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Who did it?

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He didn't notice the scar until two days later when he was taking a bath after so long. Yes, he felt uncomfortable those days, but he didn't have time for checking it, he needed to reunite with Izuku, talk with Naomosa and plan the new plan, or at least start it.


“Stain...” he whispered, sighing and bending forward the sink, his coat had been covering his neck for a while, so if he didn't notice it, nobody has neither, and he was glad, he didn't have time- the heroes didn't have time to care about a paper cut. Now, they only have to think about wot the war, ending all of this mess and pain.


He was expecting no one to see it- but, of course, he has a fanboy.


“When was that,” Izuku states, demanded. He took some minutes to eat with Toshinori, and everything was fine until the blond ducked his head and the boy saw it. “All Might, when was that,” he repeated, glaring at the scar as if it was offending him.


“Oh, that, my boy?” he didn't want to worry Izuku “It is a little cut,” he waved it. Izuku from some months ago would have ignored it, accept it, not pressed anymore and maybe laugh, because 'if you say so, All Might!' 


But Izuku now, he wasn't stuttering, he wasn't going to forget it, and it scared Toshinori because he had kept so many things and silent and nobody searches for the truth, nobody talk over him, nobody-


“Who did it?” he asked, leaning forward. “All Might, who did it?” He seems to be getting exasperated, his hand arching to touch it.


Toshinori sighed, scratching it “I had a meeting with Stain,” Izuku's eyes widen “He was the one who push me to act, you know? I was about to give out, so he talked to me-”


“He attacked you” 


“But it was nothing, my boy,” he tried to say.


“No, it wasn't nothing! Was because I left you that you got hurt!” 


Oh, that.


Toshinori was oblivious, he doesn't deny it, but he wasn't a full dumbass, so it get through him. 


Izuku has been struggling about that day -Toshinori too, seeing his kid leaving him, not eating, hurts so much- and even if they forgot themselves, Izuku kept thinking of it.


And even if Toshinori wants to talk it out, he knows they shouldn't, they have to be ready for the second war, they can't- he can't distract his boy.


Toshinori sighed, taking one of Izuku's hands and helping it to touch the scar.


“Izuku, listen to me, please,” he said, drawing the kid near. 


“You can't tell me it wasn't-”


“It wasn't your fault, Izuku”


“You can't say that! It was my fault, I- I left you behind and alone!” tears were forming in the green eyes.


“No, look, it wasn't- it is not your fault, Izuku. Listen- it was good because now we are making plans thanks to my meet with Stain, so is not your fault, it's just a little cut, my boy,” he grabs Izuku's chin, lifting it at his level and he thinks-


He thinks about how much he hates all of those things he said. He has many regrets, as All Might and as Toshinori, and damnit- he has said so many hurtful things like complaining about Izuku being a crybaby or that day on the roof.


He hates it, but this wasn't the time for it.


“You can cry how many times you want, Izuku,” he said, whipping one silent tear. “You can always cry,” he knows the kid cries, but, when was the last time he saw him crying in front of him?


“I have to stop being a crybaby,” he said, sniffling, one hand coming to Toshinori's one. “I have to”


“You're a kid, you can cry, please, don't shut yourself more, Izuku”


And Izuku cried. Hand wiping his tears, and the other trembling in Toshinori's grasp. 


Still, Izuku doesn't let himself cry that much. He bites his lip and takes a breath. 


“Better?” Toshinori tries, tightening his hand in Izuku's one.


Izuku sniffles, looking down “Yeah...” he whispered “Even if I still feel it as my fault,” he mumbled, and Toshinori thinks when was the last time he heard Izuku's muttering or rambling?  


He misses old Izuku... 


“Hey, I will never blame you, you know?” he said, and for a moment, Izuku's face has color, Toshinori's has a genuine reaction from Izuku, a slight blush in his cheeks.


“But I-”


“I will never, never, blame you, saying that, I am, and will always be, proud of you”


Izuku looks at him, and he smiled, it wasn't a grin, but Izuku smiled softly, and there he was, his precious kid. 


He didn't lose time and hugged Toshinori.


“Thank you” Izuku said, and Toshinori hugged him more.