, it looked delicate, several shades darker than the rest of his body but smooth with no bulging veins or ugly wrinkles and a graceful curve to the length. It was so much prettier than Binghe’s own.

Shen Qingqiu seemed nervous as though it was his first time. His cheeks were bright red and he kept glancing down at Binghe and then looking away when their eyes met, and opening and closing his mouth like he wanted to say something but didn’t know what or how. Affection welled in Binghe for the awkwardly charming fae and he decided to help him relax before repaying his debt.

Shen Qingqiu gasped in surprise when Binghe took the entirety of his length into his mouth. His hands came to the top of his head, and his fingers threaded into his hair to keep him in place, not that there was anywhere Binghe would rather be than between the fae’s long, slender legs. 

He swirled his tongue around the shaft, teased the underside of the length, and sucked as he slowly bobbed his head up and down. He licked the drops of precum that spilled from the tip and tongued the slit to greedily drink it from the source. The slightly bitter taste of his arousal was physical proof that he was pleased with Binghe’s efforts.

Small sounds of pleasure fell from Shen Qingqiu’s lips with every hard suck and swipe of Binghe’s tongue, each one an encouragement to continue. He lifted his eyes to watch the fae, who had his eyes screwed shut as he concentrated on the movements of Binghe’s mouth on him. 

“Luo Binghe, I can’t- I’m gonna-” Shen Qingqiu couldn’t complete his thoughts.

“Call me Binghe,” he pulled back to say, before diving back down onto the fae’s twitching length. He was so close.

“Binghe- Binghe, I need-”

Binghe would have been more than happy to let the fae come inside his mouth, but he didn’t have anything that could be used as a lubricant and knew from overhearing men at the tavern that it was painful for the receiving partner to be entered dry. So he drew back and finished Shen Qingqiu off with his hand, never once taking his eyes off the fae’s face. He wanted to see him bloom.

It didn’t take much longer for Shen Qingqiu to come. He threw his head back as his mouth opened on a low moan, and his fingers that were still in Binghe’s hair clenched and instinctively pulled him closer. He was so pretty when he came.

Binghe’s eyes widened in awe when numerous more flowers popped up from the moss before his eyes. There were peonies, azaleas, and gardenias among many others, a rainbow of colors where previously there was only green moss. Binghe was thrilled that he was the cause of their existence. 

After Shen Qingqiu caught his breath again, he looked down at Binghe with dark, hooded eyes. They were filled with satisfaction and warmth. And renewed arousal. Shen Qingqiu loosened his tight grip on Binghe’s hair and pushed it back away from his face, gently combing it between his fingers. Binghe’s heart stuttered at the affectionate gesture.

Hah… Binghe…” plush petal lips parted to exhale.

His breathing suddenly picked up when the matchless fae spoke his name. Desire consumed every fiber of his being. Having no patience left to beat around the bush, Binghe pulled Shen Qingqiu’s pants off completely. The fae was more lax now after his orgasm and let him arrange his body so that he could more easily access his hidden entrance. Binghe pulled his knees up and Shen Qingqiu helpfully planted his feet on the ground, but his legs seemed weak as they easily fell open.  

The soft pink bud was finally exposed. Like the rest of the fae, it looked untouched, and oh, how Binghe wished that was true. Even if it wasn’t and this wasn’t Shen Qingqiu’s first time, it was still nothing short of a miracle that something so small was going to take in the entirety of Binghe’s length. Binghe knew that he was larger than average, and he would have to take care in preparing the fae so as not to hurt him. 

He gathered some of the warm cum that had pooled on Shen Qingqiu’s stomach onto his fingers and started massaging the tightly furled entrance. When it began to soften, he slowly inserted one finger. The velvety inner walls clenched around him as if to push out the intrusion, but Binghe gently rubbed the tense walls, coaxing the fae to relax.

A few minutes later, after Shen Qingqiu was decidedly looser, Binghe added a second finger. Spreading his fingers, he pushed the fae’s walls apart to stretch the space that he would soon fill. He alternated between that and swirling his fingers around inside, getting Shen Qingqiu used to being stimulated from the inside.

When his fingers were being sucked back in every time he tried to withdraw, he inserted another. This time when Binghe stroked the now softened inner walls, he did it with purpose. He crooked his fingers, searching for that magic spot inside him. 


Shen Qingqiu’s sudden cry told Binghe that he’d found it. He passed his finger over the small, unassuming bump, and the fae’s hips jerked at the contact. He canted his hips in a silent plea for more, and Binghe was more than delighted to serve him. 

He rubbed over the sensitive bundle of nerves as moans nearly too soft to hear fell from the fae’s lips. Once Shen Qingqiu was fully hard again, Binghe made the difficult decision to remove his fingers, much to the adorable displeasure of the fae. 

“Wait-” Shen Qingqiu made a small noise of protest when his fingers left him bereft, but Binghe wouldn’t let him feel that way for long. 

“I will give you a child,” he promised.

Untying his own robes, Binghe let them fall open, not bothering to take them off. Instead, he pushed his pants down to free his straining cock with one hand while the other gathered the fae’s remaining cum. Mixing it with his own precum that had long begun to leak, he spread it over his hardened length. 

“Binghe… That won’t- It’s too… big.” Shen Qingqiu’s wide eyes when he saw his size exposed his apprehension.

Binghe rushed to reassure him. “Don’t be afraid. I won’t let it hurt,” he cooed, lining himself up to the fae’s twitching entrance. 

As eager as Binghe was to fulfill Shen Qingqiu’s wish and quickly give him his child, he knew he had to take this slow. He had no desire to harm the fae or make this a painful experience for him. On the contrary, Binghe wanted to make this an unforgettable memory in the best possible way. With a firm but gentle hold on Shen Qingqiu’s slim waist to keep him in place, he began to press in. 

“It’s- ngh… impossible…” Shen Qingqiu groaned.

Shh… I know you can do it,” Binghe coaxed, pressing a little harder.

Despite already loosening his entrance a fair amount, it was still a tight fit. He had to use more strength than he’d hoped to, but soon enough, the head popped inside. The significantly smaller fae clutched his robes beneath him, twisting the fabric while he bit down on his lips to prevent himself from making any sounds. Binghe didn’t like that and he liked it even less when he bit hard enough to draw blood. 

He removed one hand from Shen Qingqiu’s waist and raised it to cup his flushed cheek. He rubbed his thumb across his bottom lip then pushed it inside, forcing Shen Qingqiu to release his bloodied lip. Shen Qingqiu opened his misty eyes to look up at Binghe and mumbled his name around his finger. Once again, Binghe was hit with a wave of affection for immortal fae. 

“I’m coming in,” he said, just to have something to say that wasn’t ‘I love you.’ 

Because he did love the fae. They had only just met but Binghe already knew that he loved Shen Qingqiu and there would never be anyone else. But he didn’t know if his love would be accepted. Binghe’s love ran deep and if that was something Shen Qingqiu didn’t want, he feared that he would be sent away. 

But it was okay. He didn’t have to say it now. He would continue to visit Shen Qingqiu even after he gave him a child and someday, when the time was right, Binghe would openly speak his love for the fae. For now, he was content with making love to him.

He continued to push forward, and Shen Qingqiu slowly opened up for him. He held Binghe’s finger between his teeth without biting it while Binghe rubbed soothing circles on his tongue with the pad of his thumb. It took an eternity before he finally bottomed out, and by the time he did, they were both breathing heavily, Shen Qingqiu from the stretch and Binghe from the effort it took not to just slam his hips forward.

When he was fully sheathed, Binghe paused to let them both catch their breaths. It was so tight inside. The heat and pressure that enveloped him were unlike anything Binghe experienced before. Tears gathered at the corners of his eyes as he looked down at Shen Qingqiu. He was the most beautiful being Binghe had ever laid eyes on, and he still couldn’t believe that someone so perfect wanted to have a child with him.

Binghe kneaded the soft skin of the fae’s waist while he waited for him to get accustomed to his size. Shen Qingqiu’s insides throbbed around him, tensing and contracting around his length enticingly. It took all of Binghe’s self-control not to rut into the tight heat like his instincts screamed to. 

The fae’s erection had slightly waned when Binghe entered, but after a minute or two of just existing inside him, he began to harden again. Shen Qingqiu grew restless and began squirming on his cock. Binghe tightened his fingers around his waist to still him. If the fae moved around like that much longer, Binghe wouldn’t be able to stop himself.

“Binghe- ahh… Why aren’t you moving?” Shen Qingqiu asked innocently, teasing Binghe with his naive act. He could almost believe that it was real.

“Please excuse this one’s neglect. I will begin moving now,” he played along, elated that the fae seemed just as eager to continue as he was. 

Binghe drew back slightly before experimentally pushing back in. Rolling his hips a few times before slowly drawing back, Shen Qingqiu’s walls clenched around his length as if he was reluctant to let him go. He groaned at the way the fae’s insides contracted around him every time he slid back in. 

Shen Qingqiu put himself in Binghe's hands, and he wouldn't let him regret it. He withdrew a little further, thrust in a little harder. As he gradually increased his pace, soft moans fell from Shen Qingqiu’s kiss-bruised lips, and Binghe reveled in each little sound of pleasure he wrung from the ethereal fae.

“Faster, Binghe, faster,” Shen Qingqiu gasped, reaching up toward him. “More…”

And who was Binghe to deny the immortal beauty his wishes? He dropped down onto his elbows, on either side of Shen Qingqiu’s head, and let the fae wrap his arms around his neck. Then he let himself give into his desires, rutting into Shen Qingqiu with an almost animalistic ferocity that left them both breathless. 

Ahh!” Shen Qingqiu threw his head back on a particularly hard thrust. 

Binghe preened when the fae wrapped his legs around him and started moving his own hips to meet his thrusts. His slender thighs trembled around his hips, but that didn’t stop Shen Qingqiu from trying to match Binghe’s pace. The loud slaps of their skin echoing in the clearing and the punched-out moans and gasps of his name spurred Binghe on to do his best to satisfy the fae. 

“Shen Qingqiu, Shen Qingqiu…” Binghe mouthed down the delicate column of his neck.

“No- No- That’s not- I’m not Shen Qingqiu,” the fae protested between moans, shaking his head. “Don’t call me that.”

“Then tell me your name. What should I call you?” he asked, sucking a dark red mark above his collarbone. 

“Shen Yuan- I’m Shen Yuan.”

Knowing the kind of power names could hold over their owner, Binghe wasn’t surprised to learn that Shen Qingqiu wasn’t the fae’s real name. He was determined to prove himself worthy of the privilege to learn it, but he wasn’t expecting him to offer it so easily. Binghe was overjoyed at the new information and immediately put it to use.

“Shen Yuan, Shen Yuan, Shen Yuan…” Binghe poured all his affection into the name. He continued to repeat it like a mantra to the rhythm of his thrusts. 

The fae gave a full body shudder when Binghe said his name. Thrilled that he could elicit such a powerful reaction from just saying his name, Binghe couldn’t resist saying it some more.

“Shen Yuan, Shen Yuan, A-Yuan…” He whispered into the fae’s ear, taking the lobe between his teeth and lightly tugging.

Binghe!” Shen Yuan cried out, abruptly clenching down around Binghe. He came apart in Binghe’s arms from the intensity of his climax, and his cock twitched as thick spurts of cum painted his stomach.

The sudden orgasm was unexpected and the way Shen Yuan writhed around him was too stimulating for Binghe to handle. 

A-Yuan!” He hugged the fae flush to his chest as he came with him, burying his face into his silky hair and pushing himself deep inside the warm womb one final time before releasing.

Shen Yuan shook as the aftershocks of his orgasm continued to wrack his body, milking Binghe’s cock for everything he had. They remained wrapped in each other’s embrace for several minutes after it was all over, neither pulling away from the other. 

When Binghe opened his eyes, he was surprised to find that hundreds of flowers of all varieties had bloomed within the entirety of the originally moss-filled fairy ring. He sat up to look around in awe, filled to bursting with wonder and admiration for the beauty in his arms that was so lost in the throes of pleasure given by Binghe that he grew into existence this small field of flowers. He wanted to see it again, wanted to bring his fae to climax again and again for as long as he was allowed. 

“Stop- No, I can’t- Binghe…” Shen Yuan whimpered when he began to move again.

“I haven’t given you my firstborn yet. Please wait a little longer,” Binghe requested.

He splayed his hands over Shen Yuan’s stomach, smearing the release over his belly. He paused when he felt a distinct bump on his lower abdomen that hadn’t been there before. Binghe gave it an experimental nudge, gasping when he realized he could feel himself inside Shen Yuan.

“You’re exquisite,” he whispered to himself. 

Binghe vowed that from this moment on, he would dedicate his life to the service of this fae, worship him and treat him with reverence deserved of a god. 

“Let me make you feel good,” he said, rocking his hips into the fae’s tight heat.


Shen Yuan absentmindedly traced his fingertips over his stomach, feeling the fullness of it, while his mind was blissfully blank.

“How- How is it?” Binghe tentatively asked, hovering above him. “Was I able to give you a child?”

Shen Yuan wanted to bang his head against a rock at the question. Instead, he felt his entire face heat up. He repeatedly smacked Binghe on his bicep to hide his embarrassment, though there was no strength behind the hits and the human’s body was hard enough for it not to hurt anyway.

“I’m a man!” he shouted. “I’m not going to get pregnant so easily!”

“You are right. That was my mistake,” Binghe quickly acquiesced. “I must work harder to give you a child.”

“That’s not what I meant!” Shen Yuan flustered. “I’m a man so I can’t get pregnant!” Did Binghe not know this? Had no one ever taught him how babies were made? Why did he think Shen Yuan could become pregnant??

“But you’re fae. You’re the embodiment of magic,” Binghe stated, perplexed, as if Shen Yuan being fae meant that he could go against the way of nature. “I know that I can do it if I try hard enough. I won’t let you down.”

“That’s not the problem! It’s impossible for a man to get pregnant, whether they’re mortal or fae!” It didn’t matter the species, males couldn’t get pregnant! 

Binghe paused. “I don’t understand. Then how can I give you my firstborn?” His eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Just go find some mortal girl and have a child with her, then bring it back to me,” Shen Yuan said, mortified at the suggestion. 

Not only did he not want a stranger’s child - He was only following Jiu-ge’s orders by asking for it -  he felt a pang of something akin to jealousy at the thought of Binghe doing what he just did with Shen Yuan with some woman. It obviously wasn’t jealousy because what was there for him to be jealous of? They'd only met a few hours ago, and what happened between them was because of a misunderstanding. But it felt similar to the unpleasant feeling of knots being twisted in his stomach and Shen Yuan didn't like that.

Fortunately Binghe disagreed with him. “No, I think I can give you a child directly. We should try again,” he stubbornly said, a determined look in his eyes. 

“Binghe-” Shen Yuan was about to tell him how ridiculous he was being when his words died on his lips.

Binghe pulled off his robe completely. Shen Yuan’s eyes widened at his broad shoulders, muscular chest, and defined abs. He gulped down the excess saliva gathering in his mouth but couldn’t prevent himself from unconsciously clenching down on Binghe’s thick length still buried inside him.

Binghe groaned. Then, smirking down at Shen Yuan, he said, “I promised you my firstborn and I never go back on my word.”

     • • • • •

A few weeks later, Shen Yuan was lounging on the moss in the fairy ring, carefree as ever, surrounded by several books in pristine condition and various human foods personally cooked by Binghe. He slid one of the hawthorn fruits off the tanghulu with his teeth, happily humming at the burst of sweet juice when he bit into it. Flipping the page of the novel in front of him, he eagerly continued reading the intriguing tale of a half-demon lord. There were a lot of plot holes and too many gratuitous scenes, but the monsters were cool and he was already invested in the main character’s story so he couldn’t drop it now. 


Shen Yuan looked up from his book and smiled. “Ge, you’re back?” 

“What is all this?” Jiu-ge narrowed his eyes as he stepped into the fairy ring.

“This?” Shen Yuan looked around himself. Seeing all the human things around him that shouldn’t have been there, he quickly swallowed the fruit in his mouth while his mind raced to come up with an excuse. “Oh yeah, haha, there’s a funny story about this.”

“Really? Do tell?” Jiu-ge said with a threatening smile on his face that Shen Yuan knew never meant anything good.

“Well, you see, you were gone for a long time, and there were a lot of customers,” Shen Yuan scrambled for something he could tell his ge. “Like a racoon wanted food for the winter, and a fox came asking for protection from being hunted. Oh! And a crane wanted help finding a partner.”

“And which of those animals brought all these… things in exchange for their wish?” Jiu-ge looked disdainfully at the food and books around Shen Yuan.

“These were actually gifts. No wishes exchanged for these,” Shen Yuan laughed awkwardly.

“Shen Yuan!” 

Shen Yuan flinched when Jiu-ge called him by his full name. He only did that when he was really mad or in the process of getting there. Shit, he knew exactly what Shen Yuan was trying to do.

“Who. Brought. These?” Jiu-ge gritted out.

“Don’t be mad, Jiu-ge, I did exactly what you told me to,” Shen Yuan prefaced, holding his hands out in front of him in a placating gesture. “A human came by and I asked for his firstborn, just like you told me to. He agreed but I guess there was a misunderstanding.” 

Shen Yuan blushed, remembering his and Binghe’s first time. He looked away from his ge and rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. 

“He thought- Well, he thought he was supposed to give me his firstborn personally. Like by- by getting me pregnant… Haha… Can you believe that? He thought I could get pregnant… Hahaha… ”

Shen Yuan chanced a glance at Jiu-ge and saw that he looked about ready to explode any second. He decided that staying any longer would be putting his chances of survival at risk. He jumped out of the fairy ring and started running away.

“Anyway, we got married and I promised to go meet his mother after you got back so I’m leaving first! I’ll bring him to meet you after you’ve calmed down!” Shen Yuan shouted over his shoulder as his feet took him far from his ge.

He ran as fast as he could, lest Jiu-ge try to come after him, but he really wasn’t used to moving around so much. Just as he was about to hit the ground after tripping on a vine, strong arms wrapped around him and held him tight against a muscular chest. Shen Yuan looked up and saw his husband looking down at him in surprise. 

“Binghe! You came!”

“Of course I did, A-Yuan,” Binghe said, looking at him with the most tender smile. “But why are you running around outside your fairy ring? Is someone trying to hurt you? Are you in danger?” Binghe frowned in worry and looked behind him, searching the gaps between the bamboo for any threats.

“No, not unless you count my ge. He might want to kill me. And he definitely wants to kill you.” Shen Yuan sighed in relief at having escaped and hugged his husband back, burrowing into his chest.

“Your ge? You’re not hurt, are you?” Binghe asked, running his hands up and down Shen Yuan’s back in comfort.

“I’m fine. He wouldn’t really hurt me.” 

“Are you sure? A-Yuan, you have to tell me if you’re in danger,” Binghe said sternly.

“I’m okay, I’m really okay,” Shen Yuan coaxed his worrywart of a husband.

Suddenly he pulled his head back to look up at him. “Jiu-ge is back! I can leave!” he excitedly announced. “Let’s meet your mother and then go on a honeymoon!”

“A-Yuan wants to go on a honeymoon with me?” Binghe gasped in surprise.

Binghe’s face lit up with the brightest smile that could turn even the straightest man gay. And hadn’t it? Shen Yuan was surely as straight as an arrow before he’d met his husband.

“Of course, silly! We’re married so obviously we need to go on a honeymoon. I’ve never been married so I couldn’t go on one before but that’s changed now! It must be a lot of fun because my ge’s been on two. He won’t tell me what he does on them, but they must be a lot of fun. Do you know what to do on honeymoons, Binghe? It’s okay if you don’t, we can figure it out together.”

Shen Yuan was suddenly interrupted by Binghe lifting him up and spinning him around in a circle. His words cut off in a laugh at his husband’s shenanigans while his hands moved to hold onto his broad shoulders for support.

“A-Yuan!” Binghe lowered him until they were at eye level and started peppering butterfly kisses all over his face. “We’ll go on two- no, three! No, four honeymoons! As many as you want! Let’s leave right after meeting my mother!”

“Mn, let’s go!” Shen Yuan happily agreed.