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The Blue of her Eyes – Lilith x witch!reader

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After the dethronement of Lucifer Morningstar, Lilith took over as the Queen of Hell. I knew her from before, as ‘Mary Wardwell’ and some time as ‘Lilith’ as well. We had built a friendship, and maybe more, over time, but I haven’t seen or heard from her in a while. She has probably already forgotten about little old me while dealing with her queenly duties.

After another long, exhausting day, I draw myself a bath with some essential oils and bath salt. I light a few candles and discard my robe on a chair next to the tub.
The water is the perfect balance between warm and hot as I let myself sink into it. The smell of lavender surrounds me, and I relax, closing my eyes.
I think back to the one time Lilith and I shared a kiss, touching my lips as I realize that I fell in love with the Queen of Hell long before that moment. A tear slips down my cheek as I recall that she didn’t even say goodbye when she left for hell to claim her throne, and that I probably won’t ever see her again. A sob erupts in my throat as I try to take a deep breath to calm down.

The water starts to cool down, alongside the once hot tears on my skin. My arms are wrapped around my knees, and I’m still hiccupping as memories flood my mind.

Suddenly, a soft thumb wipes across my cheek, brushing away the last remains of my tears. My eyes snap open, meeting familiar icy blue ones. I feel myself falling in love with these blue eyes and the soul behind them all over again.

“Now, now, y/n. Why are you crying like that? Who do I need to torture and drag to hell, my dear?”

New tears gather in my eyes as I see her in front of me. I jump up and almost slip in the bathtub as I throw my arms around her.

“Lilith!” I exclaim, followed by a sob.

I bury my face in her neck and breathe in her scent. It’s really her. But she’s the Queen of Hell now! 

I mumble an apology into her neck and try to pull away from her and her warm embrace, but her arms wrap around my naked back, pulling me even closer against her.

“Don’t worry about my title, my dear. I’m here because I’ve missed you, and I have a lot of explaining to do. But I think you should put something on first, my dear. As much as I enjoy the view, it is rather distracting. And I want no distractions for this conversation,” Lilith says, and my cheeks flush as I remember that I am indeed stark naked.

“I’ll wait in your living room for you. Don’t take too long, or I might begin to snoop around more than I’m already planning on.” The demoness grins and leaves the bathroom with her heels clacking on the tiles.

I quickly put my robe back on, fastening the belt around my waist to ensure that it won’t slip open. Then I follow Lilith to my living room, my eyes widening as I see her casually lying on my couch, flicking through one of my old photo albums.

As I enter, she looks up and smirks, setting the photo album on the coffee table before sitting up.

“I don’t think you got what I meant with no distractions, my dear. But I’ll just have to control myself,” she purrs, and I blush, pulling the robe even tighter around me.

“What did you want to talk about, my queen?”

“Oh, I like this new name you call me. To answer your question – first, I would like to apologize for leaving without a word and that I haven’t reached out sooner. I was quite overwhelmed–“

“Overwhelmed by what? The desire to be queen?” I interrupt her.

“No, not that. I was overwhelmed by …what I feel when I’m around you, and our kiss scared me. It made me experience things I’ve never experienced before, and I was afraid of what that meant.”

My breath hitches as she walks closer to me. Her hands settle on my arms, her eyes staring into mine.

“What I’m trying to say, y/n, is that I don’t know much about love. I’ve never had someone love me, or really loved someone. Well, before you came along. I don’t expect you to love me back, but I wanted to tell you why I left so urgently, without a word. I was overwhelmed by how I feel for you,” the demoness says as her thumbs stroke my arms.

Her blue eyes reflect her emotions like a sea reflects the sky, and it’s taking my breath away. 

Lilith loves me. She really loves me.

Tears gather in my eyes, and I pull her into a hug, holding her as close as possible, while sobbing into her hair. My hands clutch in her soft, thick hair, and I breathe in her scent, smiling through my sobs.

“I love you too, Lilith. I think I have since day one,” I whisper against her neck, feeling her breath hitch. She pulls away slightly, and we look into each other’s eyes again – the blue of her eyes clearer than ever, baring her soul to me. Then I can’t take it anymore and lean in, brushing my lips gently against hers. We hum in unison as we melt into the kiss, our hands caressing each other’s face, neck, and body. I moan softly as Lilith’s hands slip into my robe to touch the bare skin of my hips.

“Lilith,” I groan as she sucks on my neck, her teeth grazing my skin. She hums and slides her hand up my body to cup the underside of my bare breast, running her thumb over my nipple. I bite my bottom lip to suppress a loud moan, but then I feel another thumb pulling my bottom lip from between my teeth. The demoness is staring at me, her eyes no longer bright but midnight blue, almost black, instead.

“Don’t do that, my dear. I want to hear you,” she whispers seductively before returning to sucking on my neck. Suddenly, she picks me up, causing me to gasp. She chuckles before she asks me where my bedroom is. I point her in the right direction and take the opportunity to leave a few of my own kisses on her neck while she carries me there.

I gasp as she throws me on the bed, before crawling on top of me. My robe is already halfway undone, leaving little to the imagination, and the demoness uses that to her advantage, leaving wet kisses on the exposed skin of my stomach, her hair tickling me. I start laughing, gathering her hair in my hands to keep them away from my stomach. Lilith looks at me, seemingly amused.

She runs her delicate fingers over the fabric of my robe, before they settle on the belt, pulling slightly on it but then stopping.

“Is this alright? I don’t want to pressure you into-“

“For Hecate’s sake, yes, Lilith, please. You’re not pressuring me into anything. I want you to make love to me, and to do the same to you later. I’ve wanted to do that for so long,” I pant, pulling her face up to mine. Our eyes meet again, and yet again I lose myself in the depths of them. We share another soft kiss, enjoying the feeling of our bodies pressed against one another. 

Lilith finally loosens the belt and pulls the robe off me, now staring at me and my naked body with love and desire shimmering in her deep blue orbs.

I struggle to get her out of her tight dress but manage somehow. Now I’m admiring her burgundy undergarments, which almost take my breath away. Lilith chuckles and opens the clasp of her bra while I keep on staring, letting it fall to the floor next to my bed. 

She is absolutely stunning.

The demoness straddles my lap, only wearing her underwear now, and I think I might have a stroke and die with a smile on my lips.

I gasp as I feel Lilith’s lips kiss a line from my breasts up to my neck, nibbling gently on my earlobe. Her hands caress my sides – one sliding up to my cheek, the other to one of my boobs, squeezing lightly as her mouth is back on mine, kissing me passionately. My back arches into her body, trying to be even closer to her – my hands buried in her brunette mane as I deepen the kiss.

After making out for a while, I whine, bucking my hips against her, making her chuckle at my eagerness and lack of patience. But she slides one hand from my breast to my core and slides a finger between my folds, gathering the wetness there.

“All that for me, my dear?” she teases, and kisses my jaw as her finger starts rubbing my bundle of nerves gently.

“Yes, oh, Lilith! All for you, my queen!”

She hums and whispers sweet nothings against my neck as her hand keeps on working between my thighs – my moans and groans getting louder by the minute, and Lilith tells me that she likes that.

It doesn’t take long until my orgasm hits me like a truck, and I cling to Lilith for dear life, digging my fingers into her back as she helps me ride out my high.
“I love you so much,” I whisper as I calm down a bit, before kissing her sloppily, pulling her to lie on top of me.

“I love you too, y/n,” the demoness replies, pressing a kiss to my sweaty forehead. Then we cuddle for a while until I’ve regained some of my strength and my legs no longer feel like pudding. 

“I want to taste you, my queen,” I whisper into Lilith’s ear after a few minutes, and push her gently to lie on her back for me. I worship her body and her soul until she also reaches ecstasy – throwing her head back, her back arching, fingers tightening in my hair.

We make love for many more hours until both of us are completely spent – not even able to turn off the light in the bedroom before going to sleep.

As I wake up the next morning and Lilith is still lying in my arms, I smile, glad that it hasn’t just been a dream, and excited for what our shared future will bring.

-the end-