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“When I said I should’ve done this when we first met, I meant this.”


Eve cuts her off, pressing their lips together once more. It feels different this time, softer. Villanelle tastes sweet, their mouths fit together and everything in the world seems to slow. The wind in the trees dies down, the rustling from earlier ceases and it’s just them. Pressed against each other tightly in the world's most uncomfortable sleeping bag. Villanelle’s tongue slides further into Eve’s mouth and she lets out a soft sigh, bringing a hand to rest her dark curls. As Eve locks their fingers together, deepening the kiss, a thought both horrifying and exhilarating strikes her right in the heart. If this is what the utmost desire of another person feels like, you, never wanting to stop kissing them and holding them and looking at them, just looking, then she’s never felt it before.

The two break apart after a few moments, breathing heavily, noses touching again. Eve wants her to know that more than she wants to breathe, but how can she ever find the words to say it? Opening her mouth, she wills them to come.


Villanelle’s eyebrows are raised in a sort of playful way, eyes mesmerized by Eve’s and her inability to ever say what she means.

“I’m so tired.” I love you.

Villanelle groans softly and leans further into her, hot breath tickling Eve’s neck and making the ache in her heart grow heavier. The soft orange light of the tent provides Eve with some sense of how she feels. Villanelle pulls away slightly and smiles.

“You can do better than that.”

And maybe it’s because her body is warm and she smells good and Eve can’t look away from her if she tries, but all that heaviness shatters like glass. At once she’s hit with the realization that she’s laying here, face illuminated by the lamp in the corner because only Villanelle could ever see through her like this. And she only ever wanted her to. So Eve lets it all out in a single breath.

“…No matter what happens, how long it’s been, who I’ve been with or what I've been doing, it somehow…never stops being you. and I’ve tried to make it go away, god you know I have!”

She gently takes Villanelle’s face in her hands.

“But a week ago I was sitting there, in the middle of the street, holding you in my arms thinking you were dying. And that I never told you what you mean to me.”

Eve lets out a small laugh. “So why am I fighting it anymore? It doesn’t feel good when I’m away from you. I’ve spent too long not feeling good.” This feels so incredibly good.

Villanelle is silent for a moment.

“…All it took was stabbing, shooting, abandonment and incarceration for you to say that. I’m impressed.” The corners of her mouth twinge with a playful grin but her eyes are full of love.

Eve lets out a soft breath, shaking her head in awe. “You.”

Villanelle shrugs a little and smiles. “‘Me.”

So she buries her face in Eve’s shoulder and they lay there, sharing a moment of absolute silence. Unspoken tasks and dangers hang heavy over their entangled bodies, but just for now, they can finally rest.