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It’s a pool!…table getaway

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Wynonna: *Sitting at the bar in the middle of downing nine Whiskey shots* you know Kyle I just shot a demon, *takes a shot* I don't think you should shoot a shot with me. *Finishes her sentence staring at the rest of her shots*


Pete: *Frustrated* It's not Kyle it's Pete! *Walks away with beer in hand muttering* Dumb bitch- *Rolls eyes and sits at a nearby table drinking his beer*


Wynonna: *Grabs another shot and sees a familiar hand preventing her from drinking it* What are you, my mother? *Staring forward not making eye contact still holding the shot* 


Nicole: *Sighs and rolls her eyes* How many have you had Wynonna? *Still preventing Wynonna from drinking the shot*


Wynonna: *Scoffs with a laugh* Actually. *Sass* I know you're not my mother because my mother wasn't a nark and would join the fun. *Downing the shot* Also… I don't have to tell you Haughtshit.


Nicole: *Sits next to Wynonna and sighs* Alright. Well- If you don't tell me I'll have to place you under arrest. *Looks at her drunken sort of best friend with a serious tone*


Wynonna: *Laughs drunkenly and sighs with a smile* Aww Haughtshit you're adorable especially in that uniform but you can't arrest me. *Her laugh now a small chuckle*


Nicole: *Pulls out cuffs from her back pant pocket* I'm warning you Wynonna. *Staring at the back of Wynonna’s head*


Wynonna: *Laughs* Ooo I'm scared. *Says with a mocking tone while jokingly flailing her arms*


Nicole: 3. *Gets up from her stool getting prepared while still staring at the back of Wynonna’s head*


Wynonna: Ooo look shot number three. *Mocking Nicole by downing yet another shot*


Nicole: 2. *Starts getting annoyed and clenching her jaw*


Wynonna: *Fake yawns* Any day now Sheriff… 


Nicole: 1… *Opens cuffs and grabs Wynonna's forearm putting it behind her back*


Wynonna: *Breaks free looking around for a quick escape jumps on the pool table and drunkenly tries to swim* HA! You’ll never catch me in this pool Haught!


Nicole: *Sighs looking at Wynonna who’s trying to swim across the felt table and walks down towards it*


Wynonna: C’mon! *Still trying to swim across the table* I got this. *Groans as she’s working hard to “swim”*


Nicole: *Watching her friend work hard at nothing* Wynonna- *Standing there observing Wynonna painfully yet comically struggle* You’re not going anywhere. *Rolling her eyes*


 Wynonna: *After 5 minutes realizing that she can't  "swim" and she's not going anywhere* ThiS PoOL CaN SuCK MY BalLs! *Smacks the table* WhY Is It CaLleD A PoOL If It DoEsN’t HeLp YoU SWiM?! *Groans*


Nicole: *Rolls her eyes, pulls Wynonna off the table and as she handcuffs her* Don’t you ever learn Earp? *Holding Wynonna by the shoulder walking her out of the bar* Now I need to call your sister. *Sighs dialing Waverly’s number with her other hand*


Waverly: *Sitting at home at her desk working on her latest scrapbook* This looks perfect! *Smiling at her work when she hears her phone buzz* Oop-  *Picks it up with a smile* Hey you.


Nicole: Hey Waves. *Small smile into the phone* so this will definitely not come as a shock but- *Shoving Wynonna into the Police car*


Waverly: *Sighs as she cuts Nicole off* Wynonna was arrested for drinking and not listening to a cop. *Disappointed but not surprised at the news she hears so frequently*


Nicole: Yup exactly. *Getting in the car*


Waverly: I’ll be there in two minutes. *Hangs up, leaves her project on the desk, grabs her coat and heads out the police station* 


Nicole: *Sitting in her office doing paperwork waiting for Waverly to show up*

Waverly: *Shows up two minutes later* Hey. *Sighs* Where is she?


Nicole: Ok- *Sighs walking out of her office* First off… *Her sigh turns into a smile and love invades her eyes* Hi. *Grabbing Waverly’s hands and kissing her*


Waverly: *Continues the kiss enjoying the greeting from her girlfriend for several minutes before she backs away* Hi. *Smiles with heart eyes* 


Nicole: *Smiles with heart eyes* Ok um- *Snaps out of it and walks to the cells* she’s in here. *Opens the door as Waverly enters the cell room*


Wynonna: *Sitting up on the cement bench inside the station cell* Hey sis- *Groans hunched over as she starts becoming hung over*


Waverly: *Standing across from her sister outside the cell with her arms crossed* Wynonna- *She sighs* you can’t keep doing this…. How many times have I done this over the past few months? *Takes a pause knowing Wynonna doesn’t know the answer* I’ve done this 25 times… All because my sister has been pushing the law's buttons.


Wynonna: *Snickers at herself* Well that ain’t new Baby girl, that hasn’t been new for 12 years. *Looks up at Waverly* Besides, Haughty was the one who brought me in here. She knows the drill for handling me…. *Smiles* I mean- not she ever handled or drilled me *Chuckles at her own joke* That's your department not mine. *Looks and sees that Waverly gave no reaction* Ok fine- *Tosses her hands up with a defeated groan* I’ll apologize…. *Sighs* just- get me out of here.


Waverly: *Sighs and walks away talking to herself* The things I do for my OLDER sister. 


Nicole: *Minutes later walks into the cell room with an easily predictable sigh* Waverly said you wanted to talk? *Now standing in front of the cell*


Wynonna: Hey Haught cakes. *Gets up from the bench and walks over* I’m sorry for disobeying you and your duties. It’s just- *Sighs* I like my alcohol and making fun of you especially in that outfit I mean- *Snorts with a short laugh as she gets nothing but a straight face reaction from Nicole*...The point is I’m sorry ok? *Sighs* So will ya let me outta here *Smiles with a chuckle* cause- the heir has to do heir things. *Gives small finger guns* 


Nicole: *Sighs, gets the key from her key ring and opens the cell door letting Wynonna out* you're lucky your sisters such a good lawyer,that I like you and deal with your shit Earp. *Rolls her eyes with a small smile*


Wynonna: Not today Haught I’m not free for any dates besides, I tend to like them with a mustache and more down there. *Winks walking out of the cell*


Nicole: *Rolls her eyes with a smile cause this a familiar joke Wynonna likes to tell* Soooo Doc?? *Asks as she puts the pieces the obvious pieces together and follows Wynonna*


Wynonna: Ew no- *Gives a smug chuckle lifting her finger* No absolutely not- he’s like- *Breaks into a laugh thinking about his age* A THOUSAND years old Haught! *Clears her throat cutting the laugh short* Nope- *Turns the corner and yells* Thanks sis! *Leaves the station*


Nicole: *Turns to Waverly who’s sitting in the desk swivel chair* Your sister is many things but- a great lair isn’t a one of them. *Slight chuckle shaking her head walking towards Waverly*


Waverly: Trust me I know. *Chuckles lightly tossing a clipboard to the side* She’s been a terrible liar since we were kids. *Looking at Nicole*


Nicole: *Kisses Waverly’s head* Yeah… *Gives a smile as she sighs* that doesn’t surprise me. *Gives a slight pout and shrugs as she imagines that scenario then chuckles* 


Waverly: It never surprises anyone. *Smiles with a chuckle*


Nicole: Why would it? *Shrugs with a smile wrapping her arms around Waverly*


Waverly: Yeah.. *Leans in with a smile* That’s a good point. *Smiles as her lips find Nicole’s seconds after finishing the sentence*