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movie night

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how can a innocent movie night turn so nasty?

it was pretty much dave's idea to chill out, due to the excessive touring the crew did so they all huddled up in kurt's home in seattle.

beer, popcorn and all other diabetic snacks were on the table as they watched a variety of different movies through-out the day. even frances got a chance to watch one with her father and his friends.

the fun soon ended when krist decided to head home. after krist left, frances was put to bed and dave was dragged up the stairs and put in a spare room due to his drunken snores.

the only two left was pat and kurt, who's been up drinking and laughing at the stupid movie that pat picked. one drink turned into 2, then 3, then all the sudden pat has his hand down kurt's pants and his tongue down his throat.

their tongues clashed against each other, kurt lifting his hips to feel more from pat as the eldest would teasingly rub kurt's harden cock through his boxers. kurt would groan as he felt his bandmember run his thumb over his wet silt, causing his legs to slightly shake.

pat pulled away from the blonde's lips, kissing down that prickly sharp jaw of his as he slipped his hand up kurt's shirt.

"fuck man.. quit teasing." kurt whined out, his hands moving down to pat's short curls in order to grip them. kurt's desperate need for release made pat even harder, letting a exhale from his plump lips as he unzipped kurt's jeans and shoving them down kurt's hips.

pat began to mouth on kurt's visual bulge, making the blonde above lean his head back in pure ecstasy. kurt's hips began to thrust upward but was soon stopped when pat reached in his boxers and took his dripping cock out.

kurt's hands were gripping the couch as he leaned his head up and watched pat lick a straight line up his leaking slit. kurt let out a long moan as he bucked his hips up, biting that pretty bottom lip of his.

"god, kurt, i've always wanted to see you like this." the eldest muttered, soon wrapping his plump lips around kurt's crown and beginning to move his head.

kurt turned his head to the side, raising his hips as his eyes rolled back. the taste of his orgasm was on the tip of his tongue as he began thrusting inside pat's mouth. his thighs tremble, squeezing around pat's head.

pat groaned, running his tongue under kurt's cock which earned him a small whimper. pat proceeded to suck in his cheeks and deepthroat him as kurt jerked his hips up letting out a wanton cry.

"fu-u-uck..!" kurt mewled out, shocks of pleasure running through his veins as he released down pat's throat. he let out a loud exhale as his hips bucked more in pat's mouth, his beautiful blonde locks spread on the couch's cushion.

pat chuckled as he succeeded prying kurt's thighs open and releasing his head from the tight grip. he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, his lips reddened and plump from the current foreplay he performed on kurt.

pat turned around and looked at the clock, it was almost 2:30. he turned back to kurt, who was taking deep breaths as he rubbed his palms on his legs. "kurt," pat purred out, placing his hands on kurt's. "dude, we gotta go to bed. it's like, 30 minutes to 3."

pat knew what he was doing, telling kurt to hit the hay was gonna cause more shit than he expected. once those words entered kurt's ears, he sat up.

god, was that sight hot? kurt's face, chest and tip were both flushed as he continued taking deep breaths, still recovering from that big release he had. kurt's beautiul blonde locks were now messy and those haunting cobalt blue eyes' pupils were dilated.

"pat, please, dude you can't leave me like this!" kurt breathed out, putting his body on display to show pat what he's done to him. "fuck, i really want you.. that isn't fair no how."

pat moved his hand down between kurt's legs, rubbing his inner thighs which was rewarded with a sigh. "i know, but i'm pooped out, besides dave or frances could wake up any minute now."

"damnit pat, dave's out drunk and frances sleeps through the night now. please, pat? i need you." kurt begged, leaning back against the couch as he opened his legs wider.

pat sighed with a smile and moved his hand causing kurt to protest. he stood up, removing his own jeans and boxers and flopping right beside kurt. he makes a 'come here' gesture with his fingers, which immediately drives kurt to him on his lap.

"open wide, kurty." pat cooed, watching that sharp jaw drop open. he took two fingers and slid them inside kurt's warm mouth. kurt knows what to do, eagerly sucking on pat's fingers, slurping all around the digits.

kurt's tongue slips in between the fingers, coating them evenly in his salivia. pat extracts them out of kurt's mouth, wrapping his unwet hand around kurt's back. kurt leans on pat's shoulder, pushing his ass out towards those salivia coated digits.

pat spreads kurt's cheek as he dips a finger on his hole, coating kurt's entrance in his spit. kurt sighs shakily, pushing his hips more for more friction. kurt let out a gasp as he felt pat's index finger slip in, wrapping his arms around pat's shoulders as he felt pat's fingers thrust inside him.

pat was dripping hard hearing kurt's desperate moans and huffs, slowly slipping in the other finger and beginning to curve his fingers each time he slid his fingers deep inside.

kurt bit back a moan when pat curved his fingers on his prostate, his cock dripping in excitement. fuck, he wanted pat so bad he cry for him. his hole anticipating for pat to pummel him was making him more desperate and needy.

pat slips his fingers out, much to kurt's disappointment, and positioned his cock to kurt's stretched hole. kurt leaned his head up and looked back, watching pat spit in his hand and stroke his cock a few times before raising his hips and sliding the tip of his cock in.

the two both let out a long moan as pat bottomed out inside kurt. kurt's head fell against pat's shoulder once more as he began to raise his hips and slam his hips down on pat's cock.

kurt began to make a rhythm, lifting his hips up and down on pat's thick cock. his own was dripping on pat's lower stomach, slowly making a puddle in that area.

kurt rolls his hips, his head lolling to the side as those pretty blonde lashes fluttered shut. needy moans escaped kurt's rosy lips as he gripped pat's wrists.

"you're so adorable like this, kurt.." pat mumbles, his nails scratching lightly at the couch below the two's surface. kurt moves one of his hands off of pat's, cupping the other's cheek, fingers pressed against his dark curls.

pat looked up to those eyes, chestnut brown meeting cobalt blue. pat bit his lip and began thrusting his hips up, his cock pistoling inside kurt. both of kurt's hands move to pat's shoulders, gripping them tight. in return, the other man's grasp his hips, pushing them down as he thrusts deep inside.

kurt held onto pat as he moved his hands to his forearms. He soon leans his head on pat's shoulder, his mouth right on the beginning of his shoulder. he grips onto pat's arms, bouncing up and down. his thighs quake each time he rose up, pat's tip resting in the warm velvetly walls of his insides.

pat held onto kurt's hips, watching as his hips thrust upwards into kurt. pat's crown ends up slamming into kurt's prostate, rewarding him with a strangled noise. pat chuckled as he leaned his head back, now controlling kurt's movements as he began to pummel kurt's prostate.

kurt's bitten nails digged in pat's arms, his cries being muffled by him shoving his face into pat's shoulder. his eyes filled with tears from the stimulation his prostate was getting. fuck, pat was hitting it DEAD ON. kurt felt like he could fall unconcious from the pleasure.

pat, who was in utter bliss, began to lean back further and raise his hips up for better aim at kurt's prostate.

yeesh, kurt could taste that orgasm on his tongue. pat was amazing at hitting him at all the right angles, it had him drooling.

a sharp thrust on his prostate was all kurt needed to lose it, he latched onto pat's shoulder, his eyes shutting tightly each time pat would slam into his prostate.

pat would yelp each time kurt was bite down on his shoulder, pushing kurt's hips down while his went up. he shimmied his shoulder away from kurt, earning a high pitched moan from him as he faced pat.

kurt moved his hands to pat's cheeks and smashed his lips against pat's, their tongues crossing and tasting each others' mouths as drool fell from their mouths. pat's hand made its way down to kurt's dripping cock, and soon began running his hand up and down kurt's cock, rubbing his palm on his tip.

kurt's hips buckled as he leaned his head back, thrusting his hips into pat's hand as he dug his nails in pat's cheek. "fuck!" the blonde cried out, chest and face flushed red as he tilted his head down and looked at the man below him.

"keep going, pat!" pat was sweating as he continued his brutal torture to the frontman's prostate, still jerking kurt off as he chased his release. "fuck, man, i'm close..!"

kurt's thighs began to tremble as he felt a hot feeling pool in his lower stomach. those cobalt blue eyes rolled back as his hips jerked, cumming in seconds. he flops on pat, his head resting on the older's shoulder as pat continued thrusting until releasing inside of kurt's now red hole.

the two huffed, soon coming down from that high. pat slowly exited out of kurt, which earned a whimper. "great, now the couch's gonna be a mess."

"my bad, kurt" pat chuckled as he relaxed his sore body, leaning his head back. "it was really worth it though." kurt rose up and smacked his arm softly, earning a big smile and laugh from pat.

"what time is it?" kurt muttered, running his hand through his sweat soaked hair. god, that round really put a number on him. he could already feel the back pain forming in his lower area. "4:15, fuck, we was out of it were we?" he says, gaining the strength to tip himself over and lay on the couch.

kurt nods in agreement, laying right beside him. "what are we gonna tell dave whenever he wakes up? he's gonna smell the stench of cum whenever he comes down here." kurt mentioned, a small smile growing on his face.

"we'll just give it to him straight up, unless he wakes up later then we'll try to get rid of the smell." pat uttered, leaning his face on kurt's shoulder. kurt hummed as he shut his eyes, sighing.

a few minutes went by when pat moves close to his ear.

"round 2, later?"

kurt's eyes shot up and glanced at pat, a smirk growing on his face.

"you know it."