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Behind the scenes

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The music starts fading away, and Nate starts to lose control of himself. This part of the play is really pissing him off. He doesn’t want to admit it’s true, but he know it is.

He lays his eyes on one he frequently in the scene — Ethan Lewis. He’s never heard of him or met him at all. But all he knows is that’s Kat’s boyfriend. 

He could feel Cassie’s hand resting on top of his, but they both knew that wasn’t going to help calm him down. He was at a different level of anger and lust, and he needed to handle it now. 

When the men started humping each other on stage, his eyes turned red. Cassie shot a look at him and knew it was all over. Nate got up onto the stage and pulled Ethan off, taking him to a place no one would see.

Nate shoves Ethan against a wall, holding his neck with his hand. He can feel ethan straining and his air circulation is slowly cut off. Nate laughs and releases him, watching as Ethan catches his breath.

“What a fucking pussy,” Nate says. He grabs Ethan and and roughly kisses him, making hickeys on his neck. He can hear ethan giving in above him, moaning lowly as he tries to fight it. 

Nate can feel an erection growing in his pants, and he needed to fix that problem, he unzipped the hole in between each pant leg and let his dick set free.

Ethan gasped and looked down to see Nate’s throbbing cock. He felt a heavy hand on top of his head slowly pushing him down to his knees, right at the spot where the dick is. He can feel it flapping on his lips; getting harder as it penetrates them. Slowly, Ethan opened his mouth and it slid in.

Nate took full control. He face fucked Ethan, moaning as he felt the pleasure of his mouth rubbing against the sides of Nate’s cock. Nate forcefully moved Ethan’s head forward and back from the tip all the way down, forcing Ethan to deep throat his large penis. He could hear Ethan slightly choking but enjoying it.

He can feel himself getting lightheaded as he neared release. Suddenly, he exploded in Ethan’s mouth. He moaned loudly, rolling his eyes back and essentially seeing stars. He pulled out his cock from Ethan’s mouth and finished himself off on his face, before gathering all of it and letting Ethan eat it like the dirty whore he was.

Ethan was a mess; hickeys all over his neck and lips puffy. He knew that he wasn’t going to be able to go back on the stage like this.

And that was the point.