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Your Morbidity Obese Rapper

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You are snuggling boyfriend in bed, you both are in the half spoon position, you are the little spoon, and he was the big spoon, you can feel his heavy moobs rest on your torso, the extremely soft and comfortable feel of his morbidity obese body makes you feel very warm and nice.

You can feel boyfriend sweat heavily, sweating all over his body, his sweaty body holding onto you tightly, you can hear his heavy breathing while he laid his hear on his pillow, you and boyfriend smiled gently as you both snuggled peacefully, you both have eachother’s eyes closed, his perfect and sweaty body pressing against your soft skin.

You signal to boyfriend, letting him know it’s your time to be the big spoon, he nods and turns his body over, his fat jiggling, you let out a soft gentle giggle and got into the big spoon position, you now started to massage his fat body, rubbing, jiggling, patting, squishing, you did those all gently and slowly.

You whispered into his ears gently, “You are so soft, i love you boyfriend.” he blushes and replies back, “I love you too honey.” he lets out a small burp from the pampering you have been doing to his belly.

You leaned your head towards his sweaty face, placing your lips on his and kissing him, you both kissed deeply and slowly, you both kisses for a while, taking short breaks to catch some breath.

You didn’t stop pampering his belly as you both kissed, your soft hands giving his belly all of your love and affection, your hands and clothes would get wet from his sweat, but you didn’t care, you sometimes massaged his moobs and legs, your hands touching his wet clothes that are sweaty because of the sweat, your hands touching his small and tight clothes that could rip off any time now, you mainly focused on the belly.

After the final kiss, you yawn, “I am getting tired boyfriend, want me to spoon you so i can massage your belly?” boyfriend nodded, now turning away from you, you placed your hands on his belly.

You both slowly fell asleep.