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Golden Opportunity

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Asriel eagerly awaited the child. Fortune always favoured him, and he knew the same would apply here. 

When he saw that the child that Fate had brought him was his daughter, Asriel felt as if all the colours had left his world. Leaving nothing but the cold whites and the dull greys. 

When he saw the boy, Asriel felt the colours rush back into his world.  

Roger Parslow. Lyra may not know it, but the boy shined brighter than the mystical golden compass in her hands. 

Asriel saw hints of gold everywhere from that moment on. 



With the silver sparks, Roger’s world went dark. His daughter’s heart was surely broken.  

But Asriel did not care. For the sky had turned a beautiful gold.  

It would not be long before his Republic would give light to the worlds. 



Their daemons were rolling in the snow. The monkey’s golden fur looked even more dazzling when it was pressed against Stellmaria’s sleek fur. They only stopped their dance when the daemons broke apart to nuzzle one another. It only lasted for a few seconds, and then they were tumbling again. 

Asriel turned back to Marisa. He's seen her wear all sorts of colours. Red. Green. Black.  

But nothing suited her more than the sun from another world. They both basked in its warmth, and Asriel thought Marisa never looked more beautiful as the sun kissed her face. 

The golden hues of his world slightly dulled when she broke away from his embrace. It only pained him a little as he watched her walk away. 

Then, Asriel turned and walked into the sky. 



Asriel never regretted any of it.  

As they Fell, even with all the Dust around them, his mind drifted back to the brief moment when he and Marisa were wrapped in each others’ arms as their daemons purred. The snow had gently drifted from the sky, not unlike the golden atoms that were surrounding them now. 

He told Marisa that it was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. 

“Ah.” Marisa murmured. “A beautiful memory but I can think of something even more wonderful. An even stronger proof of our love.” 

The light was bright and as Asriel felt his mind start to drift away, he asked Marisa what she meant. 

Before his world became nothing but gold, Asriel heard Marisa's soft whisper for the last time. 

“Lyra. That bright star we created together.”