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Benji's Visit

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Finn just finished talking to Destiny about something and was heading towards his cabin when he heard grunting. Finn thought it was Noah trying to put on his tights once again. As he opened the door he found out it was not Noha but Matteo and Benji. Both happen to be naked and Matteo fucking Benji's ass.

"Quick and close the door." Matteo said.

Finn did what he was told to him and quickly got naked. It has been awhile since he had sex in the day at camp. Normly Matteo and Finn had to wait until Noah was asleep to sneek out to fuck. Matteo had to know something he didn't.

"Where is Noah?" Finn said removing his undies revealing a nice five inch dick with some hair growing.

"He's buying more tights now get my ass ready."

Finn wasted no time getting behind Matteo to rim him.

"So you two done stuff I take." Benji said.

"Yeah we are fuck budies. There are a few others at camp too. So we are no strangers to fucking other campers, but mostly we fuck each other." Matteo kept talking as he kept fucked away at Benji.

Benji was sure tighter than the other boys and girls he fucked. Mostly because Benji was still a virgin but not anymore. Matteo was happy Benji gave his virginity away to him. A few thrusts later Matteo was shooting his load deep inside Benji's ass. Once Matteo pulled out his four inch dick out Finn wasted no time rimming Benji's ass to get to Matteo's cum.

Benji just moaned at the feeling and once Finn was done it became Benji's turn to fuck with his five inch dick in Matteo's ass. Matteo was soon moaning but it wasn't long until his moans were muffled with Finn's dick. Now all three boys were moaning. A crazy idea came to Finn as he watched Benji fucking Matteo.

He just hopes Beji won't mind it. Finn leaned over and placed his hands on the back of Benji's head and kissed him. Finn was not sure if Benji was a toung guy or not so Finn only used his lips. Benji melted into the kiss. Finn's lips were nice and soft just like Matteo's. That being said this was Benji's second time being kissed. Not only did Benji was melting into the kiss but started to really fuck Matteo.

Finn was soon on edge and wasn't long until he was shooting his load into Matteo's mouth. Once Finn stopped shooting his load and the kiss with Benji Finn pulled his dick out of Matteo. Finn then went on his back and made his way to suck on Matteo's dick. Matteo really was moaning now. He loved having his dick sucked while being fucked.

Matteo also loved being fucked while he is fucking some girl or boy of the camp. Once again Matteo was on edge and as he was shooting his load for the second time of the day Benji was shooting off his second as well. Once Finn swallowed Matteo's load the smaller boy sat on Finn's face. Finn right away was rimming Matteo once again.

Once Matteo Finished he backed up a bit and took hold of the Five inch dick of Finn and slid into his rimmed ass. Both boys moaned and started to fuck away as Benji watched on.

"Come Benji so we can suck your dick." Finn said.

Benji wanting his dick sucked again quickly aimed his dick towards the boy's mouth. Finn was the first to suck the boy's dick as he fucked away on Matteo. Making Finn's moans being muffled. A few bobs later Benji slid his dick out of Finn's mouth and aimed it at Matteo's. This caused Matteo to stop riding Finn's dick.

Insted Finn just kept thrusted his dick inside his friend's ass. After a bit Benji went back and forth. It wasn't long until Finn was tasting Benji's load again. As Finn was swallowing Benji's load Matteo slid his dick out of Finn as it was time for Finn to be fucked. Matteo lifted up Finn's legs and started to rim him while a Finn kept sucking away on Beji.

Once Matteo slid his dick inside Finn's ass Benji slid his dick out of Finn's mout to get into a sixty nine. Finn just squeezed away on Bengi's ass as he continued to suck away. It wasn't long until Finn was shooting another load. Benji wasted no time in swallowing the load. Finn then slid Benji's dick out of his mouth.

"Go and help Matteo and fuck my ass."

"Wait what?"

"Finn can take two dicks up his ass. Some others can too. I can't do it. Well not yet anyways."

Finn and Matteo made it easier for Benji. Matteo slid his dick out of Finn and had Benji lay down. Soon Finn slid Benji's dick into his ass. Both boys started to moan and a few bounces later Finn leand over so his lips met Benji's. The two began kissing once again while Matteo aimed his dick at Finn's hole. It wasn't long until Matteo sliding his dick into Finn's ass.

Finn moand even more. He loved the feeling of two dicks in his ass. This was a new feeling Benji was having. As for Matteo and Finn they lost count how many times they fucked like this. It was a slow start since Benji was new to double fucking but in no time Finn was really monang when Benji and Matteo was fucking his ass hard and fast.

However, having two dicks in Finn's ass did not last long as all three boys were on edge and shot what they had left in their balls. All three of them were now on their backs gathering their breaths as Noah barged in and ran to the bathroom not noticing the three naked boys.

"I knew I shouldn't gotten that jumbo ice tea."