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Come Back

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Perfect, that’s the only way to describe this party. The decor was over the top, the patio deck had tables upon tables of delicious food on display, and as per usual Mariska had been the perfect host. Or at least she was earlier. Chris scans the patio, then the gardens but he doesn’t see his little vixen. She was dressed to the nines, the glimpse he got of her dress when she welcomed him into her Hampton home left him tongue tied. It fit her like a glove. The couple that arrived right behind him, forced their greeting to be short and proper to his utter annoyance. He walks past the servers in the kitchen and finally finds her sitting in the great room.

“Hey you, what’s the matter? The party is outside. Why are you in here all alone?” It’s very unlike Mariska for her to be hiding inside while there’s guests outdoors, especially when they are her guests, he thinks as he settles on the sofa next to her.
“Just needed a minute, you go back out” she murmurs as she continues to play with the rings on her hands. A nervous habit of hers.

“Come on Marsh, what’s bothering you? Is it work? Peter? Is princess not getting her way again?” That last bit earns him a hard slap on his arm, but it’s totally worth it because it allows him to catch her wrist in his hand and use it to pull her in. She snuggles into him. Her cheek rests upon his chest, her fingers playing with the buttons of his paisley shirt, but still she doesn’t answer his question.

“Tell me” he urges as he places a kiss on the crown of her head. “Peter is fine. It’s whatever.” She mumbles, a sigh leaving her lips when he brings his hand up and buries it in her hair, hopelessly trying to make her relax and talk to him. She’s been closed of lately. Sure they’re still close but she’s keeping things from him, he can tell. Whatever is bothering her is one of those things.

“Don’t make me-“ he starts but she pushes off him before he can finish his sentence. “Don’t make you what? You made this rule that I don’t tell you about work and now you’re sitting here asking about it? Just leave it Chris. I’m fine. Let’s go join the party” she goes to walk past him, back into the throng of guests that have come to celebrate some sort of accomplishment that her or Peter have made. Not that he cared really when he was invited. He just wanted to see her, be near her. It has been months, five to be exact, since they have been in the same room together. Without hesitation he grabs her arm and gives her no choice but to follow him into one of her many guest rooms. He pulls her in and locks the door. She in turn crosses her arms, an inquisitive eye brow raised the slightest bit, and watches as he leans back against the door. Making it clear that they weren’t walking out until he was good and ready.

“Chris I don’t have time for this right now. Peter is going to flip if he realizes I’m in a room alone with you” when he remains quiet she throws her arms up in frustration and starts to pace. “You don’t even care about the show anymore, I don’t know why you want me to talk about it. You’re being ridiculous” she utters and then drops onto the bed in the center of the room. “What is it baby, just tell me” he implores as he observes her chest flush in anger.

He’s only ever seen her like this when she confronted him about leaving the show. He meant to tell her first but he knew it would break her heart and he couldn’t do that to her. So he let the powers that be tell her that he wouldn’t be back. That was a mistake, a mistake he will always regret.

He takes a seat next to her and brings her eyes to meet his, her chin is trembling, he can feel it in his hand. “They’re giving Olivia a happily ever after” she finally whispers. “They’re having her marry Ed Tucker. The man that put her in jail, can you believe that?” She huffs out, clearly upset about the very idea.

“So your character gets some happiness right, Isn’t that what you wanted?” That was the wrong thing to say he realizes too late as she pushes his hand off her face and angrily stands. “What I want is for Olivia to be happy with the man that she loves and that’s not Tucker” not this again, he groans.
“Marsha, Elliot is gone. Your buddy Warren made sure of that.” He states as he too stands, just like her before, he’s pacing the length of the bedroom.
“You left!” She screams.
“They pushed me out!” He yells right back.
“You fucking promised!” She says, a finger pushing into his chest.
Her anger is vibrating all over her. It’s in her tone and the flush of her skin, but it’s the hurt in her watery eyes that makes his agitation melt away. He did promise.

“What do you want baby?” One lone year slips down her cheek and his thumb wipes it away, “tell me” he requests. “I want Elliot back” she says without hesitation. He steps away from her then. He can give her anything else but that. “Marsha-“
“I talked to Dick, they’re willing to give you your own show. Executive producer. We’d have crossovers. Make the fans happy” she murmurs as she steps right into his space. Her hands running down his arms, intertwining their fingers. “Make you happy” her mumbles as he stares at the pout that forms on her lips. He should’ve seen this coming he thinks as he brings her body flush against his.

She knew he would worry when she didn’t join the party, was certain that he would not leave her alone until she spilled what was bothering her. God, he was a fool, a fool for her.
“Fine” he puts a finger on her lips before she can interrupt him barely containing her squeal of joy “but, I get to bend you over this bed first” he says as he kisses her lips, his hands going to the zipper at the back of her dress. “We can’t, you’ll ruin me and he’ll be able to tell” she whines as her hands start to work on his belt “but I can do this” she whispers as she drops to her knees. “Fine, but tonight you’re mine princess” he chokes out as she swallows him down.

Maybe coming back to the show wasn’t such a bad idea after all.