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Come on Closer

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Stretching lazily and changing positions slightly, Ginger still more asleep than awake, searched for the warm body sleeping next to hers so she could snuggle closer, but all her hands came in contact with were cold and rumpled sheets.  

"Fred?", she softly called out for him, not wanting to lose her sleepy haze, but as no response came, she cracked one eye open and lifted her head, looking for him.  

Only now did she realise there was music coming from the living room. The clock read 3:15 AM as she slowly got up from bed. Not bothering to put on proper sleepwear, she just put on his robe and barefoot-walked towards the source of the music.  

What she first thought was a record playing, as she got closer, she realised it was Fred playing the piano, Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, Presto Agitato to be more specific, something that Ginger always considered to fit him, knowing his true passionate side.  

Her Fred, wearing only his pyjama pants, sitting on the piano bench lost to the sounds the instrument was making, in a completely darkened room, save from the streetlamps and the full moon shining across the undraped window.  

She leaned against the back wall, observing him, not wanting to disturb. He finished Beethoven and started what seemed like a creation of his own, every couple of minutes he'd change the tempo of a similar part as if trying to find what worked best.  

"Are you going to stand there and watch me all night?" Fred broke the silence with a hint of amusement in his voice, making Ginger jump nonetheless.  

"Jesus, Fred! You scared me", she heard him chuckle and started to walk towards him.  

She walked behind him and put her hands on his bare shoulders, running her hands over the warm skin. "How on earth did you hear me with the piano and all?"  

He had stopped playing now and caressed her arm, pulling her to face him. "Come here"

She stood in front of the piano, between his legs as he smiled at her. "It's not so much as hear you every time you walk into a room - I somehow know, I just can feel it." He pushed her on the keyboard, sitting her there as he caressed her robe-clothed waist and hips.  

The moment his hands started undoing the knot of the sash, Ginger closed her eyes in anticipation,  her breathing getting a little heavier as he slowly opened the robe and pushed it away from her shoulders, baring her entire body to him.  

"Why did you get up?" He asked as he started to kiss her stomach while his hands stroked her breasts.  

"I...I woke up and, and..." he took a nipple in his mouth, running his teeth over it. "What was the  question again?" She asked, her ability to finish a thought having flown through the window the moment he touched her.  

Her gasp echoed across the room as he pulled her legs up and put her feet on each side of him on the piano bench, effectively pulling her closer to him, his torso nestled between her opened legs.  

Bracing herself, her hands pressed into the keys, neither paid attention to the sound made.  

Fred started kissing up her left leg, under her knee and up her thigh, his hot breath getting nearer and nearer her sex, and Ginger bit her lip to contain the whimper threatening to scape her.  

But apparently, he had other ideas in mind, for his lips went to her hipbone, sucking the region and continued his torturous path over her lower belly, repeating the same treatment on her right hipbone before starting a slow descent on her right leg, but the moment he reached her knee, she wove her  

fingers through his hair, giving a gentle tug. "Oh, Fred. Why do you always torture me so?" She asked frustratedly.  

As if trying to confirm her accusation, he went up again and he replied between open-mouthed kisses on her lower stomach. "Because I love to see you flustered and," he paused to descend to her inner  thigh, "that scent of yours gets even stronger and I can't resist it."  

Oh, God. She was on fire and he hadn't even touched her there yet. "Fred, I swear if you keep this u- ooh!"  

He turned her speech- and also her brain- to mush as he finally went for the kill. Her swollen flesh heated even more as his tongue slid over, tasting her wetness and she let out a small cry of pleasure. He circled her entrance and his tongue entered her as deep as possible before he focused on her clit,  sucking it into his mouth, her hips jumping at the delicious sensation.  

Just when she thought it couldn't get better, his right hand left her hip and two long digits slid inside her, stroking along her channel as his mouth continued its exploration on her throbbing clit.  

Ginger once again put her left hand on his head, holding on to him with one hand while the other continued clumsily pressing on the black and white ivory keys, every breath she let out transformed in a short gasp.  

He curled his fingers upwards, expertly hitting that sweet spot with every stroke and running his tongue torturously slowly over the underside of her clit, her climax hitting her with a roaring force, his name escaping her lips like a whimper as he drank her with greed.  

"Oh God, Fred, you have the most talented mouth, the most talented fingers. You're just perfect."   She heard herself saying. She really had no control of her post-orgasmic blabbering and grinned at him sheepishly despite herself.  

He smiled back at her and got up, his hands stroking the skin he couldn't reach before and his hand tangled into her hair. "Perfect, huh? Well, can't say I agree with a face like mine, but I'll take credit for the other things you mentioned." He smirked, amusement lighting his eyes as he kissed her cheek, jaw and finally met her lips, that marvellous tongue she just praised moments ago sliding against hers, her taste on him making her senses go haywire. Good heavens, what that man did to her.  

"Hey, I'll accept no self-deprecating humour. I say that you're perfect and that's final," she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him closer, with that, feeling his massive erection against his pyjama pants, "Oooh, and there's also the cherry on top."  

He look down and then up again at her, and asked, mirth evident in his voice "A cherry? I might that offence on that."  

Grinning, she reached inside his pants, and took hold of him, stroking a few times and poised over her entrance, the tip of him touching her folds making that fire she had felt earlier settle back in.  "A big, huge, perfect cherry," he needed no further encouragement and filled her slowly to the hilt, making them both groan at the feeling.  

Somehow he felt bigger than usual, and as he moved deeply within her that just added to the heat spreading through her body, making her feel a tingle on the very tip of her toes.

She could feel the robe under her starting to slid down the keys with the movements "Freddie, we have to get down", she moaned as she spoke, his thrusting not stopping as he listened to her. "The robe’s slipping it’s gonna make us fall."  

He cupped one arse cheek in each hand and lifted her from the instrument,"Hold on tight", he said as he slowly sat them both back on the bench, managing to maintain their connection.  Ginger put her right leg on the floor and her left knee on the bench for leverage, she looked down on him, their eyes maintaining contact as she started lifting her hips and as she descended on him, equally slowly, her mouth agape in sheer pleasure.  

Seeing his usual hazel eyes darkening, she started quickening her pace slightly, her arms wrapping tightly around him and he took the opportunity to feast on the skin of her neck.  

And feast he did, he kissed the spot behind her ear, before sucking forcefully, not only leaving a purple mark on the spot but making her see stars beneath her eyelids and lose the rhythm of her hips.  

He took a hold of them, moving her body over his, her sex wetter than ever, and he groaned each time he drove home. "Oh honey, you feel so good. If you only knew what you did to me", Fred said in that deep tone his voice got when he was incredibly aroused and his right hand found his way to her clit, stroking the engorged nub, her intern muscles becoming even tighter around him. "Always so responsive to me. Fuck, Ginge, you're the perfect one."  

Their tempo had increased, their thrusts becoming harder and faster and deeper at each movement,  his erection now bumping slightly on her cervix every few strokes, only adding to her ecstasy. Ginger pushed his head towards her breast, and moaned loudly as he bit on the nipple with a little more force than usual then sucked on the flesh, sending a shock straight to her core.  

She was so close and all she needed was a little push and suddenly she got it. Fred couldn't hold on any longer and grunted into her skin as he swelled even further before he started coming inside her. Him spasming inside her, along with the noises he was making and his hand still stroking her inflamed clit, she orgasmed, throwing her head back, squeezing him so much she wondered for a fleeting moment if they'd get stuck like this forever. Boy, what a paradise that would be.

Still holding her tightly by the hips, he pressed delicious kisses to her neck and shoulders, her heart still beating madly despite the deep breaths she took.  

As he lifted his head from her, she wasted no time and captured his lips, their tongues once again exploring each other's. She shifted slightly on him and realised he was still half-hard inside her. Breaking the kiss, she asked "I thought you...", she trailed off.

"Oh, I did, trust me", he assured her.  

"Then how?"  

"Let's just say you're an inspiration on many, many levels. And you did say I was perfect..." He chuckled at her astonished expression and took her hand in his, bringing her thumb to his mouth and sucking on it, knowing how it affected her.  

No sooner he did that, her breath caught in her chest and he saw her pupils dilate. "You're a cad, you know that, right?" She teasingly admonished him and squeezed her internal muscles a few times, smiling triumphantly at how much power she too had over him when he closed his eyes at the feeling, his erection returning to its full state.  

"Yes, but I'm your cad." He beamed, his hands already back on her hips, squeezing the flesh exquisitely despite making no other movement.  

She bit his lower lip and licked it "Shut up and kiss me, Fred." She said before slowly starting to move over him again, their lips staying connected somehow during their entire union.  

Their hips meeting fervently would, unbeknownst to her be joined again and yet again that night, their love and passion for each other making them eager to bring the other pleasure, making Ginger forever fond of finding Fred by a piano late at night.