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Night on Earth

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Amy could see the irony of the day with disdain: no cloud threatened to appear and destroy the beautiful blue sky, so blue Amy was sure she had painted it that color before, poems written by jo still graced the woman's golden dressing table, which she didn't have time to stop and read as she always did. The sun seemed to have woken up in anger, and the sun's rays threatened to paint a stain on her face. But despite the bath of light bathing the property, the interior of the house remained sad and cold emotionally.

Jo and Meg comforted their youngest sister, who had not left her eldest daughter's room for two hours after the funeral. Even Daisy and Demi decided to behave on the day, deciding to just carefully explore the sad uncle's house.

Laurie sat on the red sofa that Amy insisted on buying to celebrate the birth of little Claire, who at the exact moment was leaning against her father's left side, stroking his daughter's dark hair as he received words of comfort from the family. To his left, snuggled the blond boy dressed in black, though his shirt was stained blue, as the boy liked to wander among Amy's cool artworks, which she never complained about.

How is losing someone always so sudden? Despite Beth's numerous downfalls over the years? The Laurence couple always knew about their eldest daughter's weakened immunity, but they never prepared for the worst, until Amy learned to pray and Laurie found himself crossing the gardens each day and asking the March hostess for advice. the loving couple knew what was coming. But despite this, the rich faith and hope never dies within the hearts of those they love. Not until Beth dies.

"Do you think it was for the better, my jo?" Amy asked as she walked out of the bedroom and walked into the kitchen, one sister in which arm, where Meg had made a hearty, delicious pie of ripe blackberries picked from her own backyard. Jo hesitated before speaking but her older sister's encouraging gaze made her more relaxed as she shared her thoughts.

"I didn't want to compare situations, however i think it's inevitable in this situation." Jo said as the three sisters sat at the dinner table and one of Jo's children jumped into the woman's lap asking for some pie. “Amy, to be honest, I think it was for the better. Our Beth suffered for years before finally embarking on eternal bliss, and even though little Bess went to find her when she was just six, I didn't want to see her suffer the way I did so closely with our sister."

"I pray every day for everyone in the family, for father, for mother and for all my nephews and children. Of course, without leaving out men, after all they are our family too. Have you ever thought how blessed we are to have such family as big and rich in happiness as ours? I don't want to take away your sadness right now, but I also want you to remember that she will never be forgotten by us, as we will never forget Beth." Meg said, squeezing the youngest's hand affectionately. “Maybe you should talk to Marmee, like Laurie has been doing all this time."

“I don't want to appear weak to our parents, I don't want to give them trouble in their old age." Amy said and Jo gasped in shock while Meg only looked sad at the comment. The three women suddenly looked toward the kitchen door, where they heard the clatter of shoes on the wooden floor.

"My Amy. How could you give me trouble when you only give me love every day?" Marmee said while hugging her daughter, it was a little difficult to hug someone sitting in a chair so close to the table but the mother did it anyway. “I don't care about age or tranquility as long as the three of you aren't calm and happy too." Marmee yelped.

"I can say many words of comfort and affection for you in this moment, but only you know the pain of losing a daughter as young as our girls. 
I am truly sorry for you, because I know my little Beth still lives every time Daisy dares to play the piano out of tune in our house, but you don't have anything as vivid as I do. Perhaps you'll try harder than it took me to find my Beth, but I'm sure you will remember your Beth in something beyond your memory and motherly heart. I love you, my Amy. Don't ever doubt that." 

Jo didn't have any more children in her arms and soon she ran to hug the two who shed silent tears, Meg did the same and wiped the tears on the sleeve of Marmee's black dress — nuzzling her head as if she was still a child — who didn't care at all.

"To Elizabeth May Laurence,

I don't understand the warm breeze and the clear sky, since in all the poetic books I've read deeply sad people are always in a cold and rainy weather, but when I woke up the apple trees were full and big red apples threatened to fall from the branch, the aroma of Meg's blackberry pie filled my nostrils and your siblings slept safely in their proper beds.  But it still doesn't seem fair to me, because your bed is still cold and untidy, your hair bows won't be used and I'll never run the palm of my hand through your hair again.

Yours, Amy Curtis Laurence"

Laurie would sit by the window every day, watching the March house, he'd watch Jo pass by with books under her arm, fabrics, paints and papyrus papers, getting ready for another class. He could see the eyes of the older sister March as she passed the garden of their childhood home and looked at him sadly. And it went like that for a week.

Laurie could see his two children playing outside, and when the anxiety was strongest, he would tell them to pick up their toys and go inside. As the days passed, his office was littered with wooden toys, costumes, and children's books on the floor, and as much as Laurie loved the office, he loved his children more. However, when Thomas decided to paint a piece of art outside in their backyard and Laurie sent him to his office, Amy waited for the story to unfold because she knew exactly where it would end up.

Thomas's blue sky graced the entire wooden floor of the study, and his red fingers stained the books of the deceased Mr. Laurence. When Amy heard her husband's complaints directed at their youngest son, she decided to do something.

"...I gave you the paper and the brushes! You made a huge mess!"  Amy heard Laurie say as she wiped the crying boy's hands, as her father never spoke to him as angry as he did today. Thomas ran a little red hand over his face, tears mixed with the paint, and as much as Laurie tried to wipe it away, nothing seemed to help the situation. Thomas turned to the door looking at his mother, who reached out and took him into the arm of one of her servants, asking gently for the man to wipe the child's face. When the woman returned to the office, Laurie was on his feet, eyes on the window.

"You shouldn't have ordered him into the house." Amy started. "That's why I sent him to the front yard." Laurie sighed and turned his head to Amy.

"I don't want to lose sight of them."

"But that doesn't mean you should lock them up here! Laurie, look around. You can't take a step without bumping into something childish and now the books are smeared with ink."  Amy spoke and Laurie snapped, "Amy, I don't care."

"Really? You were almost yelling at our son a minute ago!" Amy said walking up to the man and leaning her hands on the wooden chair by the window. Laurie looked at the woman without saying a word and held out her hand inviting her to look out the window with him, which Amy gladly accepted.

"I can't see it, but I know inside that attic there's a little "B" carved into the wood next to jo's old desk. Because I carved it and those were our secret. Everything I look at I remember her." He pointed to Amy's old childhood home, then to the chipped corner of the window and Amy followed it with her eyes. "She broke it when she accidentally threw the toy horse." Laurie sighed hugging Amy. "I can't believe she's gone."

Amy could feel her husband's sadness, and even though they shared the same pain, it was the first time they had talked about this subject so Amy kept quiet for the next few minutes because she was determined to tell him today, as she had planned. Amy swallowed and opened her mouth shakily. "Laurie?" She called to him and he turned to face her and she anxiously said, "I'm pregnant again."

Laurie paused for a moment, before sitting down in the same wooden chair and rubbing her eyes with her hands, Amy knelt before him, took her hands away from his face and held them tightly asking, "Aren't you happy?"

"No. At least not now."

"Once upon a time there was a princess named Mary, she had a blue and red crown and liked to ride in carriages. Her mother was very beautiful and her father too, she had brothers who played with her. End.

Elizabeth May Laurence."

Amy took refuge in her older sister's house, who received her with great care and concern. It was almost getting dark and the two sisters were still lying in the double bed, Amy decided to bring Claire with an excuse for which she would just bring the girl to visit her relatives, however Meg knew that Amy just didn't want to leave the two children alone with Laurie and after the countless games of Daisy, Demi and Claire the kids finally rested on the mattress placed in the room where Amy would probably sleep tonight.

"I don't understand, Meg. Children are synonymous with happiness, yet I don't feel happy." Amy said staring at the ceiling as she felt her older sister's fingers run through her blonde strands.

"Amy, children are a blessing from God but under current circumstances it's normal to be fearful about the future. But I'm sure you will love this child with all your body and soul."

"I know so. But I'm afraid for Laurie."

"Do you have any doubts that Laurie loves his kids as much as you do?" Meg asked and Amy quickly turned to her sister, as if she had just insulted her.

"Oh! Of course not!"

"So what evidence do you have, other than the contradictory conversation you just had with him, that he won't love this child?" Meg put her hands on her younger sister's face. "I already love her, as I love all my nephews, without exception." Amy let a few tears fall onto Meg's pillow and she hugged her warmly.

"How are you so sure it's going to be a girl?" Amy asked laughing.

"I just know, and if i'm right you own me something." Meg said.

"Wich is?"

"I don't know, but i certainly will figure out soon enough." Amy smiled, and after a couple seconds she revealed: "I already love her too."

The wooden door swung open with as little noise as possible and revealed a child at the door, his black hair mussed. "Mother? Are you crying?" She asked the child when she noticed her mother's sad look and without asking permission she got in between the two. "Why are you crying, Mother? Are you sad?"

"On the contrary my dear, Mother is very happy." Meg smiled and so did Amy, but the girl still didn't understand why. "You will soon have a new little brother to play with and that makes me very happy."

Claire stopped and watched her mother's face. "I already have it. Thomas and Bess. I don't need another one."

Meg replied, "You can have Thomas, love. However Bess is in heaven."

"But I don't want to have another brother, I already have my sister!" Claire spoke as she got up from the bed.

Amy tried to get her on the bed again, but failed.

"No, I do not want!" Amy looked at her daughter sadly and concluded that it was time to leave, John was almost home anyway.

"Thanks for having me, Meg. But we're leaving now." Amy said getting up from the bed and pulling her daughter by the hand that was struggling and crying against her mother.

"Amy, I-" Meg tried to make her stay, but it was an unsuccessful move as Amy ran over her words and thanked her as she put her daughter on her lap and left so fast that not even the twins woke up.  Leaving a worried sister behind.

After an exhausting walk through the three neighboring houses, Amy sat in the dressing table chair as she ran a white cloth over the scratch made by Claire near the woman's collarbone that despite the physical pain, the emotional pain was much worse. for now they were two family members upset with her. Amy undid her high hairstyle and let her blonde hair down and as she was about to take off the blue dress she was wearing, a knock was heard. However, before she could say anything the door was opened and Laurie revealed himself bringing Claire with him. The girl walked slowly as Laurie held her hand encouraging her to speak when they got close enough to Amy.

Claire hesitated before speaking, but after a few seconds she embarrassedly apologized as Amy accepted, after all she couldn't be mad at her own daughter. "I promise never to hurt you again! Oh, mama I feel so ashamed."  Said the girl hugging her mother who returned the hug with the same intensity. "I swear to be the best big sister in the world and never fight with my brothers." Claire whispered the last part so only mother and daughter could hear: "Even with the unborn."

"Thank you." Amy spent five minutes talking to her daughter until there was a knock on the door and Claire had to leave because it was time for her to go to bed, leaving husband and wife alone in their own room.

Amy didn't ask for help undressing, but Laurie helped her anyway, waiting for the right moment to apologize to his wife.

"Amy, I'm sorry." Laurie said when Amy got into bed with him that night.

"Why are you apologizing?"

"For saying I'm not happy."

"Laurie it's okay, you might feel sad."  Amy said but there were still words to speak.

"It's unfair. I'm happy for our life Amy, I truly am. You make me incredibly happy, our family makes me happy and I'm an idiot for not recognizing that. I'm sure I will always miss and be sad as long as I live without my daughter, But living without you and our family would make me unhappy forever, even in afterlife." Laurie said keeping in touch with his wife's clear eyes that were already teary. "I love you and always will with all my heart, I am your humble man. I will love Thomas, Claire, You and our unborn child until my last breath."

"Pray for the dead and the dead will pray for you!"

Marmee loved the little green piano that decorated the corner of her living room, after Beth's death, the only one who dared to play the piano was the teacher Jo brought in after her trip and Daisy that wanted to experiment something new. However, even so, Marmee didn't fail to clean it every time the dust sneakily tried to get inside. Marmee was an old woman and with all the children raised, the woman had gained free time that she didn't have before and thoughts could flow more freely through the house that once housed four children full of life. The basement is lonely and gray except for the junk that Jo dumps, promising that she'll come back for it and that there's no more room at the school. Marmee receives unexpected visits from Meg and can never guess when her eldest daughter will appear on the grounds. However, the daughter who least comes to visit her lives meters away. The woman sees Amy through the windows of the mansion sometimes, and even the wild hair she knows belongs to Laurie makes an appearance. To be honest, Laurie developed an amazing relationship with Marmee during Bess's worst days and the woman was under the impression that she knew a lot more about the man Laurie had become than the boy once in love with Jo.

Marmee decided to volunteer at the local church, especially after the revelation of Amy's pregnancy, donating old clothes and hot food to the less fortunate and trying her best. On a gray and totally monotonous day, Marmee was carried away by her prayers. The woman prayed for the family and the health of her grandchildren. She even bargained for her health for the health of her grandchildren and children, after all, Marmee was already old and missing Beth.

In the late afternoon as she returned home, she could observe the couple and their two children at their doorstep entering the house after a lovely afternoon in the city.

"Je m’excuse auprès des dieux
De ma mère et ses louanges
Je sais toutes les prières
Tous les vœux
Pour que ça change
Mais je veux partir avec toi
Je veux mourir dans tes bras"

Jo liked to reassure herself that she was a busy woman, for in her youth a woman tried to find her way into the future and ended up with nothing to do most of the time. So when the school was set up and the kids were born there wasn't much time to chat with anyone other than her family and it's not like Jo wanted more than that, she was happy with her life and another day started beautifully, the sun shone on the horizon however the icy air was present, after all winter was coming. Consequently, the children decided to play and enjoy the sunny days after classes and readings. Imagine Jo's surprise to see that her family was there to share that day with her! Oh, even Amy showed up holding a bunch of heavy fabrics that would surely make great outerwear for the poorest students.

Meg held the hands of her twins, who behaved well since their father was also present, holding two large jars of blackberry jam, a gift made by Meg with lots of love and affection, the jars were distributed between the Laurence and Baher family. Laurie held his youngest son in his arms and the boy slept peacefully with his head resting on his father's shoulder while Marmee held Claire's hand, which held a purple wildflower.

The family had never planned to meet that day, so the family had more fun than expected. Telling stories of the past and drinking the fresh orange juice that Jo specially squeezed with her bare hands.

"Where's Laurie?" Amy said rocking her chair with the two year old boy on her arm.

"Amy, you shouldn't make him sleep this afternoon, otherwise he won't sleep at night and consequently you won't." The experienced Meg said and Amy nodded but didn't stop rocking the child who was getting quiet every minute that passed.

"I would look for him, but I can't leave now." Amy said looking at everyone gathered in the room. "He said he was going to get blankets but he never came back."

"Did he got lost?" asked John.

"Doesn't sound like him, Laurie helped us set up the school and was here every day." Jo said getting up and looking at the children playing near that place with quick eyes. "I'll go look for him, since I need to go look at the cake in the oven."

Jo left with quick steps and after observing the cake and concluding that it wasn't ready yet, she almost forgot about Laurie but remembered when she passed the enormous stair of the house.  Jo found him in a bedroom with a pink blanket in his hands, sitting on the bed with an expression so melancholy that Jo couldn't put the feeling into words if she tried.

"I was going to bring it to her you know?"  Laurie said recognizing Jo's presence at the door. The woman sat beside the man who was playing with the sheet, passing it between his fingers. "I was going to bring it to her, but then I remembered she's not here anymore."  Laurie looked into Jo's eyes. "You know what it's like, Jo? To feel so unhappy all of a sudden, as if grief is consuming you little by little?" Laurie put the sheet in Jo's lap. "I'm so happy and so sad, all the known emotions are there."

Jo smiled. "It's the horse embroidered blanket isn't it? I'll never get rid of it, reminds me of her why it was her favorite" Suddenly Jo brightened, like she had once when they were kids.

"You need to come with me, I swear it will make you better. Please?"

Laurie followed the woman to the drawer in the main bedroom of the house, where Jo opened the bottom drawer of the bedside and pulled out sheets of writing in the worst handwriting he'd ever seen anyone write. Jo didn't let the man see the contents.

"Laurie!" Amy exclaimed as the man appeared in the room and then went to sit next to Laurie, nearly waking the toddler in her lap as she climbed out of the rocking chair. Laurie hugged his wife with his right arm and gently pressed a kiss to Amy's tidy blonde hair as he held the papers in her left hand.

We tend to think that physical pain is the worst pain we can ever experience, at some point Jo handed the papers to Laurie, who experienced the strongest emotional pain he has ever felt, even after seeing his oldest daughter's body. lifeless, it was harder to see the papers written with so much life and color, knowing he'd never see it done by her again.

Amy was no different, and when she read the wild stories that little Bess wrote without ever mentioning to her own parents it made her happy, happy to have something more to cling to Bess, who was gone so soon. Amy's heart felt like it was going to rip through the skin of her chest and leap out of ecstasy.

"I helped her write, she said she wanted to write a book like mine and that she would one day publish it." Jo said taking another paper. "But she also wanted to be an artist, like her mother, and she painted her grandparents and aunts."

Marmee pulled out the painting and was surprised to see that the girl still remembered her grandfather, who had passed away two years earlier, "I'll frame it and then hang it in the middle of the room, on top of Beth's piano, for all to see." Marmee dictated.

And in the end, as a result of their emotions, Jo's cake burned.

Agora preciso de tua mão,
não para que eu não tenha medo,
mas para que tu não tenhas medo.
Sei que acreditar em tudo isso será,
no começo, a tua grande solidão.
Mas chegará o instante em que me darás a mão,
não mais por solidão, mas como eu agora:
Por amor.

Amy's swollen belly made her so weak that a week before delivery the woman didn't get out of bed. Laurie helped her eat, and Amy was extremely grateful to have him in her life.

On the fateful day, Amy woke up with scalding hot skin and her nightgown wet from amniotic fluid. However, Amy reacted weakly when Laurie called her in the morning. The worried man called the midwife who stayed with Amy until the night when she called Laurie into the corner and firmly asked him to call all the closest family members in case the worst happens.

The man immediately left the house quickly, without stopping to pick up his coat, crossed the gardens and knocked on the door, being greeted by Hannah and Marmee.

"Marmee! it's Amy, she's not well and has gone into labor" Laurie said and Marmee hugged him, "I have to tell Meg before Amy leaves and I don't see it."

"Laurie!" Marmee said getting attention.  "No one else is going to die, understand? Amy is strong, give her a credit." Laurie sighed and felt the motherly hand on his face, wiping away the naughty tears that insisted on falling in that moment of despair. "When you get to Meg's house, tell her to delivery the message for Demi to Jo and leave Daisy with John at home, Meg has helped with many deliveries and can help with this one too. I'll be with my daughter." Marmee spoke and then heard Laurie slamming the door.

"Hannah, I ask that you stay here and pray for my Amy as if she were the child she once was."

When night came and the snowstorm pounded on the bedroom window, Meg knew something was wrong, as none of the pregnant women took as long as Amy and it didn't help that her younger sister didn't have the strength to push the baby. The midwife looked at Meg with frightened eyes, as she was a new midwife and not much experience, but even Meg didn't know what to do at this point.

"Amy, do you remember the promise you made to me? That if the baby were a girl you'd give me something? Let me ask first, and I beg you to please try just this and I swear I'll make your favorite blackberry jam every month."

Amy looked at her sister. "Can you hold my hand?"

"Of course! You need anyone else?"

"You and Jo, please." Amy said and the midwife announced it was time, got up and left to look for Jo who came running.

"Is Demi okay?" Meg asked quickly and Jo nodded holding Amy's right hand as she felt the warmth of the woman's forehead with the back of her left hand.

"She needs to push." The midwife announced and the three women got ready, Amy looked out the dark window and saw the snow, thinking how beautiful Christmas would be this year, and started to push.

On December 1st, Mary Adeline Laurence was born. And in the days that followed, she looked so healthy that Laurie joked about Amy's fragile state in childbirth, saying that Mary sucked all the vitality out of Amy, that much better and stronger, smiled hugging her three precious children. On Christmas Eve, no family members allowed Amy to help with the festivities and decorations, although the woman still dictated where the decorations would be. In the evening, they celebrated Christmas Eve at Marmee's house. Meg keeps her promise and brings the strawberry jam, as well as Daisy who finally learned a song on the piano, and played for the whole family who were thrilled to see the piano in action once again.