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"You are undercover as Elliot Stabler."

Olivia's words keep resonating in his head over and over, that he almost misses the fact she's leaving. Elliot rushes to catch up with her before she reaches the door leading outside to the parking lot.

"Liv! Wait!"

She turns around immediately at the urgency in his voice.

"You forgot..." He explains, seeing the concerned look on her face

"I forgot... what?" Olivia asks, puzzled and becoming even more so as she watches him turn slightly red, a sheepish smile on his face.

"Oh!" She smiles back. It's her turn to blush.

It is something they had been doing each time they meet. It had begun the day of the Christmas gathering. Elliot had walked her to the main entrance of his building, and as Noah had skipped playfully towards their car just upfront, he had leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, the corner of his mouth coming in soft contact with hers.

His mouth has been getting closer and closer with each "goodbye" kiss.

"Right here?" She asks now, flirting with him. Elliot looks around and shakes his head.

"No, let me walk you to your car."

Feeling bold, he snakes his hand inside her leather jacket and wraps his arm around her waist, leading her out the door and into the deserted parking lot. They walk silently, slowly, enjoying the small but momentous contact.

Olivia opens the door of her SUV and places her bag and coat on the driver's seat, closing it back up when she's done.

"So..." She says, unable to wipe the flirty look off her face, the same one she had moments ago inside the OC headquarters.

"So..." He mimics her. Their eyes bore into each other, burning with increasing desire and need that they're finding difficult to hide lately.

Olivia's hands grasp the sides of his green jacket and pulls him closer to her.

"Goodbye, my friend Elliot." She stands slightly on tip-toe and whispers against his mouth, grazing his lips with hers as she speaks before her mouth makes full contact with his.

It is soft and tender, cautious even; much like the kiss they had shared after the last time they had met for coffee. After Wheatley, after everything. After she had casually mentioned her gala date with Langan and, despite herself, had enjoyed his mild jealousy. Made her feel wanted. Wanted by him, something she had never allowed herself to feel.

Until now.

The kiss is tentative until it's not. She turns her head to the side deepening the kiss, her hands going around his neck as she starts sucking on his bottom lip and her tongue begs for entrance.

It is also all the encouragement he needs, quickly granting her access. As their tongues meet and dance around each other, Elliot grunts and backs her up a few steps, not too gently, trapping her between her car door and his hard body.

Olivia moans when their bodies come into full contact right there, out in the open. Nobody knows just how close they are these days, but right now neither cares as neither can't stop the frenzy. The world has stopped for them at that moment, they hear no sounds but their heavy breathing and their slick mouths kissing, licking, and nipping wherever they can reach.

Her trimmed nails rake the back of his neck when his hands wander downwards and cup her ass, squeezing and fondling her generous curves. Olivia starts to feel him growing hard and opens her eyes, needing to stop before it goes any further, though it has gone further than ever before.

There have always been people around them before. Other patrons at the coffee place they have met up, people going about their business on the sidewalk, as they stopped in the middle of it all and he leant over and truly kissed her for the first time. Bell in her office today, when Elliot had entered and all he had wanted to do was put his arms around Olivia and kiss her senseless upon seeing her.

Someone gasps in the near distance and it is then that Olivia sees her: Jet Slootmaekers just making her way to the office, helmet in hand and frozen in place and sporting a bewildered and mildy disgusted look on her face.

Elliot notices Olivia going rigid instantly and removes his mouth from her neck, where he had been focusing his attentions. Looking down at her, he follows the line of her vision and groans when he spots the young woman.

"Jet, look.." He starts, flustered and breathing heavily.

Jet just raises her right hand in the air, effectively stopping him before he tries to explain the obvious.

"Stop. Your secret's safe with me, I didn't see anything, blah, blah, blah." She proclaims walking towards the entrance.

"Thanks," Elliot calls after her. He knows that she won't tell anyone, but that won't stop her from messing up with him from now on.

"Don't mention it... But God, you're too old to do... That. The mental image is gonna haunt me for weeks." Jet grumbles half-joking.

"Hey!" The couple complains in unison, watching her shrug and push the door open, dissapearing inside a moment later.

"That was... Fun." Elliot says looking back at Olivia, placing his left hand next to her head on her car door's tinted window. She turns her head and looks at his hand pressed over the glass.

"You are gonna leave smudges all over my window." She notes, trying to deflect the subject.

Elliot catches her trepidation and raises his other hand, moving her hair away and exposing her neck.

"I think smudges on your window will be the least of your problems." He states, eyeing his handiwork.

"You did not just give me a hickey, Elliot Stabler!" Olivia blushes, gathering her hair back and checking her skin in the side mirror. "Oh, God. I'm gonna have to start wearing turtlenecks after each time we see each other, aren't I?" She whines, putting her hair back in place.

"What can I say? Your skin is too tempting." He just laughs, pecking her lips again.

"How long until everyone figures out me wearing turtlenecks is code for making out with you?" She jokes, but Olivia can't quite believe she's having a conversation about hickeys with Elliot Stabler. Nor about other peolle finding out. It is something so dear, and personal to her that she feels the need to guard it, whatever this is, at all costs. For now.

"Probably when you start wearing them during the summer." He gathers her in his arms again, leaning down to kiss her but she stops him.

"We need to be more cautious. I'm not ready-" She says with trepidation.

"I know, I'm sorry." He interrupts, apologizing. He brushes a strand of her behind her ear, his thumb lingering on her cheek, caressing it.

"Don't be, I was a part of it just as much as you were." She looks straight at him, wanting him to know this. "I'm not sorry, I don't regret. In fact, I wanted it. We just need to find somewhere more, um, private next time."

Elliot sighs, letting the tension off his body, and smirks down at her.

"Next time?" He teases, kissing her softly unable to help himself. Olivia melts against him once more for a minute but quickly gathers herself.

"Yes, next time."

"You mean you can't contain yourself around me, Captain?"

Olivia snorts. "Obviously."

"Hmm." He moans, trying to kiss her again.

"Stand down, detective." She tries in her best commanding voice. She fails miserably and they both chuckle. "Seriously though..." She adds, kissing him quickly. "Go back inside." Another kiss. "Bell is probably looking for you..." She continues between chaste kisses, reaching behind her to locate the door's handle. "...wanting to make sure you haven't gotten into trouble again."

"Oh, you wound me, Olivia." He feigns, holding his chest as if in pain and watching her move her coat and bag to the passenger side as she gets into her car.

Elliot thinks she will just drive away and is surprised when her window rolls down.

"You haven't seen anything yet, my friend. I don't know if YOU are ready for me." She taunts leaning over the window.

"Oh, I am ready." He says coming closer, just a breath away from her face.

"Promises, promises. You're gonna have to prove it, detective." She can't stop teasing and baiting him, it's as if they have unlocked something else between them. A new aspect of their relationship.

"You're gonna make me work for it, aren't you?" He whispers, brushing his nose against hers.

"You bet." She smirks just before he kisses her again.

"I will, Liv. Every day, every single day for the rest of my days. I will work for this, for us. Trust me." Elliot claims with determination before kissing her one more time.

"I know you will. I know, El." Tears are breaming in her eyes, threatening to spill down her cheeks.

"None of that." He says, wiping them away with his thumbs. "Call me later, alright? Text me, whatever you want. I'll be waiting."

Olivia nods, unable to speak. They have gone from lust to emotional in a few seconds. He grabs the back of her neck and kisses her once, twice, three times before letting her go.

Elliot takes a few steps back, guarding his hands against the cold inside the pockets of his jacket; their gazes locked until the last possible moment when she turns on her car and prepares to drive away.

"Goodbye, my friend Elliot." She calls out with a big smile on her face. Her eyes still shining with unshed tears.

"Goodbye, my friend Olivia," Elliot replies, his smile just as contagious.

Even though it might seem like one, it is not a goodbye, but a new beginning. One they had been dancing around for months now, or if they were honest, for years... twenty-three, to be exact.