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Shades of Cool

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“There’s someone here,” I said, my senses kicking in as I tasted the familiar tang of metallic blood on my tongue; which sent a shiver down my spine. The scent was so faint I almost didn’t smell it when we first walked into the house.

 My mouth instantly watered and my throat ignited in flames.


 “Mitchell…” George held a hand out to me as I went charging towards the stairs. “Don’t hurt anyone! Just wait!”

 My curiosity overcame my urge to feed as I walked straight down the door at the end of the hall where the smell got a bit stronger as I pushed the door open and my eyes widening in shock when a dark-haired girl stared back at me.

 George had finally caught up behind me, as he wheezed out of breath, “Who the hell are you?!”

 “Well that’s polite of you.” I muttered, rolling my eyes.

I put a hand up to show we didn’t mean any harm. The girl crossed her arms over her chest defensively, which made her low cut top showing off a peek of a lacy black bra.

I licked my lips, the urge to feed coming back in full force. Not to mention the other parts of my body that blood was travelling to.


Get it together Mitchell. She doesn’t look a day over twenty.

“Are you the other renters then?”

“The what?” George all but screeched.

The girl looked at us as if we were both nuts. Her blue eyes were unlike any I’d seen before. I’ve had girls with blue grey eyes, sky blue eyes, but hers were electric, otherworldly.

A dark haired, pale blue eyed Irish girl was a deadly combination.

“The other renters, I took this place because I can’t afford one on my own since I came to Bristol, not that it’s any of your business. The guy said there would be two other people moving in.”

I groaned. What the bloody hell was this? I was almost tempted to slit our landlord’s throat. A vampire and a werewolf living with a human girl sounded like the start to a terrible joke. But there was something about this girl…something almost innocent. But that innocence was tainted. Something she could hide and George might believe it but I could see it a mile away.

“Of course.” George sighed. “Mitchell, we need to go find…somewhere else. I’m sorry but when we agreed to rent he never told us about another roommate. We uhhhh… like our privacy.”

“Look if you guys are gay, I don’t judge.”

“We’re not gay! For the love of Christ.” I all but yelled, putting a hand to my hand. “George doesn’t know when to shut up. I’m sure we could make this work.”

 “What’s wrong? You can’t stay with a girl? I’m a nurse. I work at the hospital on alternating shifts so you’ll barely see me. Please, I can’t move back and I can’t afford this place on my own quite yet.”

George and I shared a glance.

“It’s not that…” My voice trailed off, but she was quick to snap back.

Irish women had a sharp tongue.

“Then what is it? I’m sorry our landlord didn’t tell you there was another roommate but I’m here and I’m not leaving.”

I’d always liked a challenge.

Before I could stop my reaction, my eyes went completely black. It happened when I lost my temper and I was blood deprived. I’d manage to get control of it over the years but I still lost it from time to time. She saw it, stumbling back a bit, her tough façade fading, fear and shock replacing the look in her eye.

I regained my composure.

“Well… I guess we can figure something out. I’m going to get my bags.” George said, motioning me to follow him.

“Be out in a sec.” I nodded.

I turned to the girl again.

“You’re not gonna be a problem, or cause problems are you?”

She shook her head. “No. I just need a place to live.”

“What are you running from?” I asked, and it threw her off guard.

“I…don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Sure you don’t.”

“What are you then?” She caught me off guard this time. I didn’t think she’d have the nerve to ask. “Your eyes…”

“I guess we both have our secrets, don’t we?”

I walked down to get the rest of my bags.

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“What are you running from?” He asked, his voice dangerously low, with a slight rasp to it.

My heart nearly stopped.

How did he know?

“I…don’t know what you’re talking about.” I stumbled over my words, trying my best to sound nonchalant, cool and composed. I needed to keep my voice strong, but under his dark eyes and demanding presence, I felt small. Like a little girl caught red handed.

He towered above me, easily over six feet. A mile compared to my five foot two inches. Long, shaggy black hair just above his shoulders, licking the base of his collarbone lightly. His eyes were dark, like the night sky without any stars.

 “Sure you don’t.” He wore an arrogant smirk, like he was playing along for his amusement. There was something attractive about him and the sane part of my brain told me to abort mission and run as fast as I could away from him.

He wanted to try and get to me?

Two could play at that game.

I saw his eyes do something humans could not. They morphed completely black. I had read enough mythology to know damn well what the possibilities were, but I didn’t think I would have the chance to face it in person. They were just fairy tales, folk lore. Completely possible, but unproven. I had taken a few courses in mythology at the university for fun while I was in the process of getting my nursing degree. I knew something supernatural when I saw it and no other human I’ve encountered could change their eyes into something of a demonic state and back within a matter of seconds.

It suddenly clicked. That was the reason they were so freaked out about someone else living under the same roof as them. They were hiding something, on the run, just as much as I was.

“What are you?” I asked, crossing my arms and putting on my best poker face.

You don’t scare me, you don’t scare me.

Who am I kidding?

Suddenly, his face faltered, the mask cracking and vulnerability seeping through. It was only for a split second before the darkness was back.

“I guess we both have our secrets, don’t we?” He murmured this time, a soft, seductive murmur; like a promise of danger, taunting me.

I wouldn’t back down, no matter how hot he was. Walk away Scarlett.

I turned from him, starting to walk to grab the rest of my bags from my car.

Downstairs, his friend was humming to himself in a frazzled kind of way as he unpacked and paced around the living room- like an animal stalking prey. He turned as he heard me come down the stairs.

“I’d like to apologize…about our brash introduction. That wasn’t the best way we could’ve handled things, I’m sorry. We shouldn’t have come barging in like a bunch of savages.”

“No apology needed.” I shrugged. “You didn’t know there would be someone else here. I probably scared you more than you scared me.” I laughed to lighten the mood, but the wheels were beginning to turn in my head as I made mental notes.

“I suppose we could make this situation work. I’m George, by the way. The dark haired one upstairs is Mitchell.”

I shook the hand he held out to me. “Scarlett. Thanks for not bailing and leaving me homeless, y’know. I appreciate it.”

“You said you were a nurse? Is the hospital hiring by chance?”

“Um, I honestly don’t have a clue. It’s my first day tomorrow. Might be best to go check with the department manager.”

He nodded. “Thank you.”


I grabbed my bag from the bottom of the step and headed back up the stairs.

Mitchell wasn’t in my room anymore, so I sat down on my bed with a sigh and finally let the weight of the day release from my shoulders. I needed to get out and far away from my old town and Bristol was quiet, unsuspecting and a million miles from where anyone back home would’ve expected me to end up. It was brilliant for me to fly under the radar.

My room was small- a double bed with a dresser in the corner. The house had come furnished which was a bonus for me. When you pack your bags and run in the middle of the night, being concerned with moving furniture is the least of your worries. I’d left some of my clothes back home in fear of getting caught. I grabbed what I could and took off.

I put some of my clothes away and finally calmed down a bit. No one had followed me yet. If he knew where I was, he would’ve been here by now.

“What’s that?” A voice came from the doorway and my head snapped up.

Mitchell was leaning against the doorway.

“What do you mean?” I was so lost in my own thoughts I didn’t even hear him come down the hall.

He nodded towards my arms. “Those.”


The bruises.

“Oh, nothing.” I quickly pulled my sleeves down.

“Those don’t look like nothing. They look bad. How did you get them?” He took a step into my room, closing the door behind him.

“I fell, while I was moving.”


“It’s nothing, Mitchell. Really, I’m fine.”

“I don’t even know your name.”

“It’s Scarlett.”

“Scarlett.” My name rolls off his tongue in a smooth way, sounding like honey and promises of ecstasy. “What’s with the marks? Is that why you’re running?”

Damn him.

“I never said I was running.”

“You didn’t have to.”

“Why are you so concerned about me?” I snapped. “I’ll leave you guys alone if you leave me alone. Please.”

His eyes turned black again, but I didn’t flinch this time.

“Why aren’t you scared of me?”

“I’m just not. At least, not as much as I should be.”

He started walking towards me and I backed up until I hit the wall. My heart was pounding, but I couldn’t tell if it was out of fear or adrenaline.

“You should be scared, you should be terrified.” His lips grazed my hair and if I turned my head our lips would have met.  His hands were on either side of me. His voice dropped low again and it was raspy, almost carnal. “You should be begging for fuckin’ mercy.”

I shook my head. “I’ve seen scary and you’re far from it.”

Why do I feel safe with you?

Mitchell pulled back, surprised.

“Did someone hurt you?” He reached out and touched my arm and I gasped at his touch. It was cool, but not entirely cold. I could still feel warmth radiating from him.

I didn’t meet his gaze this time.


“It doesn’t matter anymore.” I said softly, “I’ll be okay.”

I wouldn’t break, not in front of him.

“As long as you’re here with us, you’ll be safe.” He said, “Whatever it is. George cooked dinner. Said I should come bring you down.”

I was so close to breaking down, but I nodded and followed him out of the room, closing the door softly behind me.

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Her name was Scarlett.

As soon as her name had rolled off my tongue, my mind started darting off into a very bad, sadistic direction. A direction that made my throat burn and my mouth water and certain parts of my body ache.

I imagined her on her knees in front of me, my hands tangled into her unruly dark hair as she made me curse, uttering every swear word I knew. I wondered what it would be like to hear her suck and moan as I pushed myself deeper inside of her mouth.


I had no idea how I was going to manage living in a house with a human girl- a sexy human girl might I add and not kill her.

“Mitchell, MITCHELL!” George yelled, interrupting my fantasy at the dinner table.

I snapped back to attention, realizing everyone was staring at me, Nina and Scarlett included.

Nina wore the same disgusted look she always did when it came to me, the same disdain when she realized I wasn’t going anywhere. Her dirty looks were almost comforting at this point.

“What?” I asked, nonchalantly; taking a swig of my beer.

“You didn’t pay attention to a word I said, did you?”

“Nah, sorry mate. Mind’s elsewhere.”

I was just thinking about our roommate across the table deep throating me.

Clearly.” George scoffed, “Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes. I called the hospital and have an interview tomorrow for a cleaning job. You should apply too.”

“Yeah, sure.” I avoided eye contact with Scarlett, who sat across from me.

She knew.

I had shown her my eyes- that I could go from normal to a demon in less than five seconds yet she didn’t even flinch. She had to have some kind of idea what we were and what was going on and I didn’t like how fucked up that made me feel. She was young, but she wasn’t stupid. And she was hiding from someone too. The way she said, “I’ve seen scary and you’re far from it.”, didn’t sit well with me.

If she wasn’t scared of me, what on earth had she dealt with before she came here?

Why did I have a feeling this girl was going to bring chaos?

“So Scarlett,” Nina turned the conversation, “You’re a nurse as well. How long have you been practicing?”

“Not long, I’m still fairly new. I just graduated last year.”

“How old are you?” I asked.

“Twenty one.”

Christ almighty.

I was a hundred and seventeen-year-old mass murderer and I had my boxers in a knot over some twenty-one-year-old.

Get it together.

“So you’re just a baby then. What are you doing out here all by yourself then?” Nina, who had the most grace and composure out of the three of us had managed to ask. “Aren’t you a little young to be so far away?”

Good question.

I wanted to know, but she wouldn’t tell me upstairs and I was so close to wanting to rip her clothes off I was thankful George called for supper when he did.

“I lived in a small town and I just wanted to get away, y’know?”


I could sense a liar a mile away because I was one. One of the best. Scarlett carried a lot of traits that mirrored my own and I didn’t know if that scared me or slightly impressed me.

George nodded. “Fair enough. Well by the looks of it we’ll all have jobs at the hospital.”

“Isn’t that lovely.”

George shot a dirty look in my direction.

“What do you do then?” She was talking to me.

Of course she was.

“Hospital jobs, usually cleaning.”

Really unimpressive, but I didn’t give a fuck. I was 117, I had no patience to go back to school or make an effort to actually secure a job down because we didn’t stay anywhere long enough to make it worth it.

She took my answer for what it was, deciding to ignore me and make small talk with George and Nina. Fine by me.

This whole thing was going to be a disaster, I could feel it. If I didn’t sleep with her and kill her, I’d probably sleep with her and continue with my way of life pissing her off anyway.

I pushed away from the table, grabbing my jacket.

“Where are you going?” George asked.


I needed to get away before I put my head through the wall.

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“Thanks for dinner, George.” I said as Nina passed me another plate to dry.

“Anytime, figured it’d do everybody good to have a nice supper and get to know one another. Don’t know why Mitchell took off so fast and angry though. He’s not usually like that.”

Nina snorted. “Only on his best days. Are you nervous for your first day of work?”

“Yeah. It’s my first actual job at a hospital since graduating.”

“Well, you’ll be with me. I’ve been practicing for quite some time, I’ll show you the ropes.”

“Thank you. Really.”

“It’s kind of nice having another female to even things out if I’m going to be honest with you. Sometimes they’re downright obnoxious.”

“I’ve never lived with roommates before.”


I lived with a boyfriend but look where that ended up.

“We’re not all that bad.” George scoffed. “Well I’m not anyway. Where did you say you were from, Scarlett?”

“Uh, I didn’t. I would rather not talk about it if it’s all the same to you.”

Nina shot him a look.

“Fair enough. Well, if you need anything let us know. I still think you’re a bit young to be out on your own…” George trailed into the living room.

“Don’t mind him. They’re a bit paranoid sometimes.”

“That people are after you?” I asked before I could think my words through and Nina’s eyes widened.

“Well…in a way, I suppose. I don’t know why you left your home or what happened to you but we’re all going to stick together. I want to stay here for as long as possible.”

“This is going to sound absolutely insane, but I need to ask because I have to have some peace of mind and trust if I’m going to stay here. What are you guys?”  

Nina looked at me, trying to figure out what it was that I knew.

“George…” She called.

“Look, I don’t mean any offense, I just-“

“What?” George came back into the kitchen.

“Scarlett wants to know what we are.”

They exchanged a glance.

“I don’t mean any harm and I won’t tell anybody I just studied mythology in college as an extracurricular course and when Mitchell’s eyes shifted upstairs I had a feeling something wasn’t quite right. Especially because you were so against having a roommate…”

“MITCHELL!” George moaned, putting his hand to his forehead. “Of course…That idiot…”

“I won’t say anything I promise. But you’re not the same as Mitchell, are you?”

Nina shook her head. “We’re…werewolves. Mitchell is a vampire.”


“What? She knows. There’s no point in hiding it if we’re all supposed to get along and live under the same roof. She’s going to see certain things that she’s going to want explanations for. I trust her.” Nina shrugged, offering me a small smile. “Plus, she puts Mitchell on edge which hasn’t happened in ages and I think someone needs to put his arrogant self in his place every once and a while.”

Well, that was good I guess. They hadn’t killed me.

Werewolves and a vampire.

Interesting combination.

“I thought werewolves and vampires had some sort of rivalry.”

George laughed. “In this world, nothing makes sense or has any rational or reason to it.”

“If we’re all being honest here, what are you running away from?”


“Honest truth, I’m on the run from an abusive ex boyfriend. He used to hit me and it got really bad, finally I’d had enough. I fought back and he almost killed me. Said if I ever tried to leave that he would. So I picked up in the middle of the night and ran.”

Nina grabbed my hand.

“You’re not alone anymore. We won’t let anything happen to you, right George?”

He nodded. “You’re safe with the three of us here, Scarlett. You can finally rest.”

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“Harder Mitchell…” The blonde vampire whimpered, throwing her hips back against mine.

I clenched my teeth digging my fingers harder into her skin.


I swore under my breath. This is what I needed. I needed to fuck my frustrations out on something…someone. Shit. I couldn’t even remember her name. Whatever, it didn’t matter anyway.

Harder, faster. My muscles tensed and hardened underneath my skin as my eyes morphed into black, sinking my teeth into her neck.

Old habits die hard, I guess.

Fuck yeah, this was what I wanted.

Slowly the blonde’s hair morphed into a dark brown, and when I flipped her around to face me, a pair of blue eyes that weren’t hers flashed before mine.

I pulled back.

What the hell?

“What’re you waiting for, Mitchell?” Her raspy voice sounded attractive an hour ago, but now as I hovered over her, another face flashing through my mind and it irritated me.

Just finish and go.

“Nothing.” I drilled into her and she cried out in pleasure.

Yeah, I had that effect on women.

I wasn’t even into in anymore, thanks to a young dark-haired girl that had taken residence in my house. Goddammit.

Why was I seeing Scarlett’s face?

She was barely an adult.

Fuck it.

It was my mind, nobody could read my thoughts. Who cared if I thought about her? Nobody would judge me for it. Nobody would ever know I got off to the thought of her.

So I let my imagination run and instead of the blonde vampire underneath me, it was Scarlett- all black haired blue eyed and trembling as I pinned her down. I pictured her moaning and twitching below me as I made her come undone, letting my name pass her lips. I would teach her things, given my years of experience and she would do exactly what I wanted.

Had she ever been touched by a man before?

Maybe she was still a virgin.

The thought got my dick rock hard again as I rammed my hips against her ass.

“Mitchell I have to come…” I heard blonde moan and pretended that it was Scarlett who was whispering in my ear, raking her nails down my back. “Come inside of me, please.”

Nope, not happening.

Finally, I pulled back, letting my release spill onto her back.

Although I was ninety nine percent sure vampires couldn’t reproduce, I wasn’t going to chance it.

I pulled my jeans up, mumbled a goodbye to the girl despite her annoyed protests and walked out of the door back into the funeral parlour’s main room.

Ivan turned around, a smirk playing across his features.

“You get what you wanted?”

I shrugged. “More or less.”

“You care to explain what’s got your trousers in a knot? You blew in here without so much as a hello grabbed that blonde and went straight to one of the rooms. The least you could do is stay for a cigarette.”

He always loved busting my balls.

I tossed him a cigarette from my pocket, lighting my own and taking a soothing drag.

“Just a home situation I suppose. I’m living with a human girl.”

“Oh dear God. How on earth did that happen? Did you sleep with her?”

“No! She’s twenty-one years old for Christ sake. The landlord rented it to me without failing to mention he’d agreed to let another roommate in.”

“Is she hot?”

I swore.

“She’s barely an adult!”

Ivan shrugged. “She’s still an adult though. Might do you some good as long as you don’t kill her.”

“This is a disaster waiting to happen, Ivan. I showed her what I was and she didn’t even flinch. Said she’d seen scary before and that I was far from it.”

“You idiot. You showed her? Mitchell, you never learn do you?”

“I was trying to get her to leave! I was running out of ideas.”

“Clearly. So she wasn’t scared.” Ivan let out a low whistle. “She must have some demons of her own she’s running from if she’s not scared of big bad John.”

I cringed at my nickname.

Ivan was right, though. If I didn’t send her running, something was definitely up.

“I was thinking that. So I let her stay.”

“So you’re at war with your dick is what you’re saying. To screw or not to screw the new roommate. You’re taking this being human thing seriously. The Mitchell I know wouldn’t have hesitated to smooth talk his way into her pants and if he didn’t tear her throat out, royally piss her off in the morning when he would leave without so much as a goodbye.” 

Damn him.

I guess when you spend over a century with someone they get to know you and your bad habits.

“I’ll figure it out, whatever.” I ashed my cigarette on the wet concrete.

“Good luck Mitchell.” Ivan called, laughing as I shut the door behind me.

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that fucker loved laughing at my dysfunctional life.



The lights in the house were out so I assumed everyone was in bed as I walked in the door. I knew Scarlett started at the hospital in the morning and George and Nina had interviews during the day at some point. I lost track of time a lot so it didn’t surprise me that the clock in the kitchen read 2:33 am.

Sometimes I liked the silence and sometimes being alone with my thoughts for too long wasn’t a good thing.

The pink house on the corner wasn’t a bad house- it would be okay for us for the time being. It was spacious- a three level split of sort. Nina and George’s room was on the second floor and then there was a small set of stairs leading up to the third floor where mine and Scarlett’s rooms were.

I was quiet as I made my way up, stopping in my tracks when I heard a cry from the far door on the left.

I paused for a minute. Maybe she was upset and missing home. Or texting an old boyfriend. Or maybe she was nervous about her first day of work.

What the fuck did I care?

I was about to walk away when another whimper came from her room. Fuck it, I was going in. I didn’t need her wailing to keep me up when I was trying to sleep.

Since when was I a fucking babysitter?

I shook my head,

She was having a nightmare. Whimpers came from underneath the blanket as she writhed and twitched in her sleep.

Bloody hell.

My sleep was black, endless and sometimes scary when the demons in my head started to taunt me. Those dreams were enough to make me shudder.

I didn’t wish night terrors on anyone.

“Hey…Scarlett.” I shook her gently, trying to rouse her.

Finally, she opened her eyes and jolted up in bed. “Daniel, don’t!”


Who was Daniel?

“Hey, hey easy. You were having a nightmare I could hear you.” I said in a soft voice, trying to calm her down.

“Sorry.” She mumbled sleepily, rubbing at her eyes. “Did I wake you?”

“Nah. Just got in actually.” It wasn’t a complete lie.

“Were you seeing your girlfriend?”

“What?” I snorted. “I don’t have a girlfriend. You just had a fucking nightmare and one of the first things you ask me is if I had a girlfriend?”

She shrugged and even in the darkness I could see a slight blush creep along her cheeks.

“I might have overheard George and Nina talking about how you probably went to go see someone.”

I swore. Of course George and Nina would say that, but given my man whorish ways I couldn’t really blame them.

“Well, I guess I’ll let you go back to sleep…” I said, hesitant to get up.

Mitchell, what the fuck are you doing?

I was with someone not even an hour ago, clawing at skin, being inside of someone else. Why was I sitting on the bed waiting for an invitation?

“My ex boyfriend beat me and tried to kill me.” She blurted out and I was taken back. “That’s what I’m running from.”

“Those bruises…” I trailed off, looking at her pale skin in the moonlight with spots of black and blue along her arms.

My blood started to boil.

“Yeah. They’re from him. I came clean to George and Nina so I thought I would tell you. I still get night terrors apparently. I also know George and Nina are werewolves.”

“Wait, you what? They told you?”

“I kind of put it together. I took mythology in college. Put pieces together when you guys freaked out about having a roommate and your eyes. So yeah. I’m overtired and babbling. But there you go.”

She was smarter than I gave her credit for.

“Then you’d know I was a vampire?”

“I didn’t know anything for sure. Had my guesses though.”

We were both quiet for a minute. I could hear her heartbeat.

“Would you stay with me?” She asked. “I know it’s late and you probably have a million things you’d rather-“

“Yeah, I’ll stay.”

I lied down next to her, slipping under the blanket.