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And I'd Like To Do It Again

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“If I have to shake one more sweaty, liver-spotted old man's hand I will personally remove it myself.” Rosaria stated dulcetly as she swept up behind Jean. Jean didn’t even bother raising an eyebrow at her co-worker’s statement because it was a classically common sentiment to come from the other woman, and Jean would have to be heavily inebriated to verbally voice her agreement, so she said nothing. But Rosaria smirked anyway because no reprimand meant all the same from Jean.

“When do you think would be an appropriate time for me to sneak out? We’re two hours in and Varka is already telling his story about the haberdashery, surely I’ve done my dues?” Jean asked thoughtfully, rubbing her thumb back and forth over the lip of the champagne flute she was holding. Rosaria whirled on her and held up one long, neatly manicured finger nearly at her nose.

“If I’m suffering, you are too. If you leave, who will I say such horrid things to? Amber? She’d quit first thing Monday morning.”

Jean disguised her humored snort with a cough and shook her head.

“Don’t scare her again, she’s a good paralegal and a good person, that’s hard to find.” Jean said resolutely. “Look, Kaeya is here. You can get drunk and-”

Rosaria stepped closer to Jean, murderous intent clear as day on her face.

“Finish that sentence, Jean Gunnhildr. I dare you.”

Jean suppressed a smirk and instead merely took a sip from her drink and excused herself.

“I’m happy to continue being your horrid soundboard when you’ve learned to behave yourself, Rosaria.” With one last quip, Jean swiftly walked away from the other lawyer before she could break a glass and threaten to shove it into Jean’s neck. Rosaria was rather brilliant, that way.

Jean passed by Kaeya with a nod and subdued greetings to those he was with, she made a stop round to Amber who was animatedly telling a story to some other young employees who all stopped to marvel at Jean for one reason or another. Barbara had made her presence as well, in a beautiful evening dress that Jean knew their mother had sent to her.

Eula was around too, of course, leaning against a wall in her finest three piece suit and looking for all the world like she was dragged here against her will. Jean rolled her eyes, Eula loved her expensive taste in clothing and any chance to show it off she took. Eula had done her very best to revamp Jean’s entire wardrobe when they dated and Jean thinks it’s one of the reasons they were so miserably mismatched, remembering the night she came home to find all of her simple and well-worn blouses had been replaced by things that never felt comfortable or right. The burning fury she couldn’t quite comprehend because it was such a flimsy event, but Jean should have seen the signs and understood then how the rest of their relationship would play out. Jean could see the smirk on Eula’s face when she clocked what suit Jean was wearing, and she rolled her eyes at how smug it made Eula.

Jean’s mother had forced her into one of those leftover endlessly expensive suits for the night and Jean never understood the appeal, it was all cloth one way or the other. She was just as happy, if not happier, in her simple button up shirts and slacks that she wore daily as opposed to this starchy all black suit and claustrophobic jacket. The skinny tie, blue to match her eyes Barbara had gleefully exclaimed, did nothing but make her feel constricted and stiff. Jean had ‘misplaced’ the jacket only an hour into the night, and by now her tie was loosened so she could pop the top button of her shirt and breathe a little easier for the night. Once the alcohol started making its rounds, Jean knew it didn’t matter as much.

“Jean! A moment.” Her mothers voice resounded loudly, as if screeching across the whole museum but of course she wasn’t, her voice merely created some kind of fight or flight response in Jean and she forced herself to take a deep breath before joining her mother’s side.

“Jean, this is Lisa Minci, the curator of this particular wing of the museum. Exquisite taste you have, Miss Minci. And this is my eldest daughter, Jean.” Her mother introduced and of course Jean had noticed the other woman already. She’d been floating around all night discussing art pieces with the event attendees and the snippets of her voice that Jean had heard were soothing and lively all at once.

“Pleased to meet you, Miss Minci.” Jean offered her hand mechanically and inclined her head slightly, internally pleased to feel the soft grip of the other woman’s hand meet hers. Her brown hair was tied up in a simple bun that left some strands framing her face beautifully, her generously open blouse and tight pencil skirt so simple, as if she knew that anything more elaborate would take away from the masterpieces of the museum and yet Jean’s attention was stolen thoroughly anyway. The clear framed glasses did nothing to hide the inquisitive brilliance in those bright green eyes and Jean willed herself not to lose it because they were so deeply focused on her.

“Absolutely lovely to meet you as well. Please call me Lisa.” She smiled brilliantly and Jean cursed herself. It was a rather deep, dark pit she would happily fall into if it meant being at the feet of Miss Lisa Minci.

“But, what exactly makes this piece so… mastered?” Jean wondered aloud, strolling leisurely at the side of Lisa as they passed a large ornately framed painting.

“Ah, this one. At the time, it was a rather unique painting style, and the curious actions of the people within the painting garnered quite a bit of… speculation. There are dozens of interpretations for this painting, it’s an enigma and beautiful and simple all at once, you see.” Lisa rambled on, pointing out various parts of the painting and drawing Jean in closer to see the details left from the brush. They had been wandering the museum floor for some time now, Jean asking a simple-minded question about the paintings and Lisa responding beautifully, poetry flowing from her lips about the majestic art before them. Jean was content to watch Lisa’s face rather than the paintings she was speaking of.

“Is there anything other than art here?” Jean asked stiltedly, not sure how her question would be interpreted.

“Anything is art, my dear Jean.” Lisa answered huskily.

Jean nearly tripped over her own expensive dress-shoes but managed a quip back, “Really? I don’t think art is what I would call any of my university litigation drafts.” 

Lisa laughed musically and pondered the statement. “Oh well, what is that if not the art of a caffeine and deadline driven law school student, hmm?” Lisa asked humorously.

“Maybe just the fear of failure.” Jean deadpanned and then panicked because that was a little too close to the truth and she shouldn’t have given that away to a woman she just met.

As if Lisa could sense the floundering in the young woman next to her, she placed a hand on Jean’s lower back and nudged her in a new direction, toward the nearest arched doorway and into another section of the museum that wasn’t currently in use for the party. They left the din of the partygoers behind as they strolled down a barely lit hallway and Jean could feel the deep warmth of Lisa’s hand pressed against her back. She strangled her imagination where it stood, dropping it short of going further, of imagining Lisa’s hand anywhere else-

“If by ‘not art’ you mean not paintings, drawings, and pictures, we do have a rather beautiful collection of pottery, sculptures, and antique armor down in this wing. I do have to warn you though, my expertise is in paintings, specifically mid century Sumeran artists but I have some basic knowledge.” Lisa broke into Jean’s reverie and spoke quietly now that they were alone, together.

“I’m sure your basic knowledge will eclipse mine rather easily so I’ll still hang on your every word.” Once again, Jean spoke a little too close to the truth and she felt the blush well up in her cheeks. 

Lisa smiled, but it wasn’t the same as her polite smiles from earlier, or when she laughed at one of Jean’s jokes, this was new. This was a look Jean wanted to see, often.

“Oh I hope so.” She responded and stepped off in front of Jean to stand nearer to an intricately carved wooden bowl on a pedestal and enshrined in a glass case. Jean stared for a moment before she caught her own dumbfounded expression through the glass and tried to school her features. She was a lawyer for archons sake, it was literally her job to have a poker face.

“I always thought pottery would be fun.” Jean cleared her throat and tried to avoid the fluttering in her stomach caused by the mere presence of Lisa. 

“Oh it is! You’ve never tried?” Lisa asked gleefully. 

Jean shook her head. 

“I’ll have to show you sometime, it’s wonderful. Though, it can get… dirty.” She smirked at Jean and beckoned her closer. Jean approached her cautiously, as if Lisa was about to jump her. 

“We have ancient pottery from Liyue just over here, it’s gorgeous.” Lisa whispered playfully and laughed at the dumb look she left on Jeans face. She tugged the blonde by her loosened tie to follow obediently behind. The lines of strangers having just met have already been blurred beyond recognition, it seemed. 

Jean stayed for the entire charity event. She wasn’t necessarily at the entire charity event, but she did not step one foot out of the museum prematurely. Which was an accomplishment. Rosaria certainly wouldn’t see it that way, and she certainly wouldn’t know what Jean was actually doing because Jean would play it off as having been monopolized by Barbara all night who, when confronted with such an accusation would frown minutely before smiling innocently because Barbara understands what it means to be a good sister… and Jean’s lost her mind.

That was her final conclusion as she stood statuesque next to her mother and sister near the main doors to the museum and saw out their last straggling event guests. While Barbara wasn’t in the family profession of law, she was, as has been mentioned, a very good sister and was very unwont to leave Jean to their mothers clutches knowing how little the two got along in addition to being a charming little muffin of a young lady (per some other event guest which had Jean scrunching her face in confusion) and that made her an excellent choice for schmoozing. Jean used to be good at that. Before she lost her will.

Her hand was taken and shaken enthusiastically by an old man whose own hand would surely meet Rosaria’s requirements for removal, and thus, the Gunnhildr clan was left alone on the steps of the museum with one Lisa Minci. Barbara sagged in relief, the efforts of being charming and playing mediator between sister and mother usually weighing her down like ghosts of their ancestors gripping desperately at her arms and legs, and leaned her head on Jean’s shoulder, one hand wrapping around her arm to hug close to her.

“That was actually quite a lovely night,” Barbara said quietly, murmuring near Jean’s ear as they watched their mother and Lisa nod and talk with each other. “I feel like you two hardly even seethed in each other’s direction.”

“Yes, that’s because we were hardly in the same room all night.” Jean nodded as if to pat herself on the back. That was surely the solution to their family woes, avoidance. Classic.

“And why is that?” Barbara perked up slightly at the opening she was given. “Rosaria thought you were with me all night so you clearly weren’t with either of us and Kaeya got tipsy and ushered out some time ago. You don’t actually like anyone else enough to spend a whole evening with them.”

“That’s not true!” Jean hastily defended herself. Barbara’s claim was accurate, truthfully, but it’s not that she disliked anyone. She just… well, okay, Barbara’s claim was entirely too accurate. “I like Amber, and Eula… well enough.”

Barbara lifted her head entirely and peered at Jean with the eyes of an all-knowing woman many years her senior, which reminded Jean far too much of their mother so she placed her hand on Barbara’s face and forced her back down on her shoulder where she could avoid that disappointed gaze once more.

“Fine. I was… learning about the merits of fine art with the esteemed curator, Miss Minci.”

Jean could practically feel Barbara revving up with a boatload of questions.

“Oh… really. ” Barbara was so many wonderful things, but when it came to Jean’s love life, she was like a dog with a stick. She was like a cat with a fresh caught mouse. She was like a shark with… anyway, she dug in. After so many of Jean’s relationships ending in failure, misery, some occasional heartbreak, Barbara likened herself to become Jean's matchmaker. None such matches have worked out thus far, largely because Jean conveniently forgets to contact them or patently loses their numbers or so many other lovely reasons Barbara somehow hasn’t caught onto mean that Jean has no real interest in her matchmaking yet. But there’s no denying it, Barbara had picked out exactly what Jean’s type was. Somehow. It was disconcerting, really.

“And what can you tell me about the change in art style from the early-early period of Mondstadt art to the, what is now called, ‘pre-early modern’ era?” Barbara quizzed Jean with words that surely had to be made up. Maybe that was the point.

“Anyway it looks like your car is here, let me walk you.” Jean said loudly. She gathered her mother’s attention with this statement and she could hear the elder Gunnhildr loudly proclaiming that the driver was several minutes late and Jean wanted to tell her he’s been waiting quietly and politely but she hadn’t noticed, but Jean played the part of good daughter and bit her tongue.

“What do you mean by your car? Aren’t you coming back to the manor?” Barbara asked with a pout.

“Jean? Are you not coming home tonight?” Her mother grilled her too and Jean flinched.

“Well, I have my own home I’d like to retire to. Perhaps we could do dinner tomorrow, the three of us then?” Jean asked pleasantly to ease the look of betrayal in Barbara’s eyes, whether due to being left alone with their mother or avoiding Barbara’s questions, she didn’t know.

“Hmm, fine. That sounds amenable, thank you for coming tonight, Jean. And staying.” Her mother said pointedly and Jean pulled open the car door before the driver could, gallantly helping first her mother and then her sister into the car. She ducked her head down to bid farewell to her family.

“Lovely event as always, mother. Goodnight Barbara.” Jean shot a wink to her sister to appease the wrinkly little frown on her face. She closed the door gently and waved the driver off, watching the sleek black car disappear amongst the traffic of the night.

Jean turned around. Stood at the top of the steps still was Lisa, a light shawl pulled over her shoulders against the chill the night had taken. A smirk adorned her lips and her glasses now rested, folded up and hanging, from the opening of her blouse pulling it impossibly closer to being indecent. Jean couldn’t look away as the other woman approached her. To go so jarringly from opening the car door for her family in an act of chivalry to near ogling this woman’s cleavage would be, for a long time to come, one of Jean’s greater shames.

Jean cleared her throat and focused as intently as possible on Lisa’s face, on her clear green eyes now free of the frames that they rested behind earlier. Yes, much better.

“How disappointing.” Lisa said quietly.

Jean furrowed her brows because she truly didn’t know what Lisa was talking and for a moment panicked at the thought that she had made a mistake.

“What’s that?” Jean asked hesitantly.

“Well you see, I live close enough to walk, so I won’t have a car for you to help me into.” Lisa smirked and she drew closer to Jean, one hand rising to tug on Jean’s chin, just slightly, just enough.

“Oh. Yes, disappointing. It would be remiss of me not to offer to walk you home, then.” Jean said smoothly and she almost wished someone had witnessed that class act but she’s very quickly so glad that no one is around to witness the way she gulps at the look in Lisa’s eyes.

“There we go, darling. I think that’s an excellent solution.” She smiled widely and Jean offered her arm for Lisa to hold on to. They left the museum, the clean up crew, the dregs of what was a charity event, and walked along the sidewalk still damp with rain from the day before.

“So tell me, Miss Gunnhidlr, what did you want to be when you were a child?” Lisa asked as Jean stiffened her arm to give her balance as she avoided a murky looking puddle.

“A lawyer, of course. It’s the family business.”

“Something tells me that you don’t want to be a lawyer now, so I highly doubt that a young, ambitious, adorable little blonde like yourself had any such ideas as a child.” Lisa laughed as if she were imagining young Jean, before the suits, before the law degree, before the crushing weight of Frederica Gunnhildr’s expectations.

“I’m sure I hardly remember. It’s not worth reminiscing on.” Jean responded. Lisa stopped at that, tugging back at Jean’s arm and forcing her to turn around.

“Well then, I’ll have to find a way to pull that out of you, won’t I?” Lisa asked, and she had that same smile from earlier on her lips. Lips that Jean couldn’t look away from. “Save it for my front door, hmm?” She hummed and Jean was caught, flushing as she stiffened once more to allow Lisa to curl her hand around her arm and set off again.

Jean was relieved to learn that Lisa wasn’t making some kind of false remark in order to flirt or tease Jean, she did in fact live quite close. Only a few blocks straight, a few to the left, crossing streets and the blinking of street lights, they arrived at a pretty if weathered apartment building.

“You will walk me to my front door, won’t you?” Lisa asked. Jean nodded and stood at the door to the building as Lisa punched in the access code. Jean opened the door and let Lisa enter first, trailing behind and taking in the building. A worn and ornately patterned rug lined the hall, a mailbox room immediately to the right upon entering. It was a sort of lobby, with some chairs, and at the end there was the elevator bay which Lisa headed towards.

“I’m the fifth floor, I certainly won’t be taking the stairs in these heels.” At which point, Jean dropped her gaze directly to Lisa’s heels and thus trailed upward, slowly, along the swell of her calves, soft looking, the hem of her skirt, and the ding of the elevator arriving drew her eyes up.

Jean followed along, as if that’s all she was good for. As if she lost all her charm on the walk over, and she may as well have. What were they doing? It was easy to flirt and joke back at the museum, but here, following Lisa out of the elevator and down a warmly lit hallway to stop at a heavy brown door… what was she doing?

“This is it.” Lisa stated, hand on her door and body turned to face, to gaze, at Jean.

“I see.” Jean responded foolishly.

“And now, this is where I ask if you’d like to come in, for a drink or… something else.” Lisa remarked warmly. She placed her key into the door and turned, clicking, opening the creaking door to allow Jean to see into her apartment and the things she deemed important. Which didn’t appear to be much.

“How long have you lived here?” Jean asked instead of responding to the come on. Why?

“Only about seven months, I came for the job.” Lisa answered. She stepped inside and placed her keys by the door, hung her shawl, her purse, removed her heels all in quick succession. Jean stood in the open doorway.

“Do come in if you plan to…” Lisa offered almost hesitantly, sending a shock through Jean to stop being so stupid. They’d been dancing around each other all night, the looks, the charm, the words, Jean knew why she was here.

Jean stepped inside and closed the door behind her.

“Of course. Where did you move from, again?” Jean couldn’t remember if she had said.

Lisa nodded a few too many times and Jean knew she wasn’t getting an answer.

“We can do that later. Would you like a drink… or would you like to just get down to it?” Lisa offered. She had turned around to face away from Jean, already pulling her hair down from its updo and running her hands through it to remove tangles.

Jean approached her quietly, without the heels Lisa was shorter than her by a few inches. She placed her hands on the small of Lisa’s back and she could feel the other woman shudder faintly. Jean pressed closer, hands curling around her hips and resting against the jut of her hip bones on either side, breasts pressed up against Lisa’s back and nose already buried into the side of her neck.

“Let’s just get right to it.” Jean whispered into her ear and Lisa’s head lolled to the other side allowing Jean all the access she desired. Jean took a deep breath, smelling the perfume, the shampoo, and placed a delicate kiss against her neck. Lisa hummed a little laugh and clasped Jean’s hands underneath her own.

“Mhmm, I bet you think you’re in charge.” Lisa said huskily. 

“What?” Jean breathed out and Lisa turned around, clasping one hand still and tugging Jean along. 

“Bedroom for you, little lamb.” Lisa smirked and dragged her eyes up and down Jean’s form. “I’ve been wanting to undress you all night.”

For an art curator, it seemed the only thing Lisa personally collected was books. Her bedroom was little more than a bed with an appropriately placed nightstand and warm yellow light resting on it, and a shelf full to the brim, overflowing with books, and her reading chair. The rest of the room had books stacks on the floor and Jean could only imagine more spilled out of her closet when the door opened.

“Not as much art as I would have expected.” Jean commented.

“Real art is expensive. And you see, books, history, art, it can all be one and the same.” Lisa responded before spinning on her heel at the foot of her bed and facing Jean expectantly. Jean felt out of her depth at this point, Lisa so effortlessly taking the reins of the night, but it was as if Lisa didn’t want to throw her too off-kilter so she simply watched Jean, allowing her the illusion of control for just a moment.


“Miss Minci, could I make a request of you?” Jean asked so cordially, standing before Lisa in her suit, jacket still on, shoes left at the front door and her stupid little dress socks scrunched at the ankles. She looked breathtaking to Lisa, a flush beginning at the peak of skin visible where she’d already loosened her tie and undone the top button of her dress shirt.

“What is it you would have of me, Jean Gunnhildr?” Lisa asked.

“May I kiss you?”

Lisa wondered if Jean was the type to panic, to fret over every word she said, and Lisa thought that, yes, she probably was.

“I could allow that, if you do something for me in return.” Lisa answered. Jean's eyebrows rose of their own volition, having caught her so off guard.

“Funny, I would think a kiss contained some mutual benefits.”

Lisa suppressed a girlish giggle because she was about to lose her mind if they kept playing this game.

“I simply ask that you remove that jacket of yours, you’re far too formal to be in my bedroom right now.”

“I can acquiesce to that.” Jean answered and removed her jacket carefully, folding it in half and draping it over Lisa’s reading chair in the corner. She turned around and swiftly joined Lisa just in front of her bed. Lisa’s hand reached out and gripped her loose tie, wrapping it around her fist once, tugging Jean closer.

Jean… Jean needed fewer invitations at this point. She wound one hand delicately into Lisa’s loose hair and pressed the other against her hip and tilted her chin down, meeting pleasantly waiting lips. Pressing intently, Lisa’s tongue was already swiping along Jean’s bottom lip. Jean opened her mouth and welcomed more of Lisa, just a taste of what the night would bring.

Lisa pulled away briefly, gaze flickering over Jean like she was rewriting her playbook.

“What would you have of me next?” Lisa asked huskily.

Jean shook her head.

“Oh no, I’ve already asked so much of you. But perhaps, well, if I were to be truly comfortable, I would remove my own shirt?” Jean offered and this time, Lisa did laugh, a light and tinkling sound that soothed Jean right to her very core.

“Mhmm, and I couldn’t have my guest uncomfortable. And truly, in deference to your comfort, my own top should be removed as well.” Lisa volleyed back and she could see Jean’s eyes dart right back to her cleavage. In only the short few hours they’ve known each other, Lisa already clocked where Jean would surely lavish with attention if given the opportunity. And Lisa was a very giving person.

“Yes, that would be best.” Jean whispered as her hands fled their original resting place and roamed lightly, so lightly down to the hem of Lisa’s blouse. Lisa helped her out by undoing the clasp at the back of the neck and let Jean slide her hands up along Lisa’s stomach, drawing the shirt up with her.

Lisa let Jean remove her blouse, and in return, she unwound Jean’s tie, undoing the knot and running the fine silk of her deep blue tie between her fingers. This would do, Lisa thought, and so she draped the tie back over Jean’s bare neck and began undoing the buttons of her shirt, opening oh so slowly to reveal the body hidden beneath.

Jean was a specimen, Lisa knew. From the way she carried herself, the way her shirt fit her, the way she flexed her fist every now and then, and the muscle Lisa had felt on the walk home, she knew Jean would be remarkable underneath. And she was. The black dress shirt, now fully unbuttoned, draped open and allowed Lisa to run her hands along rigid abdominal muscles, fingers swooping along the divots and shadows, she ran one finger up to the bottom of Jean’s very utilitarian and simple bra.

Jean took a deep, shuddering breath, hitching with each touch of Lisa’s hands. Her own itched to touch Lisa, to palm the breasts hidden within a beautiful, lacy purple bra, to kiss all over her soft stomach, to grip the junction of her hips, but Lisa pushed her back until her knees hit the bed and Jean took a seat on the edge. Jean was eye level with Lisa’s breasts, and oh how she wanted them. Lisa knew, too, as she placed one knee between Jean’s thighs and leaned forward enough that Jean could just rest her face in Lisa’s cleavage. Which she did, as a short placeholder while her hands worked at the clasp to Lisa’s bra.

Removing the bra, Jean allowed a groan to rip from her throat at the sight. Jean immediately palmed them both, nuzzled her face into one while her other hand squeezed lightly, fingers danced around a stiff nipple. Lisa hummed her approval, hands gripping Jean’s hair and holding her head in place.

“To your liking?” Lisa asked amusedly, this Jean would be hard to describe as in control, as if she was losing herself to her baser needs.

“Oh Archons, yes.” Jean barely whispered, breath hot on Lisa’s nipple as she enveloped it in her mouth, her tongue flicking all over. Lisa moaned at that and gripped Jean’s hair even tighter. She tugged Jean away before she got too enamored, though, too late she supposed, at the glazed look in Jean’s eyes. Sitting on her bed, shirt pushed back from her shoulders and allowing Lisa to take in all her wonderful features, Lisa was torn.

Lisa ran her hands along Jean’s shoulders, tight and smooth, down her arms and the hard cords of muscle beneath her skin.

“Archons, are you sure you’re a lawyer? What do you need these abs for.” Lisa breathed out as she fluttered her fingers once more over Jean’s stomach.

You see, Lisa was faced with a dilemma. From the moment she laid eyes on Jean, the kind eyes, easy smile, dashing in a suit, she knew what she wanted. But once she met Jean, actually exchanged words and handshakes with her, she could see that Jean was so very used to control. She certainly suited being in charge and she would no doubt one day run Gunnhildr Law and Associates with what looked like ease to all the world, which was all well and attractive in its own right, but Lisa wanted to know how well Jean… followed. As much as she wanted to get railed into next week by the ridiculously handsome young blonde before her, watch those muscles contract and expand over and over again as she’s driven to the point of ecstasy, oh archons was that what Lisa wanted. But perhaps, if all done right, she could enjoy that another time and do something equally exciting tonight.

Lisa stepped away from her bed, from Jean, and bit her lip in thought. Jean watched her keenly, not moving a muscle, simply half dressed and hair mussed from Lisa’s hands.

“Undress for me, would you?” Lisa asked, “I’ll be but a moment.” And she turned from Jean who would no doubt do as she asked, and stepped into her closet for a moment of composure. And the box. It took longer than she would have liked, but Lisa hadn’t had any need for such items since her move, but she took the opportunity to remove her own skirt and stockings, swipe her finger along her underwear and shudder at how wet she already was, before she took a deep breath.

When Lisa returned, Jean had removed all but her matching utilitarian boy-shorts, waistband tight around her hips. She could see the slight shadow from where her hip bones jutted out and Archons did Lisa want to lick them.

“Now, sweet thing, how do you feel about… receiving?”

After some trial and error and plenty of experimentation, Jean, with a now ex, learned that despite always seeing herself as a generous and giving top, she became absolutely undone when getting fucked. She felt the thrill of desire shoot straight down her stomach at the sight of Lisa holding up a harness, hip cocked, one manicured eyebrow raised. It must have shown on her face.


Lisa noticed that Jean folded her clothing neatly in a pile on her reading chair and gleefully noted the tie was placed delicately on top. She removed her own underwear and stepped into her well-worn and adjusted harness, situating it all perfectly as the dildo jutted out from her hips. Jean watched intently.

“All the way undressed, darling.” Jean stepped out of her underwear in a daze and Lisa silently thrilled at what this night would bring. Once set, she walked over to her chair and picked up the tie Jean had left there.

“Are you opposed to some… light bondage?” Lisa inquired. She had a very specific plan and only hoped Jean was open to it.

Jean however, seemed blindsided. 

“How so?” She asked hesitantly.

“Just your hands, behind your back preferably. But, you absolutely do not have to say yes.” Lisa implored her, just as quickly placing the silk tie back on Jean’s shirt.

“No, I… I’m new to that but I wouldn’t say I’m opposed.” Jean said quietly, quickly, in a rush to keep Lisa from abandoning the idea altogether. She cocked one eyebrow back at the blonde who managed a more assured smile her way.

“Okay, don’t hesitate to stop if you need to.” Lisa said gently, but she picked the tie back up and made her way to Jean, hypnotized by the sight before her. She once more draped the tie over Jean’s bare neck and tugged on the ends, pulling down at Jean’s shoulders to her confusion.

Lisa smirked and leaned up to whisper in her ear, “On your knees and warm me up, won’t you?”

Jean shuddered a deep breath against Lisa’s neck and obediently dropped to her knees, thankfully onto a plush rug with a beautiful floral pattern. Lisa watched with a lidded gaze, the sight before her was almost as erotic as the act itself. Jean was already flushed with anticipation, lips slightly reddened from their kissing earlier, her hair was messy and falling from the braid it was done up in, and the tie dangled, brushing along her pebbled nipples tantalizingly. She kneeled, thighs rippling with the strain and Lisa almost regretted following this course for the night instead allowing Jean to use the power of those muscles on her. Almost.

Jean lifted her hands and gripped Lisa at the juncture of her hips, immediately nuzzling her face into Lisa’s abdomen, against the harness and base of the dildo. She let out a shaky breath and dragged her tongue along the dildo all the way up to the tip and, peering up through her lashes, Jean made eye contact as she opened her mouth wide enough to take the tip of the dildo in. She was by no means an expert at this particular form of head, but Jean reasoned with herself, talent wasn’t required in this case. She wouldn’t be deep throating a dildo anytime soon, but she knew what looked good, what made her hot and overcome with desire when performed on her, and Lisa was increasingly vocal with her praise.

“So good, darling.” Lisa wound her hands into Jean’s hair once more, effectively ruining the pretty braid she had for the night, tight against her scalp and holding on as Jean’s head bobbed against the dildo. She sucked at it, an obscene noise filling the room before being drowned out by Lisa’s moans. Jean pulled back from the dildo, licked her lips of the spit that had worked its way out of her mouth, she panted lightly before Lisa tugged her up by her hair.

“Perfect.” She said, placing a filthy, opened mouth kiss on Jean’s reddened lips.

“Hold still, I’m going to tie your wrists. Let me know if it’s too tight.” Lisa said as she pulled the tie from Jean’s neck and helped her situate her hands behind her back. She settled them comfortably one wrist atop the other, hands gripping the opposite forearm, and it caused her shoulders to pull back and thrust her chest forward. Lisa tied a light knot, Jean could probably slip one hand through if she so desired, but she didn’t.

“It’s very simple, easy to remove should you need.” Lisa explained as she trailed her fingers along Jean’s shoulder and to her front before spreading out over one breast and palming gently. Lisa kissed along Jean’s neck, just below her ear and moving lower, kissing, sucking, nipping, down to her shoulder, nipping at her clavicle just slightly. Jean was an exhibition in anatomy and Lisa was nothing if not studious.

Lisa palmed both breasts in her hands, simply holding them, kneading, watching Jean’s eyes flutter shut and her mouth part slightly. The dildo was bumping against Jean’s thigh and Lisa watched her shift, one foot slightly further apart, opening her legs and giving Lisa a glorious view of her neatly trimmed hair, the glistening wetness just peaking along her thighs.

She skated her hands lower, flat palms dragging down her abdomen until they reached those cut hip bones. Lisa slipped one hand further still, scraping her nails down through hair, nestling into the warmth of Jean’s cunt, she swiped her finger through the folds and closed her eyes at how wet Jean was.

“Oh darling.” Jean groaned at the teasing, hips canted slightly to give Lisa more access. But she wouldn’t take it, not yet. Lisa removed her hand and placed it on Jean’s hip, tugging her closer until she could wrap her lips around one nipple, suck for a moment, before moving to the inside of her breast and sucking harshly, biting down enough to cause Jean to suck in a breath.

She lifted her head once she was satisfied and noted the bruise forming. Lisa stepped back and took a seat on the edge of the bed, eyeing Jean intensely. Her feet planted firmly on the floor, Lisa patted her thighs.

“Come here.” She whispered and Jean took a shaky step forward, already unbalanced from Lisa’s ministrations. Jean hesitated just before her and Lisa placed one hand on her hip again, the other bracing tightly alongside her ribs.

“One knee first, I’ve got you.” Lisa instructed. Jean placed one knee alongside her thigh, leaned her weight forward until her forehead pressed against Lisa’s.

“That’s it, I won’t let you fall.” Jean nodded against her, and quickly brought her other knee up to straddle Lisa’s lap, falling flush against Lisa’s body. She perched there, trembling from exertion as Lisa nuzzled her face into Jean’s chest. Lisa quickly slipped one hand down through Jean’s cunt again, two fingers gathering the wetness and using that, rubbing all along the dildo to lubricate it. A few more times and Jean was huffing above her, thighs more noticeably tremoring and Lisa slid her hand up and down the dildo a few more times, easily rubbing along it.

“Okay darling, lower yourself, go slowly.” Lisa said, and she wondered at what point Jean decided to stop talking. At what point did she decide to simply take instructions along with the strap on. She lowered down jerkily, like her legs wanted her to just drop but she couldn’t. Lisa lined up the dildo, dragged it through Jean’s folds a few times and bumped the head against her clit to elicit some gasps from Jean, before pressing it insistently against her entrance. Jean nodded and groaned, and began to lower herself.

Lisa eased her down, one hand gripped so tightly around her thigh she was afraid it would bruise too, and Jean inched her way down before she was seated fully, in many ways, in Lisa’s lap. Firmly chest to heaving chest, Jean’s ass pressed down against Lisa’s thighs, legs spread wide, they paused for Jean to give her thighs a moment.

“So perfect, Jean.” Lisa whispered, running one still slick hand along the swell of her ass. Her other hand was rubbing soothingly along her thigh, kneading and massaging the significant muscle there. Jean sighed and nuzzled her face into Lisa’s neck, placing a delicate kiss there.

“Okay, Jean?” Lisa asked quietly. “Use your words.” She said, not unkindly, not patronizingly, just imploring her.

“Yes. Yes, Lisa.” Jean husked into her ear and Lisa shuddered at the feeling.

Jean started to move, to cant her hips back and forth just a bit, jostling the base of the dildo against her entrance and rubbing herself against the harness in the process. Lisa assisted, her hands now resting just beneath Jean’s thighs, at the juncture of her pelvis, digging in and helping her lift just slightly up before dropping back down. Jean was panting, dragging the dildo in and out of herself, thighs working to push her body up and back down. She had no balance other than leaning her entire body against Lisa and archons did it all feel so good.

Lisa moved her hands to rest one against Jean’s back and one gripping at her shoulder, holding her back enough so she could balance Jean and watch as the dildo, glistening, sheathed in and out of Jean. Lisa bit her lip and groaned at the sight, Jean’s wet thighs and slicked curls bouncing up and down in her lap, Jean’s abs working to keep her balance, Jean’s chest red with exertion, she was sweating and glistening all over. Jean’s head tipped back as she got into her rhythm, up and down, breasts bouncing lightly as she fucked herself on Lisa’s strap-on.

Lisa wished she could touch, taste, do something, but she was afraid that moving her hands would throw off Jean’s balance so she simply held on, keeping hold of Jean so she could keep moving up and down, keep dragging the dildo from her cunt and burying it back flush inside. Jean began panting, trembling atop her, little whines coming from her throat as her chest arched and Lisa was just able to drag her tongue along it as Jean dropped back down.

The whines increased, Jean’s speed increased, she was pushing herself so close to the edge and Lisa was so very eager to watch her fall apart. To simply disassemble Jean Gunnhildr on her dildo, watch the blonde shake and huff in her lap.

Jean’s motions became jerky, her breathing fast, “oh fuck,” she whispered as she began grinding into Lisa’s lap with every downward thrust. Her thighs were burning, trembling every time she urged her muscles up and Jean was about to fall over the edge. She curled in on herself, face absolutely buried in Lisa’s neck as the other woman held her tight enough to not fall, but loose enough to allow her to move. Jean could feel it, she trembled, jerked a few more times and moaned loudly, once more, and then her whole body was contracting inward, enveloped entirely in Lisa’s body, in her arms and her scent, on her dick, as she came. Lisa held her all the while, whispering praise in her ear and rubbing one hand up and down her spine.

“So good, my gorgeous girl.” Lisa whispered again as she nuzzled her nose into Jean’s hair, damp with sweat.

Jean stayed where she was, dildo buried within her, body cooling now that she wasn’t frantically fucking herself on Lisa’s lap, the sweat causing goosebumps to erupt all over.

“Fuck.” Was all Jean could whimper, still limply pressed against Lisa.

“Mmm.” Lisa hummed back. “I’m going to undo the tie now, okay? Don’t move your arms just yet.”

Jean had almost forgotten her hands were tied behind her back. Lisa pulled the tie away and kept one hand gripping Jean’s wrists while the other massaged along one arm, from the forearm up to the bicep, massaging and easing feeling back into it. She rubbed at Jean’s shoulder and then helped her move that arm from her back, up and draped over Lisa’s shoulder. It hurt in a sore, used kind of way. Lisa did the same to the other arm and Jean groaned as blood rushed back into her hands.

“Was that okay?” Lisa asked, still rubbing her hands soothingly over Jean’s shoulder.

“Yes, very.” Jean answered. She shakily pushed herself up from Lisa’s lap, the dildo dragging from her harshly, popping into view and soaked with Jean’s cum, and with Lisa’s help, she flopped herself onto her back and stared at the ceiling. Lisa placed a kiss on Jean’s stomach, then her forehead, and stood to undo her harness. She laid back down with Jean and ran her fingers through Jean’s hair, finally undoing the sad remnants of her braid. She scratched along Jean’s scalp, soothing her with kisses to her forehead and hand when it reached up for Lisa’s jaw.

“Just relax darling, let yourself rest.” Lisa said.

Jean hummed contently.

“I will, give me a moment. How do you want me then?” Jean asked lazily, small smile settling on her flushed face.

Lisa laughed, very lightly, not too loud to unsettle the calm warmth that had settled over the bedroom.

“Sweetie, I’ve already had you.” She said and winked as Jean rolled her eyes. “I told you, just rest.”

Lisa excused herself for a moment and Jean took the opportunity to drag herself further up the bed and lay against the pillows. She could feel the burning in her thighs and right at the juncture of her hips and she groaned a little as she got comfortable.

Lisa returned with a large glass of water which Jean gratefully accepted, and then she laid back down looking for all the world like royalty with her head propped against her hand and leaning over Jean with a smirk.

“What?” Jean asked humorously.

“Thank you. For indulging me.” Lisa responded and she snaked one hand out to rub against Jean’s jaw placatingly.

Jean huffed out a small laugh.

“I’m sure I got the good end of that deal.” She sat up and stretched and Lisa watched the muscles in her shoulders move as she drew her hands through her hair a few times. Her back was an expanse of gloriously smooth skin stretched over tight muscle and Lisa longed to worship it.

But, Jean threw her hair up into a quick bun, messy and leaving her neck bare and kissable, before turning to face Lisa.

“Lay down, get comfortable. I’d love to return the favor.” Jean said and for all that Lisa absolutely loved what just happened, loved watching Jean relentlessly fuck herself on her dildo, in her lap, wantonly and without a care in the world, the Jean before her spoke of an entirely different story. Lisa could only nod as she relaxed further against her pillows, craning her neck to watch as Jean situated herself between her legs.

It was obvious that Jean suffered a slight distraction from the sight of just how fucking drenched Lisa was, how throughly she enjoyed fucking Jean by the wetness that coated her inner thighs, slicked her pubic hair, she could only imagine how swollen her clit looked oh and she certainly didn’t have to imagine how it felt.

Jean sighed, almost reverently, before grabbing one of Lisa’s hands in both of her own and placing a kiss on the palm, sucking two fingers into her mouth to Lisa’s surprise, and then placing those same fingers against Lisa’s own cunt.

“Feel free to help yourself, I may be a while.” Jean said dashingly, eyes glued almost entirely on Lisa’s chest. Lisa would have laughed but Jean quickly leaned forward and sucked a nipple into her mouth, tonguing against it insistently, sucking, lavishing it with attention as Lisa moaned and began rubbing gently along her clit.

And Jean, true to her word, took her fucking time lavishing attention to one breast, first the nipple, sucking and licking and tugging until Lisa almost pushed her away from overstimulation, and then Jean moved to the breast, peppering kisses and bites and kneading it in worship. She moved to the other breast and gave it the same lengthy treatment and Lisa was writhing beneath her, hand merely fingering at her entrance, avoiding her clit entirely for fear of ending all of this too soon.

After that, Jean moved down along Lisa’s stomach, dropping kisses along her abdomen, watching her chest heave as she sucked in breaths and quivered beneath her. Jean kissed along the dip of her hips, down towards her cunt, before pulling away entirely and focusing halfway down Lisa’s thigh. She sucked a bruise into her inner thigh, a matching one on the opposite side, hands massaging as she went, moving higher and higher. Lisa knew when she was close enough to taste her wetness, Jean licked along her upper thigh, moaning at the taste and then she looked up at Lisa, pausing her hand where it was gently fingering at her opening still.

“Okay?” Jean asked roguishly. Lisa could only imagine how she looked.

“No, Jean, I’m not!” She whispered harshly back, she’d never been so over stimulated before. Jean laughed lightly, sucked Lisa’s slicked fingers into her mouth again and closed her eyes as she savored the taste.

“I’m sorry, let me make it up to you.” She finally placed her lips against Lisa’s cunt and dragged her tongue through the folds, Lisa’s wetness blooming into her mouth like flowers opening to the Spring sunshine. Jean groaned and wrapped her arms underneath Lisa’s thighs and gripped the tops with her hands so she was perfectly situated, and began eating Lisa out fervently.

She wasn’t too insistent and she avoided the clit enough that Lisa didn’t immediately cum, but she was so close, and Jean tongued all around her folds, pressing against her opening with the tip of her tongue and licking up and down, head bobbing just like before when she had the dildo in her mouth. Lisa groaned and arched her back, one hand flying up to her breast to knead gently, the other sinking deep into Jean’s hair to hold on for her life.

“Oh fuck.” Lisa couldn’t be any more articulate than that, truthfully. The sight of Jean, her blonde head bobbing up and down and the feeling of her tongue swirling around her clit, her cunt, everywhere important, gazing down at her gorgeous muscled back, the swell of her ass perched in the air, one leg hanging off the bed and one propped in the air, foot seemingly tapping with the rhythm of her own tongue. Lisa was certain, if she had to, she could come from the sight of that alone.

But Jean wouldn’t do that to her. She lavished attention at her clit now, tongue dancing around the nub, rubbing gently, this way and that before Lisa jerked and let out a gasped breath,

“Right there, just like that, just like that.” She mumbled and Jean doubled her efforts, exact same motions with her tongue, inhaling deeply through her nose as Lisa began moaning louder. Jean clamped her hands tighter, locked Lisa’s hips against her face and buried her mouth impossibly closer, same exact rhythm bringing Lisa up and up, until she was crying out and shuddering, her body clenching against the orgasm, her thighs tightening against Jean’s hold.

She trembled as Jean never let up, never let the motion stop or falter, rode Lisa through the waves of ecstasy until her moans subsided and Lisa could only let out a gasp at the feeling of Jean’s hot mouth. She tugged lightly at her hair, and Jean lifted her head to gaze up into Lisa’s eyes. Her mouth and chin were glistening and she wiped gently at the slickness before blessing Lisa with a charming smile.

“Okay?” She asked breathily, still catching her breath after being buried deep in Lisa’s cunt for so long.

Lisa groaned and pulled Jean closer, trying to drag her up to lay alongside her once more.

“Archons, woman.” Was all Lisa could grumble out as Jean laid next to her, placed her head on Lisa’s shoulder and peppered soft kisses at her neck.

They lay like that, catching their breath, letting their sluggishness seep in, until Lisa had her wits about her once more and placed a lingering kiss on top of Jean’s head.

“That was… well, I can’t wait to do that again.” Lisa laughed lightly, jostling Jean’s head just a bit. She ran her hands through the soft blonde hair appeasingly.

“I’d love to take you out first, if… if you’d like that.” Jean asked hesitantly.

“Oh Jean, you didn’t know tonight was our first date?” Lisa asked, hand placed delicately over her heart as if wounded.

“Lisa, that was a work event for me and you. That certainly doesn’t count. Archons, my mother paid for the entire night.” Jean grumbled.

Lisa laughed lightly and ran her hands through Jean’s tousled hair once more.

“Okay, I’ll allow you to take me on a proper date if that will make you feel better about tonight.”

Jean blanched though, and Lisa wondered what she said wrong.

“No, I… this has been wonderful, I just- I don’t do this-” Jean began, and stopped, and began and faltered and it was almost a pity, so Lisa spared her.

“I didn’t mean it like that. In the short time I’ve known you, you absolutely scream rule-abiding, which I suppose is a good thing with your job, but I assume that extends to social etiquette as well and if it would make you feel less deviant to do this over again, the right way, you may take me out.” Lisa offered, which was essentially her telling Jean that they’re going to go out on a date and then do this all over again, but Lisa thought it was a very wonderful offer.

Jean seemed to agree as she nodded, many times, lost herself as her eyes gleefully feasted all over Lisa’s breasts, and then blinked a few times to regain her thoughts.

“Yes, I would like to take you out, on a proper date that I plan and pay for and then, well, we shall see where that takes us.” Jean agreed verbally. She snuggled in closer to Lisa, head on her shoulder and hands dancing across Lisa’s abdomen, occasionally fluttering along the bottom of her breasts, skating up to rub a thumb over a nipple reverently, and then back down, along the dip of her hips and all over again. Lisa’s eyes fluttered shut as Jean continued her ministrations.

“I wonder what I’ll tell your mother when I meet with her in the morning.” Lisa hummed gently and Jean shot straight up in the bed, nearly dislocating something at the speed with which she moved, and Lisa startled into a laugh at the expression on her face.

“Relax! Oh I’m sorry! I am meeting with her, but only because your practice will donate a share of the proceeds from the night to the museum. We’re only going over the finer details. Anyway, your mother seems quite to the point, I surely won’t have time to mention how thoroughly I defiled her daughter.”

Jean felt herself turn red, from the cheeks, flushed down her neck, seeping to her chest.

“Please don’t joke like this.” 

Lisa hummed softly one more and sat up to stroke her hand along Jean’s cheek.

“I’m sorry, it was very rude of me. Lay back down, darling.” She tugged lightly at the fine strands of hair just behind Jean’s ear, drawing her to lay back down. She pulled Jean’s face to her chest, nuzzling her face right in between her breasts and stroked Jean’s hair with one hand and rubbed soothing circles across her back with the other as if to appease her. Jean sighed and buried her face a little more firmly against Lisa’s wonderful breasts, inhaling the smell of sweat and the light lingering perfume from the night.

Jean fell asleep like that, face buried against Lisa, the motions of her hands rocking her into a night of deep, restful sleep.