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Will was handsome when he was still half asleep, his voice still bleary, his hair a mess. He really was like a cat in the morning, grumpy and stubborn and entirely willing to scratch anyone that bothered him. For Lion, who had always lived by good habits and phrases like 'early to bed, early to rise,' this posed a problem. One that they knew all too well how to rectify.

"Will," they murmured softly, leaning over him. They'd only woken up a few minutes ago, but they were already fully cognizant.

Will, on the other hand, just groaned, looking balefully up at Lion. "C'mon, let me sleep in… it's a Sunday, even."

They chuckled. "Hmm. But if you go back to sleep, you'll miss out."

They leaned down to kiss him softly, one hand running down his chest. Will was the sort of man that would only wear boxers to bed, and it was almost unfair, how tempting it made him. He was muscular and perfect to touch, strong and safe and theirs. Really, it was absolutely unfair. They almost wanted to scold him for it.

"Mm… I'll miss out, huh?" Will muttered, his expression softening. "Are you really going to do something like that this early…?"

Lion blushed a little. "If I want to, I can," they asserted. "You're not really going to complain, are you?"

Will sighed. "No, go ahead," he replied, clearly suppressing a yawn. "Do whatever you'd like."

They chuckled. "Ridiculous. You're making me do all the work." Despite those words, they didn't mind. It was a good way to wake up, for both of them, and they liked taking the lead anyway.

"Guess so," Will replied, smirking. He was a cat. A rebellious, overgrown cat. And Lion was the owner with an overly soft heart that would spoil him rotten.

They kissed him again, their hand gently pinching one of his nipples, and he moaned into the kiss. That emboldened them to go further, to kiss him harder, to pinch him more, and then to move their mouth away from his lips, to press kisses to his jaw, his neck, his chest. All of him was beautiful, all of him was theirs to touch, to spoil, to love. Lion was the firstborn child, used to having the first choice, used to taking what was theirs by birthright, and so they had no problem taking Will, too.

“You’re worse than Diana,” they accused, even as their hands moved lower, from the man's toned chest to the waistband of his boxers. "If you act like that, perhaps I’ll just pinch you here instead.”

Will groaned a bit, glaring at them. “Don’t you dare.”

Lion chuckled. “I wouldn’t. I happen to like what’s here, so I must be careful to pinch it gently.” They tugged Will’s boxers down, shifting back a bit. His cock was already half-hard, thanks to their earlier teasing and touching, and they brought their fingers to the tip, stroking slowly.

“Ha…” Will moaned a little, then bit his lip, glaring at Lion even more fiercely. It was the sort of cute expression that they adored, so they chuckled and stroked again, the movement eliciting another small moan from the man.

“You’re so cute, Will,” they whispered, lowering their head a bit, so that as they spoke, their warm breath fell on his cock. “You really should be better about waking up early, don’t you think?”

“Your standards are too high,” he mumbled. “Don’t play around like this.”

“If you promise to get out of bed and shower with me once I’m done…” Lion smiled sweetly.

Will held their gaze for a moment before sighing. “...Fine. I promise,” he reluctantly said.

It was surprisingly easy today; Lion was almost shocked. If Lion left Will to his own devices, he’d probably stay in bed until noon, and sometimes even when Lion was kind enough to motivate him like this, Will would resist, stubbornly insisting on staying in bed even when Lion would tease him for far, far too long. So they were happy that Will was so pliable. It made things more enjoyable for them both.

They slowly took his tip into their mouth, their eyes still on Will. He closed his eyes, resting back against the pillows, and Lion had to fight not to roll their eyes. They loved him, and the way he could be such a lazy, silly thing was endearing, but it also made them want to stop taking his cock into their mouth to start scolding him for rudeness. …Though maybe that was an endearing and frustrating trait of their own.

They went slowly, sucking on the tip for a little while, before moving further down, their hands resting on Will’s thighs to support them. Will’s body was warm. Will was always warm, really. Even when he’d act cold, in the end, he couldn’t hide the fact that he was unceasingly kind, regardless of what form that kindness took. The way he’d brush leaves off of Lion’s shoulders, or would wake up to hush Diana in the middle of the night so that the fussy cat didn’t wake them up, or even the way that Will would sternly give them advice that Lion, a sheltered heir, had never needed to know before, in a cold tone of voice… All of those casual things were for their sake, out of love, and not out of any expectation of reward.

Will groaned a bit, and Lion continued sucking, watching him as they did. They loved him. Far too much, really. Even this sort of thing, where it was meant to be an incentive to make him get out of bed, was just because they wanted to be with him… Always, forever, for as long as they could. It was a miracle that they were alive, and even if they were their own miracle, Will was the one that had shown them that they could be that, could do that.

“Lion…” Will murmured softly, groaning once more.

Lion paused for a moment, their mouth moving away. “Hm?”

Will gave them a small smile. “Love you.”

Lion felt their cheeks heat up. “...Love you too, Will…”

They resumed, taking Will’s cock into their mouth and sucking quietly. It wasn’t too much longer before the man came with a loud exhale, and Lion swallowed diligently, not wanting to leave a mess on the bed. They’d been awful at it when they’d first started, the taste too bitter for them, but now that they were experienced, it was merely familiar.

They lifted their head, smiling. “Well? You’re awake now, aren’t you? There’s no need nor reason to stay in bed.”

Will smirked at them. “But you’re in my bed,” he pointed out. “So there’s no reason to leave it.”

Lion couldn’t resist the urge to roll their eyes, this time, and didn’t hesitate to get off the bed. “There.” They held out their hand expectantly. “Now get up, before I really do pinch you there.”

Will chuckled before taking their hand and letting himself be dragged off the bed, following almost meekly behind Lion. “Haha, so we have to shower and pretend that we’re going to be productive?

“...I wanted to at least bake a bit today with Clair,” Lion admitted. “And I thought you might want to help…”

He sighed. “Yeah. I’d like that…”

Will paused suddenly on their way to the bathroom, and Lion paused as well, looking back at him and wondering why he was hesitating now, of all times, only for Will to use his free hand to cup their cheek. He leaned in and kissed them, gentle and sweet and warm, his lips like a caress, and then withdrew, a far, far too proud smirk on his face.

Lion could only blink in silence for a moment, before turning away, their face growing red. Will was an awful, awful man. The way he was laughing at them right now proved it: he truly was a cat, and just now, Lion had been scratched. It was what they deserved for disturbing a slumbering beast, even if it was their own personal one.

They smiled to themselves, even with their face hot with embarrassment. This was the sort of intimate sweetness and teasing that they could only have with this person. So, almost greedily, they would soak in every precious word, every warm moment, and every soft touch. All of it was Lion’s, and all of it was perfect.