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Recipe for disaster

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"What are you cooking in here?" Tessa dropped the towel she'd been using to dry her hands down onto the counter and spun around at the sound of Scott's voice. She was surprised to see him leaning against the kitchen counter behind as she hadn't heard him come in through the front door and she wasn't expecting him home for another few hours, but she couldn't hide her excitement that he was home already.
He was smiling contently at her, taking in the sight of the kitchen. She was setting her recipe which meant the countertops were now covered in an assortment of ingredients, containers and a whole hoard of other utensils she'd dug out of the drawers. Admittedly it looked a little messy.
"Not cooking, baking." She grinned widely at him as she leaned over the counter to press a deep kiss against his lips, bringing her hand up to cup his cheek. "I was talking to Kaetlyn earlier and she was making some goodies to bring to Marie France and Patrice’s tomorrow for the team and I thought we could bring something nice too. I got some recipes for cupcakes and cookies that I'm going to try."
"Well since I'm home early, anything I can do to help?" Scott offered, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt as he moved around the counter to where she had the recipe book propped open on a recipe for cinnamon cupcakes. He scanned his eyes over the pages noting that it was a simple recipe, nothing them couldn't handle together.
“Yeah, actually… it would be nice to have an extra set of hands, thank you, Scott.” Tessa nodded with a smile as she tied an apron around her waist, not wanting to cover her shirt in flour. She handed one of the big bowls on the counter to Scott as he cleared himself a space to work. "Could you start cracking the eggs into the bowl while I sort out the oven and baking tray?"

Scott was a natural in the kitchen. It was something Tessa had learned about him a long time ago, he could pick up a recipe quickly and he'd cooked her some of the best dinners she had ever tasted. They both settled into an easy rhythm as they split the tasks and worked perfectly together. Maybe it was years skating together or the deep connection they shared that lead to them both simply sensing when the other needed something, passing it over before one of them could even ask for it.
It was a calming process, working comfortably together to create something that they could then share with their friends at the party tomorrow. They chatted about Scott's meeting that day as Tessa mixed the ingredients together and there were occasional fits of laughter from both of them as Scott decided the flour looked better all over the front of Tessa’s apron instead of in the mixing bowl in front of her. She tried to brush it away only managing to further rub it in and get it all over her hands.
The actual preparation part of the recipe was quick, the baking in the oven making up most of the time and soon enough Scott was helping Tessa spoon the batter into the cupcake cases.
The kitchen was now filled with the overwhelming smell of the vanilla extract and the mix of the scent and the general sweetness of the recipe had been tempting Tessa since Scott started mixing all the ingredients together. She didn't think she could wait until the cupcakes were done baking to try them, so, the second Scott turned his back to place the tray into the oven, she reached out and stole the wooden spoon out of the mixing bowl.
When Scott stood back up he was met with the sight of Tessa licking the excess batter off the spoon, her eyes falling closed as she hummed at the sweet taste coating her tongue. She let out a guilt laugh when she opened her eyes again and found she had been caught, dropping the spoon back into the bowl.
"Come here." Scott chuckled with a roll of his eyes as he wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled Tess in closer to him. There was an amused glint in his eyes as he looked down at her. "You've got batter on your nose."
He brought his free hand up to her face and cupped her cheek, his fingers caressing across her skin before he wiped away the sticky batter with his thumb. He pulled his hand away then, moving it towards his own face to lick the batter off his thumb but before he could Tessa wrapped her fingers around his wrist and tugged his hand towards her face again.
She held his hand still, as she poked her tongue out and lapped it across the pad of his thumb, cleaning away the last of the batter. Scott met her gaze with a heavy stare, his eyes darkening as she giggled and released the grip on his wrist.

"How long did you say we have before those cupcakes are done?" he asked, his tone suggestive as he reached the hand that was wrapped around her waist up to untie her apron, dropping it onto the counter behind Tessa. He leaned down to capture her mouth in a heated kiss, pulling her impossibly closer to him and she could feel the effect her little show had on him.
"What do you have in mind for killing the time, Scott?" she grinned in between kisses, looping her arms around his neck to play with the hair at the nape of his neck. 
"Well, since you already decided to tease me with that skilled tongue of yours I rather like the idea of you on your knees for me”, Scott suggested, his voice already heavy with lust, but Tessa could hear the hint of teasing in his words too. She took a step back, detangling herself from his grip with a fiery look in her eyes. His hand returned to its spot on her face, this time sliding lower from her cheek to cup her chin. His hand kept Tessa’s focus on his eyes, seeing the change in his eyes as she slowly sunk to her knees in front of him.
"How could I say no to a request like that?" she teased, turning her head so she could press a light kiss to the palm of his hand as his thumb ran across her lips.
Tessa loved seeing Scott like this, seeing him react and getting worked up over the smallest things to the point where he needed her right at that moment, no matter where they were. He just needed to feel her. Everyone had warned her that would wear off eventually, that it was the honeymoon phase, that every couple went through and eventually the excitement they felt every time that made it feel like the first all over again would fade. Tessa didn't think that would ever happen for them… She and Scott were together (quite officially) for almost two years now and that blissful state was yet to wear off.

Normally Tessa liked to take her time, to tease Scott and work him up as much as she could before she really started, but now she was aware that she was racing against the timer of the cupcakes and, instead, went straight for it.
She reached out his belt and unbuckled it as quickly as she could, not bothering to pull it out of the belt loops; instead she left it to hang around his waist, while she turned her attention to his fly. She pulled his pants and boxers down just enough to free his erection, not wanting the hassle of undressing fully in the kitchen when it was already a mess.
Scott let out a low groan from deep in his throat when Tess reached out and wrapped her hand around the base of his cock, the pressure sending a shock of pleasure through him. Tessa smiled at the sound, pumping her hand along his length, making sure he was completely hard before she leaned in and darted her tongue along the path her hand had just taken. Scott's hand fell to her head, burying his fingers in her hair as Tessa teased across the tip licking away the precum that had already built up there.
“Shit." Scott hissed tightening his fingers in her hair as she finally took him into her mouth. He leaned his weight back against the counter behind him, not trusting himself to support his own weight if Tessa kept doing what she was doing. "Feels fucking incredible, babe."
Tessa moved her hands to hold onto his waist, using it to both balance herself and to keep herself grounded in the moment as her arousal started to build between her legs. She pushed herself forward, taking more of him into her mouth and her tongue ran along the underside of his cock. Tessa could hear his breathing becoming harsher above her as it occasionally melted into a broken moan, her name falling from his lips. She hummed contently at the noises he was making, knowing she was the one making him feel so good that he couldn't keep it in anymore. The vibration from her throat as she hummed only served to heighten his pleasure.
As Tessa adjusted more to having his length in her mouth che started to suck around him, hallowing her cheeks as she started to slowly bob her head. Scott's hand on the back of her head gently guided her pace, helping Tess set a faster rhythm that worked for both of them. She kept that pace, doing everything she knew he liked best and it wasn't long until she could feel him starting to move his hips slightly to meet her, resisting the urge to just buck forward as he grew closer to the edge. Tessa quicken her pace then, giving Scott exactly what she knew he needed as she brought her hand up to join the mix, starting to stroke in time with her mouth. Scott's breath quickened and his groans of Tessa’s name became more frequent as she kept up her movements.
"Oh fuck." Scott groaned loudly his head tipping back as Tessa gave another flick of her hand across his cock, the feeling enough to finally send him over the edge. She felt his blunt nails scratch across her scalp as he came and she swallowed around him, giving a few last flicks of her tongue across the tip to clean him up before she pulled away. He reached down and tugged Tessa up in his arms, wrapping her up in a tight hug, as he left a bruising kiss against her lips. He buried his face in the crook of her neck, his favorite spot, his heavy breathing fanning across her skin.

"One of these days you are going to kill me with that mouth of yours, T.”
Tessa laughed against his skin, scattering light kisses across the front of his throat letting her hands wander across his chest while she helped him come down from his high. It took a few minutes for him to catch his breath holding her in his arms while he recovered, peppering soft kisses across her shoulders. He pulled away from Tess for a moment, while he tucked himself back in his boxers and pulled his pants back up fixing his belt, before grabbing her again, catching her off guard as he spun Tessa around, so she was now the one with her back pinned against the counter.
"I think it's only fair that I repay the favour don't you?" he hummed as he looked down at her, brushing her hair out of her face and watching the need building in her green eyes.
He wanted to touch her just as much as she needed him to.
"I think so." Tessa nodded, her words slightly breathless as a grin broke out across her face at the thought of what was about to come next.

He leaned in and captured her lips in a heated kiss pressing Tessa even further back against the counter to the point where it was almost painful, but she couldn't focus on anything but the feeling of Scott's mouth on hers. His hands came to rest on the backs of her thighs and he pulled Tessa closer to him, her chest pressing against his and his hands wandered over her ass, groping at every inch of her that he could reach. He sunk his teeth into her bottom lip making her gasp into the kiss and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue into her mouth.
His hand tapped at her thigh, signalling for her to jump and when she did he hoisted her into his arms wrapping her legs around his waist. He eased Tessa up onto the counter and wasted no time in settling his fingers in the waistband of her leggings while he continued to kiss her roughly. His fingers ghosted across her skin, from her thighs the whole way down to her ankles as he tugged her pants and panties down at once. Tess leaned further back, sprawling across the countertop as she propped herself up on her elbows to watch Scott's every move.
His hands came back up to grasp at her thighs as he slowly pushed her legs apart, the feeling of him exposing her to him, feeling his heavy gaze on every inch of her sent a shiver down Tessa’s spine, goosebumps breaking out across her skin.
Scott ran a finger up the length of her entrance, lightly brushing against her clit as he hummed at how wet she was already. Once he knew she was ready he didn't wait any longer before leaning down and lapping his tongue across her. Tessa gasped out at the feeling, her eyes snapping shut as he set a quick pace, alternating between long licks and flicking his tongue against her clit.
He could feel Tessa bucking up against him, her gasps and moans begging for more and he gave her exactly what she wanted as he slid his fingers inside her. One at first, then two, then three. Tessa cried out at the feeling of his fingers filling her perfectly as he worked her towards orgasm quickly. Tess couldn't hide the moans that were falling from her lips with every pass of his tongue over her clit anymore as she dug her fingers into his hair.
Scott had a talent for getting Tessa to that edge faster than anyone else she'd ever been with, she'd never been with anyone who knew her body so well and could manipulate it any way he wanted. Tess loved when he got like this, going down on her like he'd never be able to again. His mouth needy and messy against her as gave everything he had to chase her orgasm. It wasn't long until she could feel her orgasm building in the pit of her stomach, threatening to rip through her at any moment. Everything felt like too much and not enough all at once and Tessa knew all she needed was a little more pressure. As if on cue, Scott wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked lightly.
"Scott!" Tessa practically screamed, his name a high pitched moan on her lips as she came, her back arching off the counter. Scott pressed soft kisses to the inside of her thighs as she slumped against the cold surface of the counter, the feeling soothing her overheated skin.

The pleasant feeling of Scott's lips against her skin and her perfect afterglow were both rather rudely ripped away from Tessa when she heard Scott swearing under his breath, closely followed by the oven door swinging open.
Tessa sat up straight at the suddenly overwhelming smell of burning and watched as Scott grabbed a nearby tea towel to quickly remove the tray of cupcakes from the oven and dropped them down onto the counter. Instead of the light golden brown that the surface of the cupcakes should have been, they were now black, thoroughly burnt with no hope of saving them.
Scott carefully picked a cupcake up from the tray to inspect it. It was hard to touch and certainly not something Tessa wanted to bring to the party tomorrow.
“Don’t say a word!” She scoffed pulling her pants back up as she hopped off the counter to take a closer look at the burnt goods herself. She could feel the laughter building in her chest at just how much of a disaster her recipe had turned into. She looked up at Scott and as soon as he met her gaze they couldn't hold it back anymore and they melted into a fit of laughter.
"Well, I guess for once it’s not just my bad cooking skills to blame!”.
Scott laughed with Tess as he pulled her into his side, placing a kiss on the top of her head.